Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 06, 1941, Page Two, Image 2

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    Library Finds
Fete Success
Treadgold Takes
First in Contest;
Bakewell Second
The library changed its usual
studious aspect to one of festivity
Saturday when the fifth annual
Library day was celebrated. Li
brarians report that the day was
an unusual success, with large
numbers of visitors viewing the
exhibits all day.
First prize in the undergradu
ate division of the student library
contest was awarded to Don
Treadgold. In the graduate divi
sion, Phyllis Rickets received the
Second place in the under
graduate section went to Dennis
Bakewell, and Frederick Waller
was given honorable mention.
Clinton Vincent won second place
for the graduates, with honorable
mention going to Wilbur Green
up and to Robert Dent.
Treadgold has already ordered
the books which are to be his
prize: two volumes of the Com
plete Greek Drama, a complete
edition of Milton, with Dore illus
trations, the Ernest Sutherland
Bates Bible designed to be read
as living literature, and The Rec
ord Book, which deals with re
corded music in general.
Trip to P6rtland
Taken by Class
In Behaviorism
Members of Dr. A. R. Moore’s
class in physiological foundations
of human behavior, accompanied
by Dr. Moore, visited the Univer
sity medical school in Portland
recently. Purpose of the trip
was to observe the oscillograph,
a machine used to study the func
tions of the brain and nervous
The use of the machine was
demonstrated to the group by
Dr. Dow of the medical school
staff. Research studies have re
cently been carried on by Dr.
Moore in connection with the
oscillograph machine, which ac
cording to Dr. H. R. Taylor of
the psychology department, is
one of the latest and most prom
ising developments in the field of
psychology and physiology.
The nation’s defense prepara
tion has caused postponement of
reopening of the Mohawk Drama
festival on the Union college
campus this summer.
Inscription in the lobby of the
Mills college music building
reads: "Such as the music is,
such are the people of the com
• Watches
• Pins
• Rings
• Necklaces
• Bracelets
All Worlc
620 "Willamette
Job Office Hits High Gear
She Cooks With Gas
The first few days of Miss
Edith Pearson’s work at the Uni
versity employment office when
she replaced Miss Gladys Saun
ders seemed dull, and she won
dered what she was going to do
with all the extra time.
Times have changed now,
though, and the new secretary to
Employment Secretary Janet
Smith, is busier than the stu
dents who work through her
After lawns began demanding
lawn mowers and Eugene home
owners began garden work the
telephone in the employment of
fice started bringing in calls for
student workers to help cut grass
and wield shovels in hopeful
Then it was that she discovered
that University students, most of
them, at least, seem to have little
time to work spring term, aside
from their studies. As jobs came
in faster and faster, it became
harder and harder to get students
to fill them. As a result, she is
practically guaranteeing work to
any boy who wants it now.
Miss Smith’s schedule of stu
dent summer time and full time
job-hunting has also increased
and Miss Pearson now finds that
work is coming at her from an
other direction. Within two weeks
J. E. Self, traveling auditor of the
International Harvester company,
will be here to interview senior
accounting majors for positions
in his company. He is from Spo
She was left without higher
assistance Saturday when Miss
Smith went on a trip to the coast
to get summer jobs for students
in resorts. Miss Smith reported
yesterday that there would be
numerous resort jobs open for
University students if the travel
business comes up to expecta
tions. She will leave Miss Pear
son again Wednesday when she
travels to Portland to interview
more employers.
The Latin-American collection
of the University of Texas li
brary, with more than 40,000 vol
umes and almost 500,000 original
manuscript documents, is the
most extensive such collection in
the United States.
Libe Gets Review
Written by Exiles
The periodicals department of
the University library has recent
ly subscribed to Studies in Phil
osophy and Social Science, a pub
lication of the Institute of Social
Research in New York City. This
publication was originally print
ed in Germany under the title
Zeitschrift fur Sozialforschung;
is no wput out in this country by
a group of men who are exiles
from Germany.
Several new subscriptions to
education periodicals have also
been made. These are expected
to be especially useful in sum
mer session; the list included The
School, Secondary Education,
published in Toronto by the On
tario college of education, the
Catholic Educational Review, the
Journal of Education, and the
Grade Teacher.
The Revista Javeriana, an ex
change from the Universidad Ja
veriana in Bogata, Colombia, and
Anthropos, a review of ethnol
ogy and linguistics published in
Germany, are other new periodi
The Quarterly, published by
the museum patrons of the Los
Angeles county museum is being
sent to the library as a gift sub
scription. It is exceptionally fine
in quality.
