Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 13, 1941, Page 3, Image 3

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    High Schoolers
Aid Broadcast
The University radio workshop
has invited Eugene high school
students to participate in a broad
cast from the extension studios
tonight over KOAC from 7:30 to
To be featured on the program
are I. H. B. Johnson, principal of
Eugene high school; J. F. Cram
er, superintendent of schools; the
Eugene high a cappella mixed
chorus under Glen Griffith, music
instructor; the Eugene high
sqhool orchestra under Douglas
wme; and a drama entitled,
“Redhead Baker,” by Albert
Naltz, presented by Eugene high
speech students.
70 People
Taking part in the broadcast
will be 70 people under the direc
tion of Mrs. Ethel Chase Christie,
drama instructor at Eugene high.
Members of the University radio
workshop will aid as studio crew,
but will not participate in the
There will be no broadcast pre
sented November 20 because of
Thanksgiving vacation, but activ
ities will be resumed November
when the workshop will pre
sent an experimental drama en
titled, “The Story of Dog-Town
Common,” a poetic play by Jo
seph Liss. This drama was pre
sented by the Columbia workshop
over the entire Columbia network
two years ago.
Morse Home
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coast cases to which he had al
ready committed his attention.
Continued UO Duties
While away Dean Morse has
continued to handle the adminis
trative duties of the law school
**£>ean O. J. Hollis. Next week
except for daily routine matters
which were assigned to Acting
Morse will go to San Francisco
where he will handle the Pacific
coast longshore wage dispute.
The following week he plans to
be back teaching double classes
and then he will sit in on the
northwest lumber investigation
as a member of a three-man
Wesley House Plans
Roller Skate Session
A roller skating party will take
the place of the Friday night
open house at Wesley house this
week, C. E. Funk, director of
Wesley foundation, declared.
Students interested in taking
part should meet between 7:30
and 8 o’clock at the Wesley house.
The only charge for those skat
ing will be the regular admission
fee made at the Midway rink
near the Springfield junction. If
more than 40 attend the “skate,”
10 cents per person will be re
funded to the organization.
Musical Tests Given
Sophomore and junior students
from University high school were
given musical aptitude tests Wed
nesday afternoon by the person
nel research bureal of the psy
chology department, under the
direction of Dr. Leona Tyler, head
of the bureau.
board, along with Chairman Dex
ter Keezer, president of Reed
college, and Paul Eliel of Stan
Morse Confident
Concerning the railway dispute,
the report of which was given
orally to the president on Novem
ber 5 and which leaves the deci
sion in the president’s hands,
Morse said, “I am confident that
the leaders of railroad labor are
too loyal to the trust they owe
their men and too familiar with
the facts developed before the
president’s emergency board to
make the grievous mistake of
leading their men into an unjus
tifiable strike, such an a railroad
strike would be at this time."
After finishing his work on the
west coast, Dean Morse will from
time to time arbitrate individual
cases as requested by the gov
ernment. However, he intends to
keep up his work in the law
school with the hopes of having
another perfect score in the bar
exam like that established by
last year’s class, when all sixteen
A son, Timothy D., was born
August 20 to Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas C. Corrie, (Katherine
Harvey, ’35).
We have an enchantinglv lovely collection of even
ing gowns for the holidays and social season ahead
. . . price $10.95 and up.
And new evening separates — skirts of graceful,
heavy crepe, with blouses and jackets embroidered
with braid jewels.
CPA Applicants
Sign Up Soon
Interview of persons who have
made application for the spring
primary civilian pilot training
program, will be conducted dur
ing the next few days, it was an
nounced by Franklin Sherwin,
ground school instructor. Ten
names will be printed in the Em
erald each day and Mr. Sherwin
requests that the applicants listed
report to him in 107 Condon be
tween 1 and 3 o’clock.
Asked to report today are
Richard D. Johnson, Allen H.
Adams, Edwin Wheeler, Elmer
H. Olsen, William Jones, Wilbur
M. Osterloh, Daniel V. Bergman,
Lars Gilsen, Richard Lind, and
Erling Grimstad.
'Moon1 Opens
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Bob Weston as'the adolescent
Ed Rimplegar of the loud socks
and the uncertain voice scored a
direct hit in his role. Dick Turner
as the smooth Dr. Alan Stevens
and Pat Howard as Elizabeth, the
beauty of the family, did well
with the straight leads.
Dave Zilka as Douglas Rimple
gar, Chuck Boice as Donald, and
Marjorie! Quigley as Kitty con
tributed to the general hilarity.
Jenny, the maid who mixes
genders, was played by Jean Per
“Three Cornered Moon” is di
rected by Ottilie Turnbull Sey
bolt, with the setting by Horace
Robinson who is also technical
director. Jerry Lakefish is stage
manager, Bob Stedman is elec
trician and Nuvere Cartozian is
properties manager.
