Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 02, 1942, Page 6, Image 6

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I thinking- of spring- and the
romantic atmosphere created by
flowers, birds, and sunshine, we
are reminded that there most
likely will be additional love-tri
angles for us to worry about.
Daiy must have been thinking1
similarly when he wrote “Between
Two Loves.”
I gotta love for Angela,
I love Carlotta, too,
I no can marry both o' deal,
So wot I gonna do?
While still in a poetic mood we
want to tell you how surprised
we were to learn that our old
friend “now is the time for all
good men to come to "the aid of
the party,” is actually a poem,
It's called “Typewriter Song,"
and the author is Edward Meade
“A penny for your thoughts,”
isn’t so new either. It's in “The
Proverbs of John Heywood,” the
earliest collection of English col
looqtiial sayings, and Jonathan
Swift also used it in the “Intro
duction to Polite Conversation.”
* * >:
Finally, we think you ought to
be interested in the definition of
MAN, given in Ambrose Bierce's
“Devil's Dictionary.”
‘ An animal so lost In raptu
re s contemplation of what he
th iks he is as to overlook what
he indubitably ought to be.
H/..s chief occupation is exterm
ination of other animals and
his own species, which, how
ei’ -r, multiplies with such in
sistent rapidity as to infest the
whole habitable earth and Can
Faster breakfasts, dinner and
teas highlight society this week
cv :.i with Sigma Chi radio dance
and the Sigma Nil fireside sched
uled for Saturday evening. Good
Friday evening is closed to social
Alpha Omicron Pi and Kappa
Sigma will entertain guests at
breakfast Sunday morning. Sig
iv.>. Nus have planned a prefer
ence' dinner Sunday and the SAEs
nr having their annual Easter
Gossetts for the week include
Alpha Tau Omega-Gamma Phi
IV-l.i; Beta Theta Pi-Kappa Kap
pa Gamma; Delta Tau Delta
p Terence; Alpha Chi Omega
Sigma Nu: Alpha Delta Pi-Sigma
IV Epsilon; Alpha Phi- Sigma
Of. Delta Upsilon-preference;
Kappa Sigma-Delta Gamma; Phi
Dc.va Theta-Pi Beta Phi; Kappa
Alpha Theta-Phi Kappa Psi; Sig
n. Kappa-Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi
Ga ima Delta-Alpha Omicron Pi;
The.a Chi-Alpha Gamma Delta;
Chi Omega-Alpha hall; Delta Del
ta Delta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon
aac Hendricks hall-Phi Sigma
Kn ;pa.
Mark Twain
L ‘t us he thankful for the fools
P for them the rest of us could
v.o';. uicceed.
v e exaggerate utisfortuue and
ha: liness alike. We are never
either so wretched or so happy
rts r e say we are.
Qioe Sifyht taa ^ba+tcisuf tfoal
I have, perhaps, just come into the sunshine, and I look up
the street and see the old red coat ahead of me. She will walk
up three blocks, I know, then over one and up three more and
turn into the stone house and shut the door.
(“And are your shoes all shined, your smile fixed on?’’)
Before, of course, I could meet her and we would talk and
Mail Wail
Earl Holmer is a typical big'
shot ala Duck.
He looks rather like Clark Ga
ble, talks rather like John Kie
ran. and acts a lot like Mickey
Mouse. Upon the subject of wo
men he is profuse.
‘‘They get in my hair,” he
spoke darkly, in measured son
orous tones. "They take too much
time. I have to study.”
This frank and utterly bald
admittance knocked the ques
tioner of her pins. Did he think
women as a race are necessary,
she asked tremulously.
The Man frowned and conceded
slowly, ‘‘I would say that with
out them there would not be
many people, so taking all and
all into account, I would say that
women as a race are necessaary."
‘‘Now don’t get me wrong. I’m
not a woman hater,” he soothed.
‘‘I just don’t feel much of any
thing about them. I don’t have
an ideal girl. I never have. I sup
pose I’ll marry some day, and
when I do I’ll pick a gal kinda
strong to help with the spring
plowin’. Plowin’s mighty impor
“I have a few improvements to
suggest,” he offered. ‘T think
that washing her face and comb
ing her hair improves any young
miss, whether the Oregon gal
thinks she needs it or not."
“I would say that women’s
place is either in tha home or out
of it. depending upon circum
stances. It seems indubitable
(here comes Kieran) that many
women will be in the house. I
view with alarm recent tendenc
ies leading women to participate
in business and government. I
don’t like to deal with women in
business because they are rough
and will make you all black and
As the time for that ‘‘two
o’clock” drew near, Earl Holmer
grinned and said, “Oh, say, any
reference to persons living and
dead is purely intentional. If you
smoke our cigarettes over tne
kitchen table.
This is just after the rain, I
think, and the old red coat goes
We meet now and then, natur
ally. We smile, I light her cig
arette. The smoke come up and
makes another screen before our
(“You are a fool.”) I am, per
haps, and so I play the monkey.
What can she say to me? Can
she just simper of forgotten
things? There is really nothing
either of us can say and so we
say nothing. We blow our smoke
and she will not look at me.
(“You did not plan this right.
YTou did not have your entrance
and your exit properly consid
ered. Are your words, perhaps,
the correct thing now? Or should
you change your phrases?”) I
don't know. I pretend to work
and do nothing.
There were four walls to ev
ery room, I thought, and then
she showed me one that had no
wall at all. But I can’t go here
and there knocking down walls.
(“Suppose you never built
them? Suppose there was a
building once which no one ever
planned? Would it be liveable?”)
More so than now, I guess.
But it's impossible. I tried to
build my room of an old red
coat, black hair, and coffee across
a table. Now it’s resolved into a
screen of smoke. I can still see
her through it but it makes no
The old red coat, black hair,
and coffee walk up the street and
I do nothing. I shall go now but
not without the screen.
think I’ve sat here for an hour
answering your questions with
out meaning people in particular
— you’re nuts!”
Which statement leaves us
‘’Famous for Hats"
98r> Willamette Street
Eugene. Oregon
For Your
Spring and Easter
May Be Forgotten
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wrist styles; black, navy, white and colors; plain or
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tf-osi ZaAtesi
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