Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 04, 1941, Page Four, Image 4

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    Graduate Student
Dies in California
Edwood Swane, 30, graduate in
education, died December 22 at his
home in Campbell, California,
shortly after leaving the University
for the holidays.
Friends revealed that Swane
contracted flu, and that going home
on the train, it developed into
pneumonia, This, combined with
heart disease, caused his death,
they said.
Swane, who lived at 7M E. ilth
street in F.ugene, was to have be
come eligible for his master’s de
gree in March. At the University
he was doing practice teaching
under Joseph Holaday, instructor
in education.
Swane was a graduate of Camp
bell Union high school and San
Jose State college, both in Cali
fornia. Active in Sea Scout work
and a member of the United
States Naval Reserve, he was affil
iated with the University of Wash
ington chapter of Delta Tau Delta
Pot and Quill Extend
Contest Closing Date
Pot and Quill society is extend
ing its annual creative writing
contest closing dates to January
20, Jane Dachtelberg, president of
the women’s writing honorary on
the campus, announced yesterday.
All entries must be mailed to
Mrs. Eric W. Allen, 2239 Birch
Lane, Eugene, by that time, she
Any undergraduate girl is eligi
ble to enter the contest. Top
award will be a $.r> prize and en
tries may bo anything from poems
to a play, Miss Dachtelberg states.
Those entries which show that the
writer has promise will qualify the
entrant to membership in the all
women's University writing hon
Noble Reads Papers
Dr. H. J. Noble, associate pro
fessor of history, attended the an
nual meeting of the American Po
litical Science association in Chi
cago and also the meeting of the
American Historical association in
New York. He read papers at both
Aiming to improve their paper, these members of file Emerald editorial board have called a meeting of
the news staff after a luncheon Monday noon. In the picture are I*al Erickson, women’s editor; Helen
Ant'd I, associate editor; Jimmie Leonard, managing editor; Lyle Nelson, editor; Hoy Vernstrom, editorial
consultant; Harold Olney, associate editor; and Kent Ntit/.er, news editor.
PE Sponsors Radio
Series Over KOAC
The first in a series of radio
programs, sponsored by the Uni
versity physical education depart
ment, will be heard on thq air
Monday evening at 8:45 p.m. over
station KOAC Corvallis, according
to Miss Josephine Persicano, in
structor in the department.
The “Physical Education For
um” will be presented on succeed
ing Monday nights until March 3
and will be presented by physical
education staff members.
The broadcasts will stress four
definite phases in its course in
cluding physical education, rec
reation, safety, and health educa
R. W. Leighton, dean of the de
Begins January 6
The Eugene Business College prepares you
for the many positions that are now open
and the ones which are opening in Ihe fu
ture. See us about our courses.
A. E. Roberts, Pres. Phone G6G Miner Bldg.
as featured in
Exclusive in Eugene with us.
Fresh as a daisy in acetate
14. Cj ©‘u£(nv &. C*
10o0 Willamette
Phone 108t
partment, will bo the first speak
er on the new radio feature, speak
ing- on "Functions and Purposes
of the School of Physical Educa
The Forum will be given as a
quiz type program with P. R.
Washkc, professor of physical ed
it c a t i o n , as the interviewer
throughout the series.
Weekly Publication
Tells of Defense Work
"Defense,” a weekly giving the
latest information on the defense
program in the United States, is
a new publication in the library
periodical department, announced
Willis Warren, periodical librarian
and executive assistant. It is pub
lished by the advisory committee
to the council of national defense.
The department this week re
sumed its subscription to the week
ly indexes of Public Affairs in
formation service, listing books,
pamphlets, and magazine articles
about current political, economic,
and social affairs. The weekly in
dexes should be of special value to
senior journalism students in edit
ing who are writing theses. The li
brary has been receiving the cum
ulative indexes continually, but the
weekly information is advantag
eous in the rapidly changing world
situation, Mr. Warren stated.
New Speech Course
To Study Pathology
Development of speech from in
fancy to adulthood will lie studied
by students enrolled in the Univer
sity speech division's new course in
speech pathology.
Mr. Jack L. Bangs, instructor
of speech, will handle arrange
ments for this two-hour course, of
fered for the first time this term.
It is a two-hour credit class and
will carry on through spring term.
Class meeting hours will be ar
ranged by enrollees. Students in
terested in speech pathology should
contact Mr. Bangs at the speech
division as soon as possible so that
proper registration can be com
pleted and meetings arranged.
Willamette Park
Saturday - .$1 per couple
Ad Staff Announces
Gains in Local Copy
Over Last Fall Term
The business office of the Ore
gon Daily Emerald had an in
crease of 274 column inches in lo
cal advertising lineage, over fall
term last year, according to Jim
Frost, business manager.
Fall term leached a total of
7270.5 column inches from Eu
gene merchants with the last
term’s staff chalking up 7554.5
inches sold to local stores.
Business Manager Frost also re
ported that mailed subscriptions
for the current year had exceeded
the budget $700 by over $100.
Oregon Economists
Attend Convention
Pacific Coast Economics asso
ciation held its nineteenth annual
conference at Stanford university
December 27 and 28.
