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    Honor Roll of Service
Calls Many Oregon Alums
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RALPH HERBERT MILLSAP '30, 201 Hanoer St., Annapolis, Md.
FRENCH ROBERT MOORE, M.D. ’26, U. S. N. Med. Off., U. S. N. Hosp.,
Pearl Harbor, T. H.
WILLIAM ADAMS MORTIMER '40, N. A. C., U. S. N. Air Sta., Pensa
cola, Fla.
LOUIS JOHN MURDOCK, Jr. '41, Ensign, 80 Annandale Rd., Newport. R. I.
JULIUS F. NEUBERGER, M.D. '13, Lieu.-Com., Med. Corps, 745 Fifth Ave.,
New York City.
BENJAMIN WILLIAM OESTERLING '32, Dent. Off., Med. Corps, c/o
Postmaster, Pearl Harbor, T. H.
BURTON H. OSBORN '43, A. C„ Patt. 2, Bldg. 652, Room 904, Pensacola,
JAMES HOWARD PICKETT '41, Ensign, c/o Postmaster, Pearl Harbor, T. H.
KAY E. A. POMEROY, M.D. '16, Lieu.-Com., Med Corps, Bremerton, Wash.
HAROLD B. PRICE '43, U. S. Nav. Acad., Annapolis, Md.
STEWART WILLIAM RALSTON '30, Capt., Nav. Res. Avia. Base, Squan
tum, Mass.
FARRA LEROY READ, M.D. '27, Lieu., U. S. N. Surg., Gen. Hosp., Wash
ington, D. C.
EDGAR M. R1CEN '28, M.D. '31, Lieu., Med. Corps, U. S. N. Hosp., Wash
ington, D. C.
CLARENCE WESLEY ROSS '07, M.D. '12, Comm., Med. Corps, U. S. N.
Med. School, Washington, D. C.
EDWIN HALLIDAY RUSHTON '34, Squad. 3, Nav. Air Sta. at San Di
ego, Cal.
RICHARD WALKER SEARS '40, Ensign in Nav. Res., 4932 N. E. Tilla
mook, Portland, Ore.
KENNETH THOMAS SHIPLEY '40, 5th and D St., Oswego. Ore.
ALEXANDER SIMS '38, Cadet for Res. Ensign Tr., Box 62, Freewater, Ore.
FRED MARVIN SLADE 42, Ensign, c/o Postmaster, Honolulu, T. H.
EDGAR WILSON SMITH '41, Ensign, assigned to Asiatic Fleet, c/o Post
master, Honolulu.
SIDNEY JAMES SMITH, Jr. '41, U. S. N. Res., Halsey, Ore.
PAUL EDWIN SPANGLER '19 (M.D.) 1024 Alewa Dr., Honolulu, T. H.
PAUL POMEROY STEWART '41, Ensign, U. S. N. R., Norfolk, Va.
WILLIAM FRASEE STREIT '40, Ensign, c/o Postmaster, Pearl Harbor.
LELAND EUGENE TERRY '39, F. C., Bldg. 2408, Room 230, U. S. N. Air
Sta., Corpus Christi, Texas.
THEODORE EDWARD THOMSON '37, Nav. A. C., U. S. N. Air Sta., Pen
sacola, Fla.
JAMES TIMMINS '41, 0615 S. W. Nebraska. Portland, Ore.
ROBERT EDWARD VADNAIS '41, F. C., Nav. Air Corps, Sand Point Base,
Seattle, Wash.
GEORGE WILLIS WEBBER '31, Avia. Chief. Mach. Mate, Box 222, Pearl
City. T. H.
ROBERT ALL1SUN WJSLLH, M.D. 58, Ass t. £>urg., iviea. ^orps, / run
Top Ave., Middletown, R. I.
GEORGE C. WELDIN T9, Lieu.-Com., c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Cal.
LESLIE J. WERSCIIKUL, Jr. ’40, Ensign, 464 N. E. Floral PI., Portland. Ore.
SINCLAIR BEST WRIGHT ’29, Lieu., c/o Post Grad Sch., U. S. N. Acad.,
Annapolis, Md.
