Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 13, 1941, Page 4, Image 4

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    Break Buckin’ Broncs
Halfback-fullback-converter Jimmy Newquist joined Jay
C* rayheal Tuesday as the second Oregon goal-kicker who lias
provided the margin of victory in a football game since Tex
Oliver took over the coaching duties four years ago.
In 1938 Oregon nipped UCLA, 14 to 12, on Graybeal’s
accurate conversions. Both of these games were marked by
• violent verbal tiffs over the legality of one play.
UCLA protested long and loud over the referee’s decision
4,hat Jackie jCubijisOii’.s knee (if our memory doesn’t fail us)
Jhad touched the ground on a play that resulted in a touchdown.
* ,
The Bruins still maintain that the play was good and they
should have had three touchdowns instead of two.
Crones Felt Robbed
Tuesday, tin* Santa Clara coaches, players, and fans felt
(and probably still do) that Dick Aslu-om's block of Ken
Casanova on Tommy Roblin’s 71-yard runback of the punt
tvas out-and-out clipping.
We spent the first half in front of the Bronco bench earning
our bread and beans as spotter for the Daily News cameraman,
Jimmy Leonard. On this particular play we had tin* same view
of the play as the Santa Clara coaches and the block looked
very much like clipping.
Ashcom Says No
But Ashcom maintains that the block was legal and he is
sure that the pictures will eliminate the doubts in the minds
of the Bronco supporters.
The view of the pla\ from the Santa Clara side of the field
showed Ashcom’s legs across the back of Casanega's legs. But
it appeared that his head and shoulders were in front of the
would-be tackier and that makes it legal.
Buck Shaw and A1 Ruffo. the Santa Clara line coach,
were confident that the play would be called back and
when the officials put the ball down for the conversion
they were upset to say the least.
Shaw and Ruffo removed Casanega from the game and con
ferred with him on his opinion and after talking to him for a
minute walked out to the sidelines to have a word with the
referee, lie told them that he didn’t see the play and sent
them hack to the bench.
Shaw Irked
Shaw seemed very much disturbed in the first .few min
utes of the game about the number of penalties charged
against the Broncs. When Frank Boyd was knocked down
by Rube Thornton he was irked by the fact that Thornton
didn't help Boyd as he jay on the ground. Shaw stood up
and muttered, “Come on Rube, pick ’im up.’’
The Santa Clara coaching staff and players are much differ
ent from those of Washington State. The Broncos don’t make
half as much noise while on the bench as the Cougars. The
atmosphere is one of business rather than sport.
Short Shots
(lathered from here and there: Tommy Tomerviclc, Pacific
Lutheran “Little All-American,” has a good chance of becom
ing the first collegiate player to amass 2000 yards in o,ny segsem.
lie has accounted for 120.") yards in five games ami has three
panics left to gather the needed yardage.
Quote of the week: Sam Barry, Trojan coach, is reported
to have moaned after the Stanford game, “It’s like trying
to catch lightning in a bottle." No doubt he was referring
to Albert and Kmetovic.
Capture Blazing Aerial War
In 1 ho brief moment of an afternoon Oregon’s Webfoots once more
earned the right to have the word mighty tacked onto their name
as they hewed and then broke the back of Santa CIara’3 Bronco
21 to 19, in Portland’s Multnomah Civic stadium Tuesday.
For three quarters the Webfoots had the situation well in hand.
They had it so well in hand that the first six minutes of the third
quarter were gone aim tue stuie
stood 21 to 0. Starting in the last
half of the third and continuing
through the fourth quarter the
SC men laid down a barrage of
passes that nearly sunk the high
riding Ducks.
Oregon first scored with four
minutes remaining in the first
period. The ball rested on the
Santa Clara 43, and from here
Tommy Roblin sizzled a pass
to right end Russ Nowling, who
was leveled on the 26. To di
versify things a little, on the
next play, Roblin again dropped
back and fired a pass — this
time to left end Tony Crish on
the 12. Tough Tony perambu
lated the rest of the way to the
goal untouched. Newquist con
verted—the first of the all-im
portant extra points.
Roblin Scoots
Cocky Tom Roblin pulled one
of his breakaway specials shortly
following this to bring the sec
ond score. Puntin’ man, A1 San
tucci, lifted one of his specials
down to Roblin who was biding
his time on the 28-yard stripe.
From here he will-o’-the-wisped
his way through the maze of de
fending Broncs to move into the
coveted end zone. Conversion by
Newquist score 14 to 0.
As the second half came
around the Santa Clarans get
ting a little desperate began to
fling passes and it was here
that the Oregon pass defense
stepped in. Big Red Iverson,
who besides doing a swell job
of blocking does a lot of pass
intercepting, pulled himself into
the middle of a pass thrown hy
Freitas on the 50 and ambled
to the 36-yard line before he
was nipped from behind.
Roblin Again
Rob'.in was again in the driver’s
seat when the Ducks scored
again. Trapped behind his own
lines he managed to get enough
arm room to heave a pass to Ken
Oliphant who trundled on down
to the Bronc seven. From here
Roblin pitched another one to
Crish for the score. The Oregon
scoring ended here as Newquist
booted the conversion.
Then Santa Clara started to
roll and it was “bingo from the
start and bar-the-door.” Oregon
kicked off and a handful of plays
later Freitas set his sights on
Bradfield and tossed him a touch
down pass. Oregon end, Russ
Nowling who played a whale of a
game, blocked the try for extra
On the 14-yard line Freitas
again floated one, this time to
end A1 Beal, who scored. Val Cul
well bored in to block the con
version try.
Beal again was the target for
a Freitas pass in the final score
of the game. He took the throw
on the seven and with plenty
of room to spare ambled over.
Do??m* VoNeybaS!
Phi Delts vs. Sigma Chi.
Betas vs. Alpha hall.
ATO vs. Yeomen.
Fijis vs. SAM.
Theta Chi vs. Phi Sigs.
Kappa Sigs vs. SPE.
Braun finally centered a kick for
one Santa Clara extra point.
Alt-Campus Sport
Nears Final Play
Competition in the all-campu3
tournaments is drawing close to
the finish as many of the sports
are nearing the finals.
Ping pong is ahead of the field
with Bob Whitely already having
a spot in the finals. Rod Taylor
is in the quarter-finals but must
wait the results of the Ni Ail and
J. Mann match as he must play
the winner.
Tennis singles is in the quarter
final stage with three players
waiting the completion of play.
They are Whitaker, Gregos, and
In the tennis doubles Gregos
and Thoburn are leading the way,
being safely in the finals waiting
the rest of the field.
In handball play, both in the
doubles and singles, Chuck Cutler
continues to show the way. He
and L. Lang are in the quarter
finals in singles, while in the dou
bles, Cutler and his partner, Blair,
are in the finals. w
Paul Washke urges all contest
ants to complete their matches
as soon as possible as play is a
week behind.