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DAILY EMERALD, Thursday, October 30, .1941 Page 5
Tony Crish (above) and Bill Keener (right) who will spend a busy
Ti'.'rn.f.on Saturday trying to keep Bill Sewell too busy'to hurl his
parses. Reports say that the two ends will also be busy shagging
spiralling footballs as Tex plans an air attack.
Mike Hoyman Plans Time Trials
For Varsity Webfoot Splashers
Swimming Coach Mike Hoyman is continuing his aggressive train
ing system with more double time trials again scheduled at the men’s
pool for this weekend. Dissatisfied at the results of last week’s dis
tance trials, Hoyman has given orders to his swimmers to bear down
and get to work.
^llhe first installment to be held today will be only short 220-yard
speed dashes, the same distance as a week ago. The second, and most
Ail-Campus Sports
Near Third Round
All-campus competition in the
fall term tournaments are-rapid- ■
ly nearing the end of the second
round of play,, according to Paul
Washke-, director of intramurals.
Chuck Cutler and Elmer Olson
have forged their way into the
third "round of the handball sin
_^les by. chalking up two victor
Cutler and his partner, Bob
Blair, have joined Griffith and
Olson in the third round of the
handball doubles.
•Jack MeClimate is the lone
contestant to have reached the
third round of the tennis sin
Tennis Doubles
Four teams have reached the
quarter-finals of the tennis dou
bles tournament. They are: Gre
gos and Thoburn, Ail and Wien
stein, Osborne and Duden, and
Russell and Wilson.
Two tandems are in the third
... ■» .• •
round of the ping pong doubles.
They are Bob Whitely and Ralph
Dunn, and Palmer Fallgren and
Four more victories have been
posted in the golf singles elimina
tion. The winners are Rod Tay
important, part to be held Satur
day will be 1500 meters, or in
everyday collegiate figures, about
1640 yards, as compared to the
1320 yards of last weekend.
As an added feature of his
training system, Hoyman has ini
tiated a series of everyday timed
workouts, in which the swimmers
have an allotted time -to run
through their distances.
It is this type of training that
really proves a swimmer's ability.
Continuahy under the pressure of
time, and with small periods of
rest, also timed, a swimmer soon
finds that he rea’ly has a job on
his hands to swim on schedule.
lor, Arnie Jensen, Frank Loomis,
and Fred Parker.
Mr. Washke urges all contest
ants to contact their next op
ponent and play the matches as
soon as possible.
• . •.
Robt. Younp\ Ann Southern
Eleanor Powell in
'Lady Be Good'
— also —
Arthur Kenedy in
Among- 400 beginning students
at Brown university is Trajano
Pupo Netto, a law graduate of
the University of Sao Paulo,
Beaver Busting Cougars
Next Course For Webfoots
Since a week ago on the dark dreary day when the Rose Bowl hopes
of both the University of Oregon and Oregon State were laid in the
grave for this year, the ominous howl of the Washington State Cougar
has been echoing down from the Palouse hills—and to many an Ore
gon supporter it sounds like the knell of doom—for the lads from
Pullman showed unlimited power in throttling the hopes of the.
Beaver, and the Webfoots are to find out Saturday if this win was
a fluke.
Thrice thrashed Washington
State Cougars had a field day
against OSC and though the score
stood at 7-0 at the end of the
game it might as well have been
20 to 0. so convincingly did they
smash the Aggie men. Oregon
State used every kind of a de
fense in • football books in an
attempt stop the Crimson Grey
atack, but it was like trying to
derail an onrushing express train
with a cigarette butt. The Beaver
line, which is consistently one of
the stiffest on the coast, took a
tremendous beating from the
Cougar forward wall and thus the
Oregon line has its work cut out.
Bob Kennedy
The spearhead of the Cougar
attack was a converted quarter
back named Bob Kennedy who
operated from the fullback post.
Kennedy, a blond-thatched dyna
mo, hits like a rolling piece of
pig iron and was virtually un
stoppable. He leaps, darts, and
smashes through any slot in the
opposing line with all of the pow
er of a steamed up freight train,
and if functioning as he did Sat
urday everybody will get a
glance at a load of pure unadul
terated power. With Kennedy do
ing the heavy work it leaves
pass-pitching Billy Sewell free
for his specialty.
In Ends Dale Gentry, and Nick
Suseoff the Cougars have a rug
ged set of small mountains that
are as tough as they come. Gen
trys’ pet play is an end around,
which clicked to perfection sev
eral times in the Beaver busting.
The defensive tackle bears the
brunt of these lads’ ire most of
the time and it’s ghost town at
the tackle spot after the play
gets under way.
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