Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 03, 1941, Page Four, Image 4

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    Blessed or cursed by a rather meek soul, L feel squeamish
about offering anything that, at first glance, would appear
,<m inadvertent prediction on the outcome of tonight’s Oregon
Iduho game. Also, being no more than an ordinary fellow, and
a very ordinary one at that, clairvoyance is an umpteenth
nense I have to struggle along
Without. Nevertheless — ami
please, no mild hysterics—I
believe Oregon will batter
Idaho into a state of flaceidity
ere the game is well underway
and will win easily. Tile score:
About 38 to 0.
f If one takes cognizanee
of available facts, making'
■ allowance for the
self-critical propaganda
schools flood their oppo
nents’ camps with for the
purpose of ego-inflation
<■ . . . perhaps to the point
of overconfidence, this
seemingly rash prognos
tication will probably ap
pear inevitable.
Vandals Outclassed by Utes
Francis Schmidt s \ andal backs, lor all their vaunted raz/.ic
(la'/’/.le, Avere al)l(* to wiggle through l tali s line lor II not
yards from scrimmage during their battle in Moscow last
Saturday. This seemed rather feeble alongside the 22o-yards
Utah ball carriers had a gay old time reeling off enroute to a
2G-to-7 victory. Mow if Idaho thumped futilelv again a near
impenetrable Utah forward wall, is it gross exaggeration or
wishful thinking to expect a simile when the \ andals try pok
ing holes in an Oregon line that time and again shoved back
Stanford’s Model T as it threatened to crash over the former’3
goal? And Clark Shaughnessy\s Indian forward Avail is no
slouch. . . . Web foot Coach Gerald “Tex’’ Oliver opines that
it ’s tougher than tin* one that mowed down Nebraska s Coru
Jtuskers in the Hose ltowl last season.
In the air, Idaho was more potent, outgaining the Ute
Redskins 112 yards to 84. However, Oregon’s pass-smother
ing tactics had the Webfoot-Indian game radio commen
■ tator gushing superlatives all afternoon. This efficient
aerial defense can vindictively be magnified when one
realizes that in Frankie Albert, Stanford had one of the
nation’s outstanding passers out there throwing the ball
Then too, if the Stanford game is any criterion, this year s
^Webfoot eleven is exceptionally long on guts ... if that riles
your sense of Victorian-inspired prudery, avc’U call it courage
or spirit. This does not intend to have you infer that previous
Oregon grid teams lacked this motivating force that oftimes
Jntehes miracles.
Of course, Utah's line may have more oomph than Stan
ford’s. The Mormon State boys may be faster in back.
Idaho, by some freakish peculiarity, may unwrap a passer
superior to Frankie Albert. If so, I’ll shout their praises
and then hang my head in shame. But until then, Oregon
38, Idaho 0.
Let's Cheer Like Hades
In tlio sa mo groove, 1 fervently hope Oregon’s cheering
demonstration tonight will be nothing short of superb. It’s
no rank disgrace to get hilariously enthused over something
like a football game; you need have no fear of being socially
Vlispwned if your coiffure unhitches a bit under the stress of
spelling out Oregon. True, a few self-styled intellectuals, per
verts perhaps, raise their shrivelled-up noses to that angle of
displeasure at forceful cheering during athletic contests . . .
"a boorish, adolescent, and barbarous exhibition.”
However, one can, without begging forgiveness, look
upon it as an exuberant expression of the kind of spirit
and cooperation that smoulders at Oregon and erupts All
American Oreganas and Emeralds with startling regular
ity. So discard petty inhibitions tonight. Get behind, not
too far behind, Earl Russell’s yell dukes and Les Ander
son’s rally committee.
Them "Bums"' Do It
Incidentally, those Flat bush Floogies, those supposedly
nerve-wracked Brooklyn bums, bumped the New York Yankees
yesterday, d to L\ the identical score of the Bronx Bombers’
v, in the previous day. There, hope you’re satisfied Chuck
Cutler, you and the umptyfive avid cohorts of Fippv Leo
J ' i ocher. Today they move across the river to Khhets field
i • a continuation of the series. Pardon me while 1 groan.
OREGON vs. IDAHO, OCTOBER 3, 1941, 8 P.M.
Officials: Umpire, Lee Eisan, California; referee, Dan McMil
lan, California; head linesman, George Vanell, Chicago; field
judge, Eldon Jenne, Washington State.
7 Hemling . 197
49 Konopka . 212
46 Loeky . 190
31 Croweley . 192
45 Rowe . 210
39 Smith . 194
36 Berllus . 205
4 Heeomovich . 205
5 Manson . 166
6 Clark . 197
8 Micklich . 194
LE 185 .N. Crish 53
LT 218 . Elliott 75
LG 218 . Rhea 42
C 225 .. Wilson 47
RG 205 . Segale 50
RT 220 . Ashcom 39
RE 200 . Regner 23
Q 200 . Iverson 78
LH 185 . Roblin 77
RH 188 .Mecham 25
F 204 . Dunlap 31
He pits his “Twist” against
Schmidt’s “Razzle-Dazzle.”
Ducklings Practice For Opener
Backs Shine As
Frosh Drill For
Tilt With Rooks
With the first Frosh-Rook
(fame only two weeks away Coach
John Warren continued to drive
the yearlings through tough prac
tice sessions. Yesterday the squad
split into temporary teams and
concentrated on a few simple
plays in dummy scrimmage.
Warren worked the backs over
time on their blocking assign
Oregon Frosh Schedule
October 17—Oregon vs. Ore
gon State at Portland, 8
October 24 — Oregon vs.
Washington Babes at Eu
November 7—Oregon vs.
Oregon State at Corvallis.
ments all afternoon in an effort
to get the plays to click. Several
of the Ducklin ball packers
showed promise in the intensive
Bill Davis, fullback from
Grants Pass, has been switched
to quarterback, where he shows
signs of developing into a deadly
blocker. He crashed into the de
fense many times yesterday with
devasting power.
Mayther Drives
Bill Mayther, another made
over fullback hailing from Spo
kane, Washington, showed a
great deal of drive and power at
the quarterback spot.
Lyman Glascow, from Con
cord, California, looked like a
flashy, hard driving runner at
the halfback spot. He is shifty
and handles the ball well on the
reverse plays.
Southpaw Jack Willis, Beverly
Hills, California, exhibited an un
erring passing arm in the warm
up drill earlier in the afternoon.
He was firing bullet passes that
hit the receivers time after time.
Stillwell Is Wed
Dr. Gardiner Stillwell, instruc
tor in English, married Miss Ruth
Messenger, Mount Vernon, Iowa,
at the Trinity Methodist parson
age August 18 in Cedar Rapids,
Iowa. The couple are at home at
740 E. 11th Avenue, Eugene.
discard your old suit any
old way. We give you
substantial credit for it
on a new suit, tailoring,
cleaning, or pressing, or
1128 Alder
Though only a scph, Tommy Oxman will probably see a wealth
of action against Idaho tonight from his right halfback post.
Exclusive agent in Eugene for
You Supply the j
LEE supplies
Let the nearest store that
sells LEE Water-Bloc"
Hats fit your head into
this new semi-telescope—
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LEE H AT S 358 Fifth Avenue, New York
f* Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.