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    The University of Oregon spring sports training was doing
business as usual yesterday.
Over on Howe field the baseball Webfoots were condition
ing in their colorful red and gray uniforms. Dick Whitman,
the Woodburn slugger who hit into the best Oregon batting
average at .412 last season, was there. It was at Pacific uni
.vemky last year, Dick was up and the count was three and two.
Some of the Pacific fans had been riding the Oregon center
fielder to what they thought was a grand fade-out. Came the
pitch and Dick calmly pushed the ball out of the park. Los
Angeles “1-2-3-4-5” Marvin Gudat may have been rattled by
the fans, but not Oregon's Dick Whitman.
Uregon s DasebaSI Prospects
Out also was Johnny “The Boob” Bubalo, first baseman
... so were all the rest. John Hamel, third saeker, lost the
set from his ring and time was called for a search of the home
plate area. Oregon’s prospects, at this pre-season date, look
pretty good. Let’s move on.
Arrayed in not-so-colorful uniforms, however, was Coach
John Warren’s Duckling squad. If clothes make the man, they
were refugees from the railroad jungles. But, because they
~-Vere doing some pretty fair fielding and tossing, they looked
100 per cent like baseball players,
Bass-voiced Colonel Hayward was master of ceremonies at
the track. Weight men were pushing the shot through the air.
Runners were alternately trotting and walking around the
quarter-mile oval. Coach Hayward was illustrating by clap
ping his hands how the hurdles should be taken. The runners
came around again at about a three-quarter pace.
Robiin, Culwell, Iverson Back
Bpring football, minus-at-tlic-moment, Head Coach Oliver,
was being carried out under Line Coach Vaughn Corley. Red
haired Duke Iverson was back. The two striped fullback has
a year of eligibility left. Tommy Robiin and Val Culwell
showed up. ‘Roll over to the right—roll over to the left,” was
ttw order of the day as the sweat-and-blood boys bounced
around on the sod.
Oregon’s tennis team, coached by Russ Cutler, was bat
ting the white pellets back and forth over the net. Coach
Cutler will have Kern Smith No. 1, Frank Baker No. 2, and
John "Williams playing No. 3 .The Irvington club is the first
oponent of the team, the game being here on April 11.
Eyeing the future, Cutler purchased the season’s supply of
balls last fall. So the racket lads will have nothing to warry
about . . . well, hardly anything.
And Oregon’s, sports program rolled into high gear.
A Look at the Future
A look at the future. Pacific Coast conference directors arc
stilk convening in Portland. The main topics are Atherton,
freshman competition, and revised schedules. Regardless of
what happens in the City of Roses’ meeting, intramural ath
letics will be featured in the future. Oregon’s intramural pro
gram for the spring term, softball, swimming, and Sigma
Delta Psi, will be carried out as scheduled. But next fall there
will undoubtedly be a great expansion of intramural sports
here at Oregon as well as at other schools throughout the
Paid Washke, head of the campus intramural program, will
become a member of the American Association of Health,
Physical Education, and Recreation at their national conven
tion in New Orleans April 15-18. The organization, which has
had 10,000 members, selects only about eight new “Fellows”
each year from the entire nation. So, hats off to Mr. Washke
for the work he’s done and is doing at the University of Oregon.
And here’s another salute to Johnny Kahananui. Believe
me, every member of the sports staff and everyone who
has known the popular sports editor, is sorry to hear of
his leaving. Here’s wishing the best of the best in the future
to one of the best.
Cutler Pulls 'Superman
Corners Campus Titles
Some guys got it, ana some
guys ain’t got it. When it comes
to handball and ping pong Chuck
Cutler has got it! But solidly.
Theubiquitous Mr. Cutler annexed
the all-campus handball and ping
pong singles championships with
t&e greatest of ease.
He then stuck around to team
with Bobby Blair to take the
handball doubles title. Touching
off his little effort he teamed up
with “Little Tee’ Galt to grab
the ping pong doubles crown.
In the handball singles Crush
in’ Charley had a hard time
getting opponents to wax. Jim
Rathbun was supposed to play
him in the finals, but he could
not be found and Cutler won by
default. His ping pong rivals
were made of sterner stuff,
though. Pete Gregos pushed
him every bit of the way with
Cutler (there’s that name
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Frosh ‘9’ Hopefuls
Answer Warren's Call
Baseball fever hit the campus
freshman diamondmen last night
when Frosh Coach John Warren
sent his squad of 30-odd players
through the first practice of the
season, on the mud flats.
Warren after sending his boys
through a two and a half hour
workout, declared that they were
“passable,” but that he’d “only
seen them one night,” and could
n’t pass judgment so early.
