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On the road this year, Oregor
has lost five games and won onh
three, at first blush making th<
Wobfoots’ road trip record seen
to be very bad.
However, this is not the case
Instead of disastrous road trip:
being the exception this year, the’
are the vogue.
On the road this year, the Uni
versify of Washington’s Huskie:
have had an equally bad year. Or
their trip into this sector of thi
northern division they lost threr
out of four.
During the super extravaganzc
when they played six games ir
something like eight or nine days
they lost two out of six contests
This was on the trip during which
they played WSC, Montana, anc
* * *
Idaho also lost three out of foui
games on their first and to date
only real road trip. When the Van
dals swung through Montana anc
Washington on their journey, they
dropped two to the Grizzlies and
one in Seattle.
In addition they were also de
feated when they hopped over a
few miles to I’ullman. Where the
Vandals shine is also the strong
hold of our Ducks—the home floor,
The Vandals have lost only one
game at home, that one was tc
Hec Edmundson's Huskies.
Washipgton State's Cougars
have a little better record on the
only real road trip which they
have made so far this year. They
defeated Oregon State twice, then
lost both games to the Ducks in
their swing through the Oregon
H* *1*
Montana, the cellar positionists,
have not won a game on the road
this season, while Slats Gill’s Beav
ers have won only two, both at
So you see, Oregon’s prolific
losses on the road are really not
‘O much to worry about, although
here is no doubt that they would
have a much better chance to kick
through with a title had they
breezed through with a few more
victories on the road.
In the meantime they have three
of their five remaining at home,
while the Vandnls und the Cou
gars, the two villiuns in the east
so far us we are concerned, have
five of their six games away from
The next question is whether the
Ducks home record will save them
from the depredations of the Van
dals, or will the Vandals roast the
Ducks like they did when they had
the Ducks in their own back yard.
As if it wasn't bad enough to
have to get past Forest Twogood’s
club, the Ducks then have to climb
over the Orangemen, tutored by
nunc other than Slats Gill.
If memory serves us right, Gill’s
men have six victories to their
credit, and EVERY VICTORY IS
TEAM. Montana four times, Ore
gon once, and Washington once.
At the same time OSC holds no
victories over either Idaho or WSC,
who play almost as slowly as the
Beavers, In other words if any
body is to stop Idaho it will have
to be tile Ducks with the Cougars
holding an outside chance to come
out on top in one of their games '
with the Idahoans.
If we can stop the Vandals, we
will have to do something to the1
Staters, and this will be a. plenty
tough trick to turn, as Slats Gill
also likes to do something to his
Beavers, usually to the discom
fiture of the slowed-down oppo
Tho chun«e» of Washington
State, we have neglected because
the Cougars have the toughest row
to hoe.
They have to outrun the Grizz
lies in Missoula's rarified atmos
phere. Then after that workout
they bump their heads into the
stone wall that is Washington.
To top it off, they have two
games with Idaho, which should be
another can or two tied to the
Cougar's tail.
What looked like last month to
be June in January, looks like a
long, cold winter now’.
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Hobby's Gale
Sets Record
For 16 Games
Oakridge Flash Tops
Palmberg's Tally
Mark at 202
Although slowed to a trot in his
point-making dash on the Web
foot's road trip into the Inland j
Empire, Oregon’s tall Laddie Gale
will return to Eugene today the
possessor of the new 16-game con
1 ference scoring record of 202
His total smashed the former
mark of 187 points set by Wally
1 Palmberg of Oregon State college
in 1935.
The rangy forward hit only 28
points in four games againstfVash
ington State and Idaho, but his
totals up to the disastrous tour
kept his average at 12.5 points
per game. He has bucketed 68
field goals and converted 66 times
from the gift line to hang up his
Did It in First
Gale broke Palmberg’s record in
the first game of the Idaho series
last Friday night when, held to no
goals from the field, he looped
j seven free throws to surpass the
; Oregon Stater’s best effort by two '
Already over the 200 point mark.
"The Lad" still has four more
games in which to establish a new ,
loop mark for the present 20-game
! schedule.
