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    DUCK i
Co-Sports Editor
Oregon Dally Emerald
Scout Eric Waldorf spoke the
plain and simple truth early last |
week when he reported that it j
would probably take two touch- j
downs to beat Gonzaga. Eric saw j
the Zags whip Idaho by three ;
touchdowns and he jotted that lit- j
tie statement down on his coach
ing report as sort of a reminder
that Oregon wouldn’t be playing a |
There's no doubt that intensive
scouting will teach a team some
of the other guy's scoring secrets
hut Oregon could have had every
minute of Gonzaga’s four previous
games covered like a blanket and
it wouldn’t have stopped those two
touchdowns. Coach Puggy Hunton
let us in on the amazing fact that
neither touchdown pass play the
Zags used in pushing over their 12
to 7 upset had ever been used be
fore in a game by the winners.
Puggy Hunton’s boys were in a ,
gay mood in their dressing room |
after the game and they were just
bubbling over with things to say. .
Tony (Spooks) Canadeo, star of
the Bulldog backfield, had this to |
say about a little No. 80 on the ,
Oregon team: “Jay Graybeal was
about the trickiest fellow I ever j
played against.”
Did Gonzaga come down to Eu
gene expecting to win? Listen to
Tony again: “We came down here
with that idea . . . you always do.”
The football program tells us he
came from Chicago to play foot
ball for the Zags, but it wasn’t j
a case of proselyting: “I knew
some fellows here. I didn’t get any
offers.” Those thick locks of gray
hair betray his age as lie’s only lb
years old.
Ever wonder what a losing coach
says to his victor on the field
right after a game ? Coach Puggy ;
Hunton was greeted with a sincere j
“Nice going, you’ve got a bunch '
of nice hard clean boys” from de
feated Tex Oliver.
Fullback Cecil Hare and Half-!
back Ray Hare, the brother com
bination from Sheridan, Oregon,
caused the Webfoots a lot of an
guish all afternoon and it turns \
out that there are three more
Hare brothers in school . . . two ’
playing high school football.
The. two preppers, Fred and Ver
non, were waiting outside the Gon
7.uga dressing room when some
body pointed them out to Coach
l'uggy Hunton. Said Puggy: “Hoo
ray, we can use more the way they 1
went today.” The fifth llare (no
pun) Jim, is a sixth grader.
How did Gonzaga happen to
steal Cecil and Ray right out of
Oregon ? Again no proselyting
was done. According to Cecil, Fa- 1
ther Roller of Sheridan talked
them into going to Spokane.
* * *
Puggy Hunton, a mild-minnered
coach who is quite obviously doing
things in his first year at the helm
for Gonzaga, had things to say:
“My kids played great ball . .
I kind of think Oregon was in a
mood to be licked (no rockiness or
I told you so when lie said that)
. . . Oregon is lots stronger than
Washington State ... I wonder
bow many cigarettes I smoked
this afternoon . . . Washington
State shouldn't have beaten us—
yet the scoreboard showed I!) to (i
... 1 think Oregon is as good as
St. Mary’s.”
Puggy willingly answered who
he thought looked good for Ore
gon: “Graybeal, Anderson, and
Emmons . . . that fellow backing
up the line . . . who was that, Ber
About Canadeo's thick gray hair:
“He’s gray as they make them
. . .always lieeu that way, I guess."
Remember when Hunton went.
Non-Conference Foe Ruins Ducks5 Unbeaten Record
Here's One the Webfoots Smeared
(Courtesy the Register-GuarrH
Gonzaga’s attempted place kick for extra point after its first touchdown against Oregon Saturday is
ihovvn being blocked by the Lemon and Green forwards. Gonzaga went on to win, 12 to 7.
Buck Berry Enjoys
His Football and He's
A Loyal Oregon Duck
There's an old song title which says you have to be a football hero
to get the beautiful girls, or words to that effect. If that’s all you
have to be, John Buck Berry should have all the feminine pulchritude in
the University at his doorstep.
For Mr. Berry is a football hero if there ever was one. He proved
that to pigskin followers in his first three games as a Webfoot. In his
first one against Southern Cali
fornia he scored Oregon's only
touchdown and was the outstand
ing player on the field. In the
Stanford and California games his
defensive work was brilliant, with
John breaking up play after play.
However, lots of people knew
Buck was a gridiron terror before
he came to Oregon. He played for
Compton Junior college in Cali
fornia, scoring 123 points in 1938,
which ranked him with the nation's
top ball-toters. An unbelievable
amount of football coaches recog
nized his ability and attempted to
persuade Berry to attend their re
spective institutions. In fact every
team in the coast conference made
him an offer, plus propositions
from Idaho, Notre Dame, Colorado,
Colorado State, New Mexico, Flor
ida, and a host of others. Why
then, you ask, did Berry turn down
these offers to attend Oregon?
