Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 26, 1941, Page Four, Image 4

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    Tex Picks 32 For Grid Jaunt
Waft oil into the offices of athletic coaches flanking the east
portion of the Igloo and was immediately lulled into a coma of
security by the seeming cool sense of confidence pervading the
place, this, as the eve of the Oregon-Stanford grid battle in
Palo Alto approached implacably. And the kind of confidence
it was. not the bravado breed that springs from taking every
thing for granted, but a quiet, collected assurance that is born
of methodical calculation.
General in Chief Gerald “Tex” Oliver was ambling gen
ially about the place. Line Coach Vaughn Corley glanced
up from some last-minute scribbling to give your corres
pondent a glad hand. However, abo.ut all that could be
gleaned from the place was that “Mannie” Vezie was
Moscow bound to scout Idaho, and that Lieutenant Mike
Mikulak had used up his 15-day furlough helping tutor the
Webfoot backfield and was enroute to his soldiering at
Fort Lewis, Washington.
One, Two, Three, Wail!
While carousing about San Francisco T couldn’t help notic
ing some of tin* Stanford propaganda being flaunted by the
Hay City papers. In one particular column, Marchie Schwartz,
one of Clark Shaughnessy’s side-kicks, was screaming a return
to some of Oregon's alleged wailing over loss of players. Ac
cording to Schwartz. Stanford apparently had legitimate rea
son to match Oregon, wail for wail. It seems Shaughnessy can’t
find someone good enough to lace on All-American Hugh Gal
larneau’s hoots at right halfback. Buck Fawcett, a 198-pound
papoose on last year’s frosh outfit, is the nearest thing they
have to fill the bill, but evidently lie's still far away.
Oregon will be well-fortified in every position except at
quarter. Duke Iverson is the only Webfoot in that block
ing fool’s berth. Iverson is a veteran from last year’s grid
wars, but his understudy, Len Surles, is a converted guard,
as yet untried.
Incidentally, don’t be too surprised at what Coach Oliver
whispers into the dilated ears of sports scribes down south,
regardless of all tin* talk blowing around that sector that
intimates the Webfoots don’t expect to win.
"Watch Nowling
Our bosom friend. Art Litchman, scurried in yesterday after
a respite in Long Beach and was effervescing over Russ Nowl
ing, a Long Beach jay see transfer at present shielding around
ft he left flank of Oregon’s line with veteran dim,Shephard and
loewhiskered Bill Bore her who glided from basketball into
Nowling, it appears, was two years all-conference end
in the metropolitan circuit down south, the roughest jay
see league in the country. Towering ruggedly more than
6 feet 3 inches, Nowling should he giving Borcher and
, Shephard whisker and hair trouble respectively before
very long.
" This same conference from which Nowling sprouts "erupted*
.Mich men as (Irenny Landsdell. Buck Berry, Dick Horn, Jim
(Harris. Jackie Robinson, Jake Leicht, Paul Taylor (a San
^Bernardino Junior college transfer at USD who’s supposed
1o burn up the Pacific coast conference this season with de
ceptive running and southpaw passing), and Jim Kisselburg
(former Beaver fullback now in I’ncle Sam’s flying forces).
*Tihed a Tear for Scotty and Stub
It appears thi* Kappa Sigs are storing a pledge, one Scotty
Deeds, a pony halfback a la Jay Oraybeal. Ineligible to par
ticipate in varsity athletics this term, the Long Beach junior
college transfer will emerge for track comes winter and spring.
Stub Allison is reportedly in mourning, for his No. 1
center for the past two years, Dave Queen, has chucked
one year of amateur eligibility at Berkeley to join pro
ranks. Queen, it seems, got himself a bride and needed
some money to finance the venture . . . which makes every
1 other team in the conference very happy.
Via the grapevine: Denny Donovan is weighted down by
corporal chevrons at Pot Knox. Kentucky. The former Webfoot
athlete was quarterback on Tex Oliver's lf)3t) grid crew, the
bach field of which included Frank F.mmons (last season with
Hu1 Philadelphia Fugles) at full. Jay Oraybeal at left half, and
portsider Bob Smith at right half.
Shephard .
Segale .
Wilson .
