Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 25, 1942, Page 6, Image 6

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    Upperclassmen Eligible
For Navy Commissions
Upperclassmen studying- for virtually any college degree
were made eligible yesterday for immediate commissions as
probationary ensigns in the United States Navy, because of
modification by the Bureau of Navigation of a previous order,
it was announced by Commander A. J. Bvrholdt. director of
naval officer procurement for the Thirteenth Naval District.
The new order makes both seniors and juniors eligible for
commissions in the dock, engineering, ordnance, construction
an-i aeronautical branches, anu
moiifies curricular requirements
for each of these departments,
Those accepted will be permitted
to continue their college courses
at their own expense until they
receive their degrees, when their
probationary commissions will be
changed to special service com
Applications will be received
at the office of naval officer pro
curement, 301 Exchange building,
Deck department qualifica
tions have been broadened to in
clude candidates for degrees in
bus ness administration or com
merce, while bureau of aeronau
tics requirements have been
modified to accept students who
are majoring in aeronautics, high
frequency radio ele'ctrnics, com
muaicatioqs, internal combustion
me -hanics; civil engineering, me
teo-rology,.Architecture and geol
ogy, regfu’dless of the degree tc
be -ec-piy^V 'A \ tf '
Similarly,.! applications wil be
ace-pted for the enginering de
partment from majors in elec
trie.il, mechanical, diesel, and
ch lViiiabdngUibeYhig, physics and
rac.o electronics, while qualifica
tions ’ "for the or dnance depart
meet'have been broadened to in
clude majors in mechanical, elec
trie.il, chemical, industrial, ad
ministrative and radio engineer
ing and in physics with a back
gr* and of mathematics including
differential equation.
If addition, construction corps
eligibility has been modified tc
inel ide majors in naval architec
tut .
Oregon Sharpshooters
Compete at Corvallis
Oregon's sharpshooters will
I •. • up arms against other
r. hwpstevn contenders at Cor
v ' s Saturday when they enter
a ..re-man match for tlie North
v ■ era Intercollegiate ehampion
sh:- , Captain Harvey Blythe,
« ■ ’ll, anounced.
Toe team is sponsored by
Sc >bard ami Blade, military
In-: n-ary, who paid for a trip
to Cortland recently that includ
ed hie teams winning from the
Pc' land Gun club.
Two tryouts will be held in the
KO:C shooting range Tuesday
in... I and Thursday night at 7.
DGs Hold Elections
I 'Ita Gamma sorority has
cl ed the following officers:
f'lith Borda, president: Mar
go. t Ann Jackson, vice-presi
de: . Marguerite Magill. record*
ii s secretary; Margaret Kemp,
co- ‘spending secretary; Eliza
b Edmunds, treasurer; Nancy
M'eLynn, assistant treasurer;
Kve yn Mitchell, social chair
i.i.t ; Betty Bevil, rushing chair
man, and Phyllis Hortsman, as
fis'.ant rushing chairman, were
chos ?n.
Dr. Breen Expected
Quirinus Breen, assistant pro
fess >r of social science, was
calle 1 from the campus last week
when his mother-in-law dies! ii:
■Washington. He is expected U
return today.
Emerald Linotypist III
Stan Minsall, Emerald linotyp
ist, had his appendix removed at
the Sacred Heart hospital on
Saturday, March 14, after a sud
den attack of peritonitis.
He is now reported well on the
road to recovery at his home and
should be back on the job be
fore many days.
Betsey Steffen Elected
New Phi Beta President
Betsey Steffen, junior in Ro
mance languages, was elected
president of Phi Beta, national
music honorary, at a meeting
last week at the home of Mrs.
Other officers elected were:
Kay Daugherty, first vice presi
dent; Ruth Baker, second vice
president; Phyllis Taylor, secre
tary; Connie Riddell, treasurer;
Marie Roghndahl, asistant treas
urer; Margaret Zimmerman, his
torian: and Donna Williams, re
Despite its present low stand
ing, the University of Chicago
grid team has won more Big Ten
championships than any other
Intercollegiate athletic compe
tition has been abandoned by
Bard Colelge.
'Measly' Betas
Bedding Down
At Pill Palace
Having lost the “measly”
Canard Clubber, the infirmary
now holds only three victims of
the measles, three “measly"’
Betas: Quentin Sidesinger, Da
vid Fortmiller, and Bruce Ste
Others marking time in the
ailment castle are: Wretha
Johnson, June Chesney, Sarah
Whitton, Peggy Smith, Eliza
beth Steed, Clara McCormick,
Chester Sergeant, Eleanor Sie
wart, and Norman King.
Chi Os Pick Officers
Chi Omega’s new officers are
Helen Mullen, president; Alice
Trullinger, vice-president: Jane
Kaarboe, secretary; Dorothy
Oregon Squad Enteft
National Rifle Match
The Oregon ROTC rifle team
has entered a national 10-man
match sponsored by the war de
partment, Captain Harvey Blythe,
coach of the firing squad, an
nounced yesterday.
By getting their sights lined
up late in the ninth corps area
matches to win several matches,
the Duck marksmen were classed
in the upper third of the nation’s
collegiate teams and thus were
made eligible to compete fo'^'na
tional honors.
A five-man team will enter the
Hearst’s Intercollegiate Rifle
matches at an early date, Cap
tain Blythe said.
Routt, treasurer; June Hitchcock,
pledge trainer; and Joanne Dolph,
chapter correspondent, it was an
nounced this week.
&<XAxe/uence — Activity
This Is Your Opportunity
Meeting Tonight
Students who are interested in working on the Emerald
for the experience, opportunity, activity, or fun are in
vited to attend this meeting. Wednesday night (tonight),
at 8:00 o'clock in the Emerald businecc office, room 5,
Journalism, new members of the staff will be told about
opportunities afforded by work on the Emerald during
spring term, the most enjoyable on the Emerald. Man
agers of the Emerald will explain about the Emerald to
prospective enrollees.
® Experience
business men and teachers alike will
testify that Emerald business staff ex
perience is the best that ean be had for
business and advertising majors.
© Opportunity
For opportunity the Emerald can't be
beat. Many of the outstanding’ leaders
on i he campus have come up through the
ranks of the Emerald business staff.
© Fun
Spring' term i.s lots of fun on the Em
erald with tlie climax a big downtown
banquet in May. You’ll meet lots of nice
people, too. both downtown and on the
© Activity
For activities the Emerald is your
mecea. The biggest single activity on the
campus, the Emerald is the place to see
and be seen as a prominent student in
campus activities.
As war-industries continue to swallow up the ex
perienced men and women, employers are looking to
colleges for the answer to their personnel question.
They appreciate the college diploma but they demand
it to be flanked by experience.
The Oregon Daily Emerald provides the ammuni
tion for students of the University to arm themselves
so they may face their future employers with the confi
dent statement, "I have had the experience."
The Oregon Daily Emerald also provides a common
meeting ground where professors may see their stu
dents practice what they have told them in class and
so make their recommendations on the record the stu
dents make there. Dean Victor P. Morris of the B.A.
school and Professor W. F. G. Thacher both highly rec
ommend Emerald business office work to their students.
Room 5, Journalism
Ph. 3300 Local 354
Advertising Manager