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^•Father, Son
Have It Out
Ducks Lay
For Beavers
'O’ Hack List
Accuses 33
Of Violations
Thirty-one students and two
professors are on the “list” to at
tend the Order of the “O” swing
session as guests of honor this
noon on the steps of Fenton hall.
Jim Rathbun, “O” president,
compiled the list Monday and
Tuesday, and has issued strict in
structions to all tradition violat
ors to appear for their punish
ment or receive an extra hack for
each day they fail to appear.
"After the first day they don’t
show,” Rathbun proclaimed, “the
boys will be hot on their
trail, and the punishment will be
doubly stiff.”
Don Kirsch, “O” secretary, is
to be on hand to check off the
names of the evildoers as they
receive their just desserts. All
guests of honor are expected to
appear at 12:30, and hacking will
begin five minutes later.
On Thursday the pool between
Friendly hall and Deady will be
filled and several girls who have
failed to observe the rules will be
ducked therein.
Because of no hacking on Tues
day the Order of the “O” Ges
t^o, as Jim Rathbun has named
his crew, will held a hit parade
Thursday noon.
Following is a list of the vio
lators sumfnoned to appear this
Ernest G. Moll, associate pro
fessor of English; Marvin A.
Krenk, instructor in speech; Lou
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OSC Game Tickets
Students may obtain ex
change tickets for both the
Oregon State game and
Menuhin’s concert at the
btffrth in the corridor out
side the educational activ
ities office in McArthur
court beginning at 8:30 this
morning. Students must
have exchange tickets in ad
dition to their athletic cards
in order to attend the game
Steve Worth, independent lead
er, struck against the TNE Tues
day at the first meeting of the
Independent Student association.
875 students were at the meeting
which was held for the purpose
of unifying and coordinating in
dependent activities.
Coast Meet
Elects Boyer
As President
Dr. C. V. Boyer, dean of the
college of arts and letters, was
elected president of the Pacific
Coast Philological association at
- a Stanford university meeting
Saturday night.
According to Dr. R. P. Bowen,
head of the Romance language
department, "This is the first
time in the history of the associa
tion that a president has been
elected from the University of
Oregon.’’ Before this time they
have been chosen from Stanford
university, he said.
H. F. Frankel, Stanford, and
Professor S. Griswold Morley,
University of California, were
elected vice-presidents, and Pro
fessor F. W. Strothman, Stan
ford, was chosen secretary-treas
Professor W. L. Schwartz,
Stanford, was reelected president
of the Pacific Coast Federation
of Modern Languages associa
tions. Professor H. L. Nostrand,
University of Washington, . was
elected vice-president.
Independent Leader
Blasts Campus TNE
• •
IdJlte+i it .
Canoe Fete Threatened
ByJFIood-Drained Race
The Junior Weekend canoe fete on the millrace, 29-year-old
University tradition, may be abandoned in 1942 for lack of
water in the millrace, according’ to D. L. Lewis, superintendent
of the physical plant.
During the recent flood in the Willamette river 70 feet of the
millrace retaining wall at Judkins point washed out. With this
gone the water has flowed from
the millrace until it has almost
drained and will soon be dry.
At present the owners of the
millrace, the Eugene Excelsior
mill and the woolen mills, do not
plan to rebuild the wall until late
May or early June when the river
will be low.
Pat Cloud, junior class presi
dent, said that unless the mill
race is repaired it will be diffi
cult to stage a canoe fete, but
that if a plan at all within reason
can be worked out the canoe fete
will take place.
The class president stated,
"The wall may be repaired tem
porarily in order to make the
fete possible if the cost of this
is not too great. The financing of
such repairs would have to come
from private sources. But if it
is at all possible there will be a
canoe fete.’’
Architects will start work on
the race in connection with the
changes already planned after
the first of the year, but it is very
doubtful that this work can be
finished in time for the fete.
This is the second time Jupiter
Pluvius has played havoc with
Junior Weekend plans. In 1911,
when Ruth Gibson was elected
the first Junior Weekend queen
her coronation had to be can
celled because of rain.
Two Pledges Named
Johnnie C. Todd, Portland, was
pledged by Pi Kappa Alpha, while
Dave Gowans, also of Portland,
was pledged by Chi Psi, reported
the dean of men’s office Tuesday.
