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By ELBERT HAWKINS, Co-Sports Editor
Oregon Daily Emerald
‘ VVhat’s the dope on that bin
hfxa-like affair Hilton wears for
n mitt at first has?” asked a lot
*wf Howe field baseball fans dur
fimg the Oregon-Idalio series. It
•tiappens to l»e a legitimate ques
' linn as Lanky Hilton’s ‘‘brief
os0” mitt is larger than the reg
'«!: jfions allow.
Forrest T.wogood, t’ae person
able Vandal coach, offered a darn
i reason why the Idaho first
baseman wears this queer affair’
. . . that is if you believe Twogie.
“H ‘ has to," explains Twogood,
"he can't get a regular mitt on
*bi:» hand it's so big. It's regula
tion tor him!" And maybe lie lias
■something there. Anyway, the
Idaho coach has to get special
♦permission from every team he
. plays in order that “Rookie" Otis
Hilton can wear his “brief case."
Up to now every opposing skip
tfier has offered that concession.
JHitch Reuther, the Los Angele3
.scout who watched Oregon
against Idaho, explains the seem
ing generosity, "That mitt won't
settle the game anyway."
The elongated Hilton has to
-have special basketball shoes
jnade . . . No. 14s, I believe . . .
and Publicity Man Bruce Hamby
reports they even claim at Idaho
to make special pants for Hilton.
'Otis hails from a place named
Headquarters, Idaho, and was
♦listed on basketball programs as
»U foot eight and 204 pounds.
Twogood claims, “he got to lie a
tle.'vu good basketball player last
winter before the season ended,”
•n very logical statement in view
of. the fact that the Idaho quintet
ifin-hed strong. Most of the Van
da' basketeers were football play
er;.- and true to Coach Twogie's
jpi e jection were slow starting.
Buck Boots and Bats
Perhaps that's the main reason
v./Jjy Buck Berry has been booting
nnajiy at shortstop for Oreg-on.
(Slugging Buck went through a
mf.renuous spring football session
"under Tex Oliver and then turned
■out tor baseball just before the
* .Washington State series . . . and
has been what fans call “tied
up." Bui what else could you e\
f|#eef? The husky Californian has
•B nice arm, and he bats in more
♦*uje.s than he boots in, so ... .
Buck’s score to date in fielding
through three conference games
♦Against Idaho and Washington
-fiiate is ten errors! But he also
♦has nine hits and only yesterday
batted in six runs! Buck Berry
•lias collected eight hits in his last
HW’a times at bat, including five
♦for five yesterday afternoon in
y>iu.ch he smacked out a single,
'a homer, a single, a double, and
a single. Monday ,afternoon it
v. is i triple, a double, and a sin
gle The football husky broke into
th • lineup as a pinch hitter on
th> first Washington State game
■ »jn April 24 . . . and since then
r)i i 1 hit safely nine times in 15
trip - to the plate for a confer
cj c iverage of .600.
Tito Generous Webfoots
Oregon's defensive reeord of
'late has frankly l>"en nothing: to
vorife Home about but with an
important Washington series due
i ). Howe field on Friday and Sat
(11 day shows signs of picking up.
O the last 58 runs scored off
MVi ‘Moot hurlers, a total of S'J
• ti «*■. been unearned. That means
«o\ot half of the opponents' tallies
have been gifts on bobbles of Ore
gon fielders.
The Emerald’s operative for in
formation on Bob Hardy, Ford
Mullen, and Gale "Busher” Smith
—Carl King, Detroit Tiger Scout
—reports that Ford collected
four hits in four times at bat the
other day for Henderson in the
East Texas league. . . . Busher
Smith handled about 11 fielding
chances without an error. All of
which is good ball for the two
Webfoots of last year’s northern
division pennant winners who
were recently crowded out of
Class A-l ball with Beaumont
of the Texas league. King believes
Mullen is pretty certain to be
back with Beaumont this season.
Your correspondent saw Elmer
Mallory.ianother infielder from the
'39 Oregon champs, play in part
of a doubleheader for Los An
geles in the Coast league game
against Portland Sunday. Afield,
Elmer looked like a veteran,
throwing two men out at first
base from shortstop ... at bat
he rolled out to first base in one
official time up. Mai is being car
ried as utility infielder by the
Angels and has crashed the lineup
several times as pinch hitter or
to run bases. They’re expecting
to ship him down to a minor
league any time now for more
seasoning where he can play ev
ery day . . . this information be
ing from a reliable source.
A “Million Dollar Infield”
Probably Rusher Smith at first,
Ford Mullen at second, Elmer
Mallory at short, and "Wimp
Quinn at third, were one of the
nation’s best college infields last
year . . . they were dubbed the
“million dollar infield" . . . and
now all four are going strong in
professional baseball.
These trips of six games in
seven days for northern division
clubs are killing for clubs with
poor pitching staffs and Coach
Forrest Twogood of Idaho wa3
wondering this week just who
he'd have left for Wednesday and
Thursday games against Oregon
State college. It amounts to six
games in six days for Idaho this
trip as last Friday’s game was
rained out and the Vandals had
to play a doubleheader on Satur
day against Washington. “I had
planned to pitch Stoddard on
Friday, Monday, and Thursday
with two days of rest between."
says Twogood, “now I don’t know
what to do." (He' pitched Stod
dard on Saturday against Wash
ington in a 15 to 5 game which
practically “amounted to a dou
bleheader in itself” and then on
Tuesday against Oregon.”)
