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Rain, Rain
Go Away—
We Hope
U. OF 0.
Webfoois j
Crack Down 1
On Cougars
TUESDAY, MAY 6, 1941
Students Will Nominate Today
'Bob' Calkins,
Jean Spearow
To Enter Race
Independent List
Board Nominees;
Greeks Won't Talk
Caroll C. “Bob” Calkins and
Jean Spearow will be nominated
in the assembly this morning for
positions on the ASUO executive
committee, according to indepen
dent leaders who released the
names last night.
Greek leaders withheld names
of their candidates, declaring that
nominations were “not nomina
tions until after the nominating
Calkins, a junior in journalism,
was president of the class of ’43
in his sophomore year, and a
member of Skull and Dagger,
sophomore men's service honor
ary. A member of Alpha Delta
Sigma, national advertising fra
ternity, Calkins vras one of the
framers of the constitution of
the Independent Students’ asso
A junior in journalism, Miss
Spearow, is a member of Theta
Sigma Phi, honor society for wo
men in journalism, and publicity
chairman for Mothers’ day. She
has served on Dads’ day and Jun
ior Weekend committees, and was
the author of the Homecoming
theme. She is an honor student.
In accepting his nomination,
Calkins invited all Greeks “who
cannot square their consciences
with the policies of bloc rule to
join in the fight against selfish
interests and government by the
When informed of her nomina
tion, Miss Spearow said, “I feel
there is much work to be done,
one job being a narrowing of the
gap between the two campus fac
tions. If it be the will of the stu
dents, I will try to fulfill the con
fidence shown by this nomination
by a conscientious dissemination
of duties.
Jewett Speakers
To Meet at 4 P.M.
Jewett speakers will convene
at 4 p.m. today for the prelimin
aries of the spring term contest.
Women will be judged in 107
Friendly while the men will meet
in room 108.
Entrants will speak for seven
minutes on a subject of their
own choosing, according to Mark
Hanna, speech instructor, w'ho is
in charge of arrangements. Par
ticipants in the contest are mem
bers of extempore speech classes.
Finals will take place Wednes
day evening. Prizes of $10 and
$5 are offered in each of the two
divisions. Faculty members of the
speech division will judge the pre
liminary session today.
Highest rating ever scored by
a candidate for Ph.D. degree at
the University of California on
written examinations was made
by Dr. Mose L. Harvey, assistant
professor of history at Emory
university, in 1936.
Les Steers, Oregon’s champion high jumper, sits for a close-up shot by Hansel Mieth, Life maga
zine’s ace woman photographer. Junior Weekend Queen Annabelle Dow and Princess Barbara Todd
are hidden by Miss Mieth, while Princess Barbara Neu peeks out from, beliind Marjorie Hosfeklt.
Frosh Escape
Annual Swim
Chairmen Decide
To Use Slick Rope
For Float-Pulling
For the first time ’ in Junior
Weekend history, freshmen will
not swim beside floats as they
sail down the millrace for the
canoe fete Saturday night, Buck
Buclrwach, promotion chairman,
announced yesterday.
A new plan, designed by Jim
Carney, canoe fete head, thor
oughly approved by Dr. Donald
M. Erb and other University
leaders will be used, Buchwach
revealed. This will avoid many
mishaps of previous years when
floats were guided by freshman
The plan will involve use of a
rope stretched under water the
length of the water course used
by the floats. This will stretch
from the Anchorage to a starting
point upstream.
The rope, Buchwach revealed,
will be threaded through three
giant rings on each float. Natur
al mill race current will carry the
boats downstream in exactly
three minutes fifty-two seconds.
Carney’s plan was tested last
week, and worked to perfection,
according to Buchwach. He said
that the even movement will give
the fete a uniform presentation
with no float trouble for the first
time in weekend history.
My Prayer
Those times last week the Em'
erald staff
Did not go off a-fishin’.
They were only trying out
An afternoon edition.
(For the sake cf this pome,
But gosh need J[ say,
I hope that it's out
In the morning today.)
Les Sees the Birdie
Life Comes to Oregon
A bit of “Life" was injected into the University of Oregon the
past weekend, when two of the famous national picture magazine’s
crack photographers. Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel, journeyed by
automobile from San Francisco to “shoot" Les Steers, Oregon's world
champion high jumper.
The pair, who are man and wife, last week had an outstanding
picture story on Harvard, and have several other photo stories ready
to be run. Miss Mieth is a regular
staff member and associate edi
tor of “Life” and her husband
does contract work for the same
Immediately after arriving,
they were invited to dinner at the
home of George H. Godfrey, head
of the University news bureau,
along with Steers and his girl
friend, Marge Hosfeldt, Bill Hay
ward, and several others.
