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    Col. Crissy
Visits Here
Col. John W. Crissy, former
assistant professor of military
science and tactics here, visited
the ROTC barracks Monday to
carry on a routine administrative
inspection as ROTC officer for
the ninth corps area.
Colonel Crissy was with the
military department here until
orders came last winter sending
him to Fort Lewis for active
du^y with troops.
Since leaving Oregon, Colonel
Crissy has been appointed ROTC
officer for the western reserve
area with headquarters in Fort
Ogden, Utah.
On this tour he will visit col
leges and universities in Pacific
coast and mountain states.
He observed that the depart
ment here was functioning effi
ciently and spent the afternoon
Visiting his officer friends in the
Nothing bacred
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Times-of March 18, “Benny Good
^man, who once appeared in the
f Town Hall, was married this af
ternoon in Philadelphia.” Oh well,
we can’t all be right, Ted . . .
Art (Handsome Harry) Hanni
fun . . . They got him . . . This
notorious Sigma Chi planted his
cross on Kappa Bobbie Neu. For
two solid weeks his brothers un
successfully attempted to put him
in the stocks. Once he was eating
lunch at the Anchorage when a
horde of Sigs descended upon him.
He dived out of an open window,
raced to a waiting car driven by
Bobbie, his moll, and escaped. But
finally justice took its course at
dessert with the Fees and Ar
thur was plunked into the stocks.
' All that night Neu labored to get
him out. . . .
New Queen Candidate . . . .
ADPi’s beautiful brunette pledge,
Betty Weaver,—for queen of the
Bird. Whenever the boys get be
hind on the pinball machine they
always call on Betty to change
their luck . . . And she goes
steady, too—with Art Davis of
Gamma hall. . . .
Jam for Breakfast
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more. And with a Link 4-A
mouthpiece too.
Marvelous to think that Elling
ton has four men who have been
with him twenty years as of
March of this year. To think that
one man could have had the guts
to defy the American public for
two decades, and played as he
liked to, eventually to find the
patronage of a select few who
wanted the truth in music, is in
deed inspiring.
Ten words minimum accepted.
- ^ First insertion 2e per word.
Subsequent insertions 1c per word.
Flat rate 37c column inch
Frequency rate (entire term)
35c per column inch one time a
34c per column inch twice or more
a week.
Ads will be taken over the telephone on
a charge basis if the advertiser is a
subscriber to the phone.
Mailed advertisements must have suffi
cient remittance enclosed to cover
definite number of insertions.
Ads must be in Emerald business office
no later than 6 p.m. prior to the day
of insertion.
• Lost
LOST—Alpha Gamma Delta pin.
If found please phone 1780,
Helen Skjersaa.
A PAIR of glasses in a brown
case, with Carolyn McKinley’s
name on it. If found, call her
^ at 729.
• For Sale
MISSES riding coats and jodh
purs. White. Size 16. $2.50 each.
Like new. Phone 946-W.
Bach, Verdi Presented
John Stark Evans, professor of
music, and choirmaster and or
ganist of the First Presbyterian
church, has been doing work with,
the church choir in Bach and Ver
di. Easter Sunday part of “St.
Matthew’s Passion,” by Bach
was presented, and next Sunday
evening Verdi’s “Requiem,” will
be sung by the choir.
Tennis Squad
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6-2, and Johnny Williams downed
Joe Rooney, No. 1 frosh of 1941,
6-2 and 13-11.
Results of tournament matches
played Saturday, Sunday and
Varsity top-flight:
(Monday) Frankie Baker beat
Jim Ricksecker, 6-4, 6-2; Johnny
Williams defeated Joe Rooney,
6-2, 13-11.
(Sunday) John McCliment won
from Lloyd Manning, 6-2, 6-4;
Jim Ricksecker topped' John Mc
Climent, 5-7, 12-10, 6-4.
Varsity losers (of one match):
(Monday) John McCliment beat
Bud Steele, 6-1, 6-4; Allen Gard
took W. D. Brown, 6-4, 6-4;
Smokey Stover won by default
from Hank Howard; Allen Gard
downed Smokey Stover, 6-4, 6-1.
Freshman top-flight:
(Saturday) Fred Howard beat
Ken Hamilton, 7-5, 6-4; Art
Damschen bested John Williams,
6- 4, 6-4.
Freshman (-losers of one
(Monday) Ken Hamilton beat
Nick Reed, 6-3, 6-3; Fred How
ard clipped Art Damschen, 5-7,
7- 5, 6-3; Hugh Crawford bested
John Williams, 3-6, 9-7, 6-3; Ken
Hamilton won from John Jensen,
6-3, 1-6, 8-6.
