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By KEN CHRISTIANSON, Co-Editor of Sporta
Ineligibility. It’s a tlisageeable word to Messrs. Mike Hoy
man, fox Oliver, and Vaughn Corley this week. For it is in
eligibility rulings which have caused a number of plaus of
these Oregon coaches to be tossed out the nearest window.
Three frosh swimmers took the,Pacific coast conference
rulings on the chin. But the worst blow to Hoyman was
Stu Randall, varsity freestyler from Annapolis. It was
around Randall, Sherm Wetmore, and Jack Dallas that Hoy
man was building his team. Randall was capable of a con
sistent :m or :oo in the 100-yard freestyle. With Randall
ruled out, Hoyman is left on the limb with no topnotch Iree
Contrary to popular thought, Hoyman's swimmers with one
exception were not ruled out of competition because of poor
gardes. Bill Lyon, frosh freestyler, took the count because
of a low GPA, but the other two freshmen and Randall were
declared ineligible for other reasons. Randall has swum one
year of varsity competition, llis freshman year he didn’t com
pete at the University of Hawaii. As a sophomore, he swam
at Annapolis as a freshman. Any entrant can only compete
on Iresliman teams, lie swam one year of varsity competition.
And the transfer rule held him out ins one remaining year.
Freshmen Ruled Out
Hod iuau, iresnman, was ruled out because he swam with the
Aero club of Portland against the University of Washington
freshmen in March, 1'J-fU. That was before he even knew he
was going to matriculate at Oregon. Tom Houston is ineligible
for froslt competition but he may be eligible for the varsity,
llis three terms at Oregon have expired, so lie is no longer
a freshman. If he is ruled eligible for varsity competition, it
will be an aid to Mike’s varsity problems.
On the wrestling front Oliver is feeling low because
of adverse rulings against Ray Foster, Henri D’Elba, and
lVlort lviyers. D Riba went down because of grades. Foster
and lYiyers technically completed their three years of var
sity competition. Meanwhile, Corley’s boxing squad was
momentarily weakened by a ruling on Pete Riley, state 145
pound AAli champ. Riley had taken incompletes in fall
term s work, and was notified of his ineligiblity too late
to make up his work for last Saturday’s OSC meet. Riley
will be eligible for all fights to come, however.
11 Men Used to Beat Beavers
Bouquets to Hoyman! lie used exactly 11 men to beat the
combined varsity and freshman swimmers by respective scores
of 12 to 32 and 38 to 36. Dallas, Wetmore, A1 Sandner, Gerald
Ilucsfis, Cub Guilts, and Dick Allen were the varsity men. Six
men entered in nine events. Each man can only be entered
in three events, so Iloymau could use only one man in some of
the events. In fact, excepting the medley relay and the four
man relay, the 150-yard backstroke was the only event in which
lloyman entered two men—AVetmorc and liuestis.
That was about all the men Hoyman had to use. Jim
Mamie was suffering from the after effects of measles.
Hoyman and his gang really had very little trouble beating
the Beavers, but Washington will probably be a different
lloyman says, “ We've a 50 to 1 chance of beating Washington,
but so long as we have that one chance of beating the Huskies,
we’ll be in there working.” And it wouldn't be surprising if
the Ducks managed to pull the meet out of the fire, for Iloymau
showed more strategy in beating the OSC rooks Saturday.
Exactly five men were used in nine events ,although the
medley relay was scratched. Bob Irvin, Chuck Nelson, Jack
Robinson, John Mead, and Al Conyne were the few swimmers
which Mike could use. The others were watching from above
with bad cases of ineligibility.
Rhea Beats Cavagnaro
The standout athletic event of tlie whole day's festivities,!
however, was the heavyweight wrestling match between Ore
gon's Floyd Rhea and OSC’s Yirg Cavagnaro, national AAU
champion. Rhea gave Cavagnaro one of his few beatings
Cavagnaro is fast as a buzz saw and just as dangerous to some
one not so strong as lihea, but. there was nothing the Beaver
could do in this case. Each time Cavagnaro got behind Rhea,
the Duck simply bounced to his feet, shook off the Stater, and
rushed at him again.
Cavagnaro tired faast, long before the end of the fight—
it went 13 minutes. At one time Rhea became irked with
the way things were going. He was grappling with Cavag
naro in a standing position, then Rhea dropped his weight
on Cavagnaro. The Beaver melted beneath the 221 pounds
of Oregon grappling meat like a splat of butter on a hot
Near tlie end of the match, Cavagnaro could hardly hold
his body erect; lie was weaving all over the ring. An Oregon
man yelled, ‘‘Stop this slaughter, Cavagnaro is too pooped to
fight.” An agrarian student piped up with, “That’s the way
he wrestles, lie's wrestling for points.” And all the time,
Cavagnaro was at the point of collapsing from sheer fatigue.
