Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 24, 1942, Page 3, Image 3

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Treddy Martin
Labled 'Foul'
By Conductor
^“Abominable, detestable, offensive, damnable, foul, odious,
nauseous, and utterly disgusting-. Will you mention every word
Sir Thomas Beecham speaking. He had just been asked what
he though of the streamlining of Tschaikowsky’s music. He
went on further to say: “Would you take the great paintings
ot Reubens or Rembrandt and re
paint them in the modern comic
strip style of Dick Tracy or Little
Orphan Annie ? Well that is
what they are doing to Tschai
kowski. Freddy Martin, a so
called band leader is a, foul pros
titutor of great music.”
No Misunderstanding
‘‘Now, don’t misunderstand
me,” Sir Tom said. (He asked to
„,be 'called that.) “Good popular
music is as important as good
symphony music. That colored
fellow, Count Basie, has created
some music that will not die on
the turn of the public’s fancy.
And that is the test of good mu
sic—it must be as good a hundred
years from now as it is today.”
One of the six top conductors
in the business, Beecham is def
initely a “good fellow.” Advance
reports had him pictured as crus
ty, violent, and given to being
sometimes uncivil. That is not so.
He is very much alive, a charm
ing conversationalist, and states
his very definite opinions in quick,
staccato style.
When asked about how he felt
playing before the University au
dience, he repled:
Lkes College Audiece
“I like them. When they like
something they let you know it.
They stamp and yell, and this
makes a conductor feel appre
ciated. If they hiss and boo, that’s
all right, too. A demonstrative
audience is definitely superior to
a half-hearted, luke-warm one.
Give me lots of noise.”
I Sir Tom likes the Northwest.
People here are more serious
-^fchan they are in California, he
said, and there is great musical
Let Us
Do Your
Be the belle of the Gam
ma Alpha Chi ball by be
in'* fresh and pretty —
not tired from spending
long hours pressing that
yard-wide skirt. Phone
825 for a reliable clean
ing and pressing job on
dainty formats.
Phone 825
New Service
“Service Our Motto’’
839 High St.
promise for this whole area. Cal
ifornia is cheap and vulgar, and
the reserve of the Northwest is
a welcome contrast, Eeecham de
He expressed regret that he
could not see any UO teams in
action. Sir Tom was a college
football player in former days at
Birmingham, England.
“Tell them that,” he said, “We
played fast football over there,
and from some of the games I’ve
seen in America, we could have
given some of your big college
teams quite a game.”
Sir Thomas finished his dessert
and looked across the table at
Betty Humby, his piano poloist,
who was evidently enjoying the
whole conversation.
“Well, Betty,” he said, in his
clipped British accent, “Have
you anything to offer to what
I've already said?”
The very attractive Miss Hum
by smiled broadly and replied,
“Why, Tommy, I think you’ve
covered everything. Anything you
say goes double for me.”
Beecham, Symphony
(Continued, jrom page one)
Dressed in ice blue satin, blond
Miss Betty Humby gave a re
strained, finished interpretation
of the Mozart concerto No. 17 in
D major for piano and orchestra.
With a soft understatement, she
integrated piano with orchestra
for a unified effect without the
usual display of concerto tech
Throughout the program, but
particularly in the “Walk in the
Paradise Garden*” by Delius, the
pianissimo which the orchestra
and Sir Thomas achieved was
whisper-like. Sir Thomas coaxed,
wheedled with his baton, waggled
his finger, became militant in the
crescendos. Especially effective
was his precise violin section
headed by the Hungarian Francis
Aryani; who took the violin solo
in the encore number.
Sir Thomas conducted entirely
from memory, with the exception
of the piano concerto. An unus
ually spiridted playing of “The
Star Spangled Banner” was fol
lowed by the overture from “The
Magic Flute” by Mozart.
The familiar and popular “Es
pana” by Chabrier was a crash
ing colorful climax, with the ad
dition of a tambourine, cymbals,
and harp to the orchestra. Sir
Thomas is the third in the Great
er Artist series for 1941-42.
Though it survived the Civil
war, the University of North
Carolina was closed for five years
during the reconstruction period.
llth & Hilyard
While They Last
Military Men
Pledge 35
At Igloo Ball
Grand climax of the Military
ball, last elaborately decorated
campus dance for the duration,
was the decorating' of the Little
Colonel, Nelda Rohrback, Alpha
Chi Omega, her two little majors,
Carol Ann Evans, Pi Beta Phi,
and Betty Kincaid, Gamma Phi
Beta ,and captains, Jeanette Tor
ney, Alpha Phi, and Carol Boone,
Kappa Alpha Theta.
Broadcast for an hour and a
half over KOAC was the intro
ducing of the new pledges to
Scabbard and Blade, military
honorary, the grand' march, and
the music of Art Holman and his
Following are the new pledges
of Scabbard and Blade, military
Honorary—Major Agule, Cap
tain Blythe; Captain Davis.
Seniors ■— Dean Blickenstaff,
James Carney, Paul McCarty, Er
nest Williams.
Juniors — John Busterud, Les
Anderson, Robert Blickenstaff,
Clinton Childs, Pat Cloud, James
Elgin, Bud Fenton, Reed Ferral,
Phil Gilmore, Robert Gilson,
Bert Hagen, Marsh Hayes, Kelly
Holbart, Russell Hudson.
