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Art Gallery
Keeps Paintings
Till June B
Emerald Workers
Meet Sunday
11 a.m. at Shack
Frosh Glee to Finish
Term Social Season;
Closing Hours Listed
ROTC Plans
Final Parade,
Military Drill
Awards Include
Medals, Insignias,
Scoring Trophies
The University ROTC unit will
hold final exercises climaxing the
year’s work, on Howe field,
Thursday, May 29, at 1:15 p.m.,
according to an order by Col,
R. M. Lyon, head of the military
science department.
A program of close order drill,
military calisthentics, and pre
sentation of awards to be fol
lowed by the final parade will
pack the afternoon with spec
tacular military demonstrations,
Colonel Lyon said.
After drill, the following
awards will be presented: Hearst
rifle match third place trophy to
captain of the rifle team; indi
vidual high scoring award, med
als to team members, Byrom and
Kneeland prize to outstanding
freshman rifle marksman, a set
of officers insignia to each of
three honor graduates, and a
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Lyle Nelson officially retired
as editor of the Emerald this
morning after he was honored
guest of 3 o’clock club members
at a downtown restaurant.
With tonight’s Frosh Glee the
final all-campus fling, Oregon
students will settle down to the
serious business of absorbing
last-minute knowledge. Remain
ing social affairs will be for
graduating seniors.
Women’s houses will be closed
at 10:30 every night except to
night, when one o’clock permis
sion will be granted for the Glee
and next Saturday when usual
12:15 closing hours will be ob
Girls may have dates two eve
nings out of the three this week
end, but only one next week
end which must be Saturday. All
desserts, dinner guests, teas and
other entertainments will be pro
hibited during the last two weeks
before exams. Baccalaureate ser
vices are Sunday, June 8 at 11
May 31, the day after Memor
ial day when classes will not
meet, is the last day that stu
dnts may withdraw from courses.
All graduating seniors must re
pay loans on or before gradua
tion day, June 8.
NYA work must be complet
ed on or before Saturday, June 7,
and all students who wish the
same work next year are request
ed to leave their names and ad
dresses with the secretary in 112
Johnson hall. Application blanks
will be mailed to them during
the summer.
Final exams begin Monday,
June 2 and continue through
Friday. A complete exam sched
ule appears on another page of
today’s paper.
University summer sessions
start June 16, and run for six
weeks. The post sessions run from
July 28 to August 23. Fall term
starts September 26.
Special Train Rates
Offered Webfeet
Special train rates for students
leaving school for the summer
are being sponsored by ASUO
and Southern Pacific. Tickets
will be sold from June 4 to 7
with a return limit of September
Party rates for groups of five
or more California students trav
eling together have been ar
ranged for.
For details students are asked
to phone 2200, or inquire at the
ticket booth which will be situat
ed between Oregon and Com
merce buildings during exam
Both one way and round trip
tickets to all points are available
at reduced rates.
Posing demurely are the five contenders for the “ King of Canines” crown and their “showmistresses.”
From left to right are “Smoky,” held by Betty Stockwell; “Sparky,” held by Nadine Padden; "Mazfe,”
held by Helen MeKeen; “Duke,” held by Mark Bentley; and "Red Dog,” held by Joan Goodrum, ThO
campus dog king will be selected tonight during intermission at the Frosh Glee.
Final Exams
Listed for
Last Week
The final examination schedule
for spring term is based on class
meetings per week instead of
credit hours as given in the aca
demic calendar.
This change has been made to
prevent conflicts which would
arise if the credit hour basis were
used. Later special changes will
be announced by the instructor
when approved.
The revised examination sched
ule follows.
Monday, June 2
8-10—10 o'clocks meeting on
three days.
10-12—All other 10 o’clocks.
1-3 — 4 o’clocks meeting on
three days.
3-5—All other 4 o’clocks.
Tuesday, June 3
8-10—11 o’clocks meeting on
three days.
10-12—All other 11 o’clocks.
1-3—Written English (K, Com
position, Business).
3-5—French (First, second
3’ear, literature).
Wednesday, June 4
8-10—8 o’clocks meeting on
three days.
10-12—All other 8 o'clocks.
1-3 — 1 o’clocks meeting on
three days.
3-5—All other 1 o’clocks.
Thursday, June 5
8-10—2 o’clocks meeting on
three days.
10-12—All other 2 o’clocks.
1-3—Physical education (activ
ities, hygiene, health ed.)
