Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 02, 1942, Page 7, Image 7

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It’s a women’s world . . . hail
and farewell to this year’s coed
Thursday at 4 the retiring
AWS officers will turn over their
duties to a new taut swell group
of gavel-wielders at installation
... t he followed at 6 by a ban
qu?T at the Gamma Phi Beta
house . . . yum . . . also, we are
all glad to see "ex” Elizabeth
Steed up and at ’em again.
The "All-Kwama” picnic will
be held on the second of May in
stead of the previously announced
date in anticipation of fairer
weather .... all the honorary
members for years back will be
guests of the present white
Important Dates ... the Nickel
Hop . . . soon . . . co-chairman
ship consisting of Dot Clear and
Virginia Wells was revealed at
^the la'st AWS cabinet meeting
i . . . the Phi Theta twisty sale
will roll around during the next
hungry months.
Past AWS President Elizabeth
"Steedie” Steeed, "Golly, it's
been a grand year—thanks to all!
I only wish I could experience it
again. But the new cabinet has a
group of officers that I feel sure
will do a grand job.
Maxine Hansen, past vice-presi
dent, “It was wonderful while it
Nancy Riesch, past treasurer
for AWS, "Balancing the budget
was easy after the success en
T&yed by the auctions and Nickel
Hop. A truly perfect year.
-OSS SMV ISBd ‘siqqia aSjBM
retary, "Whew, some of the cor
respondence really kept me go
ing—but I enjoyed getting the
mail. More fun.”
Marge Curtis, past AWS ser
geant-at-arms, “I wish I could
have those meetings again at the
Side, the cokes and bridge games
too. It was "Keen.”
Barbara Lamb, past reporter
for AWS, “Thanks for'a year full
of fun, laughs, and work. A year
i adding another notch in a “wo
] nT^*s world.”
—By Barbara Lamb.
QltG/UUuj, Jt&i Jio+i'iie . . .
Blonde Abbie Reveals
True Love Is—Music
2098W, please—yes, 2098W.” A pause, and a rather high soft
voice said, "Hello? Yes, this is Abbie Jane White. Coed of the week?
Well! I’m taking care of some children over on Fairmont, but I can
get away at 9:30 tonight. Shall I come over and see you?”
So, at 9:30 began a very unorthodox interview in which the inter
viewee, asked more questions than she answered.
Blond, Gamma Phi Abbie Jane, new YWCA prexy sat on the edge
of the advenport, toying with her
"Music-minded?” she asked
"Oh, slightly. I mean I love mu
sic, and' I started to minor in it
but— Yes, I was president of Ph:
Beta," she affirmed.
“I play the piano, but I don’1
play any orthodox things.” She
doesn't play “boogie-woogie” 01
classical, "just what I like.” Hei
music teacher was “furious” with
her when she tried to swing “Si
lent Night” when she was in the
fourth grade, she added with 6
“My plans for the ‘Y’?” she
asked. “Well, let’s see— There’s
one thing that I’m interested ir
mainly—the tea group, and the
music group, and combine the
two, and it seems to me that
things can be just as inspiring
through music. It's always most
ly discussion groups.”
A Phi Theta, she is also a mem
ber of the “Spinster’s club.” Ta
the question, "How about men?”
she countered with a sly twinkle,
“Well, how about them? Nice
people. No comment.” She admit
ted an interest in man, however,
as “the fellow I go with isn't in
As for hobbies, etc., she an
announced, “I collect dust!” She
then said unexpectedly, “I have a
teddy bear named ‘Gladly!’ She
leaned back and with a mischiev
ous gleam in her eye declared,
“He’s crosseyed.”
For the Effect Distinctly One's Own
Tiffang-Davis, Drugs
8th and Willamette
From a year of Phi Beta presi
denting, Abbie Jane White takes
over the reigns of the YMCA.
More seriously, she said, “Yes,
I'm a language major. I’m taking
French, and lots of people seem
to think it’s kind of a lost cause
at this point, but I don't think
so.” She’s not quite sure just
what she’s going to do in the
field of language, when she grad
A June wedding will be that of
Miss Rebecca Anderson to George
Stowell Burson of Fillmore, Cal
ifornia. The announcement was
made last weekend.
The bride-elect is past presi
dent of Orides, a member of Mu
Phi Epsilon and of Phi Beta, mu
his honoraries. She was a mem
ber of Phi Theta Upsilon and this
year also is senior representative
on the ASUO executive commit
Mr. Burson is a senior in for
estry at Oregon State college.
The engagement of Miss Ruby
Jackson to Robert B. Frazier
was announced to about 30
friends at an informal tea held
Saturday afternoon at the bride
elect’s home.
Yellow and white spring flow
ers decorated the room. Receiving
with Miss Jackson were her moth
ers, Mrs. Joseph Jackson and the
groom-elect’s mother.
Both Miss Jackson and Frazier
are University students. The for
mer is affiliated with Chi Ome
ga sorority and Theta Sigma Phq
women’s national journalism
honorary. Frazier is former news
editor of the Emerald and a
member of Sigma Delta Chi.
The secret of happiness is not
in doing what one likes, but in
liking what one has to do.
% Wed
James M. Barrie
Easter Sunday is the time to
wear the new spring' hat you've
been saving, to walk to church in
clean, white and tan spectators,
and to pin a flower to the lapel
of your best suit or lightweight
coat. All this, of course, depend
ing upon the "Oregon mist."
It is customary for some fra
ternities to have annual Easter
breakfasts, and if you should be
invited to one of these, dress as
you would it' you were going to
church. Wearing of hats is option
al, however, and is up to you and
your escort.
Radio dances scheduled for
Saturday night call for short
silks, as do theater dates.
. Nino Martini sings Tuesday
evening at McArthur court, and
campus clothes are in order for
tho concert, although it is per
fectly proper to wear silks and
heels if one wishes.
David Starr Jordan
Rome endured as long as
there were Romans. America will
endure as long as we remain.
American in spirit and in thought.
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more sure to pi ease
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