Don Lewis, Harold Lingle, Rob
ert McKinney, Ed Moshofsky,
James Nelson, Bud Peck, Richard
Walston, John Ryele, Len Surles,
Ernest Short, Gordon Stanley,
Homer Thomas, Carl Wimberly,
Don Kirsch.
Boyer Show
“Mayerling-,” the French movie
starring Charles Boyer and Dan
ielle Darrieux, will be presented
by Pi Delta Phi in 207 Chapman
today at 4:15 and 8 p.m.
Voted the best foreign picture
of the year 1937, the story of
“Mayerling” is the keynote of
success. Archduke Rudolph is
forced to marry against his will
and lives unhappily under the
rule of his father, the emperor,
Franz Josef. Love comes to him
when he meets Baroness Marie
Vetsera, but it is forbidden by
the royal court. Having vainly
sought annulment happiness
comes to the pair in their tragic
The movie is notable for the
gorgeous settings in the court of
the emperor, the orchestral and
dance music, chiefly the rendi
tion of “The Blue Danube Waltz,”
and the dramatic incidents coup
led with the exceptional perform
ance by the stars.
Thirty cents covers admission
and tax for “Mayerling” and also
for an additional feature, “French
Peoples of Canada.”
Persons named Leavenworth
are eligible to benefit under a
$12,000 scholarship fund at Ham
ilton college.
Rreedn W Emerald
Jack Billings
Klsie Brownell
Elaine Dahl
Margaret Deane
Joanne Dolph
Bob Edwards
Bob Fowells
Ted Goodwin
Carol Greening
Ruth Jordan
A1 Larsen
Night Staff:
Marilyn Wiley
Bette Isaak
Marge Knoles
Ted Bush
Mona MacAuley
Marjorie Major
John Mathews
Bette Miller
Roy Nelson
Edith Newton
Margie Robinson
Jean Spearow
Betty Ann Stevens
Janet Wagstaff
Mildred Wilson
Tuesday Advertising Staff:
Jean Routt, day manager
Ruth Jordan
Beverly Valleau
Monday Office Staff:
Mary Jane Wilson
Yvonne Umphlett
Elizabeth Eid
Copy Desk Staff:
Erling Erlandson, city editor
Pat Farrell, associate
Betsy Wootton
Herb Penny
Ted Hallock
Jack Billings
Sue Huffaker
Ray Schrick
New Yell King
Deadline Set
Candidates for the new yell
king position must have their cer
tificates of eligibility and inten
tions to run in the educational
activities office by noon Satur
day, February 28, Jim Frost,
ASUO first vice-president, an
nounced last night.
The potential megaphone-wav
ers will be given public tryouts
Monday night during the half
time period of the Idaho-Oregon
basketball game. At this time the
candidates will be allowed to
lead the rooting section in any
yell they choose.
Elections are to be held Thurs
day, March 3, from 9 a.m. to 3
p.m. in the YMCA house, Frost
Bring your watch
to our store NOW
for free examina
tion and check
up. Be sure of the
best at Bristow's.
Compacts — Costume
Jewelry — Bracelets
Patriotic Emblems
Jewelry Store
620 Willamette
in Good
Maintenance is highly
important. Be sure to
keep your plumbing and
heating equipment in
good working order.
Plumbing and Heating
Phone 243 936 Oak
Campus fire fighters will meet
at 5 p.m. ip 101 men’s physical
education building, Earl Boushey,
campus fire chief, announced.
Freshman fellowship meeting'
originally scheduled to be held in
Hendricks hall this evening has
been postponed until spring term
because of a conflict with the
Smarty Party.
••All YWCA members are invit
ed to meet with the cabinet in
an open meeting this afternoon
at 4 in the “YW" bungalow. Mr.
YVillits, regional secretary, will be
Phi Chi Theta will meet at 4
o'clock Wednesday on the third
floor of Chapman.
Dean Jewell in 'Frisco
Dr. James R. Jewell, dean of
the school of education, will pre
sent two speeches today at the
National Association of School
Administrators convention in San
He will discuss "The Influence
of Rural America Upon the Na
tion” before the section on rural
education, and the subject of his
address before the section on edu
cational sociology is “Possible
Philosophies of Vocational Educa
Pat Taylor
Quite a hipper dipper week
end, what with the dance, and
all the rushee dollies down.
. . . Two Alpha Phi cute ones
were Marilyn Crawford and
Nan Sweigert. . . . After seeing
the roster of the new Scabbard
and Blades we’d say the accent
was on the blades. . . . hoomer
ous: Ed Euckey takes Pat
Wright into one of the down
town eateries for a oh-so
chintzey bottle of champagne,
but they couldn’t have just
wine alone: so hadda order
ham sanriches to go with. . . .
Ah me, champagne an’ ham
san’wiches. . . . Bill O’Malley,
of the ATO’Malleys, planted
his pin on Betty Isaak, Pi Phi.
. . . Heck, far be it from us to
be an individualist, here is our
ode—felt we ode it to you:
. . . called:
“Reflections on Reading
‘At Second Glance’ ”
Red are some petunias
Others blue as the sky,
It doesn’t take a genius
To tell Harmon’s a Theta Chi.
Know we’re no movie critic,
but Van Heflin in “Johnny
Eager” struck us as being
quite excellent. . . . Steady
does it with Jean Hines, DG,
and Hal Fredricks of Beta-on
Well, kiddies, on these blus
t’ry, wint’ry days, sprong into
the Side for a dish of nice
ivarm coke.
See you on the late, etc. . . .