G. FRANCIS YORAN T9, Lieu.-Com., Q. M. Dept., Nav. Air Sta., Coronado,
ROBERT ELVIN YOUNG ’41, San Point Nav. Air Base, Seattle, Wash.
CLARENCE JAMES ZURCHER ’40, Ensign, New York City.
JOHN WESLEY BECKETT T7, Lieu.-Col., Navy Yard, Philadelphia. Pa.
FRANCIS HARRISON BERGTHOLDT ’41, Marine Off. Tr. School, Marine
Barracks, Quantico, Va.
JAMES SUMNER BLAIS ’36, 2nd Lieu. Capt., 95 W. 20th St., Eugene, Ore.
MURRAY M. BROWN ’42, c/o Mrs. M. J. Brown, P. O. Box 265, Gladstone,
ROSCOE ELLSWORTH COLE ’41, U. S. Marine Corps.
JAMES JACKSON COLEMAN ’39, 2nd Lieu., 909 Coast Blvd., La Jolla, Cal.
WARREN RICHARD COLEMAN, M.D. ’41, Interne, U. S. Marine Hosp.,
Seattle, Wash.
DAVID MARION COX ’40, Marine Orderly, Marine Det., c/o Postmaster,
San Pedro, Cal.
HARRY L. DALE ’06 (M. D.), Lieu.-Col., Goffe St., Armory, New Ha
ven, Conn.
PAUL EUGENE DAVIES ’25, Private, U. S. M. C.
WILLIAM F. FEASLEY ’40, Lieu., Treasure Island, off San Francisco.
CHARLES FERGUSON, M. D. ’22, Physician and Bacteriologist, U. S. Mar.
Hosp. 43'/Ellis Island, N. Y.
FREDERICK ROBERT FINDTNER ’39, 2nd Lieu., 4851 Brighton Ave.,
San Diego. Cal.
CHARLES WESLEY FLUKE, M.D. ’40, Interne U. S. Mar. Hosp., San
Francisco, Cal.
JOHN SEYMOUR GREEN, Jr. ’40, 3404 N. E. 19th Ave., Portland, Ore.
ELMER EDWARDS HALL 14, Maj., Marine Base, San Diego, Cal.
BRUCE BENNETT HAMMOND 41, 2nd Lieu., U. S. M. C., Basic School,
Marine Barracks, Navy Yard .Philadelphia, Pa.
JESSE BENTON HELFRICH ’26, M.D. ’28, Capt., Colon Hosp., Cristobal,
Canal Zone.
LEONARD GRADY HICKS ’41, Lieu., c/o P. E. Hicks, P. O. Box 456,
Butte, Mont.
SHELTON CLIFFORD INGLE ’41, 2nd Lieu., Marine Corps Basic School,
Indiantown Gap. Pa.
ELLROY PETER JENSEN ’41, M. C. Tr. School, Quantico, Va.
MAURICE JOHN KELLY ’41. Lieu., Mar. Off .Tr. School, Quantico, Va.
FRANK E. MEEK, Jr. ’41. Mar. Off. Tr. School, Quantico, Va.
HARRY THOMSON MILNE ’40, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Cal.
RICHARD LEON PHILLIPPI ’41, Mar. Off. Tr. School, Quantico. Va.
DOUGLAS W. POLIVKA ’38. Lieu., Mar. Corps Pub. Bur., 1100 S. Broad St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
DAVID STEWART RANDALL ’41, Off., U. S. M. C.. 2438 Balboa St., San
Francisco. Cal.
JOSEPH NIEL RENNER ’35. 2nd Lieu., Fleet Mar. Aire. 1. Quantico. Va.
CHARLES GLASGOW ROBERTSON ’27, M.D. '28. Med. Off. in Navy,
stationed at U. S. M. C. Base.
LUTHER ROLLIN SEIBERT ’39, 2nd Lieu., U. S. M. C., U. S. Navy Yard,
Philadelphia. Pa.
JOHN WILSON SHERMAN ’40, 2nd Lieu., Marine Barracks, P. S. N. Y.,
Bremerton. Wash.
MERRELL AUGUSTUS SISSON ’31, M.D. ’34, Med. Off.. Marine Barracks,
P. S. N. Y., Bremerton, Wash.
ROBERT ULYSSES SKIBINSKI ’41, U. S. Mar. Base. Quantico. Va.
