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Co-Sports Editor
Oregon Daily Emerald
Tonight's Duckling-Washington
Bal»c contest on Hayward Held
spells “make or break” for honest
John Warren’s crew this year.
With only a three-game schedule,
and one contest already out of the
waif, the freshmen must find
themselves this p.m. if they are,
to turn in a successful season. If
they lose to the Seattleites, the
season will end on a sour note.
In the first rook contest, which
the little Orangemen won by a 19
to-0 score, the Ducklings present
ed a badly disorganized team.
Since, then, however, Headman
Warren and his crew have worked
hard on fundamentals, blocking
and tackling, and the frosh team
that takes the field tonight should
be a much more efficient machine.
....And it will need to be, too, if
it is to smash the tough Babes,
and spin the Duckling wheel of
fortune to a different number.
* * *
A boy who will bear watching
tonight is Wayne (Butch I Nelson.
185-pound Salem pride and the
starting quarterback.
At the start of the Duckling
season, this kid Nelson walked
over to John Warren and said:
“Coach, there may be lots of com
petition out there, but I'm going
to make this ball club.”
This tickled the Honest One, and
he marked down Nelson as a boy
to watch.
Well, Nelson, a fiery kid with
lots of confidence, was just as good
as his word. A hard blocker and
tackier, he worked his way up to
first string, and no one is happier
than Warren that Nelson has
shown enough ability to rate a
starting role.
Other publicized freshmen you
fans can look over tonight are
Duke Iverson, burly fullback;
Louie Baum, flashy halfback from
Pittsburg; John Bjork, brother of
Oregon's famous Del; Dick Ash
come, rugged 210-pound tackle
from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and
the U. S. Navy; Lou Butkovieh.
rangy end; John Stromberg, guard
from Seattle; Jim Shepherd, high
stepping half from White Bear,
Minnesota (if he is able to play),
and Bob Withers, hard-hitting boy
from Grant .... and yes, there
are lots of others, too.
* * Sl!
Publicity from the south (and
reams of it arc being sent out), says
this guy Jackie Robinson can score
a touchdown "quicker than you can
say Jack Robinson.”
Robinson, you know, is one of
the ace LCLAN Negroes who will
try to romp through the hig Web
foot team in Los Angeles this
Saturday. Kenny Washington is
the other.
If you dig into Robinson's re
cord at Pasadena jaysee, you will
see that these publicity men and
C'al sport writers aren’t far wrong
about his ability to lug the leather.
At Pasadena in his first col
legiate term, Robinson amassed 131
points. In 1937, he was out of
competition with a broken ankle.,
Strangely enough, however, Rob
inson has failed to score a touch
down this year. Oh, yes, he's
been a big star so far. In fact,
he's virtually run wild against
every team he’s faced, but most I
of his running has taken the ball
to within striking position of
the opponent's goal line only. Once j
near the shadows of the goalposts,
Washington, Robinson's fellow
“shadow”, has taken over and
scored the touchdowns.
Robinson's yardage average is
really amazing, in spite of the fact
that he hasn’t scored. Cold, plain
figures reveal that the Pasadena
jitterbug has carried the apple only
16 times from scrimmage in the
season's first three contests
against Texas Christian, Washing
ton, and Stanford.
But these 16 sorties have result
ed in an average gain of slightly
more than 10 yards. And bov
that's going some.
Saturday Ni^ht
October 28
Lot* of Hat.--. Horns,
and Noise-makers
Li'iii. o’\ Gm'i hi u it1.
4m.HI I. 1
Ducklings Meet Husky Babes on Hayward Field Tonight
Team Boasts
Weight Edge
Baum, Iverson
Bujan, Nelson Will
Start in Backfield
John Warren’s frosh face an all
important football date tonight
when they clash with “Pest"
Welch's strong University of
Washington Babes under the light?
of Hayward field. The contest
which has been set for 8 o’clock
will be second of the season for
i the Ducklings and their first game
on the local gridiron.
In their only other contest War
ren's eleven bowed to the OSC
rooks, 19-to-9. Tonight, with twe
week's practice under their belts,
they will be fighting to wipe out
the stain of that defeat.
Lineup Test
Honest John’s probable starting
line will include Louis Butkevich,
left end; Johnny Bjork. left tackle;
Steve Bodncr, left guard; Nick
Dallas, center; John Stromberg,
right guard; Dick Ashcome, right
tackle; and Ralph Davis, right end.
