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    I Fifth Foul
| Legal—
I In Overtime
That "fifth" foul is legal now
— but—and that is a very big
“but." The National Basketball
association, meeting in New Or
leans, decided that a player boot
ed from a game on four fouls
could return to the game if the
game went into an overtime. He
would again have to leave the
game if he committed his sixth
foul in the overtime.
Another move made by the
meeting made the regular square
backboard the regulation bpard.
No definite step wSfit made to
make glass backboards compul
Oregon’s basketball c o a c h,
Howard Hobson, attended the
meeting and will return to the
campus to take over the reins of
baseball next Monday.
Oregon ^Emerald
Sports Staff
Fred Treadgold
Si Sidesinger
r Elding Erlandsoa
Tommy Mayes
[ Nancy Lewis
Bill Stratton
Virginia Wells
June Hitchcock v
Jean Frideger
Harry Glickmaa
Joe Miller
Irvington Tilt
For Netsters
On the cement courts of the
'I’diversity, Couch Kuss Cutler
it. directing the activities of a
CjMiian tennis turnout. The sea
son’s first matches will be played
■against the usually-strong Irving
ton club here on April 1 1
Coach Cutler will soon begin an
elimination tourney to number
the five top men. In the prelim
inary contests, Kerin Smith,
Frank Baker, and John Williams,
veterans from last year, will
draw byes. Smith. No. 2 man
last year, will tentatively move
into the No. 1 spot, Baker takes
over No. 2, and Williams covers
No, 3. Last year’s No. 1 man,
Leonard Clark, was lost by grad
Huskies Defending Champs
Last year, for the fourth con
secutive season, the Huskies
from the University of Wash
ington walked off with, the court
crown. In the playoffs Oregon
pulled into a tie for third with
Idaho, and behind Washington
It was seven wins against
three losses for Oregon’s ten
nis team during the 1941 sea
son. Only four conference meets
were played with the Lemon and
Green team breaking even, two
and two. Coaching last year in
tlie absence of Cutler was Paul
Washke, head of the campus
intramural program.
The coming schedule includes
five conference matches and the
northern division meet at Pull
man :
April 1 Irvington club, here.
April 18 Washington, there.
April 24 Idaho, here.
April 25 Washington State,
May 2 Oregon State, here.
May Id Oregon State, there.
May 23 — Northern Division
meet, Pullman.
Coast Football Schedule
OKed: Atherton Rehired
Thursday, March 26, 1942
OSC-California Game
Moved to Berkeley -
Edwin Atherton will continue as the G-man of Pacific coast
II. ** was decided by graduate managers and faculty r
o, the roast e.„eee, yesterday. A,"the “1?"
voted to have the football schedule, a, drawn up early I,
r~ m0V‘"S “• ^-California ^nte
The derision „„ Atherton's position „„ neeesslt.ted early i„
Cold Thwarts Varsity '9' Drill;
Mentor Hobson Returns Monday
Cornell Takes
Reins Today
Valuable time continued to flit
by with the Oregon varsity’s
baseball opener rapidly approach
ing the “deadline” and the squad
is still far from being ready for
any competition. Inclement wea
ther which has slowed the drills
down to a walk has not given the
players’ throwing arms a chance
to loosen or respond to exercise.
Just seven days away, April 2,
lies the Duck curtain raiser with
Linfield university at McMinn
ville. Only about five days of
practice are behind the little band
of Webfoot horsehiders and these
have been junctured intermittent
ly by the disagreeable weather
and a torn-up field, badly in need
of a manicure.
Hobson Back Monday
Furthermore, the Ducks have
been on their own what with
their wandering- coach, Hobson,
attending a national basketball
meeting in New Orleans. Gradu
ate Manager Anse Cornell will as
sume a temporary coachship to
day till Hobson returns Monday.
Yesterday’s workout was di
vided between the soggy turf
of Howe field and the warm in
terior of McArthur court.
Several of the hitters seem to
be getting their batting eyes back
into focus. Dick Whitman, speedy
centerfielder who led the Duck
batters last year with .412, re
sponded with several long line
drives to right field. Whitman
was the boy who parked one over
the wire fence in deep right last
season a Herculean feat.
Kirsoh Clouts
Tattle Donnie Kirscli, who was
recently chosen as basketball
captain for next season, and
Johnny the Boob Bubalo both
got hold of several.
The catching' position which
Bill Calvert vacated for a ship
yard job in Bremerton is at
present thrown wide open.
Things appear to lie confined to
a four-way scrap among Ted
l’ilip, Bili McKevitt, Bete Pe
terson, and Burke Austin. Bilip,
a two-year veteran from Bort
land university, like Calvert,
posses lots of baseball “horse
sense" and comes labeled as a
heavy sticker.