“I figured that Oregon was the
best all-round school of the bunch,"
e x p 1 a i n e d Buck. "Besides we
out on Uu> field in the first quar
ter to look at Kay Hare's injured
wrist. Mere’s how he told of the
pain that fighting' Kulldog went
through all afternoon: "When I
went out there in the first quarter
he lvid broken out in a cold sweat.’’
The Gon/.aga skipper voluntarily
praised his big 200-pound renter.
Ralph Seldosser: "I tell you we've
got. an all-American . . . Sehlosser,
our center.” Five minutes later.
Muggy remarked again: Sehlosser
is an all-American ... I tell you
he’s an all-American. Bryant
played good ball, too.” Bryant,
you'll remember, was that big 2!it>
pound Gonzaga left tackle who
boomed in on so many plays. An
other standout in the Zag forward
wall was Don Lansing, the two
year veteran end and captain.
Opinion of Cecil llare, the liall
Imeli, while comparing Oregon's
grid machine with tin- strong St.
Mail's Gaels: “St. Mary's had a
better line. Oregon better hacks.
Oregon backs were more t ricki.
St. .Mari's steam-rollered over us."
About Oregon's chances of play
ing in a certain stadium in a. cen
tain big game on New Year's dm |
"We want Oregon to go to the V '.’
We're sorry if it knocks you out
of it.”
Our own humble Opinion: A team
can’t be keyed up for every game
of the season, and a letdown some
Saturday during the season is in
evitable. The Ducks went through
a very natural psychological cave
in Saturday against their fir. t non
conference opponent. And take it
from the Oregnns themselves. Gon
zaga. had a club capable of knock
ing over more than one coast con
ference team on a given Saturday
afternoon. The Zag line looked
belter than the Webfoot forwards
and on practically all passes had
Oregon receivers covered, whereas
I lie Duck pass defense after three
good Saturday.- became a virtual
or.'- jt tine -dh > mat.6 ica\
-audgeo ftruig the hall.
(meaning also Jim Harris and Dick
Horne, two Compton footballers
who came with Berry I, were per
suaded by Bob Parke that Oregon
was the best place for us.”
Tile Bob Parke mentioned by
Berry is the same Parke who held
the national javelin record and was
chosen all-coast halfback a few
years ago, while attending the Uni
versity of Oregon.
The conversation then shifted to
topics on the grid front. Berry
was asked how he happened to
catch the touchdown pass intended
for Jim Harris in the USC game.
"I couldn't go out very far, cause
we were too close to the goal line,"
said Buck. “Naturally I couldn't
stand still, so I decided to back
Jim up. The pass was over Jim’s
head and light in my arms over
the goal line."
Nevertheless, Buck claims his
greatest thrill in football is not
catching passes or running for
touchdowns, but tackling oppos
ing ball-carriers; he loves the
bodily contact.
On the field Berry makes an
interesting study. He weighs 185
pounds and is 5 feet !» inches tall.
Although he is of broad, muscular
build, lit' possesses what is known
to tin' coaching fraternity as snake
hips, which allow loose-jointed ac
tion. Off the field John is a perfect
gentleman; always minding his
own business, always courteous
and affable. He is well liked by his
fellow schoolmates, and justly so.
Although a football star, Berry
is majoring in physical education
with the hope that he will some
hay be a professional baseball play
er. and later a coach. Speaking of
baseball, that's another one of his
accomplishments. He's a star out
fielder and intends to go out for
Oregon's nine the first chance he
"Basketball.1 played for
t ompton. and hope to compete up
here also," replied Berry in answer
to a query concerning the hoop
sport. Buck failed to mention that
he won all state honors as a guard
on Compton’s quintet, but Jim Har
ris. who was on the same squad,
Hilt ml if Hi fluff Wit iiU'.,e,,.ot .....
Geology Students
Make Field Trip
Twenty-two of Dr. Warren D.
Smiths geology students made a
liel.l trip to ('oilier glacier field
(Sunday for the purpose of study -
, 'IV the comparatively fresh lava
| ‘tea there After a six-mile hike
j trnm frog e imp, in perfect weath- !
er the group reaehed th ■ glacier. '
t he main point of interest for i
the geologists was a little rivulet
known as White branch. which
looks like a dream of milk. The]
secret of it ail is a ground rock!
railed roek flour, which accounts
for the resemblance.
