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    The all-star softball classic between the Independents
and the Greeks slated for the Saturday afternoon of Junior
Weekend shapes up to be one of the bitterest battles seen
in the local area for a long time. Feeling runs a little high or
both sides and in an explosive game like softball, fireworks
may flare.
•■V 1 he Independents are going into the fray with the cry oi
Remember the All-Star Game!'’ This, to any of you who
don t know, refers to the rather rough deal that the A-Inde
pendents received (that s the claim, anyway). There were
.some violent objections to the affiliations of some of the ref
erees. We won’t venture an opinion of any of this, but it eer
tainly lends to the color of the classic, which looks very much
like it will become an annual event on the campus in soft
ball, touch football, and basketball.
Sarp and Shep
The umpires have been selected by cochairman Hank Burns
.and are Ted Sarpola and Jim Shephard, both Greeks. But
•this choice met with the wholehearted approval of Independent
Al Larsen, the other coehairman. We can promise that Sarp
and Shep will be fair—they are straight-shooters. We still
maintain that it is a pity that Buck Mayfield cannot take
over the arbiter’s role, even if for an inning or two. lie goes
into a spasm when he calls a man out, and the bleachers shake
at his stentorian tones.
The spike-edged battle looms up to be a pitchers’ show.
Although both Burns, Larsen, and myself are keeping our
opening selections far up our sleeves, we’ve got a sneaking
hunch that DU “Birdie Bob” Wren will match opening
throws with the Awfuls’ pride, “Ollie” Olson. Behind the
plate for the fraternity men should be either Bunny Potts
or George Dugan, Wren’s battery mate, while Dave Marine
and Jimmy Oswald will handle Independent duties.
* {Ed. note—The Greek catching selections are not definite as
this is going to press before Burns had named his men.)
Infields Are the Key
The infield will be where the game is decided. Both key
hinders throw “stuff” balls, the kind that when they are hit,
come screeching down at the infielders. The Independent in
field lines up very strong on the left side with Gamma Hall’s
Jim Lin.se at third base, a tall, fast boy with a rifle arm. At
short they have Bobby Reynolds, the hustling “showboat”
that covers an acre of territory. On the right side of the in
field Kirkwood’s Aaron Jones and Omega’s “Brush” Camp
bell look like two good bets at second base, while Burly Arne
Jensen and “Nobsey” Morris of the Campbell crew are fair
fifiders and heavy hitters.
For the Greeks, ATO Ox Wilson shows fire and drive
from the shortstop area in addition to being a fine place
hitter. Sig Ep “Porky” Andrews, the workhorse of their
ten, may be moved to an infield post. Sammie Al Weinstein
is a smooth, easy working second sacker. DU Ed Niklas hits
a long ball and cavorting about the initial sack he gives his
infielders a mountainous target to fire at. “Hammering
Hank ’ ’ Burns, himself, lends the keystone sack strength and
his potent war club will give the Independents plenty of
Seating arrangements for the 2,400-odd students and fam
ilies that will witness the contest are going to be arranged
for. In the next few days bleachers are going to be set up on
the New Intramural softball field to accommodate the fans.
Although plans for seating have not been completed yet, the
independents and Greeks may sit in opposite sections and
be led in cheers by Yell King Earle Russell and Buddy Sali
nardo. This would give it all the color and excitement of a var
sity show.
It's All for Free!
Remember, this show is free, so be sure and not to miss it.
It has all the looks of a great show, thanks to the untiring ef
forts of cochairmen A1 Larsen and Hank Burns.
The coaching situation is almost completely cleared.
Manny Vezie is almost sure to be back next fall, which will
give the Ducks one of the finest end coaches in the country.
John Warren has taken over command of the Ducks’ for
tunes in style that even his most ardent fans hadn’t ex
pected of him. One of his better-known ball players said the
ether day regarding “Honest John,” that he thought War
ren will make as good a coach as Tex.
This statement comes from one man that should know, and
"%iaybe a tipoff to an upswing of Oregon morale for next fall.
Warren has a fine squad now, and if they are not draft-ized
or Atherton-ized, they should go places next fall. But, we can
expect a lot of trouble from the service teams, especially Tex
Oliver's crew from the .St. Mary’s naval service school.
Canardmen Bash Betas 5-2;
Awfuls Slip from Loop Lead
The torrid IM softball race was
thrown into an uproar yesterday
afternoon when an amazing- Phi
Deit ten blasted the Awful Awful's
from title chances with a 7-1
trouncing. Jim Cozzens held the
usually potent Awful' bats, and
Elmer Olson was unusually wild
giving up seven walks. This, cou
pled with seven Phi Delt blows
into the region of an unprotected
short center field, gave the Phis
runs to spare.