Co-ops Down DG
Softballers, 29-4
The Co-op girls piled up a total
of 22 runs in the second inning'
and until the DGs went up the
third time it looked as though
they were going to be blanked
out. However, their luck turned
and they were able to drive in
four runs to make the final score
stand at 29 to 4. The game was
called at the last half of the third
Delta Gamma (41
Filcher .
Brooks .
Borda, l ...
Fake. 1
McCurdy, 1
Delaney, 1 ..
(291 Co-ops
. 5, Allen
4, Tomlinson
.4, Alderson
4, Schalock
5, Deffenbaugli
3. Singleton
. 4, Musser
. Smedley
. Shipler
Oregon's All-Sophomore Outfield Patrol
Dick Whitman, center field; Bill Carney, left field, and Burke (Whitey) Austin, part time right
fielder, have been robbing northern division baseball opponents of hits. Whitman is hitting his stride
with a batting average of .308. Carney is marking up a .333 average.
Frosh Face Prep Runners
Yearlings Seen
As Favorites
EHS, UHS Entered
As Oregon Points
For Medford Duel
Oregon’s frosh trackmen make
tl eir only home regulation meet
appearance of the season today
as they vie with the Eugene and
University high squads at 4 o'
clock on Hayward field.
Although the freshmen expect
no strong competition from their
prep rivals, Coach Ned Johns has
given the Oregon boys an incent
ive to “get on the board.” He de
clared. “Those that do well, I'll
take to Medford Friday; those
that don't, I won’t."
Their numbers seriously re
duced by a rsiege of shin-splints
and colds, the yearlings took an
easy workout yesterday, running
three-quarter speed to conserve
energy for today and Friday.
Potential Champions
Under the lights at Medford
Friday, the frosh take on the
strong Tiger high team. Coached
by Bill Bowerman, the Medford
runners have been walking away
with all meets in Southern Ore
gon and are rated by local scribes
as potential state champions.
Today’s most serious competi
tion is expected to be in the
sprints and the mile. Stewart of
Eugene in the dash and Ham
mock. also an Axeman, in the
mile, beat out the frosh entrants
in the early season time trials.
Medford has stars in Bob Cros
by, a 10-second man in the 100;
Ray Johnson, who is believed
capable of a :50 quarter; and Dick
Finch, hurdler, who has been do
ing the low sticks in :23.9 to set
various meet records.
Entry List
100-yard dash—Gearhart, Ral
ston. Cougill. Wren.
Mile run—Engel, Nichachos.
120-yard high hurdles — Fur
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Coach Ned Johns would like
•to hire one more car to carry
his frosh trackmen caravan to
Medford, leaving Friday morn
ing and returning Saturday.
Anyone willing to make the
trip call University extension
Final Entrant
Date Is May 2
Sigma Delta Psi
Donut Meet Closed
To Trackmen
Tomorrow. Thursday, May 2, is
the last day for entries to be filed
for the Sigma Delta Psi track
meet slated foi* next Monday,
May 6. All entries must be in the
intramural office by 5 p.m. Inde
pendents may secure blanks at
the office.
An annual event, the meet is
closed to members of the track
team and is scored on a basis of
times and distances achieved. All
races or contests are timed or
measured and points awarded pro
portionately—whether a man fin
ishes first or last makes no dif
Houses are allowed to enter
five men in each event.
Following is a list of those in
eligible because of their track
Varsity: Mitchell, Loback.
Wolfe, Clever, Reiner, Diez, Buck,
Keene, Reider, Dickson, Luther.
Buhler, K. Storli, E. Storli, Klein
feldt, Ross, Bryant, Harris, Mc
Kee, Lang, Hansen, Hendershott.
Brown, Andrews, Emmons, Reg
ner. Short, Olsen, W. White,
Reber, and Graybeal.
Freshmen—Nickachos, Engel,
Gearhart, Furman, Maher, Mal
lory, Rudolph, Rucker, McKinney.
Riley, Watt, Soper, LeClair, Fos
ter, Powers, Wren, Ericksen,
Bouck, Thomas, Hannen, Beifus,
Damskey, and Elliott.
Duckling Hitters
Resume Drill
Toledo Ball Team
Slated Saturday;
Tuttle Injured
Oregon’s Duckling baseball
squad will begin practice in earn
est today after a two-day layoff
in preparation for Saturday’s
contest with Toledo high school
in Toledo.
With John Tuttle on the side
lines, Bob Yancy and Lyle Sel
leck will probably handle the
shortstop position. Tuttle has an
infection in his leg, but should be
ready for action by game time
Warren put his squad through
warmups and batting practice
yesterday and promised them a
tough workout for today.
Stew Fredricks, temperamental
frosh fast-ball pitcher, com
plained of a twinge in his throw
ing arm and may be kept out of
action this week.
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