Members of the Oregon faculty
who attended the conference were
Dean J. H. Gilbert of the college
of social science who was on the
resolutions committee; Beatrice
Aitchison, instructor of economics,
who presented a paper on “Elas
ticity of Demand for Rail Passen
ger Travel"; Calvin Crumbaker,
professor of economics, who was
editor of the conference; and Al
fred L. Lomax, professor of busi
ness administration, who read a
paper on “Assumptions Concern
ing U. S. Foreign Trade, Present
and Future.”
Lutherans to Meet
Lutheran students on the cam
pus will hold their first regular
meeting of the term Sunday at G
p.m. in the YWCA bungalow.
Doi'othy Gustafson will be in
charge of the program, and will
also plan an informal get-together
and party afterwards.
Several hundred gold objects
dug up from ancient Indian burial
grounds in Panama by University
of Pennsylvania archeologists have
been placed on exhibition in the
university museum.
University of Pennsylvania’s
first three football games in 1941
are against the Big Three: Har
vard, Yale, and Princeton.
Frank Taylor, captain of the1
Vermont university grid squad,
had to skip practice the other day
because he had a date to get mar
Whizzer White, one-time All
American halfback at Colorado
university and later a Rhodes
scholar, stood second in his Yale
law school class.
YES! OH YES! OH. YES . . .
30 East 11th . Phone 148
Diaqram Ties Local
With National News
A special diagram, illustrating
the connection between the Uni
versity geology and geography de
partments and the national defense
program has been drawn up by Dr.
Warren D. Smith, head of the geol
ogy and geography departments.
The diagram is being used for illus
trative purposes in the general
geology classes.
As some of the correlations be
tween the two points Dr. Smith has
included the teaching of courses on
the geography of South America,
Europe, and the Pacific states;
membership in local committees on
flood control, land utilization, and
national defense; collaboration
with state departments of geology
and mineral interests; service of
mineral and rock determination
and lectures given by faculty of
the department to granges, service
clubs, forums and schools on min
New Pledge Names
Added to Current
Fraternity Rosters
Chester Root and Donald Neal
Byars became the first men stu
dents on the campus to be
pledged this term when they signed
up in the dean of men's office yes
Root, pledged by Pi Kappa Al
pha, hails from San Francisco. By
ars, who comes from Portland,
was pledged by Sigma Nil.
Seven students pledged at the
close of fall term were R. Wes
ton Mattice, Poitland, Sigma Chi;
Guldbrand J. Kramer, Eureka,
Kappa Sigma; Merritt Kufferman,
Los Angeles, Delta U p s i 1 o n ;
George Bernard Logan, Medford,
Phi Sigma Kappa; Bob Oliver,
Portland, Alpha Tau Omega; Rob
ert H. Lafky, Salem, and L. A.
Beckstrom, Jr., Arcadia, Califor
nia, both Sigma Phi Epsilon.
Education Honorary
Will Meet Tuesday
Pi Lambda Theta, education
honorary for women, will hold a
business meeting Tuesday at 7:45
p.m. at 334 East Fifteenth. Topic
will be a discussion of whether
education should provide all wom
en with homemaking aits as es
sential equipment for complete
Hostesses will be Marie Tinker,
Hazel Stevenson, and Dr. Eliza
beth Montgomery.
School children operate the larg
est amateur museum in the world.
Located in Washington, N. C., it is
known as the Bughouse.
. r imwiim ■n i mi i r
These flying cadets at Randolph Field, Texas, listen to their commanding officer before taking off on
a night flight. Word came this week that six former VVebfoots had graduated from Randolph and were
ready for 10 more weeks of advanced flying at Kelly Field.
Emerald Manager
Appoints Thayer,
Roper to Positions
Appointment of two freshmen as j
day managers on the Emerald J
business staff was announced last
night by Jim Frost, business man
ager. The promotions are quite a
distinction as it is unusual for
first-year students to get these
posts, he revealed.
Jim Thayer, freshman in jour
nalism from Carlton, will be Wed
nesday advertising manager and
will have a staff of about seven
people. Fall term he worked on
the Tuesday staff, Frost stated.
Warren Roper, freshman in bus
iness administration from Port
land, was advanced from the Fri
day advertising staff to Saturday
advertising manager.
Anita Backberg, junior in AAA,
was appointed classified advertis
ing manager Monday to succeed
Alvera Maeder, who was forced to
leave school due to ill health.
Miss Backberg has served five
terms on the local advertising
staff, doing both selling and layout
Branton Will Speak
The first meeting of the Canter
bury club, young peoples organiza
tion of the Episcopal church, will
be held Sunday, January 5.
Rev. J. R. Branton will be guest
speaker of the meeting which will
begin at 5 o’clock.
Special till January 1 5 only
at $4.75
Save 1 5 %
This is to induce new customers
and satisfy our old customers.
Start the
Send the
Oregon If'Emerald
Only $2.00 for
remainder of year
$1.25 per term
Broken eegg shells may compete
with oyster shells and limestone
as a poultry feed, according to
Iowa State college.
An indispensable redingole.
A colorfully prinied Doris
Acelaie rayon prinied dress
topped by a collarless Doris
rayon Faille coat. Wear the
dress separately—the coat
wiih other dressesl In Blue
dress wiih Blue ccat, Eluo
dress with Navy coot, and
Aqua dress with Aqua coat.
Sizes 9 to 17.
I W'
5.95, 7.95 & 10.95
20-30 E. Broadway