GEORGE ARNOLD SMITH ’41. Candidates Class, Marine Barracks, Quan
tico, Va.
WARREN ELLION SMITH ’41. Lieu.. Mar. Corps Tr. School. Quantico. Va.
ROBERT WALTER THOMAS ’36. 1st Lieu., Box 458. San Rafael. Cal.
CLARK WALLACE THOMPSON ’19. Lieu.-Col., Res. Corps, 15 Cedar Lawn
N.. Galveston, Texas.
ROY N. VERNSTROM 40, Publicity Sgt., 3367 N. E. Wasco, Portland. Ore.
New 'V' Campaign
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has written several plays based
on early Arqe.rican history. Two
of his most well-known ones are
"Winterset” and "High Tor."
Speaking of "Victory,” Richard
Watts, of the New York Herald
Tribune, wrote, “Here is a new
American play of quality and
stature. The power of the Ander
son speech is at its finest and
most stirring."
The cast includes: Adrian Mar
tin as the Reverend Phineas Me
Queston; Jim Bronson as Jared
Mungo; Bob Farrow as Winston
Urquliart; Jean Pearson as Mrs.
In the part of Ruei McQues
ton is Chuck Boice; Venture, Pat
Lawson; Faith Ingalls, Pat How
ard; Happy Penny, Alan Foster;
Letty, Magdalina Mola; Nathan
iel McQueston, Dick Turner.
Miss DurUee
Dorothy Durkee as Oparre;
Lorraine Longas Toala; Char
lotte Louise Means as Durian;
Frank Loomis as Harry, a bailiff,
and as Van Zandt, a sailor.
The box office for the play will
be open daily after Monday, from
10 to 12 and from 1 to 5. Holders
of season tickets are requested to
reserve seats as early next week
as possible if they want the choice
seats by calling 3300, local 216.
Jam for Breakfast
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run till 12:30, with Art Holman
at present seeking late date per
mission for campus women, so
that they may attend the affair.
Nothing but good music, with
Holman, Elmo Bailey, Vein Hin
kler, and Bob MacFadden on the
stand for an hour apiece. The
oiks are furnishing gratis bash
and the kill will only nick you a
stone a couple, so remember it.
And now a few words about to
night's ball. Go.
The placement bureau of Be
midji (Minn.) state teachers col
lege has placed 96.4 per cent of
all candidates for positions in
the last five years.
Courtesy Line
The “service honor roll,” list
ed on the inside page, was do
nated to the Emerald by Old
Oregon, alumni magazine, for
use in this issue. The 500 names
were compiled by the bid Ore
gon staff and are through the
courtesy of Lyle Nelson, edi
Look at Stars
Sunday night has been set as
an ideal time for astronomical ob
servation by Hugh J. Pruett, Eu
gene astronomer, who has ex
tended an invitation to the Natur
al History society and persons
especially interested to visit his
evergreen observatory that even
Beginning at 7:30 p.m., five
people are to arrive at the ob
servatory every fifteen minutes.
Through four telescopes observa
tions will be made until 9 o’clock,
groups remaining fifteen minutes
at each supervised station. Mr.
Pruett’s four-in refractor tele
scope will provide a splendid op
portunity for scientific stargaz
Here are directions for reach
ing the evergreen observatory,
situated at 1832 Longview street:
Drive south on Columbia street
to Fairmount boulevard, then
around the loop of the boulevard
toward Hendricks park. Continue
past Spring boulevard on the
right and a steep street at the
left. About one block further east,
turn around and park facing west
on Fairmount boulevard. Walk
down the steep connecting walk
to the Pruett house. A green neon
star will indicate the observa
Persons planning to attend
Sunday night should phone Mrs.
Helen Kilpatrick, secretary of the
history society, before Saturday
noon for reservations, as only a
limited number can be accommo
dated at the observatory.
Coast Co-op League
The Pacific coast student coop
erative league will hold a board
of directors meeting here this
weekend, according to Joyce Ad
dis, representative on the board
from Oregon.
The purpose of the meeting is
to plan a conference to take
place at Bozeman, Montana, later
this year.
