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    Song Contest
Goes to Delts,
Gamma Phis
Cup Awards Start
As Annual Prizes
At Lemon Squeeze
Delta Tau Delta and Gamma
Phi Beta won first places for
men’s and women’s living organ
izations competing in the all
campus sing contest which took
place in conjunction with the
Order of the O’s “Lemon
Squeeze’’ Saturday night.
Don Hicks led the Delts with
the arrangements by Bob Chil
cote of “Blue Moon,’’ “Pioneer
Song,’’ and “Cloe.” John Stark
Evans, Oregon graduate, wrote
“Pioneer Song.”
The Gamma Phis were led by
Jean Burt in singing “Caprice
Viennois,” “Pigger’s Serenade,”
and "Indian Prayer.” "Pigger’s
Serenade” was written by Fred
Beardsley, an Oregon student.
Trophies were awarded by
Janet Goresky, president of Pan
helienic, and “Dutch” Rohwer,
head of Interfraternity council.
Judges who selected the winning
house were Mr. Halfred Young
and Mr. George Hopkins of the
music school faculty, and Mr.
Wayne Akers, member of the
Eugene Gleemen.
Coins were tossed to determine
the order of the house to sing.
Judges choose Pi Beta Phi and
Delta Gamma as second place
winners of the competing wo
men’s houses. Phi Delta Theta
and Sigma Nu were judged sec
ond and third of the men's
Auto Mishaps Hit
(Continued front page one)
out from Florida the band truck
overturned, injuring the drummer
with the Morgan crew and ruin
ing most of the instruments.
The next thing that happened,
Porozoff chuckled here, was that
Morgan’s own car burned and
with it went all of Morgan’s
clothing so that the maestro ar
rived in Hollywood with but a
pair of slacks and an old sweater
to his name.
Three of Morgan's featured
musicians landed in hospitals
with the flu and Phyllis Lynne,
lovely vocalist, developed laryn
gitis. . . . But the boys rallied and
the band opened on schedule at
the Palladium, million -dollar
nitery in the film capital.
When Russ Morgan was asked
how he liked all these mishaps, a
few days ago, he remarked, "Bro
ther, when I passed through a
small town in Arizona and saw
myself billed as ‘Russ Morgan and
his famous music in the MORBID
manner,’ I wasn’t a bit sur
The jinx continues though, as
Porozoff’s car wyas wrecked on
the way to Spokane, and one
other car was damaged on the
way from Spokane to Seattle.
Arrangements are now being
made to have Russ Morgan judge
the Whiskerino contest, together
with the aid of local barbers. An
other surprise will be the ap
pearance of the Gamma Phi quar
tet which wall do its interpreta
tion of Morgan’s famous theme
"Does Your Heart Beat for Me?"
Edward L. Ryan, B.S., LL.B., Mgr.
860 Willamette, Eugene
Phone 2761-M
Wednesday to See
YMCA's Assemblg
YMCA’s spring assembly is
Wednesday night at 7:30 in the
“Y” hut, Paul Sutley, executive
secretary, announced yesterday.
Music comes in the form of group
singing led by Williston Wirt,
trio numbers by the Alpha Chi
Omega sorority trio, and solos by
Sidney Sinclair, baritone.
Dr. Quirinus Breen, assistant
professor of social science and
history, will talk on “Christianity
and the College Man.” Two short
talks, one by G. Bernhard Fedde,
Eugene lawyer, and Bob Lovell,
retiring “Y” president, will round
out the talk'ng for the evening.
Officers for the coming year
will be installed in a service dur
ing the meeting. Refreshments
will close the evening’s program
of events.
Westminster Vote
Due This Sunday,
Names of students recommend
ed by the nominating committee
to lead the Westminster group
during the next year are now
posted in Westminster house.
Elections will be held Sunday.
Members may make nominations
from the floor at that time.
Those suggested for offices
are: president, Kay Daugherty;
vice-president, Ruth Sprecher;
treasurer, Cam Collier; secretary,
Eunice Cable; morning group,
Nathan Edwards, Relta Powell.
Foru mleaders: Francis Doran,
Vincent Yardum; workship, Flor
ence Anderson; drama, Erma
Scott; music, Doris Jones, Edwin
Mickel; social, Wendell Jensen,
Dick Loomis; Sunday social
chairman, Eleanor Seeley.
Lions Club Review
Scheduled Friday
The annual Lions club amateur
show to be presented by the Eu
gene club Friday evening in Mc
Arthur court will take the form
of a talent review. Opening is
set for 8 p.m.
Funds from the show this year
will go to provide recreational
facilities and gifts for Lane coun
ty boys in Fort Lewis, to aid the
blind in the Eugene vicinity, and
as a contribution to other char
itable work carried on by the or
Prices are 50 cents for gen
eral admission and 75 cents for
reserved seats.
