Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 25, 1941, Page Eleven, Image 11

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    Ducks, Cards Top Coast Bill
Donut Sports
Gets New Deal
A new streamlined intramural
sports program, replacing the un
wieldy one used last year, will be
r'in effect for the 1941-42 season.
The list of 14 sports has been
narrowed down to nine major
ones, three per term.
Fall term, touch football and
volleyball, both “A” and “B” di
visions, will be on the intramur
al menu. Basketball, “A” and
“B,” and handball are listed for
winter term, while in the spring
swimming, softball and Sigma
Delta Psi have been retained.
A tabulation of the 1940-41 in
tramural activity reveals Alpha
Tau Omega as the top point col
lector, with Phi Delta Theta a
scant distance behind. The ATOs
compiled a total of 1126 points
to 1067 fcr the Phi Delts. Beta
Theta Pi came third with 970 and
Kappa Sigma fourth, having 956.
The ATO title was the second
won by that house since the pres
ent intramural set-up was started
in 1931. The Betas and the Phi
Delts have both annexed three
titles during the past years while
the Yeomen have grabbed the re
maining two championships.
Foundation for a majority of
the ATO points was their numer
ous firsts. They claimed titles in
tennis, “A” volleyball, wrestling,
k-ping pong, and Sigma Delta Fsi.
The Phi Delts pulled down
three championships in touch
football, “B” volleyball, and swim
ming. Kappa Sigma copped a pair
of wins in “A” basketball and
water polo. Single winners were
the Awful Awfuls in “B” basket
ball, Sherry Ross in handball, and
Delta Upsilon in softball.
Finals standings for 1940-41 as
announced by the intramural of
Alpha Tau Omega .1126
Phil Delta Theta .1067
Beta Theta Pi . 970
Kappa Sigma . 956
'‘feigma Chi . 947
Sigma Alpha Epsilon .: 933
Delta Upsilon . 902
Sigma Nu . 833
Theta Chi . 819
Phi Sigma Kappa . 783
Phi Gamma Delta . 751
Delta Tau Delta . 748
Campbell club . 739
Gamma hall .. 734
Sigma Phi Epsilon . 715
Chi Psi . 693
Pi Kappa Alpha . 678
Zeta hall . 658
Phi Kappa Psi . 651
Duck Trainer Bob Officer weighs in Dick Ashcom, hulking tackle,
before football practice. Ashcom is considered by Webfoot fans as
top tackle on the Pacific slope.
Sherry Ross . 643
Canard club . 625
Sigma Alpha Mu . 594
Alpha hall . 528
Sigma hall . 459
Kirkwood co-op . 428
Yeomen .;. 415
Omega hall . 360
Alder club . 80
Awful Awfuls . 75
Abba Dabba . 66
Church Day Planned
As part of the national youth
Sunday observed throughout the
United States, University stu
dents will take part in the ser
vices of St. Mary’s Episcopal
church Sunday. Dan Bacot,
YMCA president, and Huntington
Young, Canterbury club presi
dent, will conduct the service. Lou
Torgeson, ASUO president, and
Bette Morfitt, ASUO secretary
treasurer, will be the speakers at
student vespers in the evening.
Independents to Meet
An invitation to independent
men is extended by the Oregon
Yeomen to attend their first
meeting of the year on Monday
evening, September 29, at 7:30
p. m., in Gerlinger. The meeting
will be short and the rest of the
time will be spent getting ac
quainted. The Yeomen will have
the use of the women’s pool.
in ail sizes
*0- O s
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"The Man's Shop"
Byrom & Kneeland
32 E. 10th
Tex Oliver Remains Silent;
No Grid Travelers Named
Oregon’s football team comes out of hiding this evening long
enough to hoard the train for Palo Alto, where it runs up
against Stanford Model “T” in the Indians’ stadium at 2:15
Saturday afternoon.
As the Emerald went to press late last night, the Webfoots’ trav
eling squad had not been named.
Rolling south with the Greenwave from Eugene will be Head Coach
Gerald “Tex” Oliver, Line
Coaches Vaughn Corley and
“Mannie” Vezie, and Backfield
Coach Lieutenant Mike Mikulak.
What Oliver will throw against
Stanford Coach Clark Shaugh
nessy’s Indians outside of the
regulation number of players on
the field at one time is a matter
of speculation. Oregon’s grid gen
eral has had a standing “no tres
passing” order in effect around
Hayward field whenever h i s
charges were kicking up the turf
there in rehearsals for the Stan
ford foray.
Co-ordination of a veteran line
and a “half-ripe” but lightning
backfield may take the spark out
of the Stanford “T.” All 6 feet
5 inches and 230-some-odd pounds
of Elliott Wilson will probably be
the hub of Oregon’s starting line.
Flanking him will be Ray Segale
and either Steve Bodner or a re
juvenated Val Culwell. Old hands
Ed Moshofsky and Dick Ashcom
return for another season in the
tackle berths, with All-Coast can
didate Bill Regner and Jim Shep
hard to take care of the wing po
In the quarterback harness
stripped off last year by Chet
Haliski is Duke Iverson, an un
derstudy last season, who has
been groomed for heavy-duty
blocking, a job quarterbacks in
herit under «the Oliver system.
There’ll be a ding-dong battle for
starting halfback positions, with
Kenny Oliphant, Frankie Boyd,
Curt Mecham, Tommy Roblin the
chief contestants. Jimmy New
quist, who graduated from frosh
ranks just this year, appears to
have the edge at fullback over
Bob Koch, purged from Stanford
by an Atherton decree last spring.
Hymie Harris, clever veteran
Webfoot wingman, joined the
ranks of those definitely out of
the Oregon grid lineup for the
season. In the naval reserve and
on duty in Chicago, Harris was
refused a request for a leave of
inactive duty.
Believe It or Not
31 East 7th Ph. 547
Register at McArthur Court for
Elementary or Advanced Instruction
• Classes arranged to meet stu
dent academic schedules.
• Clubs furnished students in ele
mentary courses.
•Golf sets available at term
• Bus stops within two blocks of
Phone 414
KEN OMLID, Instructor
2700 Columbia Street