In second place, trailing Gale by
75 points, is Bill Lazetich, husky
Montanan. The Copper State hoop- i
er has slapped in 127 points.
Three Are Webfoots i
Of the first five leading scorers, J
three are from the ranks of Coach ’
! Hobby Hobson’s crew. Big Slim J
Wintermute occupies the third spot .
on the circuit ladder with 1261 ’
points, and Wally Johansen has 1
canned 118 to take over fifth place. 1
Between Wintermute and Johan- | J
sen is Steve Belko, Idaho’s big ,
threat, who has put together 122 | 1
points in 14 games. He is the only ! 1
one of the top five who have not \ f
competed in four-fifths of the ' 5
schedule. ! j
Oregon assumed the lead in an- I
other department over the week- 1
end when Bobby Anet took over S
i "bad-man' honors with 50 per- (
sonal fouls called against him in i
16 games. j
The Ducks return home at noon I
today to await the "do-or-die" ser- C
j ies with Idaho next Tuesday and I
Wednesday nights. They lost to I
Lin field's Wildcats
Down Oregon Ducks
In Fast Meet; 19-10
Webfoot Wrestlers Show Surprising Form;
Francis, Lauderback, Spence, Shaffer and
Meyers Beat Opponents in Matches
Winning five out of .seven scheduled matches the strong Linfield
Wildcats won from the Oregon wrestlers 19 to 10 in McArthur court
last night.
The Wcbfoots were able to score wins in the first two bouts of
the evening, the 126-pound and the 135-pound events. In five exhibi
tions that had no bearing on the meet score, the Ducks took three of
Sigma Hall Falters;
Zetas Earn Victory
Zeta hall defeated a supposedly
stronger Sigma hall team yester
day 2-1 to enter the quarter finals
in the all-campus handball cham
In the first singles match Nor
man Winslow of Sigma defeated
Bob Abbi in two straight games
21-8 and 21-9. The second singles
.vent to Joe Amato with a 21-14.
18-21, 21-10 win over Paul Mc
Bride of Sigma.
In the doubles game Marino In
nocent! and Gene Truby of Zeta
lame through to win over Barney
ilall and Ed Robbins of Sigma
!1-13, 21-14.
Today at 4:20 the Phi Delta
ackle a powerful Sig Ep team in
he semi-final rounds. -
daho twice, 31-28 and
he series at Moscow.
laic, Oregon . 68 66
-.azetich, Mon. 36 55
Vintermute, Ore. 52 22
Seiko, Idaho. 44 34
lohansen, Ore. 45 28
Verner, Wash. .. 46 21
’flugrad, OSC .... 30 50
foelker, Wash. .. 43 20
looper, WSC . 38 29
ohnson, Idaho 35 33
Villiamson, Wash. 33 46
4iller, Mont. 43 14
ieyler, Mont. 31 38
iiegenfuss, Wash 42 10
Sarrett, Idaho .... 32 35
.ockhart, Wash. 42 13
Cebbe, OSC . 40 1G
lilver, Oregon .. 30 33
Carlson, WSC 36 20
,net, Oregon . 32 23
iarris, OSC . 31 24
:yan, Mont. 33 20
hase, WSC . 34 13
iramer, Idaho .... 32 15
iosich, WSC. 26 27
35-34, in
32 202
40 127
39 126
39 113
19 110
32 106
24 105
29 103
32 102
32 100
36 100
19 100
28 99
the events. Two of these wins were
by falls.
Clarence “V-8” Francis in the
135-pound class took a decision
from Art Pearson in a very fast
bout. The time for the fall was
Lauderback Wins
The other Oregon points came in
the first bout of the evening when
Ralph Ennins of the Wildcats came
in overweight. This gave the Ore
gon team five points. In the match
Bill Lauderback worked smoothly
on his heavier opponent’and gained
a decision at the end of six min
Mark Nicherson from Linfield
won a close decision from Dick
Berger at 145 pounds.