In the backfield will be “Butch”
Nelson at quarterback; Louis
Baum at left half, George Bujan
at right half, and Duke Iverson at
Warren announced that Jim
Shepherd, injured left halfback,
might start in place of Baum if
his sore foot is sufficiently healed.
He also indicated that Roy Ell,
star fullback, who has been out of
competition with a strained leg
ligament, may see "a little” action.
Frosh Outweighed
The frosh will be outweighed 12
pounds to the man for the con
test. Welch’s aggregation, one of
the heaviest turned out at Wash
ington, has an overall average of
20f> pounds to Oregon’s 193. The
lines square off at 212 for the
Babes and 195 for the Ducklings.
Probable slaa-ting Washington
lineup places Leon Brigham at left
end, Thron Riggs at left tackle,
Edward Kebulsek at left guard,
William Little at center, Robert
Friedman at right guard, Charlie
Falk at light tackle, Walt Harri
son at right end, Les Harrison at
quarterback, Peter Sussex at left
halfback, Casimir Pominek at
right halfback, and Doug Smith
at fullback.
Warren led his chargers through
one final dress drill last night on
Hayward field. The Babes are
scheduled to arrive in Eugene at
noon today.
Tonight's Starting Lineups
Washington Babes Oregon Krosh
Brigham LE Bntkovieh
Higgs LT
Kcbnlsek LG
Little .C
Friedman . RG
Falk RT
Harrison, W. RE
Harrison, L. QB
Sussex LH
Pominek RH
Smith FB
Officials: Eldon Jenne, Port
land, umpire; Captain Nave, Van
land, referee; Gene Shields, Borl
and Gerry Buckley, Portland, field
Coach Babe Morrell's strategy
has been to use Robinson more or
less in the role of a decoy for
Washington, but word leaks out
from the south that this is chang
ed now . . . and that Robinson has
been given more plays.
If this is true, Oliver's boys will
have a busy afternoon watching
the dusky speedboy on those fear
ed man-in-motion UCLA plays.
« # *
After the TCU-UCLA game, the
San Francisco Chronicle came out
with an article that drew laughs
all up and down the coast
Quote . . “It was Kenny Wash
ington, smacking off one tackle.
Jackie Robinson skittering around
the other end, All evening TCIJ
players watched one or the other
of the Negro stars zooming
through their line.
Finally the Bruins crossed up the
boys from Texas, and Fullback
Bill Ovcrlin, Nordic Neanderthal
man, split the middle for a touch
down. A leg Texas > 1 I walked
over, extended his hand to Ovcrlin,
and said pleasantly
“Dr. Living,.ton, 1 pis uinc ? '
Short Idiot, . . . Laddie G ih\
great forward of la t _v, nr Ore
goo hoop champions, is building
innsidf a home . . . yep, be lt be
Harried soon to Halite Dudley,
uomment Oregon woman . . . in
Jt ■-bee v i o;'
Bob Hardy, ace Crc0ou pitcher
"Cat" After Bruin
Jim (the Cut) Cadenasso will probably start at center for Oregon’s
Ducks when they face the UCLA Bruins on the Los Angeles coliseum
turf Saturday afternoon.
Donut Football Schedule for Today
October 27, at 4 o'clock on field 1 Kappa vs. Sherry Ross hall.
Field 2—Delta Tau Delta vs. Phi Kappa Psi.
At 5 o'clock on field 1 Sigma Alpha Epsilon vs. Sigma hall.
Field 2 Delta Upsilon vs. Sigma Chi.
Tie Scores
Touch Ball
Phi Delts Defeat
Canard Club Team
By 6-to-0 Score
Three scoreless ties featured
I yesterday’s opening round of in
tramural touch football.
Phi Delta Theta dealt the Can
j ard club a 6-to-0 defeat for the
| only scoring in the round. Games
tied included: Zeta hall-Chi Psi;
Beta Theta Pi-Sigma Phi Epsilon;
j and Gamma hall - Alpha Tail
After five minutes of see-saw
battling in the first half, the Phi
Delt’s Paul Jackson took a pass
and ran it from his own 30 to the
Canard 40. The next three downs
saw the ball move to the club’s
five. Shipley took a pass in the
end zone to ring' up six points. The
try for point was completed but
ruled no-good because the Phi
Delts were offside.
