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Place Devoid
Of Politics
UO Freshmen
_. »'t.i a ' ] _
'Lemon' Sing
Prompts 8:30
Dance Time
Silver Cups Ready
For Lettermen's
Saturday Playoff
Because of "half time stunts”
planned during the Letterman’s
Lemon Squeeze Saturday night,
Ray Dickson and his orchestra
will swing into its theme song at
8:30 instead of the usual 9 o’clock
campus dance time, ruled Jim
Harris, chairman of the Order of
the O dance.
The wind up of the interfra
ternity sing "tournament” will be
the intermission entertainment
with the three men’s houses sing
ing before the "umpires" from
30 to 10:30 and the three soror
ities from 11 to 11:30.
Two silver loving cups will be
presented to the winners in each,
class by the interfraternity coun
cil and Panhellenic, respectively.
Finalists in the fraternity
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Latest Figures
Teli Decrease
Spring Enrollment
Shows Slight Loss
Over Last Year's
A breakdown of registration
figures released recently showed
a total enrollment in the Univer
sity of 3219 students, a one per
cent decrease from last spring
term's figure of 3280.
The 1949 men enrolled led the
1300 women by a wide margin.
The men, however, have de
creased three per cent from last
year’s 2011 while the women have
increased two per cent over the
1269 registered at the same time
last year.
A breakdown of registration
figures compared with those for
a year ago follows.
Now Year Ago
Auditors . 18 11
Special . 16 13
Freshmen . 8S0 1000
Sophomores .1285 1175
Juniors .294 255
Seniors . 525 573
Graduates . 231 253
Total .3249 3280
• • •
Picking pretty girls positions in the royal court of Junior Weekend causes judges to fret. From this
group of nine junior women will be selected the beautiful pageant's beautiful queen and her court of
four princesses. The girls are, bottom row, left to right, Barbara Non, Eleanor Sederstrom, Dorothy
Wheeelr, and Annubelle Dow. Back row, Helen Anjell, Isolde Eiehenlaub, Jean Kurt, Winl Green, and
Barbara Todd.
■» ■. -
May Queen to Launch
Eugene 'Noah’s’ Ark
When most boats are christened they slip back into the water,
but when the Junior Weekend queen-to-be breaks a bottle of milk
over the nose of the good ship “Norwind,” it will glide out into
Eugene Route F and trundle on down toward 'Willamette street.
Chet “Noah" Good of Eugene has worked for nearly eight years to
complete a sea-going sailboat, and now that it is finished he is having
trouble getting tne mgnway com
mission to grant him the right to
take it to the ocean via the high
ways of the state of Oregon.
With the prospects of his suc
cess in convincing the highway
commission of the practicability
of the trip on the up grade, the
Junior Weekend committee has
offered the loan of the not-yet
selected weekend queen to do the
honors at the christening. A local
dairy solved the rest of the prob
lem of christening by donating a
bottle of milk with which to
garnish the front of the vessel.
Buck Buchwach, promotion
chairman for the weekend, ex
plained today that the boat would
be decorated and a parade would
precede the christening.
Y Ex Comm Meets
YMCA executive committee
students meet at 9 o’clock to
night. At 4:30 this afternoon the
student union committee of the
advisory board of the "Y'1 meets
in the “Y” hut. The committee
includes Dean Victor P. Morris,
BA school, Gordon Wright, as
sistant professor of history, Dan
Bacot, Bob Carlson, and Bob
'Baby' Maladies
Bother College
Various and diversified an
tagonisms infest the infirmary
this term. Ailments include the
ever present measles, mumps,
chicken pox, sore throat, and a
general run down condition. Any
one, or combination, of the above
listed are sufficient excuse to
join the ranks of the (in)famous
for a rest from spring fervor.
