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-^Youth Work—
The Future
Frosh Out
Of Varsity
Election Plans Announced
UO Yell King
To Be Chosen
After unsuccessful attempts at
selecting a yell-king last term,
University students will watch
candidates pull out their bags and
cricks at a student body assem
bly Thursday at 11 a.m.
According to Jim Frost, ASUO
^ice-president, candidates must
bresent their statements of in
ention to run and scholastic elig
bility in sealed envelopes to Mary
Uraham at the educational ac
civities office by 5 o’clock today.
Special Election
The new king will be decided
ipon at a special student body
election to be held from 12 to 5
b.m. Thursday. Frost will con
:act all candidates to instruct
;hem before the assembly.
Earle Russell, who was de
clared ineligible to continue as
,'ell-king at the end of fall term,
vill have another chance to com
pete for the position if his grades
lave improved to the minimum
Big Events
Students who receive spe
cial notices today as a result
of the “Of Thee I Sing” au
dition last night should attend
the tryouts to be held tonight
at 7:30 on the stage of the
Guild hall theater in Johnson
hall. Others interested in work
ing on the program should
jhone John Busterud, chair
Ail ISA senate and cabinet
members will meet this after
noon at 4 o’clock in room 204
Chapman to discuss various
plans to be carried out this
The Emerald" business staff
will meet at 8 o’clock tonight
in the business office, journal
ism building. Applications will
be accepted at that time for
business staff positions.
The reporting, copy desk
and night staffs wil meet
Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in room
104, Journalism.
(See Big Events, Page 3)
CAMPBELL. . . . meet head
or -six to-, t> p
l or »K v
O rpxC ?Xj
, ' 1" mmMBK
tio ■) -r
came xr iom-:
Csoetol »/ >--:
)n?as v$>
W’xve? !
0- '
> 0 ovX x<
. . . is given the “MacArthur Day” proclamation by IVIaycr Elisha Large with Mary Jane Rabbe and
Mary Mercier assisting.
—Courtesy the Oregonian.
SDX Honors
Noted Soldier
In honor of General Douglas
MacArthu.r, Sigma Delta Chi will
present the first all-campus
dance of spring term at 9 oclock
Friday night in McArthur court.
Art Holman's orchestra will play.
Tickets for the informal dance,
which includes a 45-minute be
tween-halves variety show, are
$1.10 today. Purchased Thursday
or at the door, they will cost
Tickets are on sale in all men's
living organizations and may
also be purchased from SDX
pledges, who are now honoring
General McArthur and signifying
their pledging to the national
professional journalism fratern
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Defense Assembly Set
To Organize Houses
Each living organization on the campus will be efficiently
surveyed and organized into an integral part of the University
defense set-up as a result of today’s one o’clock assembly in
room 5, Commerce building. This plan will be carried out
through individual air-raid wardens, who, with student com
mittees and leaders, are to attend the meeting.
ASUO President Lou Torgeson will occupy a prominent
Before the war when every store
Sold sugar by the sack,
I never ate much sweets and
And I took my coffee black.
But now ’bout all I think about
Is candy bars and toffee,
And I have the queerest craving'
Some sugar in my coffee.
Thursday at 11...
Spring- term's first ASUO as
sembly is planned for Thursday,
March 26, at 11 a.m. in McAr
thur court, Barry Campbell,
chairman, announced Tuesday.
Yell leader tryouts, the main
feature of the program, will be
directed by Jim Frost, vice-presi
dent ot the student body. Con
testants will lead one school yell
and an individual one.
SDX skits
Two skits wall be presented by
Sigma Delta Chi. They will tie in
with MacArthur Day which is
being set aside by the city of Eu
gene and celebrated Friday at
the University by a Sigma Delta
Chi-sponsored all-campus dance.
The introduction of newly
ejected AWS, WAA and YWCA
officers will be part of the pro
pi am. The pledge cup, aw-arded
for the fraternity having the
pledge class with the highest
CPA, will be formally presented
to Phi Gamma Delta by Porky
Andrews, president of the inter
fraternity council.
Campbell said that he hopes
there will also be time to intro
duce the new president of Heads
of Houses and members of the
baseball team, but that this de
pends upon the number of con
testants for yell king.
spot on me piauorm anci wm
explain the Student faculty de
fense coordination, urging' coop
eration among the different de
fense committees. It is hoped
that correctly functioning rela
tionships between these groups
may be facilitated by getting all
defense workers together at the
assembly, according to Steve
Worth, who, is making the ar
rangements. In addition, duties
are to be allocated representatives
at this time.
Air Raid Groups
Tom Pickett, ISA represent
ative, and Robert Jones, of the
IFC, are to load their groups,
which will coordinate air raid
wardens, get them supplies, in
form them by bulletins of inno
vations, and inspect all houses
to see if adequate organization,
instruction, and materials are be
ing provided. They will also
handle publicity.
Yeomen, represented by Dave
Knox and Warren Phillips, will
provide transportation for all
groups. In case of emergency
they will fipo maintain a central
offfee Where persons may call at
any time and will move food,
clothing, medical supplies, and
equipment as we'l as personnel.
Scabbard, Blade
Scabbard and Blade will have
(I’lcasc turn to payc three)
Class Card
Sale Slated;
Poll Date Set
Complete plans for spring*
elections were formulated at a
meeting- of Ted Yaw, freshman
class president; Barry Campbell,
sophomore class president; Pat.
Cloud, junior class president; Jim
Frost, first vice-president of tha
ASUO; Lou Torgeson, president,
of ASUO, and Dick Williams, edu
cational activities director, held
The sale of class cards foi*
all three classes will terminate
5 p.m. on April 2, it was decided.
Class Sards may be purchased
from the booth between the Ore
gon and Commerce buildings cn
March 31 and April 1 and 2 from
9 to 3 2 a.m. and 1 to 5 p.m.
Complete List
A complete polling list of eli
gible voters for all three classes*
will be available to all those in
terested in the educational activ
ities office on April 6. This list,
will be a Complete and ' correct,
list to be used as a door checJ*
at the nominating assemblies.
All nominations by the sopho
more, junior and freshman
classes and the ASUO will taker
place Tuesday, April 7. Class and
ASUO elections will be held tbe>
folowing Tuesday, April 14.
ASUO inaugurations are sched
uled for a regular 11 o’clock as
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Houses to Vie
ForSing Title
An all-campus sing contest wilt
be held April 25 under the spon
sorship of the ASUO executive
committee. Initiated as a per
manent campus function Inst year*
by Gleeson Payne, ASUO presi
dent in '40-’41, the sing will be
under the sponsorship of the
ASUO executive committee thi:*
Prizes will be awarded to the*
winning men and the winning'
women's living organization cho
ruses entered in the contest.
Dean Theodore Kratt of the mu
sic school will arrange for th*i
Last Year
Last year Delta Ten Delta ar«l
Gamma Phi Beta- won first
places of the men’s and women'•»
houses in the fir.a I competition
which took place in connection
with tho Circle, i . Un G’s Lemon
Squeeze. Judged as second and
third place winners of "r- wom
en’s houses in last y< a; ’s con
test were Pi Beta Phi mil Delta
Gamma. Phi Delta Tin : nd Sig
ma Nu were cl:- sen s-icl ar.ct
third of the r.r.r’s living organ
Houses are urged to f -ganize
their choruses inn n ely so
that they will be i ady ' > hand
in their applications l f >ve tho
deadline which will s -on be set.