Performances continue through
Saturday and both season and
general admission tickets may be
obtained at the University thea
ter box office, ext. 217. The cur
tain rises at 8.
At Second Glance
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takes the pin of Roy Temple, Sig
ma Nu; Veve Peterson, Sigma
Kappa, announces her engage
ment and pin from Bob Morri
son, Kappa Alpha from VMI,
Richmond, Virginia.
Announced this week also, was
the engagement of Gretchen Clin
ton, Gamma Phi, to Bill Rick
man, Theta Chi. The wedding is
planned as an early summer
Aboard the Sunset Limited, Ep
Hoyt and Buck Buchwach are
speeding towards New Orleans.
At a cost of 18 cents in stamps,
here’s the latest news:
“Still going strong, after a
swell bit of a time in Los An
geles, although nobody from Hol
lywood rushed over with any
“Ep did get us an invitation to
dinner with a friend of his fam
ily’s; namely, Ben Fish, brother
of Sam Goldwyn (we heard him
talk over the phone—real words).
However, I declined the invita
tion with thanks as I didn’t want
to out-swank Mr. Fish. He might
not have more than 28 dinner
jackets, 22 of which were prob
ably dirty, and who am I to ask
a guy to give up his last dinner
half of the student body missed
Monday’s issue, the fact that
Oregon’s victory bell has been
stolen bears repeating, we think.
We’ve gleaned the facts the best
that we could and current rumor
has it that the OSC chapter of
Beta Theta Pi has it. By way of
repetition, it was stolen from the
the Betas here by a group of
youths (unquestionably Beavers)
posing as guardians of the bell
until Homecoming. It was loaded
on a truck and whisked back to
Oregon State.
We weren’t kidding about an
Oregon ^Emerald
Wednesday Office Staff:
Mary Allen
Yvonne Umphlette
Betty Ann Stevens
Marilyn Beard
Penny Muelen
Carolyn McKinley
Jean Marshall
Lorraine Long
Betty Lee Stuart
Kathryn Dunn
Lorraine Davidson
Suzanne Mack
Thursday Advertising Staff:
Leith Brown and Marilyn Mar
shall, co-day managers
Lee Barlow
Maxine Cunning
Margaret Deane
Marilyn Wiley
Night Staff:
Jack Billings, night editor
Marjorie Young, assitant
Betty Ann Stevens
Margaret Brooke
Mar garet Rose Deane
Bob Edwards
Ted Bush
City Desk Staff:
Duncan Wimpress, city editor
John Mathews
Carol Ann Evans
Barbara Younger
Erling Erlandson
Yvonne Umphlette
Phil Hunt
Marilyn Wiley
Peggy Wright
Bud Churchill
Don McIntosh
invasion of this campus, see? And
all the time we were chatting
about the protection of an ade
quate home-guard, Vic Atiyeh
finished plans to save Skinner’s
butte from gnawing rodents.
Oregorchids, Vic!
comes from the Kansas U daily,
but bears repeating:
A salesman of Chinese handi
work visited the Chi Omega
house Thursday noon. He had
Oriental politeness and features.
While other girls examined his
wares, one piped up to him, in
her best Spanish: “Habla listed
“Sorry, I am Chinese,” the
salesman coolly replied.
All Coed Caper house ticket
chairman please contact Florence
Cooley before Friday morning.
Race relations group will meet
this morning at 9 o'clock in the
YWCA. An interesting program
has been planned, and all UO
students are urged to attend, Hil
dur Hegstrom, chairman, de
Dramatics club will meet to
day at 4 in Westminster house.
All students on the campus are
invited to take part.
Totluck supper open to all stu
dents on the campus will be held
this evening at Westminster
house at 6 o’clock.
A roller .skatipc. party will be
held at ’thfe Midway in place of
the regular Wesley foundation
Friday night open house. All stu
dents wishing to take part are
asked to meet,at.Wfe^ley house
between 7:30 and 8.
YWCA will hold a freshman
fellowship at 4 p.m. in the bun
galow. Popcorn, play will be giv
en. Upper classmen are welcome.
Hui-O-Kamaaina will meet at
Taylor’s today, 4 p.m.
Oridcs members and indepen
dent women get your Coed Ca
pers tickets from 3 to 5 this af
ternoon in the lower hall of Ger
CPT Students Solo
New primary civilian pilot
training initial soloists in the
past week include the following
students: Walter H. Girdlestone,
instructed by Aubrey Sander;
Herschell Patt6n, a student of
Steve Hathaway: Henry T. Cram,
taught by Harold Sander; and
Frank Boyd, instructed by Knee
land Stone.
^y/ r • a
Cross your fingers and
hope we don’t sell out
before you get here.
These skirts are real
bargains at this low
price. In plaids and
plain — in tweeds and
1059 Willamette
Telephone 4200