Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 19, 1941, Page 8, Image 8

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    Stith Thompson
Talk Scheduled
«&» $ r •
For Tuesday
Speaking under the auspices of
the University lecture series,
Stith Thompson, professor of
English at the University of In
diana, is to talk on “The Modern
Study of the Folk Tale” at 7:30
Tuesday evening in the faculty
room at Friendly hall.
According to Rudolf G. Ernst,
professor of English, Professor
Thompson, “the most outstanding
scholar in America whose inter
est lies in folk lore” has been se
cured to speak especially for stu
dents. There is no admission
Professor Thompson, the au
thor of many books on folk tales,
was formerly on the faculty at
Reed college, Colorado college,
the University of Maine, and the
University of Texas. He received
his doctor’s degree at Harvard.
While here, he will be a house
guest of R. P. Bowen, head of
the Romance language depart
Membership Deadline
Set by Pot and Quill
Deadline for the current mem
bership contest, sponsored by Pot
and Quill, women’s creative writ
ing honorary, has been extended
till November 25, the Tuesday af
ter the Thanksgiving holidays. It
was felt this would give prospec
tive entrants an opportunity to
secure manuscripts which might
have been left at home.
First prize is $5 and additional
membership prizes are being of
fered. Entries may be original
plays, shoi't stories or poems. If
poetry is submitted, several se
lections should be included in the
Entries should be typed and un
signed. A sealed envelope, con
taining the name of the contribu
tor, should accompany the manu
script. Written on the sealed en
velope should be the name of the
selection or selections submitted.
Contributions may be put in
the Pot and Quill boxes to be
found in the library, near the sec
ond floor map room, or in the
Emerald news room. Pot and
Quill membeers will also take en
That is what everyone
looks at. From handker
chiefs to shirts no job is
» ; f< UlAt WIJ
too big or too small for
our service.
AAA Gilchrist Trip
Delayed Indefinitely
The architecture and allied art
students’ trip to Gilchrist, orig
inally planned for last Saturday
morning, was postponed because
of bad road conditions between
Eugene and Gilchrist due to
heavy rains.
At present there are no definite
plans to make the trip later this
term, but such plans will prob
ably be formed after the Thanks
giving holiday.
Emeralds Wanted
Students having issues of the
Emerald for the dates of August
9, September 25, October 2, 3, 14,
15, or 24 are asked to bring them
to the Emerald business office
as soon as possible. Fred May,
Emerald business manager, is
eager to obtain the issues to com
plete his files.
AWS Auction
Date Set Soon
The AWS auction, originally
scheduled for November 13, and
postponed because of rain, will
take place in front of the Side
as soon after the Thanksgiving
vacation as the weather permits,
according to Mary Louise Vin
cent, chairman of the commit
Don Swink and Hal Kemp, auc
tioneers, will present over 100
lost and found articles for bid
ding. The collection has been
growing in the lost and found de
partment of the University post
office for a year. It includes
among other things pens, ever
sharps, bandanas, dark glasses,
and hats. Books lead the list with
an assortment of 41 on hand.
Mrs. Helen Bryant Gray, ’40,
is how living in Brooklyn, New
York, at 55 92nd street.
Staff Member
Joins Patients
At Infirmary
That the Health Service really
practices what it preaches was
further proved this week when
Mrs. Glenna Piper, receptionist in
the dispensary, went upstairs to
an infirmary bed for Thanksgiv
ing, too.
Though all won’t spend the
holiday in tke capsule camp, 18
others are listed now: Carolyn
Cordon, Nancy Riesch, Margaret
DeCou, Nancy Weston, Myra
Pauline Fromme, Dorothy Man
ley, Lorraine Lewis, Alyce Pep
ion, Bob Petersen, Harold Mor
gan, Ernest Whipple, Robert C.
Jackson, Fred Barker, John Dan
iels, Jerry Woodward, Mark
Cooper, Richard Atiyeh, and Har
old Brevig.
Miss Doris Jean Tamiesie, '39,
and Frederick R. Findtner, '39,
were married in Portland on June
Streit’s Idea
Set in Motion'
Clarence Streit’s Union Now
movement will be set in motion
again Monday and Tuesday when
George Hellyer, area representa
tive for the movement, visits the
The first step toward the for
mation of a Eugene chapter of
Union Now was taken at a meet
ing held in Chapman hall shortly
after Streit spoke at the Univer
sity on his plan. At this meeting
an executive committee was ap?
pointed for the organization of a
Eugene chapter with Dean Victor
Morris as temporary chairman.
Hellyer will assist in the actual
formation of a local chapter of
the movement and will discuss
the aspects of the movement in a
speech Monday evening at Chap
man hall.
Chesterfield’s Girl of the Month
in the Hal Roach hit
k "All-American Co-ed"
1^ a United Artists Release
Pass around the Chesterfields
and it’s pleasure time for everybody.. .smoking
pleasure that only the right combination of
the world’s best cigarette tobaccos can give you.
Chesterfields make good friends ... they’re
milder, definitely better-tasting and cooler-smoking.
Everybody who smokes them likes them.
Copyright 1911, Liccitt & Mills Toucco Co.