The group returned home early
'1 ■ ■ .::ug- ef the open •
University trucks
Yes Stanley,
This Pole
Isn 't a Pole
"Go over to the pole and I’ll
time you in a lap.”
After looking at a stray cat
(unfortunately not the pole vari
ety), Frosh Cross-Country Man
Stan Watt from Tillamook
strode over to the nearest tele
phone pole and prepared to get
It was then that his team
mates gently informed him that
the "pole” in track jargon is not
a citizen living between Germany
and Russia but the inner edge
of the cinder path.
Zag Upset
Shocks Coast
Grid Fans
W L T For Ag't
Oregon State .2 0 0 25 7
Oregon 2 0 1 23 7
Southern Cal .10 1 34 7
UCLA 1 0 1 28 21
California .110 13 IS
WSC 1 2 0 13 4C
Stanford .. 0 2 1 14 36
Washington .0 3 0 14 32
With Gonzaga's 12-to-7 upset of
mighty Oregon looming as the sur
prise of tlve week, six coast confer
ence teams saw action in four
league games last weekend. Cali
fornia scored her first 1939 win in
defeating Washington Slate, 13 tc
7; Oregon State whipped the Uni
versity of Washington eleven for
the third straight time, this game
also in a 13-7 score; and UCLA
knocked down Montana’s ears with
a 20-t) shellacking.
The Bulldog's Tony Canadeo and
Cecil Hare combined beautiful
passing and shifty running to com
pletely outclass the lackluster
Webfoot squad. The Lemon and
Green letdown gave Duck rooters
their first taste of defeat this sea
Oregon State collected her vic
tory over W a s h i n g t o n on the
strength of plain superiority. The
Beavers are untied; undefeated
and endowed with the reserve pow
er necessary to continue their win
ning ways. Coach Lon Stirrer of the
Orange had his little joke bust
week in threatening to start sopho
mores after the first string's dis
mal showing against Portland uni
versity. but his bluff turned out tc
be just that.
UCLA exercised Back Kenny
Washington and the rest of the
first string for a portion of the
initial half in their game with
Montana. Washington scored IS of
the 20 Bruin points.
Slated to meet Oregon this
weekend October 2*. UCLA fea
tures fleet Negro backs in what
is probably the best running at
t ick on the coast.
Sinking permanently out of
pennant competition. Washington
State Inst to California. The Stat
er - had been rated as having the
inside edge due to the Golden
Bear's string of defeats. Oregon
having defeated the Berkeley
squad. Washington State >s now
conceded only an outside chance
u' ug-iuiu the Webioots in
the couiuig clash.
Are Next on
Grid Slate
— I:
(Contrmted from cage one)
The home fans’ stock went up at
least 50 per cent when Little Jay .
scampered around left end to the
Gonzaga 24 and a first down.
There were still nine and one-half
minutes to play. Then for some
reason unknown, these end plays
stopped. Frank Emmons hit the
solid center of the line for three,
and it was second and seven.
With the ball on the Gonzaga 21,
three passes came out of the Duck
bag in a row. Smith threw over
Bill Regner’s head in the end zone,
then he threw out of reach of
Graybeal's outstretched hands over |
the goal line. Then in desperation,
on the last down, a third pass was,
just too long for Reginato to
handle. All was over than for the
Olivermen. for it was their last
scoring opportunity.
Kick Backfires
The setup for the winning touch
down of Gonzaga's was a question
I able quick kick of Len Isberg,
made on the second play after the
Zag kickoff. Center Tom Lee had
kicked off to the Oregon 12, where j
it was returned by Anderson to j
the 35. Isberg came in the game,
lost one yard, then tried a quick
kick from his own 34 on a play
called by the quarterback. The fast
• charging center of the defensive
line boomed through like a steam- |
I roller, and blocked the kick.
I Bud Nestor apparently had the
ball in his arms, but the referee j
ruled that a Gonzaga player had
his body over the ball, and it was
the Zag ball on the Oregon 24%. j
Canadeo threw his second touch
down pass a few plays later, and ■
there were the 12 points.
The Gonzaga line out.charged
Oregon’s line all afternoon. Early!
Game Statistics Listed
Ore. Gon.