Ex-Oregon Prof
Wins Fellowship
Arthur J. Marder, professor of
European history at the Univer
sity fi'om winter term of 1937
until the end of spring term 1938,
recently was awarded a Guggen
heim fellowship.
This year 85 fellowships were
awarded to outstanding Ameri
can writers and painters. The
Guggenheim foundation gives
each individual $2,500 to be free
for a year to write a novel, paint
a picture, or examine a star.
McNeil to Play
(Continued from page one)
sponsored by Pi Delta Phi,
French honorary. Tickets may be
purchased from members of the
romance languages department
and from Jack Power, president
of the honorary.
Plaudits were received Satur
day night by Jerry Lakefish for
his interesting portrayal of the
quaint, queer Martellau, and by
Dorothy Durkee for her amusing
characterization of Louise, the
The University box office in
Johnson hall is open. The tele
phone number is 3300, extension
Annabelle to Feast
On Oysters, Tablets
If Queen Annabelle and her
court of lovely princesses simply
abhor clams and oysters, the fair
coeds will eat ’em anyway and
grin as though the gooey little
creatures are real delicacies. If
they haven’t tasted no-doz tab
lets, they can borrow a few from
Genii Brown and Buck Buchwach,
general promotion chairmen of
Junior weekend, and grimace as
the abominable pellets catch in
their throats.
If they’re all looking for
crowds, they won’t have to, for
today the University of Oregon’s
Junior Weekend crew begins
plowing through their first round
of hectic activity. The group will
be the University’s official dele
gation in Eugene's first navy day
celebration and parade.
Boat Ride
This evening at 5 o’clock Queen
Annabelle and her princesses—
Barbara Neu, Jean Burt, Helen
Angell, and Barbara Todd —
spruce up as gay “sailorettes”
and ride in yacht-like floats
towed along in a nautical parade.
Buck Buchwach undresses for
promotion of the May weekend
and dons a sea-weed sarong. As
King Neptune I, Buchwach will
climb aboard a float, grip Nep
tune’s proverbial three-pronged
spear, and glide along in the pro
cession with all the dignity due
his office.
At noon tomorrow an official
delegation of eight cars wheels
out of Eugene and rolls toward
Mapleton, “Admiral” Chet Good’s
ark trundling along behind. At
Mapleton the group will gorge
itself on clams and oysters for
about an hour.
Comes 2:30 p.m.. Queen Anna
bell, amid the pomp and cere
mony attending all ship christen
ings, wafts up to “Admiral”
Good’s boat poised on the ramp
there and bashes a bottle of milk
off its prow just before the ship
skids down the ways and splash
es into the water.
The crew will remain in Maple
ton for all official functions dur
ing the day, returning to Eugene
and the University only after
they’re thoroughly worn out.
Concert Raises $212
For British Benefit
A sum of $212.50 will be sent
to the aid of a children’s hospital
in the heart of bomb-ridden Lon
don “immediately,” announced
Mrs. Everett Harpham, chairman
of the Eugene branch of Bundles
for Britain.
This sum was raised in the re
cent benefit concert featuring
Pianist Jane Thacher of the mu
sic at Willamette university.
Dr. Smith to Attend
Geologists' Confab
Dr. Warren D. Smith, head of
the geology and geography de
partments, will leave Wednesday
for Stanford university to attend
meetings of the Cordilleran sec
tion of the Geological Society of
America there Friday and Satur
day. Dr. Smith is scheduled to
present a paper which he has
Job Talks Start
On Wednesday
Personnel Heads
To Give Interviews
For Work-Hunters
Wednesday is going to be field
day for University students look
ing for jobs. Miss Janet Smith,
employment secretary, has an
nounced the presence on the cam
pus for that day of three per
sonnel representatives interested
in securing future employees
Howard Davis, superintendent
of Lipman, Wolfe, and company
in Portland, and one or two
assistants, will interview men and
women students in rooms 103 and
104 Commerce, starting at 10
Two interviewers will be in the
employment office. J. F. Smiley,
district manager of the Proctor
and Gamble distributing com
pany, Seattle, Washington, will
be looking for men to fill posi
tions in that company. Contacts
can be made through the employ
ment office of the school of busi
ness office.
The Puget Sound Power and
Light company is sending its per
sonnel officer, General H. G. Win
sor, here Wednesday to seek stu
dents interested and capable of
working in that company. He will
also be interviewing in the em
ployment office.
written on the Wallowa moun
Dr. L. W. Staples, geology in
structor who is on leave of ab
sence in Nevada for spring term,
will also attend the conference.
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