Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 04, 1941, Page 4, Image 4

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    WSC Dumps Listless Webfoots
Trends in Oregon’s 1941 football season bark one back to
tbat idiotic “pop” tune (as most “pop” tunes are) of rather
ancient and foul vintage: “You Built Me Up for an Awful
I’jetdown,” ... or something. A team whose brilliant playing
against Stanford, Idaho, USC, and California prodded en
thusiasts into plunking a tune appropo for a triumphant march
into the Pasadena Rose Bowl, snapped pitiably against UCLA
one week ago and last Saturday appeared to have succumbed
almost completely and to be powerlessly awaiting that final
siege of rigor mortis. The tune that once echoed so vibrantly
cheerful relapsed into a dirge to magnify and make more
taunting that already disheartening prospect of merely finish
ing out the season.
What happened to the team whose valor and psycho
logical pitch flung it to within an “ace” of toppling Stan
' ford; the team that romped over Idaho, 21 to 7; that spec
tacularly smashed USC, 20 to 6, and sent crashing into a
nondescript heap years of Southern California gridiron
tradition, that yanked California’s arrogant Bear out of
liis ethereal lair to grind him into very mundane mud,
; 19 to 7? What maanner of virus has attacked the Web
foots? Is it fatigue, staleness? Is it listlessness? Is it some
thing more subtle?
I realize that critics belong to an abhored branch of the
human race, that invariably the irate criticized flare up and
bellow: “Why in the name of something or other don't you
go out and see if you can do better?” 1 realize the unjustness
of applying generalizations to a group collectively, for the
disparagement is east upon each member indiscriminately,* re
gardless of some particular member’s conscientious demeanor.
Then too, coming at this time, such remarks may lead the
render to inter that the writer was one of those abdominable
creatures who clamored aboard tin* rah-rah wagon when every
thing was clicking off in rytlim only to jump off and hurl cruel
invectives at the first sign of a sputtering engine.
Oregon Can Do Better
It remains that wo think, to a man, Oregon is capable of
«uich hotter football than was displayed Saturday, football
th d prompted a Washingtonian roving about the WSO dress
*nef rooni to query with a leer: ”1 wonder how in blankety
blank they won those other games?” (referring to the Idaho,
California, and Southern California contests).
If the brand of football that was exhibited Saturday is
the best Oregon is capable of offering, then we can glorify
the team with light flashing from such idealistic phrases
as: ‘‘Not in rewards do our blessings lie, but in the
■ strength to strive.” But it isn’t! And whatever was re
: sponsible—fatigue, listlessness, staleness—I hope will be
culled out, for it isn’t fair to all concerned—from the spec
tators who ti’amp onto the grandstands and scream their
lungs out to the boys who actually prance onto the field,
the players themselves.
Tripped gingerly among scads of Washington State fans of
the 1 told won so and "'1 knew you d do it” fraternities
bu ying out 1 roiii the door oi the Cougar dressing room after
the game and finaly edged up to within shouting distance of
Wst Coach Babe llollingbery. Not completely exhausted by
the profuse hand-pumping, he volunteered a statement of Ore
'i!»n’.s chances against• Oregon gtate, to wit: ‘‘They’re about
evenly matched.
CSC, Oregon Even—Babe
"Of course, we played them on an entirely different kind
o! field than the one on which we played Oregon,” observed
the contented mentor. ‘'As a result, we were able to use a lot
of things against them we weren't able to use against Oregon.
However,” lie continued sincerely, ‘‘the same was true for
Oregon. They couldn’t use things against us that they could
JCive on a drv field.”
Commenting- on Rig lit End Dale Gentry’s splosh down
the west sideline for the Cougars’ second score, Holling
bery remarked: “I believe Oregon players made the mis
take of trying to stop him from the side and back. Dale s
!. a powerful runner when he gets going, and the only way
• you can stop the fellow is by chopping him down from in
Ifollingbery was wearing a grin of satisfaction when we
dropped in on him, enhanced no doubt by the play of his
Cuds, Gentry and Hill Snsoeff.
‘‘I've had ends in that all-star game in Chicago, and I
1! dc Susoeff tops them all," a hunk of statement from any*
<o:n i. dust in passing, Ha bo doesn't look like a man who'll
Oregon-Smashing Cougars
Shove Ducks Cellarward
University of Oregon’s Ducks are safely rooted in a lower-divi
sion berth in the Coast conference, for the first time this season
after an efficient Washington State Cougar greased the 3kids for
the Webfoots Saturday.
From the opening gun until the big white clicked off the final
second it was all the Crimson and Grey. Oregon flashed briefly in
me waning seconds oi tne nrst
half and then again just before
the timer fired the closing gun.
The Oregon team that so
drearily lost to the Cougars was
n't the Webfoot team that shiv
ered the timbers of the grid
mighties of the coast earlier in
the year. They were lackluster
throughout the fray and usually
waited until smoke was coming
from the timer’s gun before their
offense began to click.
U SC Grabbed Breaks
On the other hand Washington
was devilishly efficient whenever
they got a break. They scored
when after taking an Oregon
punt to the Oregon 32. Two run
ning plays moved the ball to the
seven-yard stripe where Jay
Stoves, a lad with one sleeve
missing from his jersey—a re
minder of the Oregon State
game, took a reverse to score.
