Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 18, 1942, Men's Edition, Image 1

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    «• Of ORE.
Musical Show
Set for Sunday
P* Wilbur Bishop
J—S Hit
At 8 a.in. ^tops Down • • •
Eight hundred voices and mu
sical instruments will combine to
present a gigantic production in
McArthur court Sunday morning
at 8 o’clock, under the direction
of Dr. Theodore Kratt, dean of
the school of music.
Chief participants in the song
fest will be the choral union, the
University symphony orchestra,
and the Eugene Gleemen.
•Tremendous Thing’
Margaret Zimmerman, soprano;
Ray Leonard, baritone; and Lee
Ghormley, tenor, will be soloists
j£r what Dr. Kratt terms "a tre
mendous thing!” ‘‘The White Si
lence,” a work for women’s
voices, harp, and piano, will pre
cede the main number. It was
written by a contemporary Amer
ican composer, Nicola Montani.
Emery Hobson will be at the pi
ano and Mrs. Doris Calkins, in
structor in music, at the harp.
The work chosen for this year’s
choral union recital is of special
significance in war time, since
‘‘The New Earth” is based on the
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Concert Sunday
Attendance at Choral Union
Rates you an A as you know,
So why not give everybody an A
Who goes to hear their show.
“I feel just like a bird that’s been let out of a cage,” said
Wilbur Bishop, retiring editor of the Oregana, as he packed
up and prepared to relinquish to incoming Editor Wesl Sul
livan the McArthur court office he has held for two years.....
Bishop Reminisces
Small, serious Bishop, after nearly a year’s work on the
current issue of Oregon s year
book, said his job hdn't been ex
citing. “But it was doing what I
like to do. It was great, planning
the Oregana, and seeing it cre
ated step by step,” he said.
Bishop is sitting back and “tak
ing things easy” during his last
term at school before going into
flight training this summer and
later enlisting in the air corps.
New Editor Takes Charge
New Oregana Chief Wes Sulli
van already has things well un
der way for next year’s year
book. “I will endeavor to follow
the general trend the Oregana
has been following in the last few
years,” he said.
“The job of editor has had
more and more responsibility at
tached to it as the Oregana has
been given greater recognition,”
said Sullivan.
Student Photography Staff
The editor announces, in the
way of innovations, a student
photography staff that will as
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TLKiMJNU 1 Mr. iuit,KS . . .
. . . of last year’s Oregana are Wes Sullivan, ’43 editor, and Wilbur
Bishop, ’42 editor.
To Honor
Eleanor I
Queen Eleanor iEng'dahl and
her four princesses will he for
mally introduced to the Oregon
campus for the first time Tues
day night at the junior class par
ty, Pat Cloud, president of the
junior class, said Friday. The par
ty is free to all juniors. Class
cards are not required.
The party will be a stag-stag
ette affair. Those with partners
"from other classes, however, will
be admitted. There will be a small
orchestra to provide music for
Chairmen for the party are Joe
a Montag and Russ Hudson. Re
1 freshments will be served.
| Petitions Due
I Applications for positions
| as editor and manager of the
| “Piggers’ Guido” should he
turned in to the educational
| activities department on or be
] fore Saturday, April 25, an
nounced Dick Williams, educa
1 tional activities manager.
. . . will lead the choral union Sunday in “The Xew Earth.’’
Glee Ticket Sale
Starts Monday
Tickets for Friday night's
Frosh. Glee go on sale in all
men's living organizations Mon
day, it was announced yesterday
by ticket chairman Phyllis Horst
Admission to the annual fresh
man dance, which will be held
Friday, April 24, at McArthur
court, is $1.10. The dance will last
from 9 till 12:15, and girls will
be granted 1 o'clock permission.
Ticket Reductions
All freshmen who have pur
chased class cards will receive a
25-cent reduction on their tick
ets. These tickets can be pur
chased for 85 cents at the educa
tional activities office, starting
Hopes by freshmen that the
Frosh Glee would be one of the
best campus dances of the year
have been bo’stered by reports
that Jan King's orchestra has
been favorably received through
out the northwest. King's "band
of a. thousand melodies” recently
completed a successful engage
ment at Jantzen Beach in Por t
Selection of the Little Admiral,
who will reign over festivities at
the dance, is expected to be made
shortly at San Diego, where of
ficers of the naval base will make
the choice from the pictures of
six finalists sent there.
Little Admiral Finalists
The six finalists are Betty Ed
ward, Lois Hafele, Barbara Han
num, Verlie Myers, Sue Stater,
and Betty Weaver. A battleship,
which will be part of the dec
orations, will be named after the
Ticket Representatives
The ticket representatives in
each living organization are: Al
pha Tau Omega, Tom Hazzard;
(Please tnm to payc citjht)
Vronsky Plus Babin Equals
Marriage Plus Career
Few artists are able to com
bine marriage and a career as
successfully as the piano team,
Vronsky and Babin, who will play
in McArthur court, Monday, April
Individually both were known
outside their native Russia as
successful concert artists, and
had toured Europe and England.
It might be said that they were
competitors, but marriage made
their two careers one. It may be
said that they married each oth
er’s music as well.
New Yorker Says
The New Yorker magazine
spoke of their playing as that of
“two Romantics, almost vocal in
style, for they make their pi
anos sing- like matched voices.”
Babin, who was a pupil in com
position of Franz Shreker, has
already found publishers for his
works in Europe and America.
In addition to a pianoforte con
certo, he has written for two pi
anos and for voice, and has made
arrangements for two pianos.
His only opportunity for cre
ative work is during the short
interlude of summer rest between
tours; like the psalmist of old,
he looks “to the eternal hills from
whence cometh his strength” . . .
In other words, the American
Rockies, where he has a camp in
the most picturesque part of these
rugged mountains.
. . . of a famous team is Victor.