Outdoor UO Sing
To Start Weekend
An old-time “everybody sing”
will start the Junior Weekend
ball rolling Thursday night, May
8, in the women’s quadrangle be
tween the women’s dorms, ac
cording to Bob Deverell, assist
ant Junior Weekend chairman.
Students, faculty members, and
guests will participate in the in
formal get-together song fest.
A vaudeville show of campus
talelit- will provide additional en
tertainment. The sing is both
date and stag. Participants should
bring blankets to sit on and
should brush up on campus songs.
Steve Broadus made a fine musician of himself the hard
way. Then he set out to give the benefit of his experience
to others, so they would no thave such a long, hard road
to travel toward musical achievement. After intensive
study of the technical analysis of reeds and mouthpieces,
he spent a great deal of time and effort lecturing, teach
ing and writing throughout the country, helping many to
solve the problems of equipment and technique.
As a result, he is regarded as the outstanding expert on
reed construction, selection and playing. Students follow
his advice, and professionals seek his opinions and assist
His wide research for the perfect reed material led him
into the field of plastics. Recognizing the importance of
Steve Broadus’ experience and skill, we contracted with
him to continue experiments with plastic reeds for us.
After two more years of study and countless trials, Steve
said to us: “Betcha”—I've got it!”
He did have it. So now we proudly offer this plastic reed
that teachers, orchestra and band leaders welcome for
their own use and gladly recommend to their pupils as an
aid to development of embouchure and an elimination of
reed difficulties.
All musicians will appreciate its comfort, uniformity,
trueness of tone, and ability to ‘‘take it.” In the words of
Steve Broadus: “Betcha” — You’ll like it!”
Baker's Music Shop
760 Willamette Street Eugene, Oregon
Unknown KKKs
To Star at Hop
Ex-Boy Friends,
Local Smoothies
Will Draw Stares
Reigning supreme at the li
brary terrace dance Saturday,
1:30 to 3 p.m. will be members of
the exclusive KKK, or Order of
the King and His Kissed-off
Kids. Heading this organization
of unsung heroes is King A1 Sil
vernail. His court consists of
"Porky” Andrews, Jeff Kitchen,
Norm Foster, and Jim Carney.
Formed of “forgotten men” of
the regular Junior Weekend
court, each member claims a
“better half” in a queen or a
As a special feature of the af
ternoon a fashion show will be
keld on the terrace, with one rep
resentative from each men’s liv
ing organization modeling. Mod
els will be judged on figure,
style, beauty, make-up, and coif
fure. Tickets to the Junior Prom
and merchandise from Eugene
men’s stores will be given as priz
es. Judging will be held at 4 p.m.,
with judges as yet unannounced.
Ray Dickson and his orchestra
will play for the dance, according
to Charlotte Collins, chairman.
Students will be admitted free.
Dr. Detling Collects
Umpqua Specimens
Recent trips taken by Dr. Le
roy E. Detling, assistant profes
sor of botany, to collect speci
mens for the herbarium, include
one to the north fork of the Ump
qua river near Roseburg. This
territory had never before been
covered by botanists.
Oregana Workers
Will Have Banquet
Featuring a preview of the new
1941 Oregana, and the awarding
of certificates of achievement to
student year book workers, 60
members of the Oregana staff
and guests will be honored at a
banquet Wednesday evening at
the Anchorage, it was announced
by Wilbur Bishop, editor. The
banquet will start at 6:30.
Copies of the yearbook will be
on hand for examination by the
students and plans for the new
year will reviewing during the
Specially invited guests, ac
cording to Bishop, include :
George Root, Mary Graham, Clif
ford Stalsberg, Ed Turnbull, Jim
Frost, Lyle Nelson, Helen Angel],
Ed Walker, and J. Warren Teter.
You can never have too
many spring blouses, so
drop in for a look at our
supply today.
$1.98 to $4.95
1004 Willamette Ph. 633
"It's Taste
Tested ”
ROYAL CROWN, the king of
all Cola drinks, invites you to
relax, enjoy the sparkle and
tangy flavor that is found only
in Royal Crown.
“Taste Tested,” Royal Crown
is the most refreshing drink on
the market. Buy some tomor
row. Obtainable in individual
bottles or in cartons for parties.
Nehi Beverages
675 Charnelton Phone 393