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Sports Co-editor
Oregon Daily Emerald
About this time of the year all
coast selections become as preva
lent as fallen autumn leaves, so it
seems logical that mine should be
added to the gathering pile.
However, to be chosen on my
all-coast team will mean some
thing. I am giving an award to
each of the players who are named
to it. In other words, each of the
football players who are named in
this column to my team will re
ceive more than just possible
glory to be derived from the se
This award is in the form of a
free admission to the dunking of
four Oregon gridders next Mon
day. I feel that if several all
coasters are on hand, I will be in a
more favorable position when it
comes to tossing Dick Ashcom,
Marsh Stenstrom, Elliott Wilson,
and Jim Harris in the race. They
lost to Cal, so they pay the pen
But to get on to the selections,
the team has four good punters,
two exceptional place-kickers, and
three outstanding passers. The
backfield has no blocking back, but
if Stanford’s T formation were
used this would not be necessary.
Ends—Jay MacDowell of Wash
ington and Johnny Lcovich of Ore
gon State. These two arc rated the
best defensive ends on the coast
and both are good pass-snaggers.
Second choices: Dick Horne of
Oregon and A1 Krueger of USC.
Tackles—Jim Stuart of Oregon
and Vic Sears of Oregon State.
They arc clearly the standouts in
the line. Bob de Lauer of USC and
Bob Reinhard of California are
second choices.
Guards — Ray Frankowski of
Washington and Leonard Younce
of Oregon State. Younce is our
place-kicker de-luxe. Both are
fast, aggressive, and good defen
sive men. We place Ben Sohn of
USC and Chuck Taylor of Stan
ford on the second team.
Center—Rudy Mucha of Wash
ington. He'll be on all-American
teams, so he must be good enough
for our all-coast selection. Ed
Dempsey of USC conics next.
Quarterback — Frankie Albert
of Stanford. He’s our best punter
and a good passer. When it comes
to carrying the ball, he’s there,
too. He calls the plays and is re
placed by Oregon’s Chet Haliski.
Left Half—Bill Sewell of Wash
Final Intramural *A ’ and ‘B’ Volleyball Standings Listed" A ’ League First
League One
W. L. Pet.
Phi Delta Theta .3 0 1.000
Pi Kappa Alpha .2 1 .667
Phi Gamma Delta .1 2 .333
Kirkwood co-op .0 3 .000
League One
W. L. Pet.
Alpha Tau Omega .3 0 1.000
Yeomen .1 2 .333
Pi Kappa Alpha .1 2 .333
Alpha hall .1 2 .333
League Two
W. L. Pet.
SAE .3 0 1.000
Sigma Chi .2 1 .667
Alpha hall .1 2 .333
Terriers .0 3 .000
League Two
W. L. Pet.
Delta Upsilon .3 0 1.000
Kirkwood co-op .2 1 .667
Kappa Sigma .1 2 .333
Phi Gamma Delta .0 3 .000
League Three
W. L. Pet
Theta Chi .3 0 1.0<X
Delta Tau Delta .2 1 .66'
Sigma Phi Epsilon .1 2 .331
Campbell co-op .0 3 .001
League Three
W. L. Pet
Theta Chi .3 0 1.00<
Beta Theta Pi .2 1 .66’
Delta Tau Delta.1 2 .33!