Canards Eight
Late in the last half the Canard
nine put up a tough fight to stave
off another rush by the Phi Delt
The Zeta hall-Chi Psi clash was
a thriller all the way. Long passes
I stood out in contrast with the
short heaves featured in othei con
tests. In the closing minute of tin1
game, Carlo Apa' of the Zetas in
tercepted a pass behind his own
goal line, lie was touched behind
the line, but the play was ruled
not a touchback because Apa had
not run with the ball.
Game Is Thriller
Just as in the other games, the
Beta-Sig Ep melee became a thrill
er on the last few downs. With
half a minute left to play, the
Betas were stopped on downs on
the Sig Ep ten. Waits of the Sig
Kps got off a poor kick, and the
ball was downed on the Sig Ep
fifteen. MeGnwn of the Betas fail
ot last year, has left school and is
working for his father in Ashland.
Hardy came back to Oregon this
year to study law, but had to give
it up iso I'm told i when he was
informed that lie couldn't take law
it he didn’t stay in school spring
term. Well, Hardy is a Detroit
Tiger farmhand, and must report
to Beaumont for spring training.
His choice, therefore, was base
ball lor alter all, he and his wile,
must live on what his "pay arm"
brings in.
I ed in his try ior a field goal as
the horn sounded to end the game.
Hay Graham’s triple threat tac
tics sparked his Gamma hall
j teammates to a strong offensive
against the ATO nine.
Campo of the Gammas intercept
i ed an ATO pass on his own ten
with but two minutes left in the
game. Graham kicked to his own
40, where the whistle stopped ac
tion a few plays later. Stan Buck,
brother of Oregon's sprinter, Jim
Buck, led his ATO fellow’s with his
I speedy running.
Phi Delts (6)
Bendick . C
Schweiger . HG
Valpiana . LG
Shipley .. RE
Galbreath . LE
Blanchard . F
Gilbert . Q
Jackson. I t I
(0) Canard
. Rost
. Harpel
... Jacobsen
. Carr
. Blake
. Kruger
. Herndon
Beta Theta Pi (0)
Hunter. C .
Hoff. KG
Smith . LG
Beard .F
Duden . Q
McGowan RH
Leonard . S
/.eta Hall (0)
Landeen C
Sandstrom . LG
Ruel R3
Landeen LE
A pa . F .
Greene. Q .
Stafford LH
Gamma Hall (II)
Lemke . CH
Larosa . . R
McMahan . LI
Maher . RG
Lemke . LE
Wilson . FE
(0) Sigma Eps
. Warner
. Bates
. Hutchins
. Weight
(0) Chi Psi
. Mansfield
. MeClung
. Sullivan
(0) ATO
. Dunn
. Dunn
. Knowles
. Rue
Swanson ,
a —
Suggest a Date
I Paramount
West 8th
Hi j§
3 g
Il Isn’t Too Late to Phone 782
lor A\\S Carnival booth build
in,!-'' mat erial. W i* van till that rush order
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building materials for that
660 High
Webfoots Schedule Coliseum Drill
Two Teams
Triumph in
Water Polo
Yeomen, Pi Kaps
Come Through
In Initial Tilts
Playing with a five-man team
instead of the customary seven
man outfit, the Yeomen fought
their way to a 2-to-l victory over
the Pi Kappa Alphas in one of the (
first round matches of the intra- ■
mural water polo tournament yes
terday in the men's pool.
What the Yeomen lacked in
numbers, they made up in fight,
for most of the play during the
game was near the Pi Kap goal.
Both Yeomen goals came in the
first half and were scored by Sand
ers. The second half of the fray
found the Yeomen a litjde more
on the defensive. In fact, the Pi
Kaps broke through in this half to
Phi Psis Powerful
In the only other match of the
day, the Phi Kappa Psis displayed
a powerful and well-balanced team
that was too much for the Sigma
hall outfit.
Led by Sleeter, who alone scored
four points, the Phi Psis chalked
up an 8-to-0 margin of victory.
The millrace boys had virtual con
trol of the ball throughout the
game and scored almost at will
near the end of the fray.
Two Default
In the other scheduled matches
of the day, the Sigma Chis won on
a default from the Delta Upsilon
team, and the Theta Chis won a
similar victory over Omega hall.
Four more matches are sched
uled for today. The Chis Psis are
to play the Alpha hall team, Camp
bell co-op to meet Gamma hall,
Sigma Phi Epsilon to tangle with
Sigma Nu, and Sigma Alpha Mu
to face Zeta hall.
