Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 25, 1940, Page Four, Image 4

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    Plans Begun
For Annual AWS
Over 200 Delegates
Expected to Arrive
On UO Campus
Completing the 1939-40 cabinet’s
plans and beginning the 1940-41
officers’ work, AWS leaders, both
old and new, are cooperating in
preparing for the western section
al associated women convention
which will be held on the Oregon
campus April 15, 16, and 17.
Over 200 delegates are epected
from the 11 western states, stated
Anne Fredriksen, president of the
western AWS officers.
Arrangements are being made to
house the vistors in sororities so
that they will be on the campus
the whole three days of their stay,
Miss Fredriksen explained.
High spots of the conference will
be the one-day trip of all the 200
girls to the Oregon State campus,
the formal banquet Tuesday eve
ning, and the breakfasts sponsored
by sophomore, junior, and senior
women honoraries.
Grace Irvin was named by Miss
Freldriksen as general chairman
of the convention. Her subordinate
committee heads are: housing,
Barbara Pierce and Margaret
Young; registration, Janet Gores-'
ky and Jane Hochuli; publicity,
Helen Angell and Betty Jane
Biggs; advertising, Sally Mitchell;
formal banquet, Barbara Bamford
and Marge McClain; sorority
luncheon, Aurelie Wolcott; honor
ary breakfast, Jeanne Haehlen;
transportation, Maxine Hansen and
Billie Christenson; Monday lunch
eon, Bettylou Swart; dinner, Bette
Morfitt; Monday and Tuesday
breakfasts, Barbara Fulton; pub
licity display and designs, Jean
Kendall; entertainment, Pat Tay
lor and Martha McClung; Wednes
day banquet, Betty Buchanan;
speakers, Majeanne Gloven; favors,
Janet Morris; discussion groups,
Elizabeth Steed.
L. E. Detling Spends
Spring Vacation
In Death Valley
A trip to Death Valley to collect
Specimens of spring flowers for
the University herbarium was
made by Dr. L. E. Detling, herbar
ium curator and assistant profes
sor of botany, during spring vaca
According to Dr. Detling this is
a very good year for desert flora
in Death Valley because of the un
usual amount of rainfall. The col
lection which he brought back in
cluded several rare species of
— Malts and Shakes
— Sandwiches
— Soft Drinks
i*h. 29.'+
I'll Pass
(With apologies to Pat Taylor)
I eat my Wheaties, watch my
Dirty dishwater never touches my
! hands.
I’m just as careful as I can be,
] And still nobody takes a pass at me.
j I’ve been wailing that phrase since
I don’t know when,
But I have a chance now that won’t
come again
Until I’m too old to appreciate
Oh, why won’t somebody make a
pass at me.
Today’s the day girls get ’em if
they can.
Believe me Sister, I’m out to get a
If only so that I can stop this plea,
Oh ,why won’t somebody make a
pass at me. J.W.S.
Bill Rosson Wins
John Pershing
Military Award
Cadet Colonel Has
Outstanding Record
Bill Rosson, cadet colonel of the
Oregon ROTC unit, last week was
awarded the General John J.
Pershing medal for distinguished
attainment in military education,
Colonel R. M. Lyon, military head,
announced last night.
This medal is given annually in
each of the corps areas of the
United States. Notice of Rosson’s
selection was received from Ralph
C. Bishop, secretary of the civilian
military education, and official pre
sentation of the medal will take
place during spring term.
Rosson was named an outstand
ing freshman cadet in the year
1936-37, and last year won the
sabre awarded annually by the re
serve officers to the outstanding
Wesleyans Give Play
The University Wesley club
players presented a streamlined
version of the Greek morality play,
Godfrey to Leave
For Des Moines
Oregon Faculty
Well Represented
In National Meets
University of Oregon faculty will
be well represented in several na
tional meetings which will take
place during April, it was an
nounced last Thursday.