Oregon Matmen
Drubbed by OSC
Hal Kaschko, Rhea
Win Only Matches
As Ducks Fall, 6 2
\n outclassed University of
Oregou wrestling team Saturday
look a 6 to 2 drubbing from the
Orange and Black grapples from
Oregon State College.
Only two Webfoot wrestlers
were ab!° to gam wins and both
of them were on decisions. Ha!
lT5-pc-^d vsts^t d'
cieioned Fat Kell, and Flc/d
Rhea, heavyweight got the nod
over Virgil Cavagnaro, touted
Beaver wrestler.
121—Ted Webb, OSC, over Joe
Wong. Oregon, by forfeit.
126—Dick Wolson, OSC, decision
over Allister Still, Oregon.
136—Dan Feikert, OSC, two falls
over Henri p'Elba. Oregon, by for
113—Ray Lockwood. OSC, two
falls from Ilal Schlutcr, Oregon.
105—Jim Merritt, OSC, decision
over Stan Watt, Oregon.
160—Lewis Furber, OSC, over
Don Holst, Oregon, first round
175—Ha! Kaschko Oregon, de
cision over Fat Kelly, OSC.
Heavyweight—Floyd Rhea Ore
g;:. o*er Virgil Ca.ag
aaro, OSC.
Duckling Five Crushes Vancouver, 53-14
Yearlings Run Up
Victory Margin
In First Period
Jackson, Sheridan
Score 12 Points;
Halftime, 36 to 9
A first scoring spree by the
University of Oregon Ducklings
yesterday was too much for the
Vaucouver, W'aashington high
school team as the frosh hoop
men trampled the northern five
by a 53 to 14 score.
The Vancouver boys were never
really in the game as the frosh
dominated the contest trom the
tip off to the final gun. The half
time score was 36 to 9.
Slow Start
Bob Sheridan and Lloyd Jack
son walked off with scoring hon
ors each accounting for 12 points.
The first frw minutes of the
game were wild, and Ken Sim
mensen finally broke the ice with
a dribble in shot. Finney evened
it up with one from the front.
With the scoring started, Jack
son and Bob W’ren added quick
basket to give the frosh the lead.
The yearlings continued to pep
per the hoop and it was well into
the second quarter before the vis
itors could score. Bob Sheridan
got hot in the second quarter and
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Tall and powerful member of
Hobby Hobson’s comeback Web
foot basketball team is Archie
Marsliik. Marshik saw action in
the encounter as the Ducks polished
off the Washington Huskies last
night, 57-35.
Vaughn Corley, boxing coach
and varsity line boss, watched his
inexperienced mitt team take a
1-1 trouncing from Oregon State
college. It was Corley’s first at
tempt to break the Beavers 14
year boxing supremacy.
Beaver Miitmen
Down UO Squad
Shephard Defeats
Pruitt for Only
Webfoot Victory
Jim Shephard, heavyweight, was
the only Oregon boxer to draw
the judges’ nod, as the Webfoot
meet team lost a one-sided match
to Jim Dixon’s OSC aggregation.
Shephard pounded out a three
round decision over Ken Pruitt.
The Beaver heavyweight was forc
ed to cover up for most of the fight
and was an easy target for Shep
ahrd’s uppercuts to the jaw. Neith
er fighter displayed much polish,
but Shephard showed more stuff
than he did ini lifting the all
campus crown last week.
In the 135 pound tilt Marty
Schedler was decisively beaten by
Hal Peterson, one of the top-flight
lightweights in the northwest.
Schedler gained the plaudits of
the crowd by the game fight he
put up against an opponent who
has almost as many years of box
ing experience as the combined
Duck squad.
Merle Hanscom looked gun-shy
as he was completely outclassed
by Don Hawkins, 155-pound boy
The Orangemen won two fights
by forfeits when Pete Riley was
knocked out by scholastic ineligi
bility and Willard Heath, 135
pounder, was kept out by a cut
The only knockout of the day
occurred when George Thorpe
walked into a right-cross handed
out by OSO's 120-pound Hawaiian
boy, Jiro Yasudo.
