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Bill Regner, captain of the Oregon football squad, who w-ill “watch
the toss” today as YVSC takes the field against the Webfoots.
The clash, which starts at 2 n.m. today, will decide no Rose Bowl
winner, but promises to be a good battle. The Cougars are favored
slightly over the Ducks.
Odds Rate WSC
Over UO Eleven
A band of Washington State Cougars from the rolling hills
of the Palouse country and a University of Oregon Duck that
is determined to regain some measure of its lost lustre, match
offensive brains and defensive brawn today at 2 o’clock on
Hayward field in a battle that casts no shadow on Rose Bowl
plans but one that promises to turn into a w'hopping good
Odds favor the lighter Cougar
outfit over Oregon on basis of the
f0J»er’s thorough smashing of
Oregon State last week.
The weather man turning an
unfavorable eye on the situation
since Thursday has relented a
little and says, “partly cloudy,’’
but makes no mention of rain, for
Saturday afternoon.
The Washington State men nit
the Oregon campus yesterday
noon and holed up in the Eugene
hotel from whence ooze reports
that the Cougars will be sur
prised and not a little disappoint
ed if the outcome doesn’t give
them the satisfying end of the
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Fire Chief Sleeps
As House Burns
Campbell club members had
been warned they were going to
have a fire drill. When it came
at 1:30 Friday morning, they
were not surprised.
But they were surprised when
they turned out because of a real
fire—not in the house, but in
Taylor’s restaurant next door.
Most astonished of all was
President J. Wes Sullivan who
was supposed to ring the alarm
for the “drill.” Sullivan was
sound asleep.
Four Named
To Compete
For Hostess
Four hospitable Oregon coeds
were named finalists for Home
coming hostess by the Homecom
ing hospitality committee and
Homecoming heads yesterday,
Janet Famham, hospitality com
mittee chairman, announced last
Finalists are Hope Hughes,
Bette Morfitt, Eleanor Seder
strom, and Elizabeth Steed. They
will speak briefly to the football
team at training table Wednes
day noon. The team will select
the hostess Wednesday, and she
will be introduced at the assem
bly Thursday.
The Homecoming hostess will
greet visiting alumni during the
annual celebration. She is the
fete’s official “hello girl,’’ and
will typify friendly Oregon spirit.
Student Talent
Register Now
Students with talent for sing
ing, dancing, acting, or other
forms of entertainment are urged
to fill out the coupon appearing
in Friday’s Emerald and drop it
in the talent box at the Co-op.
Names of students registering
will be listed in the student talent
files. In the event that enter
tainers are needed for rallies, as
semblies, banquets, shows or oth
er special events the student may
be contacted by means of the tal
ent file.
Campus groups may secure en
tertainers by contacting Ed Ze
linsky, chairman of the student
talent committee.
Homecoming Signs
Homecoming signs must be
turned in by 6 p.m. Monday, No
vember 3. They will be picked up
at all living organizations by Bob
Whitely, sign committee chair
man, Len Barde, Frances Cox,
Beverly Padgham, and Bruce
• —Photo by Fred May
Comparison of foliage is made by Don Belding, a goat (Nanny),
and Warren Charleston. Don and Warren are raising (heir crop fov
the annual Sophomore Whiskerino but the goat has had a head start,
which accounts for the superior expression she's wearing.
—Photo by Kennell-EIIis
Jim Thayer, chairman for the
Sophomore Whiskerino, will see
his class members swing their
beards tonight when Ken Baker's
orchestra plays for their annual
dance. Betty Coed and Joe Col
lege will be named at the dance
from ten finalists.
^Ue '^ba/sAek' Side
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
And so he said to her, “Will
you sit this black out with me?”
Lights began to blink last night
a little before 9 o’clock in most
campus buildings and living or
ganizations. Within 15 minutes
the campus, like the rest of Eu
gene, was in darkness. Vvnen the
real call sounded, many persons
mistook it for the “all clear” sig
nal, which was not sounded for
about half an hour.
Women’s Houses
One women’s living organiza
tion sold cokes out of the house
coke machine to passersby, who
were, momentarily stalled by
blackout regulations which pro
vided that motorists stop their
cars and that pedestrians do not
cross streets.
‘All Out*
Contacted late last night, Her
schel R. Taylor, blackout direc
tor, commented that the reaction
in Eugene “far exceeded our ex
pectations.” “In fact,” he said,
“many persons wrent far beyond
our requests. We asked them to
pull their blinds, but most homes
turned out their lights entirely.”
He cited the cooperation of the
Eugene citizens as an indication
of “the willingness of the Amer
ican people to cooperate whcm
they see a job that has to be
Speaking of campus coopera
tion, he said it was “practically
perfect.” The ROTC officers "did
a good job. Their work in stop
ping cars was particularly com
He expressed the thanks of the
Lane county defense council to
the University military depart
ment, building janitors, and liv
ing organizations for their co
‘Entire Success’
All outlying districts had not
reported at 11 p.m. last night,
Taylor said, but towns as far as
Cottage Grove and Florence had
reported successful blackouts. He
expressed the belief that the en
tire county had been successfully
blacked out. In Cottage Grove a
night football game was stopped,
he said.
Possibilities that there would
be a repeat performance of last
night's blackout were expressed
by Taylor. "However,” he ex
plained, "We have no way of
knowing when the next blackout
will be. It will depend to a great
extent on the turn of interna
tional affairss.”
Off With Fuzz
For Tonights
Whisker Hop
That sophomore with the bare
ly fuzzy face need not be embar
rassed at the Whiskerino to
night. That sophomore with the
bushy black beard may wear it
to the dance and be proud.
It was Jim Thayer, whisker
ino chairman, who saved the day
for the sketchily-bearded men
when he announced last night
that sophomores, except house
representatives to the whisker
contest, could shave before com
ing to the dance.
Dance Time
Dance time is 9 p.m. in McAr
thur court. Sophomores with class
cards, who are entitled to a 25
cent reduction on the $1.40 tick
ets must make arrangements be
fore noon today in the education
al activities office in McArthur
court, Thayer emphasized.
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U O Coed Selected
West Rodeo Queen
Mary Mercier, sophomore in
art, was recently selected queen
of western rodeos in a contest at
Madison Square Gardens, New
York. Miss Mercier was queen of
the Sun Valley rodeo this sum
mer, and was entered in the con
test with four other “rulers” of
western events.
Miss Mercier will return to the
University winter .term to con
tinue her studies. She is a mem
ber of Sigma Kaj >a sorority.
Com Voffey Tantrum
OSC Wants commerce.
Why should their courses change
In agricultural line
They're doing right fine:
Just look at their crop of sour
grapes. —J.W.S.