Sig Eps Have
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was swum in the slow time of
In the 60-yard medley Stanbery
proved his superiority over Con
yne by reversing positions to tri
umph in 41.6. Walt Kresse
grabbed the one-point place for
the Fhi Delts. But the Sig Eps
came right back to submerge the
Phi Delts in the 120-yard medley
relay and cinch the meet. Harris,
Conyne, and Van Lydegraf were
the winning SPE trio in fast time,
1:16.4. With their victory a math
ematical certainty the Sig Eps
forfeited the last event and went
home early.
Frosh Point
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Bird, Hazard, Lamb, and Fel
There are two men entered
in the javelin event. Reingold,
who won the event Saturday,
and Felsheim. There is only one
hurdler, Dave Smith.
In the high jump, there is
Jackson, Huggins, and Morris.
The distance men and sprinters
have not been segregated into
separate events, but the com
ing time trials will tell the tale.
The Ducklings practiced tKeir
starts Monday, ran their probable
events, and the field men contin
ued to workout on the javelin,
weights, and high jump.
i, --
Save Money!
Use the
Phone 3300, 354
In Odd Ways
Justice moved in a contradictory
pattern Saturday as two differ
ent verdicts were handed down
in the trice-tried moot trial put
on for the benefit of visiting 4-H
club members, by third-year law
The same set of facts, wherein
Ed Luckey accused Frank E. Day
of negligently flinging a baseball
bat and thereby injuring him,
were presented to two sets of
4-H club jurors. The first time
the plaintiff was awarded $168.60
and in the next trial put on at 2
o’clock the defendant came out on
top. Two trials were necessary
to accommodate the large num
bers of visitors interested in the
legal procedure.
Orlando J. Hollis, acting dean
on the law school, presided as
judge. Defending Day were John
L. Luvaas and Irvin L. Mann
while the plaintiff’s case was
pressed by Charles A. Phipps and
Mary Jane Wormser.
Witness for the defendant was
Hull Phillips and Cecil Wright
testified for Luckey. Leon F. Olm
stead acted as bailiff of the court
with Jeanette Hafner acting as
clerk for the proceedings.
Mrs. Parker
To Head VLT
At the last mooting of the Very
Little Theater, Gretchen Parker
was elected president for the com
ing year. The meeting was held
at”the home of Mrs. Eric W. Al
len, wife Sf Dean Eric Allen,
head of the school of journalism.
Mrs. Parker who has appeared
in such VLT plays as Sally Al
len's "Miss Fanny and La Mar
quise" and "The Untamed Mys
tery.” is the first woman presi
dent of the organization in a
number of years. She will have a
prominent role in “The Guards
man,” a comedy to be presented
at the fairgrounds playhouse
Other new officers are Ken
neth Griffith, outgoing president,
now vice-president; Florence
Shumaker, secretary, Eyler
Brown, treasurer. Mrs. Parker,
Mrs. Shumaker, and Mr. Brown
are all new members that have
taken the place of Gerda Brown,
Ethan Newman, and Robert Horn.
New members were announced
at the meeting; they are Mr. and
Mrs. Dwight Newman, Fred Ca
hill, Sylvia Cuthbert, Austin
Ranney, Elvin Overton, Marjorie
Zane, Beverly Williams, and
Adrian Martin.
Summer Camp Director
Interviews Girls Today
Miss Jeannette Whitty, director
of the Eugene Girl Scouts and head
of the summer camp, will be on the
campus, today to interview girls
who would be interested in serving
as counsellors in the camp this
summer. On account of the war
conditions the camp will be mo ved
to an inland mountain camp.
Miss Whitty will be in Miss Flor
ence Alden’s office, 117 Gerlinger,
from 1 to 5. Appointments for in
terviews may be made by catling
Miss Alden's office.
Vacation Boosts
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part in that offensive practice.
Rough-em-up tactics were used
against the team on offense with.
Jim Newquist taking" a big part
in the throwing".
A surprise was given iby<
standers when Val CuIweU,
right guard, took over quarter
back duties for the White team.
Whether the husky lineman
will continue at that post or
will return to his old position
has not. been disclosed.
A 45-minute rock-em-socb-em
scrimmage closed the workout.
No particular point was stressed
but all details were gone through
quite thoroughly.
Bog Friend Drive a Tank?
Is He an Oregon Man?
If lie does and is, then he’ll ho glad to re
ceive a subscription to the Emerald. Ask about
it today.
$1.25 TO
Send the Emerald Home, Too!
Phone 31300, Extension 354
Or write:
Lois Clause,
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