In one of Lhe best bouts of the
evening Walt Young of the Wild
cats won on a fall from Walt Wood
of the Ducks in 4.35. This match
was at 155 pounds.
At 165 pounds Horace Hight won
a decision from Lord Fairfax Rob- |
The last scheduled match was
the light heavy bout between Bob
Venemon of Linfield and John
Skirving of Oregon. Venemon won
the bout and the meet by taking 1
a slow decision in six minutes.
Linfield gained five points in the j
heavyweight class on a default.
Exhibitions Good
The exhibition matches showed
some of the best wrestling of the
meet. Shaffer of the Ducks, fight
ing at 145 pounds, took a speedy
fall from a heavier opponent in 1:02.
In another exhibition at this
weight Mort Meyers of Oregon
won on a decision from Ralph
“Butch” Monnes at 165 took the <
first exhibition win for the Wrild- J
Longview to Be
Visited bg Frosh;
To Astoria Also
Coach Warren Takes
Team on Journey
Through Coast
John Warren’s Ducklings will at
tempt to continue their victory
march this weekend when they
travel to the coast for two con
The frosh will journey to Astoria
Friday to play the Astoria bottling
works team and then move to
Longview Saturday for a game
with the strong Longview high
The Ducklings had little trouble
taking the Longview five here,
winning 51 to 21. More opposition
is expected by Warren when the
teams meet Saturday night.
Earl Sandness and Tovio Piippo
will be going back to the scene of
their high school basketball wars
when they play in Astoria Friday
night. Both Sandness and Piippo
played under Warren when he was
coach at Astoria.
The starting lineup for the baby
Ducks will probably be: Earl Sand
ness and Harold Hoffman, for
wards; Archie Marshik, center;
Porky Andrews and Evert “Red”
McNeeley, guards.
The frosh held a light drill yes
terday in the absence of “Skipper” :
Warren, who was out of town.
cats with a decision over A1 Con
ger of the Ducks.
The best bout of the evening was
between Harry Spence, an Oregon
freshman, and Meyers of Linfield
at 160 pounds. Spence won the
match on a fall in five minutes
The last exhibition was between
Red Dichter from Linfield and Dale
Peterson the Blond Bombshell from
Clatskanie. Weighing 175 pounds
these two boys could easily pass
for twin brothers except for the
difference in the color of their hair.
Dichter has bright red locks while
Peterson is a decided blond. Dich
ter won the match on a decision
ifter six minutes of wrestling.
The Linfield wrestlers are to
right Oregon State next Tuesday.
The University wrestlers will have
l return match with Linfield there
darch 2.
Court 40, 4:00—Alpha Tau Omega (A) vs. Phi Delta Theta (A).
Court 40, 5:00—Sigma Nu (B) vs. Phi Gamma Delta (B).
Phi Sigma Kappa (A) 19, Phi Delta Theta (A) 31.
Alpha Tau Omega (B) 44, Yeomen (B) 28. , .
Cutler Resents
Dark Peepers;
Knollin Owner
"Palest pair of black eye3
I've even seen,” was one of the
! comments a student made when
trying to find out if Russ Cut
ler really had a couple of shiners
1 or not.
In the pile-up of the wrecked
toboggan an Emerald correspon
dent became switched around
and called E. R. Knollin of the
PE department, Russ Cutler.
At the present time Knollin is
still wearing the shiners and un
less a similar mistaken identity
turns up, he will probably keep
Varsity, Freshmen
Divot Diggers Meet
Veteran Walt Cline to
Be Playing Coach of
Golf Team .
Varsity and frosh golfers met
last night and discussed plans for
the 1938 divot season. Walt Cline,
veteran No. 2 man from the cham
pionship 1937 team, and captain
coach this year, outlined the ten
tative conference schedule and ex
plained varsity practice rules for
the Eugene country club.
Qualifying round dates for both
varsity and freshman squad posi
tions will be held the first week
of the spring term, March 22 to
28. Both teams carry six regulars
and four alternates. These posi
tions are won by the ten low golf
ers in order of medal scores.