"Unidentified sources” raised
the total today to include: Mar
garet Meyerholz, Edith. Borda,
Edith Bush, Olivia Dysinger, Mar
jorie Dibble, Marjory Taylor,
Gloria Prouty, Betty Hughes,
Barbara Bryant, Norma Ogle,
Agnes Barry, Ruth Eckhardt,
Mary Mercier, and Elsie Franz.
Ben Wholer, Paul Morris, Clin
ton Childs, Ed Fockler, Pete
Smith, Norman Foster, Walter
MeCornack, and Ed Blumenthal.
UO Students
Will Choose
Sweetie Song
Listeners to Vote
At Rally Assembly
For Top Singers
Oregon vnli : boose its favoriW
sweetheart song at ? 30 T<*nday[
afternoon at a pre-game rally toW
the Webfoot-'Willamette busebal#
encounter Saturday, Tiger Payne,
ASUO president, announced yee«
Arrangements are being made
to obta.n McArthur court for'the
all-campus assembly because 'of
the inadequacy of GVvlinger,
Payne said.
All organizations wishing .to
participate in the contest must)
list its name and the song title
at the president’s office by o’-*
clock Thursday.
"Some kind of recognition” will
be given the house judged by.the
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Raver to Cover :
Power Historg
Bonneville Project
Head to Address
Students Thursday
The history and administra-'
tion of federal power will .bo .cov
ered by Paul J. Raver, adminis
trator of the Bonneville project,
when he addresses ITuivor^ityj
students at then 'll o'clock as
sembly Thursday .in Gerlingc#
Dr. Raver has had rare expe
rience in the field of public
works; an imposing list of office;#
in this line follows his name*
From the time he was graduate
as an engineer rn 1917 until "to
day, his whole career has .beefll
devoted to public service.
It was this record which Ie<§
Secretary I e kes to ask that heibel
released in 1939 from hi$. no^ty
appointed station as chairman o#
the Illinois commerce commis
sion to become head of the powe#
for the Grand Coulee' and Bonne
ville projects.
Long years of work in the fielej
of public works has equipped hint
with a fine understanding of prob
Spring Term Social Calendar
The spring term social calen
dar, giving a complete schedule
of dates of the all-campus events,
house dances, and activities
scheduled by honoraries, houses,
and other University groups, was
released Tuesday by the dean of
women's office.
It follows:
April 9, Wednesday
YWCA assembly 4 p.m. at YW
Nursing class from OSC at UO
April 10, Thursday
“Tovarich” Guild theater
YWCA tea—4 p.m. at YW bun
April 11, Friday
Good Friday (no social events)
April 12, Saturday
All-campus Order of the “O'’
All-campus sing
April 13, Sunday
Easter, Easter Sunrise service,
6 a.m. McArthur court
Phi Gamma Delta Easter
breakfast and picnic
Delta Tau Delta breakfast
Kappa Sigma breakfast
April 15, Tuesday
Alec Templeton concert
April 16, Wednesday
YWCA-YMCA assembly, 4 at
Retail Distribution Institute
April 17, Thursday
YWCA Hospitality tea, 4 p.m.,
YW’ bungalow
Retail Distribution Institute
YWCA-YMCA training confer
ence at Silver Creek falls
April 18, Friday
Sophomore Wrhiskerino
Lions’ Club show, McArthur,
8 p.m.
YWCA-YMCA Training confer
April 19, Saturday
All Co-op Spring Formal
Kwarna-Skull and Dagger rally
Alpha Delta Pi pledge dance
April 21-25, Monday to Friday
Mid-term examinations
April 23, Wednesday
YWCA-YMCA assembly, 4 p.m.
toy soph, committee
April 24, Thursday
YWCA Hospitality tea, 4 p.m.
at YW bungalow
April 25, Friday
Lane county grade school- nun
sic festival
Educational activities movies
Phi Sigma Kappa
Delta Delta Delta dance
Canard club informal
Phi Delta Theta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
April 2C, Saturday
Sigma Kappa dinner dance
Pi Kappa Alpha dinner dance
Phi Kappa Fsi formal
Orides Spring formal (
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