There they discussed plans for
taking the pictures and the shots
the magazine especially desired.
The following day, Saturday, Miss
Mieth and Mr. Hagel took photos
of Steers jumping against Wash
ington State, throwing the jave
lin, and shot putting.
Sunday morning Steers, Miss
Hosfeldt, Bill Hayward, and the
Junior Weekend courts and p»rin
cesses gathered at the men’s
gymnasium while outside the rain
poured down, and here all "gag”
shots were snapped.
The pictures are expected to be
in Life within three week, accord
ing to the photographers.
News . 1, 2, 3, 8
Editorials . 4. 5
Sports . 6, 7
Calendar . 5
Sideshow . 5
Duck Tracks . 6
Tickets Go on Sale
Fifteen hundred general ad
mission tickets for the canoe
fete went on sale at 8 o'clock
this morning in the activities
office at McArthur court. The
tickets, which are priced at 75
and 50 cents, may not be pur
chased by phone but must be
called for in person.
Baseball Show
To Play Today
Big-League Teams,
Players, Featured
In Chapman Movie
Sports enthusiasts can get the
low-down on big-league baseball,
players and teams this evening
at 7 and S o’clock when a big
league baseball movie will be
shown students in the theatre
room 207 of Chapman hall, it was
announced from the activities of
Sponsored by the educational
activities office, tonight's movie
will be free to all students on
presentation of their educational
activities cards and is approxi
mately 45 minutes long.
The film has been brought to
Eugene through the Elks club
and features various phases of
big-time baseball.
How to be a big league player,
the various daily routines which
the average participant goes
through, and some of the active
big names in the national sport
today will be shown.
Students are reminded not to
confuse today’s special sports
movie with the three features
which will be shown in Chapman
hall Wednesday as the sixth pro
gram on the curren spring ‘‘Sur
vey of the Film in America” se
Activities cards will also admit
students to tomorrow's movie.
Others will be admitted for 15
cents. J<
Ex-Comm Vote
To Take Place
At 11 a.m. Meet
Students to Name
Four Top Officers
This Thursday
Candidates for ASUO office*
will be nominated at an all out
assembly this morning at .1 in
Classes regularly scheduled lor
11 will be moved ahead to 11H
Thursday, the regular assembly}
From today's nominees four
will be elected at all-campus dee-*
tior.s Thursday to old positional
on the executive committee. The!
person receiving the greatest!
number of votes under a prefer
ential voting system will be presi
dent; the person receiving second
greatest, vice-president; third*
secretary, and fourth, treasurer.
Six more will be elected frt
represent sophomore, junior, and
senior classes on the committed
next year. This is in accordance!
with an amendment voted into
the ASUO constitution by popu
lar vote Thursday.
Independent leaders announced
last night that Carroll C. ' Bob'*
Calkins and Jean Spearow would
be nominated to represent the .
independent bloc. Leaders of
Greek factions withheld names of
nominees, declaring that nomina
tions were 'mot nominations until
after the nominating assembly.’*
John Cavanagh, director of
elections, announced last night
that the following had filed cithc*
declarations of intention to run, of.
petitions, signed by 50 students}, •
and had produced a certificate*
of scholastic eligibility:
For senior positions: Jim Frost*
Becky Anderson, and Bob Lovell*
For junior positions: Johjf
Busterud and Jake Risley.
For sophomore, positions: Fogof '
Dick and Chuck Woodruff.
Cavanagh said that others, had
filed petitions but had not yeti
produced evidence of scholastic!
eligibility or were not eligible!
under ASUO scholastic require
He further explained that ev
eryone, regardless of class, would
(Tlcasc turn, to page time)
Bug Bungalow
Attracts Victim
To Double Date
Some people don't know v/heni
they are well off—or do tr.ey^.
Anyhow, Mary Word is in "yt%
olde pill shoppe*:--’ again with an-*
other case of the measles. Noth
ing br.t flowers, candy, gum, iuo
cream, and a lot of letters to
keep her warm. Ain’t it awful?
Two other veterans are 3: me#
Kurtz and James Durkheiznor,
with over two weeks of rest and
quiet to their credit.
Six more patients, corvfincd
with minor ailments, are: La
Vaune McDonald, Barbara Vail>
(who, it is rumored, was serenad
ed last night), Margaret Bake*
anne Mills, Bob Marland, and