Phi Delts.302 020—7 7 0
Awfuls .000 100—1 2 1
Cozzens and Krieger; Olson and
Canardmen Climb
Another surprising upset saw
Canard club decisively down the
Betas, 5 to 2. The Canard troupe
belted out 10 blows from the of
ferings of Quent Sidesinger while
Roy Nelson was holding the Be
tas in close check.
Betas .010 000 1—2 4 0
Canard .201 020 x—5 10 1
Sidesinge^and B. Macy; R.
Nelson and Kruger.
ATOs Bump SAEs
The ATOs drove by the SAEs,
4 to 1, on the strength of a great
hurling exhibition by Paul Bocci.
Boch whiffed 12 Sig Alphas, gave
one lone single, and their usually
strong bats were helpless before
his assortment of “stuff.”
ATOs.001 000 3—4 9 5
SAEs .000 100 0—1 1 1
oigma in us Kamrne
The Sigma Nus kept crashing
-—this time it was the Yeomen
who weren’t even good batting
practice for the Nus—they suc
cumbed 17-2. Long John Orth as
cended the hill for the Snakemen
to give Johnny Mead a rest.
Yeomen .000 200— 2 3 3
Sigma Nus ..701 000 x—17 18 2
Campbell Out on Top
Campbell club outslugged Kirk
wood co-op, 12-6, in a free-hitting
affair. The Campbells crashed
out 16 hits, seven of them for
extra bases. Milt Small led the
attack with a homer anil a triple,
George Booras collected a dou
ble and single, and everyone else
in the lineup hit safely but Kit
Campbell .404 400—12 16 4
Kirkwood .110 310— 6 5 2
Asia, Morris and Thurston;
Bradhegen and Maddox.
Pi Kaps in Running
The PiKaps pulled back into a
tie for their league title by blast
ing the Phi Psis to the most one
sided lumping of IM play so far.
They won the “track meet” 20-2.
Nine home runs were cracked out
by the free-swinging PiKaps
among their 22 safe blows. Mc
Fayden hurled again for the
PiKaps and was untouchable.
PiKaps .23 528—20 22 0
Phi Psis .20 000— 2 5 4
McFayden and Wehe; Tilson
and Lyon, Bush, Kennedy.
Only four women have been
graduated from the University of
Washington’s college of engineer
ing in the last five years.
| Q>ieeJz All-Stc* JUneufi
The following is a list of the
Greek all-stars selected by Coach
Hank Burns:
PITCHERS—Bob Wren, Delta
Upsilon; Johnny Mead, Sigma
Nil; Len Popick, Sigma Alpha
CATCHERS—Howard Steers,
Sigma Nu; Bunny Potts, Theta
Chi; George Dugan, Delta Up
INFIELDERS—Russ Nowling,
Sigma Nu; Elliott Wright, Phi
Delta Theta; Maury Salomon,
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Joe Wicks,
Theta Chi; Spencer Weills, Phi
Sigma Kappa; Dean Van Lyde
graf, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Roger
Dick, Sigma Nu; A1 Weinstein,
Sigma Alpha Mu.
Phi Delta Theta; Porky Andrews,
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ossie Red
field, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Bob
Sell, Alpha Tau Omega.
MANAGER—Hank Burns, Phi
Delta Theta.
Oregon ^Emerald
Sports Staff
Fred Treadgold
Si Sidesinger
Erling Erlandson
Tommy Mayes
Nancy Lewis
Bill Stratton
Virginia Wells
June Hitchcock
Jean Frideger
Harry Glickman
Joe Miller
Stewardess Prospects
Miss Janet Smith of the Uni
versity of Oregon employment of
fice has received word that re
strictions on stewardess’ appli
cations have been lifted. Aspiring
stewardesses need no longer be
registered nurses, but must have
completed 2 years of college.
Application blanks for United
Air Line service may be obtained
at the office in the YMCA house.
This is absolutely the last
shipment of S a cl dies
with lied Rubber Soles.
Buy yours now for sum
mer and next fall.
Byrom & Kneeland
32 East Tenth Street
Idaho Loses Again
Washington State’s ball club
defeated Idaho 11-3 in yesterday
afternoon’s game at Moscow,
making it seven straight losses
for the Vandal nine.
The score was tied at 3 all' in
the hi.vth inning when Cougar
Aikins homered with the bases
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