Phi Psi (8) (0) Sigma
Hamer Goal .... Shackelford
Brooke (3) .F . Parker
Sleeter (4) .F . Grant
Keller (1).c . Chaney
Hoffman.B . Brown
Anderson .G . Neustadter
Stevens.G Libke '
Anderson .Sub
PiKaps(l) (3) Yeomen
Tower.Goal Hatch
f^ex .F . (2) Sanders
Wilson (1) .F . Hoffman
Dietrich .B
Moses .G Porter
Gen mete.G . Cuddelbach
Roy Dyer, sophomore Webfoot
back, is Coach Tex Oliver's “jack
of all trades”. So far this season
he has played every position in the
baekfield except left half. Against
UCLA, he will be at fullback, back-1
ing up Frank Emmons.
Olivermen Are Silent
And Grim at Train Time
Oregon's traveling football team of 34 men arrives in Los Angeles
this morning, to be greeted by much cooler weather than they faced
four weeks ago for the Southern Cal game. A workout will be held
in the Memorial coliseum this afternoon, then rest till game time at
2:15 p.m. Saturday. About 26 hours on the train should make them
willing to rest.
Now if you happened to be down at the depot Wednesday night
about 10 p.m., you probably saw 34 ,
young men boarding a train and
looking more like a group of vil
lage vigilantes than a traveling
football team.
It was the Oregon varsity squad
all right, on its way south to
UCLAnd, only no one would know
it by the silent, grim appearance.
Instead of the flashy suits worn
to the Cal game a couple of weeks
ago. the boys sported their cords
and sweaters this time.
Only member to talk was “Irish"
Denny Donovan. He had a big grin
as he said that the team was going
down with the idea that they would
win, and that he had an idea that
they weren't going to be disap
pointed. Jay Graybeal was mum
again. He said just wait till they
get back.
Reynolds Happy
Bill Regner had a hard time get
ting away from his friendly “bro
thers,” who wished him everything
they could think of. One happy
young fellow was Willie Reynolds,
who will be back in the old stamp
ing grounds down home. He hails
from Pomona jaysee and will have
his parents watching for little Wil
lie to get in that game.
The Bruins still rule the favor
ites, although by game time the
odds may dwindle down to almost
even money. Another expert to
boost the southern team is Coach
Tiny Thornhill of Stanford. Tiny
told a writer in the Daily Bruin
that “The Bruin should be able to
handle Oregon because of the weak
Webfoot line." He added that Ore
gon State was the team to beat
this year.
Tiny Praises Robinson
Thornhill called the Negro flash,
Jackie Robinson, the “greatest
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backfield runner I have seen in
all of my connection with football
—and that’s some 25 years.” If
Tiny is right, then the Ducks will
have to have about 22 more hands
Oregon may have an advantage
in the punting department for the
first time this year. In the Stan
ford game, UCLA's average was
only 2-1 yards per kick. This one
factor may mean a great deal in a
game where both teams have fast
safety men in Graybeal and Rob
The "forgotten man," Bob Blenk
insop, will return with his team
members to Eugene next Monday.
Bob has spent the last four weeks
in the hospital with a badly splint
ered elbow he suffered in the Sou
thern Cal game. He has had two or
three operations on the injured
Coach Dickie Sets
Ski Team Meeting
First call for winter sport en
thusiasts has been issued by Rollie
Dickie, new coach of winter sports
selected by the PE department.
The meeting will be held at 7:30,
Tuesday, in room 120 PE build
ing. All persons interested in ski
ing are urged to attend, as meth
ods of training are to be discussed
at that time.
There will be both freshman
and varsity competition, with min
or letters and numerals awarded
to team members.
Theta Chi
Netmen Win
Playing an unvarying steady
game Bill White paced Theta Chi
to a 2-to-l intramural tennis vic
tory over Delta Tau Delta Thurs
day. The game was one held over
from last week. The win gives
Theta Chi the right to enter the
final round.
White jolted Metier (Delt), 6-2,
6-2, to sweep the singles match.
Bergtholdt and Patton (Theta Chi)
pushed over Shelly and Hansen
(Delt), 6-1, 6-3. Drach and John
son brought a taste of victory to
the Delt champ with a 6-4, 6-3
win over Jarvis and Roberts
(Theta Chi).
Don’t Hibernate—
Warren Hansen
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