Sigma hall .0 3 .00*
League Four
W. L.
> Delta Upsilon .3 0
’ Beta Theta Pi .2 1
1 Gamma hall .1 2
l Zeta hall .0 3
League Four
W. L.
> Phi Delta Theta .3 0
’ Pi Sigma Kappa .2 1
! Campbell co-op .1 2
I Sigma Nu .0 3
League Five
W. L.
Kappa Sigma .3 0
Yeomen .2 1
Sigma Nu .1 2
Sigma hall .0 3
League Five
W. L.
Gamma hall .3 0
Chi Psi .1 2
Canard club . 1 2
Sigma Alpha Mu .1 2
League Six
VV. L. Pet.
Phi Sigma Kappa.3 0 1.000
| Canard Club .1 2 .333
Omega hall .1 2 .333
Sigma Alpha Mu .1 2 .333
league Six
W. L. Pet.
Zeta hall .3 0 1.000
SAE .2 1 .667
j Sigma Phi Epsilon .1 2 .333
| Terriers .0 3 .000
League Seven
W. L. Pet.
Alpha Tau Omega.3 0 1.000
Pi Kappa Psi .2 1 .667
Chi Psi .1 2 .333
Sherry Ross hall .0 3 .000
Leaguo Seven
W. L. Pet.
Omega hall .3 0 1.000
Sigma Chi .2 1 .667
Phi Kappa Psi .1 2 .333
Sherry Ross hall .0 3 .000
All over but the playoffs. That
is the situation on intramural vol
leyball which concluded league
play today. Tomorrow the first
playoff games will start with four
squad's toeing the mark for the
final sprint.
The list of finalists in their con
ferences include the following "A"
league winners: Sigma Alpha Ep
silon, Theta Chi, Deleta Upsilon,
Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta,
Phi Sigma Kappa, and Alpha Tau
“B” league champions, two of
whom were crowned just yester
day, are: Alpha Tau Omega, Del
ta Upsilon, Theta Chi, Phi Delta
Theta, Gamma hall, Zeta hall, and
Omega_ hall.
Playoff Schedules
First round eliminations will see
Sigma Alpha Epsilon meeting with
Kappa Sigma on court 38 and The
ta Chi clashing with Phi Sigma
Kappa on floor 43. Both tussles
are of the “A” league variety and
come at 4 o'clock.
Delta Upsilon's “B" outfit draws
the ATOs at 4:45 on court 38,
while Gamma hall and Omega hall
tangle on floor 43 at the same
Monday's final “B” league skir
msihes saw Gamma, last year's
champions, trip up Canard club,
15- 6, 15-10. Sigma Alpha Mu
bounced Chi Psi, 14-13, 13-15,
16- 14. Sigma Chi dropped Phi
Kappa Psi, .15-7, 15-13, while Sig
ma Phi Epsilon bested Sigma Al
pha Epsilon, 11-15, 15-14, 15-9.
The other two contests went in
favor of Omega hall over Sherry
Ross, 15-12, 2-15, 15-9, and Zeta
hall by forfeit over the Terriers.
ington State. Sewell is rated as
the best passer in the nation and
is one of the leading ground-gain
ers on the coast. He's good as a
punter and is our No. 1 pick for
the East-West game for New
Years 1942. Dean McAdams of
Washington is the second choice.
High Half—Jim Kisselburgh of
Oregon State. Kisselburgh is the
main defensive factor in the mythi
cal backfield. He could have been
placed at fullback, but he passes,
punts, and runs well, besides being
a blocker, so here he is. Buck Ber
ry of Oregon draws the second
Fullback — Norm Standlee of
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Reporter Booted
From Webfoot
Grid Practice
Passing Offense
Noted; Coverage
Tip Offered
Any resemblance of this yarn to
a news story is purely coincidental.
A football reporter covers his
beat. . . . Five-fifteen p.m., he
enters Hayward field. Five-eight
een p.m., he leaves Hayward field
. . . finis!
Coach Gerald "Tex" Oliver had
his Oregon football team grunting
through practice for Oregon State
this coming Saturday, but that was
no concern of ours. So we were
politely told by three or four man
agers who frantically prodded us
into making a graceful exit when
we trotted out to the field. It
seemed they would be “berled in
erl" should anything like a news
paperman be smelled around the
Passes Flitter
Nevertheless, before we left we
managed to sneak a vague glimpse
of someone passing the ball here
there, and everywhere to eligible
receivers, the opposition, and Ye
hudi . . . that is, if he wasn’t
smothered by the defensive ends in
the meantime. It was a wee bit on
the dark side- visibility next to
zero—and our position way away
from the merry jumble of uniforms
didn’t help matters? any.
Via the grapevine we hear that
General Oliver and his staff had
previously broadcast an SOS for
placekickers, some guy win can
boot the bsll through the posts for
that vital point-after-touchdown.
And it will be vital in Saturday’s
game (we’re assuming the Web
foots will score), for Oregon State
doesn’t ordinarily miss when they
get the chance.
