Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 01, 1938, Page Eight, Image 8

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    Men Seek Dates
To Gamma Alpha
Chi Formal Ball
Portland Models Will
Display New Styles
At Spring Dance
With plenty of men about the
campus still dateless and unasked
for Saturday night’s “little Mor
tar Board,” the Gamma Alpha Chi
spring formal today neared its
semi-final stages of preparation as
-details concerning decorating,
programs, and fashion showings
occupied the attention of the dance
As the deadline drew near des
perate males threw frantic hints
at prospective dates and tried last
resort measures to get coy coeds
to pop the question. One group of
hopeless ones last night declared
they would stage a “brawl of their
own” in the event they were not
escorted onto the maple floor of
the Igloo Saturday night.
Newspaper Programs
Meanwhile the committee went
on with its groundwork, announc
ing that programs would be in
the form of newspapers, in keep
ing with the character of Gamma
Alpha Chi, which is a women’s
advertising honorary.
The fashion showing was anoth
er concern of the committee, which
was hard at work arranging for
the showing of spring fashions by
six regular models from Berg’s of
Portland and four, campus models,
to be announced at the dance.
Varoff Defends Title
Tonight at Hill Meet
George Varoff’s duel with Earle
Meadows and Cornelius Warmer
dam for pole-vault supremacy at
the seventh annual Hill Military
Relay Carnival in the Pacific In
ternational livestock pavilion in
Portland will go on the air to
night at 10 p.m.
Broadcast over the Blue network
of the National Broadcasting sys
tem through KEX of Portland
-along with the George Varoff pole
vaidt will be the classic Cunning
ham mile. Oregon’s entrants in
this event are Don Barker and
Bob Mitchell.
KEX will also broadcast from
9 p.m. to 9:15 p.m., with a sum
mary of early events at the re
Additional details of Oregon’s
entries in the Hill “Carnival of
Champions” will be found on the
sports page.
Company A Ranks
Tops for Perfect
Inspection Record
Company A, or the nine o’clock
section of the first-year ROTC
students was today designated as
the honor company of the week.
Each week, on Wednesday, inspec
tion is held and the companies are
judged for their neatness and gen
eral appearance. Company A
scored a perfect record this week.
Company commander is Joe B.
Sallee. First Sergeant is Charles
A. Hillway and platoon leaders
ate: Kenneth Kirtley, Sam Kro
chel, and Dale Lassalle.
Zona Gale’s play, "Neighbors,”
will be given at Westminster house
Friday evening after a covered
dish dinner to which the faculty
committee, students and parents
are invited. The dinner will be at
6 p.m. followed by regular open
Campus Bookies List Odds as Spring Horse-Play
i Fervor Rises; Long Shots, Also-Rans Numerous
(Taking an idea from the Texas Christian University Skiff,
the Emerald pari-mutuel “handicapper” has"“”listed odds on the
chances of various campus romances to last through spring term.
Although the “handicapper” will not “make any books” on
these dog-races, a few bets on various piggers will probably be
made at campus pool-halls.)
Molly White, Laddie Gale
Pat Brugman, Bob DeArmond....
Phyllis Atwater, Bob Bailey.
Betty Wagner, Steve Crosley.
Jane Weston, A1 Davis.
Ruth Hingley, Bob Haines.
Nancy Ogden, Kenny Schramm ..
Jane Slatky, Bunny Butler.
Mary Price, Orville Varty .
Dorothy Good, Ralph Cathey.
Prudy Price, Walt Miller ...
Peg Guilmet, Jim Hubbard
Louise Good, George Corey.
Barbara Espy, John Quinn .
Elizabeth Stetson, Jack Stafford
Jean Broughten, Don Thomas .../No
Patsey Warren, Kirk Eldridge...
Betty Crawford, Harry Adams. ..
Betty Crawford, Harold W7eston..
Virginia Moore, Frank Drew.
Jane Shepard, Bill Mortimer.
Lillian Scott, Don Kennedy .
Rita Wright, Bill Cummings.
Molly Cunningham, Bill Harrow..
Eilleen Carroll, Bob Watkins
Kay Pasquille, Vern Moore....
Peg Sanford, Glendon Kelty..
Gerry Hartwick, John Keyes...
Kay Miller, Bob Smith.
Sue Pel, Junior Swanson.
Betty Jane Casey, Bob Beard
Barbara Thompson, Steve
Anderson ....
Jeanne IWagy, Jim Hague.
Marion Everaert, Denny Breaid'..
Kay Bossinger, Ed Strohecker ...
Jeannette Hafner, Jim Schriver..