—Courtesy Eugene Mews
For the second time the “O'* atop Skinner’s butte has been painted orange. The campus landmark will
be painted yellow Friday and guarded. Shown painting it yellow,for the first time are Ed Atiyeh, Grover
Hofstetter, Robert Pope, Vic Atiyeh, and Bob Morrison.
Torgeson Beat
In Political Bet;
To Talk for ISA
A soap box located squarely
between Oregon and Commerce
building at 11 o’clock Friday
morning will be the scene of one
of the strangest political speeches
ever delivered on the Oregon
campus. Lou Torgeson, ASUO
president, will be paying off a
The bet, between Torgeson
and Steve Worth, independent
leader, concerned the number of
independents who would turn out
for the mass meeting last night.
The one whose guess was the
wilder by actual count of the
door list agreed to make a public
speech at the aforementioned
spot, favoring his opponent’s po
litical connections.
After chewing his finger nails
to the knuckle and composing
several speeches Worth was hap
py to learn that he had won the
bet. Torgeson is saving his com
ments for his speech Friday.
Dads’ Weekend
Petitions Due
Deadline for petitions for Dads’
day and Love and Marriage chair
manships has been extended to
5 p.m. today, Lou Torgeson,
A S U O president, announced
Tuesday. The deadline was moved
up because of vacations and the
lack of Emeralds to publicize the
Only one person has applied so
far to be Dads’ day chairman,
and there have been no applica
tions for the Love and Marriage
series, Torgeson said.
If sufficient petitions are re
ceived by either Torgeson or
Bette Morfitt, ASUO secretary
treasurer, the executive commit
tee will interview candidates for
the Dads’ day position Thursday.
He said there was a possibility
that a part of the committee
might interview candidates for
the other chairmanship Thursday.
I Hope it's Sunny
I like the weather now-a-days
When autumn leaves are near.
Don’t you feel the call of na
ture when
The days are crisp and clear ?
With temperature at 32
The trees bleak and forbidding,
I sit behind my cozy desk,
And wonder who I’m kidding.
Not Greeks,
But Outlaws
Flayed by ISA
“TNE must go.”
With these words Steve
Worth, independent leader,
last night lifted what might
have been an ordinary pep
meeting to an epochal spot in
University political history.
In his opening address to
the Independent Students'
association in the Igloo, Worth
made the first open attack
against Theta Nu Epsilon, out
law Greek letter society. Never
before on the Oregon campus had
the organization been mentioned
openly. Other schools, however,
have frequently brought the.
group out of the cellar to occupy
a focal spot in political struggles'.
Declaring that the organization
was ‘‘not organized for the best
interests of the students at
large,” Worth said that "We aro
not opposed to recognized Greek
organizations,” but that the new
Independent Students’ association
was opposed to this. ‘‘clique of
selfish campus politicians.”
Elections of ISA officers nom
inated last night will be held
Tuesday. Nominees are:
For freshman representative:
Fritz Giesecke, Audrey Holliday,
Ralph Johnson, Harold Locke,
and Bill Pilsbury.
For sophomore representative:
Franky Nelson and Fritz Tim
For junior representative:
Johnnie Kahananui, Elaine Lee,
George Mosher, and Mildred Wil
For senior representative: War1-*
ren Phillips.
For representatives from the
campus at large: Marvin Gome,
Gerald Huestis, Milton Small, and
Erwin Snyder.
Time, place, and other election
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Sherwin Holds
Pilot Confabs
Interviews of students who*
have made application for spring;
term primary civilian pilot train
ing, are being currently conduct
ed by Franklin Sherwin, ground
school instructor, in 107 Condon
hall basement, from 1 to 3
o'clock. Mr. Sherwin requests
that the students listed in today’s
Emerald contact him this after
Asked to report today are:.
Ralph Crawford, Jack Lakefisb,
George Anderson. Robert Parker,
Ernest Hinkle, Donald Barker,
Gordon Read, Joseph Montagu
Frank Hardy, Bernie McCudden,
Don Richardson, Roger Jayne,
Cecil Claycojnb, Everett Franks,
Alan Siewert, Don Wilson, Wajxa
Coffee, John Kramer, James M fl
laney, Willis W. Walter.