The results:
120 pounds: Jiro Yasudo of Ore
gon State knocked out Geotge
Thorp of Oregon; 127 pounds:
Dick Livingston of Oregon State
won by forfeit from Willard Heath
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-rAe PAsresr
Mite ei/ER-win^oessa?
Ai"rAe&ARoeM To
ev/e/vir ?• ~
' CWOck' w'/
TaICTOOC Miue. Ic|»llrr OP 'O^O'
i-- >46 doPBS 1c> RETiRE TM&' .
,»jA.niA/vURF«.<l9«:HVAf "Tte A<iUfiK&’
4 A, *(.55T 'v! iU?1^' SGvA^
•btzrtzK- J?5S. V——~ ~
Huskies Unable
To Check Duck
Rapid Scoring
Townsend Tallies
Often as Oregon
Downs UW, 57-35
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Northern Division
Basketball Standings
W. L. Pet.
Washington Stae .6 2 .750
Washington .4 3 .571
Oregon State..4 3 .571
Idaho .2 4 .333.
Oregon .2 6 .143
Game Tuesday: Washington
at Oregon.
drews, Townsend, and Fuhrman
flicked the ball towards the hoop,
tallying often enough to keep
ahead of the frantic Huskies.
Chuck Gilmur, Bob Lindh, Dal
thorp, and Bob Voelker tried to
keep up with Oregon, but the Hus
kies began to fade at the close of
the half. Halftime score was: Ore
gon 28, Washington 19.
Bill Borcher, Townsend, An
drews, Jackson, Kirsch, and Fuhr
man were the best on the floor for
Oregon. Bob Voelker, Wally Leask,
and Dalthorp were the greatest
aid to Washington.
Townsend’s 18 points coupled
with 74 in seven games gives
“Slick” Vic a total of 92 points
in eight games. This is two behind
the amount necessary to break
Oregon State Wally Palmberg's
16-game record of i87.
Washington, 35
Washington, 35 FG FT PF TP
Lindh, f .-1 0 0 2
Dalthorp, f .3 0 16
Gilmur, c .2 0 0 4
Nelson, g .1113
Morris, g .1 0 12
B. Voelker, f.4 3 3 11
Fliflet, f .1 113
Schlicting, c .0 0 0 0
J. Voelker, c .1 0 0 2
Leask, g .0 13 1
Brown, g ..0 1 0 4
Totals .14 7 10 35
Oregon, 57 FG FT PF TP
Townsend, f .7 4 1 18
Borchers, f-c .3 117
Borrevik, c.0 0 3 0
Andrews, g.4 0 18
Jackson, g . 1 10 3
Fuhrman, f .6 0 4 12
Sidesingcr, f .0 0 0 0
McNecley, f .1 10 3
Taylor, f .1 2 0 4
Marshik, f .0 0 10
Kirsch, g .1 0 0 2
Triano, g .0 0 10
Total. shrdlu aoacmoi
Total .24 9 12 57
Halftime score: Washington 19;
Oregon 28.
Missed free throws: Dalthorp 1,
Gilmur 3, Morris 1, Leask 1, Town
send 2, Botcher 1, Andrews 1, Tri
ano 1.
Technical fouls : Washington
(Too many time outs).
Field shots taken: Lindh 6, Dal
thorp 10, Gilmur 4, Nelson 17, Mor
ris 6, Schlicting 1, Leask 6, B.
Voelker 9, J. Voelker 2, Fliflet 4,
Brown 2, Townsend 16, Borcher 7,
Borrevik 2, Andrews 14, Jackson
5, Fuhrman 15; Kirsch 4, McNee
ley -2, Sidesingcr 1, Triano 2, Tay
lor 1, Marshik 1. Washington total
67, Oregon total 70.
Officials: Emil Piluso, Portland.
Keferec: Frank Hcniges, Portland.
Ducks Hit .843
Oregon took 70 shots from the
floor during the course of the
game and made good with 24 of
them for a batting average of
.343. Washington tried 67 times and
rang up 14 for a percent
age of .200. Oregon missed five of
14 free throw attempts; Washing
ton missed 6 of 13.
The rugged Ducks dominated
the backboard as well as the other
departments of the game. Wash
ington grabbed 44 rebounds, while
Oregon collected 66. The Webfoots
took 38 off the Husky boards and
28 off their own. Washington
speared 24 off its own backboard
and 20 off Oregon’s. Washington's
Bob Voclker took 10, while Town
send of Oregon picked up J4 and
Bill Borcher nabbed 12.
Believe It or Not
111 La&t 7tli Pii. 1
47 f!
