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Over 600 Seniors/
Possible Record,
To Graduate Here
commencement .exercises to Serve as
Official Inauguration of Dr. Erb; Class
Reunions Scheduled for May 28
Over 600 seniors, a possible new record, will officially leave the
University of Oregon May 30 at 8 p.m., the time set for commence
ment exercises.
The occasion will also serve as the official inauguration of Dr
Donald M. Erb as new president of the University. Dr. Erb will be
the main commencement speaker.
Commencement exercises will be preceded Sunday, May 29, at
* p.m. oy me Baccalaureate ser
vice, with Edward Maslin Hulme,
professor of history at Stanford
university, as speaker. Professor
Hulme will take as his topic, “The
Message of the Master.”
Commencement week begins
Friday, May 27, when a benefit
tea for the Pauline Potter Home, ,
collection of beautiful books will
be held in the browsing room of
the library from 3 to 5 p.m. Thatj
evening the Failing and Beekmanj
orations will be heard in the music1
auditorium at 8 p.m.
Alumni day is scheduled for j
Saturday, May 28, and a record I
number of graduates and former,
students are expected. Class re
unions will be held on this day,
with reunions of the class of 1883,
the 55-year class; 1888, the 50
year class; 1898, the 40-year class;
1908, the 30-year class; 1913, the;
25-year class; 1918, the 20-year;
class, and 1928, the 10-year class, j
The flower and fern procession
at the site of the Pioneer Mother,
statue, one of the most beautiful
of all campus traditions, will be
performed alumni day. Several
other events are scheduled, includ
ing a reception for Dr. and Mrs.
Erb in alumni hall, class dinners,
and the University luncheon at
the John Straub Memorial build
Exam Schedule for
Seniors Released
Senior spring term examination
schedule has been released by Clif
ford Constance, assistant registrar.
This schedule will be final, except
where professors have petitioned
'the schedule committee for
changes. These professors will an
nounce the changes to their re
spective classes.
Starting on Monday, M&y 23, the
schedule is as follows:
8-10—9 TuTh classes
10-12—8 TuTh classes
1-3—8 MWF classes —
3-5—9 MWF classes
Tuesday, May 24:
8-10—2 MWF classes
10-12—10 MWF classes
1-3—10 TuTh classes
3-5—2 TuTh classes
Wednesday, May 25: '
8-10—3 MTuWThF classes
10-12—4 MTuWThF classes
1-3—11 MTuWF classes
3-5—1 MTuWThF classes.
Les Hites and his well-known j
dance orchestra from the Cotton
club in Hollywood will be present- j
ed at Willamette park on Sunday
evening starting at 7:30, according
to Mr. Loud, manager of the park.'
The orchestra has long been
popular on the coast and has been
featured in radio broadcasts for
some time.
Extension Division
Merits High Rating
Visual Aid Material
Listed as Second
Best in United States
The extension department’s li
brary of visual aid material and
equipment is classified as the sec
ond largest in the United States,
according to Mr. U. S. Burt, head
of the visual education division of
the extension department, who
demonstrated the material in Vil
lard Thursday evening.
The library consists of over 650
different motion picture films and
over 800 sets of glass and film
slide sets. Biological science, phy
sical science, human geography,
music, and primary grade series
are the divisions of the motion
picture subjects. Silent and sound
movies may be obtained.
Use of this* material has in
creased over 50 per cent in the
past year, Mr. Burt said, and since
1932, has increased more than 295
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Lane County
Prep Seniors
Tour Campus
Boys and Girls Visit
Buildings, Discuss
Plans for College
Four hundred and twenty-five
Lane county high school students
appeared yesterday morning on the
University of Oregon campus for a
one-day program of introduction
to the Oregon State System of
Higher Education by means of di
rect contact with professors and
organizations heads.
The conference was sponsored
by the Girl Reserve clubs and the
Hi-Y organizations of the Univer
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Blight Students
Given Chance
To Show in Quiz
Professor S. H. Jameson, of
the social science department,
did not meet his 8 o’clock social
science class yesterday, and
Mrs. Kiepe, substituting for
him, came close to missing it
“Is this Mr. Jameson’s class?”
she asked.
“No,” shouted the class, in
“Pardon me, then,” she said,
collecting her books and papers,
and leaving the room.
A few moments later, enlight
ened, she returned to where the
guilty conscienced students still
The class was given a quiz.
Educational Money
Allocated for ROTC
Trophy Competition
$1250 Appropriation Made for Cadet
Transportation to Military Field Day;
New Expense Added to Strained Budget
ROTC activities on the Oregon campus as well as those at Oregoat
State have received financial support from the State of Oregon’s budget
for higher education, a story published in the Coos Bay Times of
yesterday disclosed.
According to the Times, an examination of the state board of
higher education records show that $1250 has been appropriated from
the limited higher education budget to finance the transportation of
1250 Oregon State College military cadets to Eugene for competition.
New Rushing
Plan Offered
By Committee
Division of Week
Rebates to Houses
Suggested Reform
A new rushing system propos
ing for the main part to divide
freshman week into two separate
parts, one for rushing and for aca
demic preparation, has been sub
mitted to President Erb by a fac
ulty committee, Virgil D. Earl,
dean of men, said last night.
Dean Earl said that the outcome
of the plan was up to the presi
dent, either decision by him, or
for submission to the faculty.
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with Oregon cadets here May 2a»
for the "Governor Martin” trophy*
later designated as "Governor’a
Annual Award
After Governor Martin's denial
that the trophy he inaugurated
was his “personal” gift, the name
was changed to “Governor’^ tro
phy,” and it was indicated that it
would become a perpetual yearly!
award. This would necessitate a
yearly appropriation for the trans
portation of ROTC cadets between
Eugene and Corvallis.)
The Coos Bay Times continued
that “Pressure was rumored
brought to bear on the board to
approve the military field day ap
propriation at a time when the
board was faced with a desperate
problem of adjusting salaries, pur
chasing adequate periodicals and
supplies for libraries and carrying’
on other routine educational func
$250 Trophy
The competition among th€|
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'Two Gentlemen of Verona'
“Two Gentlemen of Verona” will
step from Will Shakespeare’s
Elizabethan England to the stage
of the University of Oregon gar
den theater at 9 o’clock on the eve
ning of May 19 for the delectation
of campus amusement seekers.
The comedy, under the direction
of Mrs. Ottilie T. Seybolt, will star
Eddie Hearn as Launce, Jack
Lewis as Proteus, Wilford Road
man as Speed, Gayle Buchanan as
Julia, and Alice May Sieling as
Lucetta. Prominent in the play
are Eugeneans Bill Tugman and
Charles A. Huntington.
This is to be the first dramatic
production to be presented on the
new outdoor stage behind the mu
sic auditorium. It is also the first
time the University Theater play
ers and members of the Very Lit
tle Theatre group of Eugene have
combined to work on onet produc
Other entertainment to be of
fered in the grassy play-house un
der a summer sky will be “Tobac
co Is But an Indian Weed,” and
; "British Grenadiers” by a high
school male quartet. The singers
will be Arthur Gorham, Jimmy
Bartell, Laurie Pratt, and Ken
neth Prince. Dances of the Eliza
bethan period will augment the
No heavy Shakespearean trage-*
dy, the offering of the University
theater group is rather a delight-*
ful comedy, of the sort most con-*
sistent with an out-of-door setting.
Should weather conditions prove*
unfavorable, the play will be given*
at the stated time in the Guild
theater, Johnson hall. Second per-*
ference broke up into groups to*
formances will be staged on May|
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