McKevitt. a junior, picked up
experience as a varsity reserve
last season, while Austin, anoth- .
or junior, divided his time be
1 Mighty Susie Mermaids I
” Challenge Sherry Ross S
“We’ve beaten all the women’s
swimming' teams there are, and
now we're going to start in on
the men,” sweetly caroled Jean
ette Neilson, Susan Campbell
swimming captain. “So we are
Challenging Shen^y Ross to a
swimming meet Friday night,
April 4.”
Suzie’s team probably can beat
most of the men’s swimming
teams around. They’re good. Pat
Carson swims the 40-yard crawl,
and there are few males on the
campus that could beat her—
Jeanie Nielson cavorts from the
high diving board and is tops—
Maggie Lesher, the star of the
outfit, got married and won’t be
on hand, but Dotty Gustafson
provides capable replacement in
the breast-stroke, back-stroke,
and the crawl—Helen Gilson is
another fine diver and lends pow
er to the breast and back stroke
—while rounding out this bal
anced team is Maggie Taylor, a
specialist in the crawl events.
Of Sherry Ross’ team nothing
much is known. They’ve got the
same old collection of boys that
managed to lose about 99.44 per
cent of their intramural games.
But it is rumored that so many
of their lads have spent so much
of their time in dives that they
should be right at home in a
Ace Sprinter
Joins Frosh
Colonel Bill Hayward's fresh
man track team w;as bolstered
Wednesday by the turnout of Le
roy Weinstein, all-state sprinter
from Boise, Idaho. There are al
ready four sprinters on the
squad, but another one will un
doubtedly help to gather points.
Weinstein runs the 100 yard
dash and the 220. He tied the
Idaho state record last year in
the 220 and ran on the relay team
that holds the present state rec
The freshmen are still work
ing out with the varsity, what
few turned out Wednesday. Hay
ward has made no announcement
of separate practices for the
frosh aspirants.
Gearge Montgomery and Hedy
Lamarr have announced their
engagement. They met on a
squash court. Who says there is
n’t a future in sports.
the conlab when Atherton asked
that his status in the remodeled
athletic athletic program be clar
The delegates from the vari
ous schools voted to pay Ather
ton the same salary as Iffe re
ceived last year. Because of the
cancellation of the Rose Bowl
game, the source of his salary
and expenses, they asked a re
vamping of his office to cut down
The change in the Oregon
State-California game was the
only shift made in the sched
ule. The schedule leaves the
University of Oregon as the
only school in the conference
which will not play any non
conference games. Games with
service teams may be added
later, however. This leaves the
Webfoots six open dates.
These two decisions wound u^
a five-day pow-wow for the
graduate managers, faculty rep
resentatives, and coaches of the
various schools.
The other decision handed down
by the meeting, given Tuesday,
upheld the conference rule of
banning freshmen athletes from
varsity competition. They did.
however, withdraw the restric
tion which demanded that fresh
men attend school for a com
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. . . returns today to coach spring
Sfruheiatt . RiUcMamel
Bill Hamel came into the world,
in common procedure, in Walla
Walla, Washington, one rainy
night some 22 years ago. The
family lived in the vicinity of
Borleske field, the local ball park,
and when the brazen young no
bleman became of age to accu
mulate a few eons of common
sense, his papa lifted the cradle
up alongside the big board fence
and gave him a glimpse of the
promised land—free of charge.
Kemeniber WSC
...Scarcely a man lives today
tween the outfield and behind
the plate. Peterson is a carry
over from the freshman squad.
who hasn't heard of or seen this
Hamel. At any rate, northwest
conference moguls have him in
cluded under the termination of
hottest infielders in the semi
pro racket.
Here at Oregon, we remem
ber him partially as a quiet,
unassuming, laugh - shaking
man-about-the-campus; a n d
partially — perhaps more par
tially — as the one who raised
all thirteen varieties of Hades
against Washington State last
spring. Like MacArthur and
his 3-B’s, it's a simple story,
but hard in the making.
Besides sin, ordinarily, there
are three prerogatives in every
baseball player’s life: baseball,
homeruns, and baseball. Hamel
won all-state semi-pro honors
with the Portland Babes in 1939
and repeated the feat in '40, play
ing- third base with the Jaysees
of Walla Walla. Washington Hi
of Portland took his time in foot
ball at end, and Oregon has al
ways had a spot open for him on
Howe field. Last year’s batting
average stood at .317.
Far more valuable to his.
country with a ball bat than
with a gun, Hamel evaded the
draft some time ago by enlisting
in the Marine Corps Reserve. His
commission comes after gradua