Frosh at Laurehvood
Golfers must play 72 holes in
the qualifying round, the frosh at
Laurel wood and varsity at the Eu
gene country club.
The varsity golf crew is sched
uled to play seven matches, the
first one here with Washington
April 8.
Cline hopes also to match the
Oregon championship squad
against two teams not in the con
ference, ollege of Puget Sound and
the University of British Columbia.
Although a frosh team sched
ule has not been outlined, frosh
golfers probably will meet the
rooks the same weekends of the
varsity meets.
There will be another golf meet
ing Tuesday at the College Side at
7 p.m.
“Pioneer” your windshield at
Pomeroy’s Associated.
Sherman Wetmore,
Jack Dallas Break '
Pacific CoastMarks
Intercollegiate Records Unofficially Broken
By Frosh as Uni High Defeated; Mamie,
Mallory, Sanders Take Events
Jack Dallas and Sherm Wetmore lived up to their reputations as
all-American swimmers last night when each unofficially broke the
Pacific coast intercollegiate record in his event.
Incidentally, Mike Hoyman's strong freshman swimming team took
every first place as they swamped University high, 47 to 19.
Dallas, using his unorthodox butterfly stroke, raced through the
lUU-yaru Dreasisuuite ui i.uij
The present Pacific coast record o:
1:10.5 was made by Clark of Stan
ford in 1933.
Wetmore followed his swimmatt
by running away from the field ir
his specialty, the 100-yard back
stroke. Wetmore’s time was 1:04.1
while the coast record is 1:06.8 set
by Tebbets of Stanford in 1933.
Marnie High Scorer
Jim Marnie was high scorer foi
the evening with a total of 11%
points. He won firsts in both 4C
and 100-yard sprints and swam ir
the 160-yard relay team.
Marnie furnished the only othei
fast time of the meet when he
nosed out his teammate, A1 Sand
ers, in :19.8. The Pacific coast
record stands at :19.1.
Sanders captured the 220-yarti
dash edging out Dick Smith oi
Uni with a last stretch burst. El
mer Mallory, only frosh entry in
the diving contest, took that event
with but little competition worn
Oregon's 180-yard medley relay
streaked through its race and fin
ished two laps ahead of the high
school team. Wetmore, Dallas,
Marnie, and Sanders closed the
meet by capturing the 160-yard
40-yard free-stylc: Won by Mar
nie, Oregon; Sanders, Oregon, sec
ond; G. Huestis, Uni, third. Time
100-yard breaststroke: Won by
Dallas, Oregon; R. Huestis, Uni,
second; Tugman, Uni, third. Time,
1:07.5. Pacific coast record, 1:10.5.
220-yard free style: Won by San
ders, Oregon; Smith, Uni, second;
Keller, Oregon, third. Time, 2:35.6.
100-yard backstroke: Won by
Wetmore, Oregon; R. Huestis, Uni,
second; Emmons, Uni, third. Time,
1:04.1. Pacific coast record, 1:06.8!
100-yard dash. Won by Marnie,
Oregon; Smith, Uni, second; Wil
son, Oregon, third. Time :59.4.
Fancy diving. Won by Mallory,
Oregon; Sargent, Uni, second;
Young, Uni, third.
180-yard medley relay. Won by
Phi Delts Finish Strongly
To Down Phi Sigs; ATOs
Trample Yeomen, 44-28
'Journalists'' First Half Rally Is Flash in Pan;
Hal Morgan Leads Barnmen's Comeback;
Mitchell, Anderson High for Hotelmen
Phi Sigma Kappa A team, after
running over Phi Delta Theta for
the first quarter, wilted before the
Phi Delt onslaught to drop a play
off game yesterday, 111 to 19. The
victory gave the Phi Delta undis
puted possession of first place in
their division.
The Phi Sigs started right after
the championship from the open
ing gun. Led by Stan Hobson they
ran up a six to one lead at the
quarter, anil increased it to eight
to two early in the second period,
but from there on the boys from
the barn snapped out of it and
played basketball.