Total yardage scrim. 185 134
Total yardage passes .... 60 151
Total yards lost . 37 31
Total yards gained . 245 285
First downs scrim. 8 5
First downs passes. 2 5
First downs penalties .... 0 0
Total first downs . 10 10
For. passes attempted .. 15 12
For. passes completed ..3 7
For. pases intercepted .. 1 1
Number of punts. 9 8
Average length of punts 32.9 36.1
Average return of punts 10 6.4
Yards lost on penalties 50 29
Fumbles . 0 2
Fumbles recovered . 1 1
Lansing.LE . H. Harris
Bryant.LT Stuart
Schlosser. C . Samuelson
Feldhahn.RG . Walden
Daly. RT Jensen
Jordan.RE Reginato
Jacobson. Q . Donovan
Canadeo.LH Graybeal
R. Hare .RH.Smith
C. Hare. F Emmons
Score by periods:
Gonzaga . 0 0 6 6—12
Oregon . 0 0 7 0— 7
Gonzaga scoring, touchdowns,
Jones (substitute for Jordan); Ja
Oregon scoring, touchdown,
Reginato; point from try after
touchdown, Graybeal (place kick).
Officials: Doug Lowell, Mount
Angel, referee; W. Wallace, Iowa
State, umpire; Eldon Jenne, Wash
ington State, head linesman; E. L.
. Hunter, Idaho, field judge.
in the first quarter, the "Puggy"
Hutton men went clear down to
the Duck four, where they were
stopped by Erling Jacobsen. Later
in the same period the Zags went
to the Oregon 16, mainly on the
prettiest play of the day- It was
a triple lateral from Don Lansing,
who had taken a pass from Can
adeo, to Seaton Daly to Tackle
Jun Bryant. Good for 21 yards all
Ilegnor Stops Thrust
Bill Regner stopped this thrust
by recovering Ray Hare's fumble
on the Duck 20. Oregon got to the
Gonzaga five in the second period,
only to lose the ball on downs,
when Emmons couldn’t make it
over center. Frank had done most
of the pile driving from his 29 to
a first down on the Zag It. He
made 18. 13, 8. t. aided by eight
Edward L. Ryan. B.S.. LL.B.. Mgr.
I. O. O. F 5m!dg Eugene
Phone 2973
Varsity Hoopmen
Schedule 15 Tilts
Once again Oregon's northern conference basketball champions will
nake an eastern trip—this time as defending national champions—
jlaying 15 pre-season games.
Competition will be fierce, with a traveling squad of II to be weeded
irom a turnout of 29 varsity, transfer, and freshman hoop players.
Coach Howard Hobson added one more eame to the transcontinental
Swimmers Notice!
Russ Cutler, varsity anil
freshman swim coach for the
coming season, has issued a call
for all yearling paddlers to meet
at the men’s pool today at 4
Oregon varsity swimmers will
meet in the men’s pool at 4
o’clock Wednesday afternoon.
Frosh Face
Crucial Test
Against UW
Ducklings Meet
Washington Babe
Team Here Friday
Members of Oregon's frosh grid
eleven face an all-important foot
ball test Friday night. For that
evening, the Ducklings clash with
the University of Washington
Babes on Hayward field in a game
that will definitely show whether
they possess the “stuff” of which
future varsity teams are made.
The frosh took a tough 19-0 lick
ing from Oregon State’s rooks in
their college opener just a little
over a week ago. Since then, Coach
John Warren has thoroughly
drilled the squad as well as indi
vidual players in blocking, tackl
ing, and play timing. In fact he
spent all last week locating and
correcting weak spots in his
squad’s attack. In Friday’s clash,
the Ducklings will have every op
portunity to open up and play a
worthy brand of football.
Heavy Team
"Pest” Welch, Babes mentor,
will field one of the largest fresh
man elevens ever turned out at
the University of Washington. Av
erage weight of his starting team
is 205 pounds to the man. Linemen
alone average 212 pounds, while
the backs total 192. According to
and ten-yard runs by Johnny
Steve Anderson made his ap
pearance right after Oregon's
touchdown. He kicked off to the
Zag seven. When his team got the
ball he made seven yards by re
versing the entire field after be
ing chased back a few yards. He
made four, one, and eight, then
quick kicked for 41 yards after a
15-yard penalty for holding. It
was an excellent bit of offensive
play for Anderson.
Tex Oliver put the Gonzaga
game behind him in a hurry, and
went right to work yesterday af
ternoon on UCLA plays. He had
the boys working like mad in the
driving rain, trying to stop "Kenny
Washington” and "Jackie Robin
son,” Steve Anderson and Don Ma
bee. A chalk talk was held after
practice in the gym. and another
scrimmage is on schedule for to
day, rain or shine.
Checking Room Full
Traditional Oregon weather is
booming business in the library
check room. It has been necessary
to add an additional rod to take
care of the extra coats.