The man behind the wheel of the
University of Oregon’s athletic
machine is Anse Cornell, Athletic
Frosh Hoopers
Win Two More
Astoria, Hood River
Downed by High
Scoring Ducklings
The University of Oregon frosh
outran, outguessed, outshot, and
just naturally outplayed two for
midable high school opponents in
the past weekend, winning over
Astoria preppers, 70-86 and Hood
River’s Apple Pickers, 51-18. Now
land of the frosh took high scoring
honors in the Astoria game with
20 points to his credit and his run
ning mate Wren followed with 14.
Wirkkunnen was high for Astoria
with 15 points.
The game was a running affair
all of the way, the frosh playing
their usual run and shoot game
and ASTORIA using the same tac
Roger Dick fouled out of the
contest in two minutes of the sec
ond half in the wild passing, run
ning and pass grabbing fray.
In the second game the frosh
outclassed their smaller Hood
River opponent and galloped to an
other easy victory. The frosh were
not hitting the basket, attempting
78 shots at the bucket and hitting
28 for field goals for an average
of .294 dropping .103 points from
the Astoria game average, which
was .397.
Gissberg led the frosh in scoring
with 12 points and Roger Dick
followed close behind with 10.
Samuel wras high for the Apple
Pickcrs with 6 points.
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Ducks, Frosh Drown
OSC in Swim Meet
Both the University of Oregon varsity and freshman swimming
squads dunked the Oregon State college Beavers in a dual tank meet
in Corvallis Saturday. The varsity won by a score of 42-32 and the
frosh, 38-36.
Despite the fact that the six man varsity is the smallest team to
ever represent Oregon in a dual
meet, they won both relay events
and three other first places to post
the 10-point victory. Mike Callis,
sophomore free-styler; Sherm Wet
more. backstroker, and Jack Da1
las, ace breast-stroke swimmer,
won first places for Oregon.
Frosh Edge Kooks
The five-man freshman squad
barely nosed out the rook swim
mers in a dramatic win, by taking
the relay, final event of the morn
ing program. Individual stars for
the ducklings were Bob Irvin who
won the 50 and 100-yard free style
events and Robinson who won the
220 and 440 free style events. Both
swimming in the last event, the
400-yard relay, which won the meet
for the frosh.
Varsity summary:
300-yard medley won by UO
(Huestis, Dallas, Allen); OSC
second; time 3:24, 220-yard free
style—won by Ebeling; OSC Wet
more, UO, second; Kling, OSC,
third; by Stark, OSC; Callis, UO,
second; Sidwell, OSC, third; time,
:24.8. Fancy diving won by Bur
gess, OSC; Sandner, UO, sec
ond. 100-yard free style—won by
Callis. UO; Stark, OSC, second;
Sidwell, OSC, third; time, :59.
150-yard back stroke—won by
Wetmore, UO; Huestis, UO, sec
ond; Swartz, OSC, third; time
1:54.8. 200-yard breast stroke—
won by Dallas, UO; Morrison,
OSC, second; Hofstcd, OSC, third;
Valentine Day Is
Almost Here—
Make Ibis year remember
ed always by that eertain
person. See our eollee
tions of lovely gifts for
both eoeds and fellows.
620 Willamette
time, 2:45. 440-yard free styles
won by Ebeling, OSC; Wetmore,
UO, second; Kling, OSC, third;
time, 5:24. 400-yard relay—won by
UO (Allen, Huestis, Dallas, Callis)j
OSC, second; time, 3:56.6.
Freshman summary:
300-yard medley relay—won by
OSC (Woodward, Stone, Lemon);
no Oregon entrant; time, 3:53.7.
220-yard free style—won by Rob
inson, UO; Cummings, OSC, sec
ond; Nelson, UO, third; time,
2:30.6. 50-yard free style—won by
Irvin, UO; Mead, UO, second;
Bird, OSC, third; time: 24.5. Fancy
diving—won by Robbins, OSC;
Smith, OSC, second; Coyne, UO,
third. 100-yard free style—won by
Irwin, UO; Bird, OSC, second;
Nelson, UO, third; time, 1:04. 150
yard back stroke—won by Nelson,
UO; Woodward, OSC, second; time,
1:52.3. 200-yard breast stroke
won by Stone, OSC; Robins, OSC,
second; Conyne, UO, third; time,
2:49.6. 440-yard free style—won
by Robinson, UO; Cummings, OSC,
second; time, 5:39. 400-yard relay
—won by UO (Mead, Nelson, Rob
inson, Irvin); OSC second; time,
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