Sure-Fire Way
Oh yes, some rcsour. tful fellow
just gave me a tip on a cinch way
to beat these closed practices. He's
going to lend me his track suit for
a disguise, so I can go prancing
about if e cinderpath bordering the
football field and get a good look
while apparently minriirg my own
business . . that is, unless some
thing like tobacco heart doesn't
floor me alter the first jb yards.
Stanford. He’s rated second behind
John Kimbrough of Texas A and
M as a pro prospect by the pros,
and he’s terrific. Enough said.
John Stackpool of Washington is
second choice behind Standlcc on
our team.
Anyone of the first eleven would
hardly disgrace any of the first,
second, or third AP or UP all
American teams.
Latest news — Gale Emmons,
brother of Oregon’s Frank who
played in the East-West game, is
dropping out of school. He started
one of the frosh games at fullback,
and it is feared that his loss may
be felt.
Andrew G. Truxal, national
president of Phi Kappa Psi fra
ternity and dean of men at Dart
mouth university, visited the Uni
versity of Oregon campus recent
ly on a tour of the West.
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Sally Ann’s Bakery. Bread
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vitamins needed by busy
college students.
Sally says that every suc
cessful social event needs
good bakery goods . . .
whether its for few or
many people. Sally Ann’s
is known for fresh bread,
and delicious pastries, and
other delightful treats.
691 High St. Phone Zio
Hobson N<
For East H
Eight men were named Tuesday
ard Hobson as probable members
Hobson named Hank Anderson,
forwards; Archie Marshik and Wal
son, Vic Townsend and Porky Andi
All-Star Positions
Beckon Coeds
Orides, ADPi, Susie, and Hend
ricks are vying for the nod that
will decide the two all-star volley
ball teams. The winning teams will
be announced by Mary Anderson,
manager of volleyball, next Thurs
day during final games.
The undefeated Orides white
washed AOPi, 37 to 12 last night in
another lopsided battle. The Alpha
Xi Delta-Theta game was a close
one with Theta topping the scor
ing, 23 to 21. A fast playing Alpha
Xi team proved stiff competition
for the Theta eight.
In one of the most exciting
games this season, an undefeated
Susan Campbell team trounced the
co-op girls, 25 to 19. Phyllis Curry
and Marian Blenkinsop played out
standing ball for the co-op while
Dorothy Gustafson starred for
This game decided one of the
semifinalists. Susie Campbell will
meet Hen hall in the semifinals
December 3.
Boxers Vie
Next Week
Oregon’s all-campus b o x i n g
tournament has been set for De
cember 2 and 3 by Head Boxing
Coach Vaughn Corley.
Corley announced that anyone
who has not made an official let
ter in competition at Oregon is eli
gible. Anyone planning to enter
this competition should be work
ing out by now. Corley said that
boxers will be accepted for this
tournament only if they are in
good condition. Corley stressed this
fact. Most of the aspirants for the
varsity and freshman boxing
squads have been working out for
several weeks under Assistant
Coach Pete Riley.
The reason for this tournament
lines Eight
oop Trip
by varsity basketball Coach How
of Oregon’s eastern barnstorming
Red McNeeley and Warren Taylor,
y Borrevik, centers, and Paul Jack
ews, guards, to the tentative squad.
In addition to the three seniors,
three juniors, and two sophomores
listed, Hobson indicated that one or
two more players might be added
before the team leaves on its 7500
mile, three-week trip on Decem
ber 5.
Oklahoma First
The Webfoot’s first encounter on
their trip will pit them against the
strong University of Oklahoma
quintet on December 9 at Norman.
Two nights later the Ducks will
help dedicate Buffalo’s new mil
lion-dollar Memorial auditorium
when they play Canisius, and then
on December 14 Oregon will ap
pear in Madison Square Garden's
opening night for the third con
secutive year.
Moving westward the team will
meet Temple at Philadelphia, Uni
versity of Baltimore at Baltimore,
Duquesne at Pittsburgh* and Brad
ley Tech at Peoria for a total of
seven eastern games.
The team returns to the coast
December 24, playing half a dozen
more games, includig one with the
University of Utah, January 2, at
Eugene before the conference sea
son opens.
is to unearth prospects for posi
tions on the Webfoot boxing
teams. The winners of this cam
paign will be the campus boxing
for all the Family
128 E. 11th Ave.
Believe It or Not
31 East 7th Ph. 547
Squelch Jack Frost
The Polar Bear
Highway 99 at Moss
Special Train
Saturday, Nov. 30
Returns after the game, leaving
Corvallis approximately 5:15 P M.