A division of the judges
iu the l’lllLIl» MOKK1S
eontest makes it compul
sory l'or entrants to sign
their own ballots. Any bal
lots entered in the eontest
not complying with this
qualification mill not be
valid. This action has been
deemed necessary in order
to guard against persons
otfier than the regular
winners claiming prizes.
rip bringing the total to nine while
raveling 7500 miles. The team will
eave December 8 and play their
irst game against the New Or
eans Gaylords, southern AAU
:hampions on December 1? at New
Drleans. The inclusion of that
;ame is the only change ir the
On December 16, the Wcbfoots
slay Long Island university in the
innual opening of Madison Square
Garden's basketball season.
Aside from the nine-game trans
continental tour, the Oregonians
will play four warm-up games in
Eugene and Portland before leav
ing on the eastern trip. Two games
will be played after coming back
before the start of the regular con
ference season.
A three-game series with Rubon
stein's Oregon, newly formed AA.TJ
five composed of the last two
years’ Oregon stars will highlight
the home games. Bob Anet, Ljddie
Gale, Slim Wintermute, Wally Jo
hansen, and Dave Silver are the
starting five.
The trip east is to be taken in
easy stages. Either a game or a
workout will be scheduled each day
to keep the boys from growing
stale. Practice sessions are set for
San Francisco, Los Angeles, San
Antonio, Tex.; and another between
New Orleans and New York City.
reports, the Babes have "plenty”
Lo throw at the frosh.
Welch’s starting line will prob
ably include Leon Brigham, 170,
left end; Thron Higgs, 244, left
tackle; Edward Kebulsek, 218, left
guard; William Little, 185, center;
Hebert Friedman, 220, right guard;
Charlie Falk, 258, right tackle; and
Walt Harrison, 190, right end.
Fighting it out for backfield berths
are Doug Smith, 220, and Martin
McCorkle, 195, at fullback; Casi
nur Pominek, 190, at right half;
Morgan Bartlett, 170, and Peter
Sussex, 170, at left half; and Les
Harrison, 190, and John Garra
bant, 182. at quarterback. Heports
state that Sussex is one of the best
football prospects ever seen at
Warren sent his players through
a heavy drill in the mud yesterday
afternoon, and will probably send
his charges through even heavier
scrimmages for the remainder of
this week.
in Bali”
‘Death of a
A—N—1 >
‘Grand Jury Secrets’
“The Under Pup”
“Made for
Each Other”
Lucky Aces no longer are . . .
why ? That's what I wondered, too
. . . Hazel Oldfield said, when
pinned down, that Orides’ social
life-dances and coed meetings
had enticed them and convinced
them that a merger could be real
swell for all concerned . . . maybe
us female tomboys, sports enthus
iasts and what have you are hu
man after all.
(Which reminds me, just be
tween us three I've a little gripe to
settle myself with a few of my
sports room cohorts who were
soooo-surprised to find I knew the
difference between dribbling and
It seems the Aces lost Irene,
“honorable-mention” James and
Mary Rear to the Oregon normal
school, Betty “honorable-mention
too” Giddings to a man named
Emery, and several others just
dropped school. This left Hazel
“All-Star” Oldfield, Cookie Schaf
fer, and Anna Banick, which
wouldn’t constitute the basketball
team they boasted last year.
Add these to Orides’ high-scor
ing All-Star Lois Nielson though,
and well . . . we’ll wait till winter
This year s tresnman Class is
certainly outstanding . . . Amphib
ian stop watches showed at least
a baker’s dozen under the 30-sec.
mark for the 40-yard speed test
... (no, no, now just wait a minute
:32 is this local honoraries qualify
ing time).
Another dozen earned 8, 9, and
10 ratings on their strokes . . . not
to mention a few specialty num
bers—practicing to swim the Eng
lish channel and the Japanese
moon stroke. Two or three excep
tional divers turned out but mem
bers are anxious for more!!!!
Among those interested (new
comers to this university who were
seen in suits recently were two
graduate assistants in the physical
education department. More power
to such spirit. One, a Miss Kay
Earl, has a long record of swim
ming activities—president of the
University of Utah’s swimming
club, coed intramural manager, and
Salt Lake City’s director of swim
Guess I’ll save the rest for next
week (unless they decide to stop
my paycheck).
• FOUR SEASON-the sport
jacket you wouldn't swap for
a shelf of trophies! It's worn
the year round and for every
sport! Designed in the tradi
tional Hirach-Weit out
door manner!
Tailored of
Wind and rain resist
ant. Free-swmg back
and concealed elastic
hips (or snuggness.
Zipper^ pockets and
iron: Get one*
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