Committeemen Called
Students interested in taking
part in the discussions and in
serving on committees for the
Student Business conference this
year to be held on March 3, 4, and
5, please call at the business ad
ministration office as soon as
Draftees Get
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about losing credits if drafted in
the middle of the spring term.
Students withdrawing from the
University after February 17,
last Tuesday, because of induc
tion, will receive full credit for
courses they are now taking.
As an alternative, Mr. Con
stance revealed that they may be
refunded all but $5 of their reg
istration fees, or normally $29.
It's No Rumor,
Web feet Swing
As Miller Plays
Glenn Miller will play for Jun
ior Weekend.
“- But not on the campus,”
Pat Cloud', junior class president
hastened to add.
According to a telegram re
ceived by Fred O. May, business
manager of the Oregon Daily
Emerald, Glenn Miller during his
Chesterfield hour will dedicate a
piece to- the University of Ore
gon’s Junior Weekend on his
May 5th program.
The telegram read: Fred May,
business ^nanager, Oregon Daily
Emerald: Glenn Miller is planning
to serenade Oregon on May 5. He
will dedicate one number on his
Chesterfield broadcast of that
date to the Junior Prom and Jun
ior Weekend which you say will
held May 8. . .”
Mortar Board to Invite
3-Point Coeds Monday
Five Mortar Board members,
clad in traditional black robes,
will present invitations to their
annual Smarty Party during Mon
day’s lunch and dinner at vari
ous campus living organizations.
Approximately 350 girls, who
received a three-point GPA or
better fall term, will be invited
to the dessert scheduled' for Tues
day evening from 6:30 until 7:30
at Gerlinger hall.
Military Hop
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Governor Charles A. Sprague,
Gen. Charles Martin, former gov
ernor of Oregon, and Scabbard
and Blade alumni now in military
service in the state have been in
vited to the ball as honored
guests, according to'Ed Wheeler,
dance chairman.
Counting of Little Colonel bal
lots will begin at 10 p.m., Ken
Bowes, Little Colonel contest
chairman, announced. Bowes
urged students to cast their bal
lots in the box in the Co-op be
fore noon today to avoid conges
tion at the dance. No ballots will
be accepted at the dance after
the vote counting has begun, the
contest chairman declared. Last
year’s Little Colonel was Pat
Decorations carrying . out the
Washington’s birthday theme are
Ronald Reagan and
Olympe Bradna in
— also —
'I Was a Prisoner
on Devil's Island'
Three Mesquiteers in
'Gancho Eldorado'
— also —
'Top Sergeant
with Nat Pendleton
and Carrol Hughes
. $3.00 PER MONTH
30 East 11th
Phone 148
Dr. W.CJones^
Receives Honor
Gov. Charles A. Sprague re
vealed Tuesday that he has cho
sen Dr. William C. Jones, politi
cal science department head as
one of the three Oregon dele
gates to the annual meeting of
the American Academy of Politi
cal and Social Science to be held
in Philadelphia April 10.
Dr. Jones, who came to the
University last fall from Willam
ette university where he had been
connected* with the political sci
ence department, remarked thar
he considered his appointment a
great honor.
“It came as a great surprise to
me,” stated Dr. Jones. “I knew
about the convention, but had no
idea I might be chosen to go.”
The other Oregon delegates
chosen are Dr. Frank A. Magru
der of Oregon State college and
Charles McKinley of Reed col
being handled by Allied Arts,
Portland commercial decorators,
and music for the dance will be
provided by Art Holman and his
orchestra. Admission is $1.50!
Dr. George D. Stoddard, dean
of the graduate school of the Uni
versity of Iowa, will succeed Dr.
Ernest E. Cole as New York
state education commissioner on
June 30, 1942.
Gamma Alpha
Girls insist, on neatness
and cleanliness—and fel
lows you're on a spot this
week. A quick call to 252
for a good wash job on
shirts and super cleaning;
of suits.
with William Holden
and Claire Trevor
— also —
'Fire Bomb'
Robert Taylor and
Lana Turner in
'Johnny Eager'
— also —
Laraine Day and
Barry Nelson in
'A Yank on the
Burma Road'