.LTR. Banducci
. C Lindskog
Culwell .RGL. Taylor
Ashcom.RTL. Stamm
Regner .REL. Meiners
Iverson. Q Albert
Roblin .LHR. Fawcett
Mecham ...RHL.Kmetovic
Newquist . F Vucinich
Ducks Set to Test Model T
In Top Coast Grid Battle
The eyes of the nation turn westward Saturday—west
ward to Palo Alto—where an upstart University of Oregon
football team hits the trail that Stanford’s Indians have
made rough and rocky indeed last season for ten football
teams that wouldn’t be pushovers in any man’s league.
Not since Adolf Hitler took over in Germany has any one
man accomplished so much for an organization of warfare, as
nas tne uarcunais uiarK anaugn
nessy. While at Oregon, tight
lipped Tex Oliver has been map
ping operations that makes some
of the big boys tab his Ducks as
champs. Shaughnessy himself has
said that the Oregon boys are to
be the next coast team to tread
the turf in the Rose Bowl. But
take talk like that with a barrel
of salt. Craftier coaches than he
have tided that angle in order
to drum up some spirit in a pack
of prima donnas.
Oregon’s Pony Back Dangerous
But don’t be surprised if Palo
Alto turns into a ghost town
after the pony backs of Oregon
caress the greensward. There’s
nothing that Oregon likes better
than to slap down a team that has
the game sewed up (mentally)
before they ever clash.' Think
back to a day down at Southern
California two years ago when
mighty Southern Cal was lucky
to escape with a 6-6 tie. The Cal
boys later went on to blast the
pants off Tennessee in the Rose
Bowl. Last year Oregon State
paid through the nose for a bit
of over-confidence, and Oregon
was the payee.
Tactics to be used by Oregon’s
gang of rather confident Ducks
are still a mystery. All that Oli
ver and his cohorts have revealed
about1 defense and offense could
be written in one paragraph, on
the inside of your little toe. Last
year every team that played
against Stanford was having the
itches thinking about when they
could get another look at that
weird offense called the T forma
tion. If these wise boys weren’t
just talking through their water
buckets the T stuff might not be
so hard to stop. Oregon is the
team that finds this out. A thou
sand and one questions will be an
swered by the time the final gun
sounds—and perhaps a thousand
more will be raised.
32 Men Get the Nod
At any rate Oliver and his In
dian hating Ducks have the cen
ter of the stage for one day.
Thirty-two men are scheduled to
make the trip into the land of
the Cardinals which makes three
men for every position except
Men making the trip are: ends.
Jim Shephard, Bill Borcher, Russ
Nowling, Bill Regner, Tony Crish
and George Van Pelt: tackles, Ed
Terry, Dick Ashcom, Merrit Kuf
ferman and Cliff Giffen; centers,
Ab Wilson, Hersch Patton and
Don O’Neill; guards, Ray Segale,
Floyd' Rhea, Stony Jackson, Val
Culwell, Steve Bod'ner and Bob
Davis; fullbacks, Jim Newquist,
Bill Dunlap and Bob Koch; hr1f
backs, Tommy Roblin, Boyd,
backs, Tommy Roblin, Frank
Boyd, Clyde Lee, Curt Mecham,
Ken Oliphant and Tom Oxman;
quarterbacks, Duke Iverson and
Len Surles.
Roy Dyer, veteran Duck back
field man, is out for the season
with a knee injury that failed to
“come around’’ after an opera
tion last year.
'Them Bums'
Win Pennant
Brooklyn’s beloved “bums”
clinched their first pennant in
21 years yesterday when they
beat the Boston Braves 6 to 0
behind the five-hit hurling oj^
Whit Wyatt. The St. Louis
Cards were eliminated when
they fell before Max Butcher
and the Pittsburgh Pirates, 3
to 1.
The “madmen” from Flatbush
enter the series decided under
dogs against the powerful New
York Yankees, easy winners in
the American.
The last flag the Dodgers cap
tured was in 1920, and they lost
the world series to the Cleveland
The Dodgers’ hopes rest on the
pitching of Whit Wyatt and Kirbe
Higbe, both 20-game winneijl?
These mainstays will be backed
by old-timers “Fat” Freddy Fitz
simmons, Curt Davis, and Johnny
Allen. The relief pitching of Hugh
Casey will play a vital part in
the drive to win the world cham
The Dodgers will match their
fighting spirit against the smooth
machine of the Yanks.
Wooden Shoes
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