George H. Godfrey, head of the
University news bureau, has re
ceived an invitation to speak be
fore the annual convention of the
American College Publicity asso
ciation in DesMoines, Iowa, in the
middle of April. He will leave Port
land about April 10, with Palmer
Hoyt, publisher of the Oregonian,
cne of the principal speakers.
In Spokane, April 3-5, for the
convention of the Inland Empire
Teachers’ association will be Dean
J. R. Jewell, Dr. H. B. Wood, Dr.
F. B. Macomber, Professor F. L.
Stetson, and Miss Ida M. Pope, of
the school of education.
Participating in the Pacific Art
association’s annuel meeting will
be Miss Maude Kerns, associate
professor of art and one of the
five directors of the association.
This will take place at Pasadena,
California, April 1-3.
Dean Ralph W. Leighton, of the
school of physical education, will
take part in the Northwest Confer
ence on High School and College
Hygiene. Mr. Leighton will act as
chairman of the college section for
this conference to be held in Spo
kane, April 4.
From April 27 to May 2, Fred
Cuthbert, associate professor of
landscape architecture, will lead a
field trip for advanced landscape
architecture students to Seattle,
Longview, Olympia, Tacoma, and
other cities.
Miss Janet Woodruff, associate
professor of physical education,
will journey to Seattle April 11-13
for the Northwest Association for
Health, Physical Education, and
Recreation meetings held there.
Miss Woodruff is a member of the
association’s executive board.
"Everyman,” in cities between Eu
gene and Portland during the last
week. The group has given a per
formance every evening and sev
eral in the afternoon.
Museum Poor
Hunting Ground.
For Reporter
An Emerald reporter trotted
briskly into the museum of na
tural history and asked the usual
question, “Any news?”
H. L. Robe, museum attend
ant, shook his head and answered
solemnly, “Nope, everything's
dead around here.”
After a quick looked at the
assoted stuffed birds, deer, bear,
and squirrels, not to mention
various skulls and skeletons, the
reporter agreed with him and
left hastily. W
Frosh Girls lop
Fall Probation List
One hundred twenty-four frosh
girls were on probation at the end
of fall term, according to informa
tion collected in a recent probation
study by the office of the dean of
Nineteen of these girls did not
return winter semester, decreasing
the winter term list to 105. Fresh
men in the group numbered 63;
sophomores, 23; juniors, 8; seniors,
8; law students, 2; and special stu
dents, 1.
Further study of the high school
and psychology ratings of the
group showed that 82 girls had
prep ratings of 5 and under (below
average) and 79 girls had psychol
ogy ratings of 5 and under.
Nineteen had prep ratings of
zero, with four phyehology rat
ings of zero, and twenty psychol
ogy ratings of one. There were two
girls in each class who rated 10
in the tests.
Morris Appointed
To Head Annual
YMCA Finance Drive
Dr. Victor P. Morris, dean of the
school of business administration,
has been appointed general chair
man for the annual YMCA finance
campaign, R. W. Kimberling, Eu
gene president of the association,
announced yesterday.
Dr. Morris will make appoint
ments of other general campaign
officers this week, and preliminary
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Variety Show on
Spring ASUO Slate
| One of the main features of the
: spring term student body card, the
Varsity show, will be held April 5
from 9 to 12 p.m., according to
Verdi Sederstrom, chairman of the
committee in charge of the show.
Admission is free to student
body card holders. Otherwise it is
fifty cents.
Tables and chairs will be placed
aound the edge of McArthur court
to accommodate the patrons. Re
freshments will be sold and served
by the Kwamas.
Art Holman’s band will furnish
the music, and Les Harger will
act as master of ceremonies.
One of the main features of the
; evening will be a floor show of
University talent. The show itself
will last about one hour. Tryouts
are being conducted in an effort
to find all the available talent.
stages of the campaign will start
within the next few days. Gen
eral campaign has been set for the
dates of April 29 to May 8.
But. the Same
Spoils the Whole Effect
Yes — it’s your hat that
makes the first and biggest
impression, so when you're
adding to your Spring ward
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