Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 03, 1942, Page 8, Image 8

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    Winter Term
Honor Roll
Allen H. Adams, James R. Ad
ams, Mary G. Alderson, Rendel B.
Alldredge, Ann T. Ames, Shirley
K. Anderson, Vivian M. Anderson,
Helen L. Angell, Elizabeth B.
Armstrong, Richard C .Ashcom,
Felix D. Asia, Connie Averill, Al
ice M. Bailey, Ruth L. Baker,
Dennis C. Bakewell, Warren W.
Bean, Arthur W. Berg, William
F. Bernard, Flora L. Bertsch,
Herbert R. Bigej, Betty J. Biggs,
Richard D. Blickenstaff, Kennett
R. Boyle, Philip M. Brady, Buck
A. Buchwach, William H. Buell,
James W. Bullard, Wanda Burch,
John A. Busterud, Donald E. But
Paul E. Callahan, Marguerite
D. Campbell, Adcle M. Canada,
Jim Carney, John M. Carr, Ran
dall S. Caswell, Frankie Cecil,
Marrian Christensen, Nelda M.
Christenson, Kenneth W. Chris
tianson, Helen J. Clarke,
Marjory E. Clear, Doris P. Clee
ton, Burton E. Clemens, Marion
D. Cloud, Ruth Cole, Ruth K. Col
lins, Carol M. Cook, Meryl I. Cor
bett, George R. Costello, Don H.
Coulter, Charles F. Cunningham,
Margaret A. DeCou, Jeanne M.
DeNeffe, Billie J. Dexter, Walter
M. Dickinson, Delbert R. Dickson,
Eugene J. Didak, Ethel M. Dixon,
Victor W. Doherty, Betty Dolan,
Myron E. Doty, Elene L. Doug
las, Babs DuPuy, Mary E. Earl,
Elizabeth Edmunds, Jack C. Ed
wards, Jeanne A. Edwards,
Isolde M. Eichenlaub, Vera
E. Fair, Leonard C. Farr,
Elaine B. Ferry, Peggy L. For
ney, Charlae H. Foster, Robert
M. Fowells, Hilda W. Freed Rob
ert S. French, Lila M. Furchner.
Donald B. Gaddes, Don W.
Galbreaith, James E. Gibson,
Walter M. Gilbert, Philip C. Gil
more, Robert C. Gilmore, Phyllis
E. Gray, Virginia L. Gray, Armin
H. Gropp, Dorothy J. Gullette,
Mildred M. Hallock, Gerd Hansen,
Margaret J. Harshman, Eliza
beth A. Hecht, Roy J. Hensley,
Dorothy M. Hermann, Audrey R.
Holliday, Phyllis M. Horstman,
Dora J. Huston, Jack J. Jacob
son, Arne S. Jensen, Drusilla
Johnson, Helen M. Johnson, June
L. Johnson, Betty L. Jones, Lorna
L. Keesee, Joe C. Keever, Jack
W. Kennedy, Frank P. King, Ivan
P. Kirschman, Avis Klemme,
Peggy Kline, Freda Koehler, Rob
ert D. Koler, Katherine L. Korn,
Mary A. Krafsic, Leone B. La
Duke, Evelyn Lamb, Helen C.
Lauer, Betty A. Leist, Ida J.
Lessor, Virgil E. Libke, Andrew
G. Loney, Robert S. Lovell,
Charles H. Lundquist, Audrey A.
James Malcolm McCallum,
Willis P. McCarty, Jerry S. Mc
Croskey, Clinton S. McGill, Jean
nette M. McGuire, Marietta Mc
Manigal, Barbara MacLaren,
William H. Maltman, Orville H.
Marceilus, Marian E. Marks, Wil
lard C. Mattson, Rolland C. Mer
rifield, Frances S. Montag, Edna
L. Montgomery, Clare B. Morgan,
William J. Moshofsky, Hugh B.
Muir, Margaret I. Murphy, B.
Leila Nelson, Merlin E. Nelson,
Thelma C. Nelson, Ned G. Norton,
Marion J. Olson, Muriel J. Olson,
Edith A. Onthank, Dorothy F.
Oshanic, Peggy F. Overland,
Jeanne E. Parker, Robert H.
Pearson, Stanford E. Pearson,
Alyce M. Pepion, Betty E. Perry,
Jean F. Phillips, Theodore J. Pi
lip, Elizabeth S. Plankinton, Bet
tie L. Plotner, Betty J. Poindex
ter, Charles S. Politz, John A.
Powers, Robert L. Ray, Ada C.
Renn, Dorothy L. Retzlaff, Nich
olas V. Riasanovsky, Norman R.
Richards, James L. Richardson,
Constance E. Riddell, Beryl G.
Robertson, Margie C. J-tobinson,
Clyde D. Rose, Clarethel Rose
lund, Hildegarde G. Roselund.
Marjorie K. Sawyer, George
D. Schade, Ray J. Schrick, Bar
bara E. Scott, Grace M. Scully,
Lois A. Selby, Milton M. Small,
Jean E. Spearow, Ruth M.
Sprecher, Suzanne Stickels, Eath
el L. Sutton, Jeannette E. Thatch
er, Kathryn C. Thompson, Gordon
H. Torrey, Donald W. Treadgold,
Richard J. Turner, Muriel H. Ty
son, Yvonne M. Umphlette, Lau
Navigators to Meet
The class in elements of naga.
gat ion will meet Monday night
at 8 o’clock in 204 Deady. Stu
dents who missed the first
meeting should read the first
chapter of Dutton, “Naviga
tion and Nautical Astronomy’’
before the next meeting of the
class. Copies of the text are on
reserve in the library.
ra B. Wallace, M. Jane Warlick,
Walter H. Weber, Marguerite A.
Weigant, Abbie J. White, Isabel
C. Wicke, Margery G. Williams,
Ben O. Wohler, Shu Yasui, Flora
C. Yob, Oglesby H. Young, Kalj^
ryn M. Yount, W. Victor Zahn.
High Grade Tennis -
Racket Frames
One Lot of 1941 Frames, Values to $9, our special $5.95
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cording to country-w ide surveys) ...
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Camels contains
28% LESS
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any of them — according to independent
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