Dorothy Bates, Lloyd Magill.
Janet Calavan, Bob Cutler .
Margery Churchill, Ted Fisher....
Mary Thacher, Bill Chambreau..
Phyllis Elder, Clare Francis...
Ann McCrae, Ivan Clark .
June Lagassee, Chuck French
Laura Edmonds, Sam Mack .
Eleanor Francis, Rudy Kappel.
Virginia Regan, Don Anderson..
,Odds Tips
8-1 (old time stuff)
2- 2 (this year’s love)
6-4 (dog house for Bob)
1- 8 (will it last)
100-1 (the real thing)
4-1 (good deal)
8- 1 (best in sun porch)
3- 1 (star gazers)
9- 3 (produced by OSC)
3- 2 (“good” catch)
8- 2 (running neck to neck)
No odds (can be scratched)
4- 5 (competition—law school)
i 9-1 (lost—one pin)
9- 1 (from grade school up)
odds (ready for the ring)
4-6 (golf widow)
10-1 (good deal)
1-10 (quiniela)
21-1 (ring me, please)
10-5 (there’s a limit)
6- 2 (not a neck in a carload)
7- 2 (no statement)
d0-l (the mother touch)
10-40 (what again?)
4-3 (she’s strong grid-getter)
3- 6 (activity for plenty)
No odds (may be scratched)
2- 6 (what a car)
1-100 (good opportunity)
9-1 (good combination)
4- 2 (shall we park here?)
8- 1 (love in bloom)
4-2 (not a toothpaste ad, but)
1-50 (Ed—the great lover)
50-1 (constant companions)
2-1 (what a man!)
(each on second lap)
(sleeps on her picture)
(love in the raw)
(V-8 to talk)
(winter love)
(Sheldon still out)
(competition with car)
(Kow Kollitch Kutie)
(activity for plenty)
Kay Taylor, Bob Lee . 1-10
Dorothy Ash, Jack Davidson. 100-1
Pat McCarthy, Bill Regan. 6-5
Casey Cannon, Paul Christenson 4-2
Betty Hamilton, Jim Wilkinson.. 60-40
Margaret Finnegan, Jim Woods.. 1-2
Mary Richardson, Morey
Anderson . 10-1
Alice Henderson, Doc Near. 5-6
Jeanne Nasser, Ed Averill . 1-4
Willa Macintosh, Dick Litfin. 10-1
Florence Haydon, Bob Pollock.-.S’i-lO
(has competition)
(best in parlor)
(much endurance)
(blushing boy)
(fatherly touch)
(what’s to lose?)
(beautiful buggy)
(what? a man)
(she has the car)
(mamma, there’s that
Winona Weslow, George Hall. 3-4 (looks good)
Barbara McBreen, A1 Runde.No odds (may be scratched)
Helen Donavan, Morey Clark. 6-4 (another good car)
Alice Clevinger, Kenneth Philips 100-1 (longest shot)
Genevieve McNiece, Kenneth
Kirtley . 7-2
Alice Hoffman, Max Frye . 2-1
Fairy Henderson, Chuck Phipps..
Margaret Carlton, Bill Watson..
Rennee Mattingly, Neil Povey ..
Sally McGrew, Clyde Engerman..
Mary Cochlin, Paul Rowe .
Jean Farrens, Bill Pengra ., 15-2
Jean Rawson, Don Johnson . 2-1
Betty Cowan, Elmer Hansen . 3-10
Mildred Landreth, Ned Gee. 100-1
Kay Duffy, Dave Silvan .500-10
Maxine Cramer, Avery Cloniger.. 24-2
Libby Ann Jones, Dick Halley ... 100-1
Alice Lyle, Romy de Pittard. 10-9
Venita Brous, Hal Shearer . 6 2
Virginia Bird, Ed Fronk.No odds (constant companions)
Isabelle Stanley, Vic Reginato ... 2-1 (fair but not warmer)
Mary Scurvey, Fred Miller . 5-4
Jean Billings, Allen Rogers. 8-3
Happy Battleson, Scoops Tupling 100-1
Helen Mitchell, Glen Rickard. 20-1
Harriet Sarazen, Clare Peterson..
Ann Herrenkohl, George •
Stevenson .
(oboe, oboe)
(it’s lasted' this long)
(fast on inside)
(won by a neck)
(Stater stuff)
(horse crazy, not u Clyde)
(near finish) I
(good for a month)
(it’s about time)
(oh Elmer)
(best in parlour)
(24 hour love)
(another long shot)
(can U “count”?)