The second half found the
Cougars with still one touch
down in their football books
and it didn’t take them long to
read it off to Oregon. The
Webfoots had stopped one drive
on their own 10-yard line and
punted. From here it was only
36 yards back to the Duck
goal, after Oregon was penal
ized to the one-yard line and
an 11-yard punt return was
chalked up. Dale Gentry, Cou
gar right end, took a reverse
from here to score standing up.
Eavesdropping on Coaches
Hollingbery and Oliver at the
finis of the game found Holling
bery saying, “We got the breaks
and then capitalized on them.”
Iverson Outstanding
Big Duke Iverson, who threw
many a spine-crackling block,
was probably the outstanding
Oregon back on the field. “Big
Red” was constantly on the serv -
ing end of the clearing-the-way
process, besides being Johnny
on-the-spot three times with pass
interceptions that put the Cougar
drives in reversee.
Boss Oliver, whose Webfos^
gridders took No. 2 straight on
the chin Saturday.
Football Results Unique
As Favorites Post Wins
Excitement was practically nil
in Pacific Coast conference foot
ball games Saturday, with all
teams running true to form. A
glance at the standings finds
Stanford still riding at the top,
with three wins and one defeat.
Washington State has surged
Into second place with three
wins and three defeats. Next
in line come Oregon State,
U.S.C., Washington, and Cali
fornia, all with two wins and
two losses. Bringing up the rear
are Oregon and U.C.L.A., each
with two wins and three de
As a result of their 13 to 0 de
feat at the hands of Washington
State, the Oregon Webfoots find
themselves at the bottom of the
race, their dim title hopes entire
ly faded. The vastly improved
Cougars looked impressive with
their win over the listless Ducks,
and are now all alone in second
Oregon’s fired up second
string bowed into the limelight
briefly and at times took the
show away from the fast eharg
in Palouse crag rats. End Russ
Nowling, Guard Morrie Jack
son, Tackles Giffen, and Kuf
ferman were Oliver’s shining
Play of the day was the > id
around with Dale Gentry lugging
the leather. Gentry constantly
crushed the shaky Webfoot de
fense with a play that had its
beginnings in deception and then
became charged with power. This
was the same befuddler that
wrorked so successfully against
Oregon State.
Hoyman Issues Call
For Frosh Mermen
Calling: all freshman swimming:
prospects! Report to Swimming:
Coach Mike Hoyman today at 5
at the men’s pool for further in
structions! That is all!
The news has leaked out that
the varsity swimming team is to
take a jaunt down California way
about the time February rolls
around. Generally they stay pret
ty much in the Northwest, so
tins should be quite an adventure
for them all.
Another early season item of
interest is that the first sched
uled meet is to be held on Janu
ary 10, 1942, with the opposing
team not yet definitely settled.
Last Friday’s 1500-meter time
trials saw some startling upsets
in the ranks of the Webfoot
Probably the greatest upset
occurred when the ex-free-styler
Dick Smith breastroked to vic
tory over Ralph Heustis. Smith,
who changed his style only last
week, will now prove a definite
threat to Heustis, who up to this
time has had things pretty much
to himself.
In the ever-present dual be
tween the backstrokers, Chuck
Nelson and Cub Callis, it was the
sophomore Nelson who turned in
the fastest time of the two. As a
rule, in individual timed heats, it
is Nelson who turns in the better
time, which was the case Friday;
but in actual races, Callis sets the
pace and it is Nelson who follows
The old infirmary has claimed
sprinter Bob Irvin for the rest of
the week to take care of an in
fected foot.
lost 1*4 players since spring practice last year—via hacks from
the scholastic axe. the omnipresent draft, to the irrepressible
lure of woman-kind, and for other reasons.
In the other conference game
California exhibited some of the
power that they were noted for
at the start of the season, and
blasted U.C.L.A. by a score of
27 to 7, to chalk up their second
Stanford Powers
Stanford’s powerful T-forma
tion served notice that it was
still the scourge of the league,
as the Indians massacred Santa
Clara b ya score of 27 to 7
before a croud of 63,000 per
sons. Proving that the T eouid
be effective in the rain as well
as on a dry field, the Indian
backs broke loose for several
long runs which netteed their
Oregon State’s sophomore stud
ded squad took little mercy on
Idaho and scored a lopsided 33
to 0 shutout over the Vandals.
Using reserves during most o£^
the fray, Lon Stiner’s Beavers
scored at will on the hapless Ida
ho team.
Washington had an easy time
with Montana and hung up a 21
to 0 win over the Grizzlies in a
Kings-X game. The Huskies
dominated the play during the
entire game, with reserves play
ing a major role.
ADPis, Orides,
Alpha Gams Win ^
In Coed Volleyball
Girls’ volleyball moved into the
fourth round Monday afternoon
with six aggregations seeing ac
tion on the maple boards in Ger
linger hall.
In the top game of the after
noon, the ADPis downed a stub
born Independent team by a
close 34 to 33 count. The score
was so close during the big part
of the game that the contest
ants were often not aware of
the correct score.
The Alpha Gams beat a fight
ing Tri Delt squad by a com
fortable 48 to 16 score. The Al
pha Gams were ahead from the"'*
first whistle but though trailing,
the Tri Delts kept fighting and
were right in the midst of the
action till the final gun.
In the other tussle the Orides
defeated the Hendricks hall girls,
33 to 19. It was a fast tussle
with the Orides moving out in
front and never being headed.
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