Tickets and information at booth
on kith street between Oregon
and Commerce Buildings.
■ Mpjaa r-nri r M ■<!»■>■ —" *— w* ■ '.».irag
Sponsored by
Signal Oil Team
To Face Oregon
In Hoop Opener
Scheduled Game
With Dick's Team
The University of Oregon’s in
augural 1940-41 basketball appear
ance opens Friday night in the
Igloo with the veteran Signal Oil
team furnishing the opposition.
Coach Hobby Hobson decided to
make the tough Signal Oil game
the opener when John Dick’s alum
ni tea masked for a reprieve from
their scheduled game with the var
sity last Monday. They were not
yet in good enough condition for a
full length tussle.
First Competition
The game, the first of two listed
for the Ducks before they leave for
the East on December 5, will pro
vide the Webfoots with plenty in
the way of big-time competition.
Always one of the top independent
j, for
[ PREMIER^-! j
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free comfort...Try on a pair today.
Freshman basketball will
start Monday. All freshmen in
terested are asked to report to
Coach John Warren, Monday af
teams in the state. Signal Oil again
this year boasts many former col
lege stars in their lineup.
Leading the Oilers again will be
Chuck Patterson, smooth-working
Negro center and former Univer
sity of Oregon star, who is general
ly considered to be one of the top
players in any coast league. Frank
Mandic and Tony Romano, from
last year's champion Oregon State
team, are expected to start at the
forwards. Two other former Beav
ers, Art Merryman and Roy Pflu
gard, round out the starting
Oilers' Reserves
The Oilers also have plenty of
reserve strength with “Wild Bill'’
O'Donnell and Eddie Curran, of
University of Portland; Alvin Stitt,
Eastern Oregon College of Educa
tion, and Bus Rayley, Jim Garber,
and Jim Weichmann, outstanding
independent players, on the squad.
Contrary to the case in many pre
vious Webfoot-independent games,
the younger collegians are not ex
pected to have everything their
own way in fast break tactics. This
very strong reserve power of the
Oilers and the fact that league
play started several weeks ago in
Portland is the reason.
All WAA house representa
tives please place petitions for
intramural basketball manager,
for winter term, with Hazel Old
field by December 9. The man
ager will be chosen by rules and
standards set up by the WAA
1 059 Willamette Phone 3220
The Third
Philip Morris
Delux Chest
— 500 —
G. Schrciber
— 200 —
Matt Kelly
D. Van Lydegraf
— 50 —
Ron Alpaugh,
Clyde Angerman
Carlo Apa
Bob Ballard
Nick Beglosus
Bob Berghan
Lynn Bockcs
Paul Bogcn
Dave Browning
Cub Callis
Dick Clark
A. M. Cloninger
Gene Cobb
Bruce Chrichton
Bill Endicott
Bill Fendall
Paul Formoso
Everett Franks
Jack Gertson
Howard Girdleston
Jean Goldsmith
Chas. Green
Ellis Hailing
T. Hallock
Bill Hammel
Tom Howell
Paul Jackson
Art Jacobson
Bill Jameson
A1 Jensen
D. J. Johnson
W. Johnson
Phil Jonsand
Chan Kilburn
Pete Lamb
Jimmie Leonard
Jerry Lundell
Ian MacKenzie
Don MacCormack
Jane McCurdy
K. McKein
Don Merrill
Burr W. Monroe
E. McNeeley
Samuel Naito
Dewayne Omlid
Clinton Paine
Bud Ricdcr
Nelda Robinctt
Barney Rogers
Earle Russell
Jack Sandefer
Milt Schulz
Stanley Shank
Gene Speer
Fred Stickesl
Wayne Strohecker
Charles Urisberg
Paul Williamson
.Remember ♦ hr 1010 Philip "Morris contest ends forever
on Saturday, NTov, 30tli at 12:00 noon. Be sure to euteV
your final forecasts.
Final winners will he announced thru the daily or
posted at your favorite prize agency, wateii for them.
Varsity vs. OSC
Calif, vs. Stanford
13.00 HOOIT