(men prefer bottle blonds)
(Good for arguments)
(bears watching)
(Emerald widow)
(parlor parking)
(burning out)
1-2 (medical pin)
Billy Savage, Jay Langston .
Marilyn Ebi, Jerry Smith.
Kay Staples, Vern Terjeson.
Cherry Brown, Ken Eli .
Margery Johnson, George
■Skipworth .
Maxine Gahlsdorf, Bud Robinson
Bobby Swinson, Hugh Styles ....
Iris Franzen, Jimmy Smith.
Margaret Burnett, John Espy ....
Carman Curry, Bob Goodfellow..
Hally Dudrey, Bob Goodfellow....
3- 1 (swell gal)
1- 2 (fresh love for sale)
4- 2 (good deal)
3- 1 (back and going strong)
7-2 (save for rainy day)
9-1 (I knew her when)
2- 4 (pinhead to you)
4- 2 (love me forever)
6-2 (sees her every morning)
10-1 (while the cat’s away)
1-10 (the mouse wit: play)
Emerald of the Air
Starts Interviews
An attempt to determine the
likes and dislikes of students on
the various features of the “Em
erald of the Air’’ will be made this
week, Roy Vernstrom, assistant
editor, announced last night.
All students are asked to bring
or send in their criticisms or sug
gestions for the program, he said.
The inauguration of a new fea
ture in the program, that of in
terviewing some prominent cam
pus personality, will be continued
on future broadcasts, he said.
Those students on the program to
date have been Gordon Connelly,
known for his fight to be exempt
ed from ROTC and “Smoky”
Whitfield, dusky boxer and ath
lete. Starting Monday three stu
dents a week will be interviewed,
Vernstrom said.
The announcer tonight wfill be
Dolph Janes, freshman in law.
Additional pledges to Oregon
fraternities were announced yes
terday by Dean Earl. They are:
William Cardinal and Harry Lowe,
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gib Wiley,
Sigma Nu; Dick Gifford, Kappa
_ ✓
Mrs. Alice B. Macduff, assistant
dean of women, announced today
that any additions to be made to
the social calendar must be done
before Saturday as the complete
calendar will be published next
Send the Emerald to your par
ents and let them read UO news.
DG#s Celebrate
25th Anniversary
Of Local Chapter
Alpha Delta chapter of Delta
Gamma will celebrate the 25th an
niversary of its founding with a
reunion of alumni on April 2 and
3 at the local chapter house.
About 150 alumni are expected
for the event, which will open with
registration at the Eugene hotel
Friday evening. All alumni will
be housed at the hotel, where an
entire floor has been rented.
In informal luncheon will be held
Saturday at the chapter house, fol
lowed by a campus tour.
Mrs. J. Walter Bingham, Palo
Alto, first vice-president of the
fraternity, will speak at a banquet
Saturday evening at the Osburn
A memorial service Sunday
morning at 11 in Gerlinger and a
dinner at the house Sunday after
noon will conclude the events of
the silver jubilee reunion.
'Snowballs' to Pay
Passage to Reno
Instituting a drive for funds to
send the University to the coast
speech contest at Reno, the speech
division and the Order of the
Mace, speech honorary, yesterday
appointed George Hall to head the
Approximately $50 more is
needed to send the debaters to
Reno, where colleges in the west
ern states will be represented,
some funds are already on hand,
Chairman Hall said last night, the
$50 being the amount still needed.
The main impetus of the drive
will be behind a campus sale of
“snowballs,” a confection, on Wed
nesday, April 6. Sales will be
handled directly by Kwama, soph
omore women's service honorary.
Pat Brugman, Kwama president,
will head the committee in charge.
Spring is the Ideal Picture Time
The 1938 ARGUS
Avail yourself of the new lvoda-printer equipment
exclusive, in Eugene, at Baker's Film Shop. It assures
you of better developing, and makes 3*i by -P2 en
largements from miniature negatives for 7c each.
Carl Baker Film Shop
(!98 Willamette
Phone 538
Phi Sigs Entertain
Winston and .Band
Jack Winston and several mem
bers of his hand were guests at
the Phi Sigma Kappa house during
their recent stay on the campus.
Several of the musicians were also
quartered at Theta Chi.
Taking advantage of their Ore
gon trip to obtain some much
needed relaxation after their long
engagement at the Bal Tabarin in
San Francisco, Winston and his
colleagues temporarily abandoned
their instruments except for t^vo
“jam sessions” staged at the Phi
Sig house.
Following his Friday night ses
sion at Corvallis, Winston will re
turn to California, thence to Cleve