3-5—Constructive Accounting.
Friday, June 6
8-10—9 o’clocks meeting on
three days.
10-12—All other 9 o’clocks.
1-3 — 3 o’clocks meeting on
three days.
3-5—All other 3 o’clocks.
Frosh to Hop Tonight
As Campus Dogs Rub
Shoulders With Great
Under "lazy summer skies and
bright sun’’ the Frosh Glee will
begin tonight at 8:30 in the Ig
loo. Johnny Lee and his orches
tra will furnish the music for the
"Dog Daze” dance.
This theme will be carried out
by means of the June days dec
orations, consisting of an artifi
cial sky and sun.
During intermission the cam
pus "King of the Canines” will
be selected. The king will be
chosen by popular applause as
measured by some of the pa
trons and patronesses instead of
by ballot as previously an
Competitors for the dog king
title are "Duke,” collie; "Smoky,”
German shepherd; "Red Dog,”
Irish setter; "Suarky,” uncertain;
and "Mazie,” spaniel.
One o’clock permission has
been granted for the Glee
Tickets are $1 and may be ob
tained at the educational actlvl*
ties office.
Short silks will be. in order for
the women and sport coats and
slacks, sport suits, or white coats,
for the men.
Oregancts Held
Eighty-eight University of
Oregon students still have
1941 Oroganas waiting for
them in the educational activ
ities office. These books will
not be mailed out, and if not
called for before the end of
the school year, will be held
until next fall term.
Students in doubt as to
whether one of the books be
longs to them or not should
check at the educational activ
ities office.
Given Seniors
Schedule Listed
For Graduating
Oregon Students
Printed instructions and tick
ets for seniors and candidates'
for degrees will be given out by
the alumni office on the follow
ing days:
Wednesday, June 4; 8-12 a.m.,
2-5 p.m.
Thursday, Friday, June 5, 6;
same hours.
Saturday, June 7; 8-12 a.m.
Other commencenafepjt activi
ties are scheduled as follows:
Saturday, June 7, 8:30 a.m.^*
Senior women’s breakfast at Os
burn hotel. Saturday noon—Uni
versity luncheon at John Straub
Memorial hall. Seniors admitted
free in caps and gowns, with 50
eent charge for friends.
Sunday, June 8. 11 a.m.—Bac
calaureate services in McArthur
court. 8 p.m.—Commencement
exercises in McArthur court. 6:30
p.m.—Flower and fern proces
sion of senior women. Printed in
structions for this event are
available at the alumni office.
Swan Song
Finals are a funny time
When against the nature of the
People rouse from out their slum
And study in enormous numbers*
And thwarted Tennyson's like
A’quit a'writing poetry.
Year’s Student Union Activities Reviewed
“Student Union Nears'’ read
the headlines of the Emerald of
February 15, but since that time
students have been wondering
just how near it has become. Is
it near at all?
Prior to the February 15 an
nouncement from the capital
events had been shaping up here
on the campus. A frosh commit
tee of 17 was formed to arouse
student interest, which added to
the already existent varsity and
sophomore committees. Oglesby
Young was named head of the
The real barrage came Febru
ary 15 when a state legislative
committee okayed a bill to per
mit $250,000 to be borrowed to
finance the project. Important
fact of this bill was that it was
not a grant but merely gave per
mission to borrow the money.
The bill went to the senate.
February 22 the senate passed
the bill. While it was before the
legislature, the sophomore com
mittee decided to publish a week
ly paper, “Union Now.”
During spring vacation the bill
passed the legislature, was signed,
and became law. Also during the
vacation a fact-finding student
faculty committee was appoint
ed by President Donald M. Erb.
May 7 the student-faculty
committee gave its decision on
the site question: first, Deady;
second, Sheldon, and third, mill
race. At the same time the com
mittee made plans for the con
tents of the union.
On the financial side, as of
July 1, 1940, the fund stood at
approximately $40,000. Of this
amount $12,000 was in cash, $15,
000 was loaned to the ASUO, and
approxirm\ 2ly $13,000 invested
in real estatee.
Contributed to the fund thiar
year is $468.10 from the senior
class, $799.29 from Sigma Delta
Chi from the proceeds of the Kay
Kyser dance, $53.64 from Co-op
receipts of 1939-40, and $10 from
the Oregon Mothers club of
The preliminary steps have
been made and in the future lies
only actual plans for financing
and construction.