Hal Morgan dropped in a trio of
field goals, Stroheeker counted a
gift shot, and Began sank a long
howitzer, to give the Phi Delta a
1« to 11 advantage at the half,
l'hi Delta Hot
In the last qaurter, the boys
from the barn really began to
click. They stormed tip and down
the floor in the best VVebl'oot man
ner, and at the end of each charge
they hung up two points. The
frantic Phi Sigs, unable to pene
trate the Phi Dclt defense, loosed a
wild barrage of shots from around
he center line, which accounted for
eight points, but they were far in
the ruck at the final gun.
Hank Morgan, Phi Delt forward, '
took scoring honors for the game
with It points. Stan Hobson of
the Phi Sigs was right on his heels
with 11. The game was marred by
18 personal, 11 of them on the
Pill Sigs.
:>hi Sig iA! 19 31, Phi Delt lA)
lenderson, 3 1- ;i, Shipley
’edigo . K. 14, Morgan
lobson, li .c.5, Stroheeker ’
Ski Ducks Discuss
Trip, Show Tonight
The Ski Ducks, Oregon’s ski
club, will hold a meeting tonight
in the assembly room of the men's
gym at 7:30 o'clock.
It will be a business meeting and
plans will be discussed for an over
night trip to Belknap springs.
Plans will also be laid for the
showing of a ski picture to be
shown in a downtown theater in
the near future. The team mem
bers who competed at Yosemite
National Park in the coast ski
meet will be introduced.
The possibility of a ski bus be
ing run up to the McKenzie this
weekend will be presented to the
gathering. The meeting is not
limited to just members, everyone !
is welcome to attend.
A doubles team of George Corey
and Karl Koeh won the all cam
pus handball title by defeating
1‘aul McBride and Winslow, til-12
and 21-18. In the final game the
losers put in a final drive for vic
tory but tell short under the steady !
and superb playing of Corey and!
Mattingly. 2 G C>. Began I
Ketsch, 1 G. 1, Holmes!
VanKelum S Tcasley j
1'lummer, l.. s... . Crosbie \
ATOs It. \ eonicti 28
Alpha Tan Omega's B team van
right along with then big brothers
ay outlasting the Yeomen, yes
(Please turn to pcuje four)
Crowds of enthusiastic contestants
demand it!
Lucky Strike-Emerald
p. m.
Note: This is in addition to our regular 2 to 5 Audition
tor first two 100 per
cent living organiza
The first men s and the lirst women's living organiza
tion to have a 100 per cent turnout for auditions will be
awarded a subscription to The Emerald, sent to the
parents of every member in the house. Your house can
be the winner!
Susies Take Game; >
Co-op Wins Contest
Kappa Offense Fails;
O. Olson, Ring Star;
Alpha Chis Lose
The Women’s Co-op defeated
Kappa Kappa Gamma, 19 to 8 in a
speedy game in women’s basketball
Wednesday afternoon. The Kap
pas started out like a whirlwind,
but couldn't get their offense
click, while the Co-op forwards
played a steady, consistent game.
Co-op Kappas
Miller, 9.F.2. Thacber
Clarke.F.5, Robeits
Lewis, 2.F.1, Bates
Huston, 8 .F
Donaldson.G. Brown
Branthover.G. Woodruff
Snyder.G. Churchill
Susan Campbell trounced Alpha
Chi Omega, 22 to 10.
Susan Campbell Alpha Chis
D. Olson, 13.F.8, Norcross
Ring.9.F.2, Van Matre
Kurowski .F. Landreth
Crocker.G. Blaine
Cattrall.G. Ashley
L. Olson.G. Mayo
Schedule of women’s basketball:
Thursday, 4 o’clock: Alpha Gam
ma Delta vs. Delta Delta Delta.
5 o'clock: Hendricks hall vs. Al
pha Delta Pi.
Friday, 5 o'clock: Women’s co-op
vs. Susan Campbell.
Oregon (Dallas, Wetmore, Keller.)
Time, 1:49.
160-yard relay. Won by Oregon
(Wetmore, Dallas, Marnie, San
ders). Time, 1:22.2.
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