Infield and batting practice
occupied the majority of the
afternoon’s drill. A tentative
infield which Warren employed
for fielding practice saw Bass
Dyer at third, Art Murphy at
shortstop, Eddie Gearhart at
second, and Bryce Sidesinger
at first.
Outfield Tentative
A tentative outfield combin
ation consisted of LeRoy Erick
son, frosh grid star in left, Boh
Hayward Gloomy
On Track Chances
Colonel Bill Hayward greeted
his 1942 varsity track prospects
Tuesday for their second formal
workout, still with a doubtful
look in his eye. The Portland'
meet is only 10 days away, and
the veteran track coach is some
what worried about the probable
In the two initial practices,
most of the time has been spent
getting in shape, which has been
hampered by cold weather.
The sprinters and distance run
ners have been limbering up, tak
ing it quite easy, however. One
advantage of the current cold
weather', is that they are not
liable to loaf. They have been
jogging, with occasional wind
Thomas Drills
Homer Thomas, one year let
termun and lone pole vaulter,
hasn’t taken to the pits yet. He
has been taking conditioning
exercises and practicing his ap
The 440 event will possibly
be the strongest this year, with
* letterman Francis Tuckwiler,
and Ed Reiner, junior who did
n’t make his letter last season.
Two sophomores, Ken Sawyer
and Stan Ray will be contend
The loss of Les Steers leaves
the high jump event with Bob
Newland carrying the load. New
land hasn’t turned out as yet, but
was a consistent point gatherer
on the frosh squad last year.
Butler Lone Veteran
For the hurdles, Hayward has
cne letterman, Zenas Butler.
Ralph Kramer and Bob Simpson,
sophomores, will probably be
seen in that event too. Simpson
was on the WSC frosh squad last
year and may prove a valuable
man. Rolph Fuhrman, who just
turned in his basketball suit, was
expected to turn out for the hur
dles, but hasn't shown up to date.
Dune Wimpress, another prospect,
hasn’t applied for a suit either.
The weight department has
no returning lettermen, but
has two juniors from last year’s
squad, Fred Foster and Chuck
At present, the broad-jump
event is vacant. The loss of
Captain Ehle Reber, leaves only
one prospect. Ray Dickson, a
senior letterman in the 440
and broadjump is in school, hut
hasn't showed up for practice
in the initial workouts.
Hayward stated at the begin
ning of last track season that
his team was the worst in his
tory, but sprouted out with some
good men. With the Portland
meet only 10 days away, he will
have his chance to find a new
An Order of the O meeting
today (Wednesday) noon at
the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.
Zeta Blasts
Gamma Hall
Hoop Team
Zeta hall led by the Reynolds
boys, Walt and Bob, powered
their way over a sputtering Gam
ma outfit, 33 to 14 to cop the
interdorm basketball champion
ship. The game was played' the
last Saturday of winter term on
McArthur court.
In a wild scramble for the self
styled “cellar championship” the
Sigma hallmen won out by weak
ening in the final period and los
ing to Sherry Ross, 50 to 46. In
the contest for second place
Omega took a forfeit victory as
Alpha hall’s team had been out
“piggin’ ” the night before and
couldn’t get out of bed.
Zetas Get 20
First it was Walt and then it
was Bob, as Zeta ran up 20
points before Gamma’s Bob
Vernon broke through near the
end of the half to tack up their
solitary marker. Sherm Olts
took over in the second half to
keep the Zetans well ahead of
a sudden Gamma flare of bas
Burly John Azevedo and Art
Davis played rough and rugged
floor ball for the Gams, but they
couldn’t hit the side of a brick
smokehouse from two feet, let
alone the bucket. In the meantime
the Zetans were hitting with ev
erything they threw in the region
of the hoop.
Sigma was actually winning
themselves a ball game until they
ran into a one-man fire engine
in the person of lanky Rodney
Prodney Jensen. When the big
fire finally ended Rod the Prod
had doused 30 points through the
net, and Sherry Ross eked out a
50 to 46 triumph.
Sigma's Jim Lanse played
sweet ball in defeat and account
ed for 21 markers himself. Bill
“Just Smooth" Haley fed Jensen
and roughed up the weaker Sig
mas to let Jensen score his points.
A total of 26 fouls was called.
Rival Standings—Interdorm
W. L. Pet.
Zeta hall .5 0 1.000
Gamma hall .4 1 .800
Omega hall .3 2 .600
Sherry Ross .1 4 .200
Sigma hall.0 5 .000
Aikin in centerfield, and Jim
Fryer in right.
Among the pitchers turning
out were Hal Locht, prep star
from Roosevelt high in Portland;
Hank Voderberg, ex-Grant high
chucker; and Fred Kuhl, from
The schedule has not been
drawn up definitely yet, Warren
declared. A four-game series will
be played with Oregon State’s
rooks who took the measure of
the Oregon Ducklings on four oc
casions last year.
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