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When we reached the end of
Mattingly’s editorials this morning
and read where Matt let slip a re
mark about the possibility that
Oregon might make a trip to the
Rose Bowl in 1939, we thought to
ourselves that Matt had better
watch out, or somebody would take
his neck and tie it in a knot the
way he was sticking it out.
Of course that was through the
blue funk that immediately pre
cedes our 8 o’clock, so naturally wc
were a little conservative in our
judgment. But while there is little
chance of the Oregon football team
journeying to the Rose Bowl in
the near future, It is almost a cer
tainty that Oregon football will
come up considerably under their
new coach, O. A. “Tex” Oliver.
Now to come right out and point
to Mr. Oliver as the Moses who is
going to lead us to the promised
land is, admittedly, putting him
right behind the eight ball.
* * *
From what we read and hear,
however, that will not bother Tex
in the least.
To begin with he has been very
successful in the five years that he
has coached at Arizona. His teams
have won 32 games, lost 11. and
tied 4, which is a batting average
of almost .667.
At llie same time his teams have
scored 833 points, just a little bet
ter than 170 points per season.
Oregon scored about 00 points last
Obviously, there is another side
of the story to be considered. That
is how hi3 teams make their
points. Oliver’s clubs make their
points the spectacular way.
* * *
Tex says that 90 per cent of the
touchdowns are scored outside the
20-yard line So, he builds his at
tack to score the same way. If
you remember this was the way
that Husky Walt Neilsen scored
against Oregon, on long runs.
He fashions his plays to score
from the 40-yard line. This means
plenty of long runs, with lots of
down-field blocking aiding the ball
With light guards, it is said that
he didn't expect to gain much
yardage through the Oregon line.
Tex planned a complete aerial
game, but when his team found
that they could sideswipe the Ore
gon guards, thus removing them
from further activity, his boys
went to town through the middle of
the Oregon line.
In Spaulding's football guide is
presented an encouraging picture
of the way Tex’s team works.
In the 1936 edition, (about the
1935 team) it says, "Tex Oliver
coached his team to play a wide
open game, but the Wildcats could
turn on the power when neces
The 1937 guide is even more en
couraging in Its analysis of the
Wildcat football team. It says,
“Arizona . presented a . versatile
backfield and a hard charging line.
Many of its games were won by
spectacular passing and long runs.
Coach Tex Oliver in bis fourth year
as head football coach developed
one of the host teams in the his
tory of the school.”
His teams won the conference
title thtee years straight, 1935,
1936, and 1937.
Short shots The Oklahoma uni
versity wrestling coach is down in
the dumps . . . his team lost a
match to Kansas State hy two
points recently and it is the first
match , lost by the Sound's in six
years . . . The Daily Northwestern
predicts that George Vcenker.
Iowa State athletic director, will
be the next Michigan grid coach.
. . . the cover the statement that
Fielding Yost may appoint an un
known . . . Gus Dorais, present De
troit university football coach, is
expected to retire inside of three
years to devote himself exclusive
ly to his insurance business . . .
Mississippi .Stale offered Bernie
Thurman, Minnesota's head coach,
their head coaching job . . . the
Montana University frosh cage
squad lost live men through ineli
gibility . . . Coach Doug Fessen
den, Montana, will have a special
field-general class this quarter . .
Brutus Hamilton .University of
California track coach, claims be
has one of the strongest frosh
track teams he lias ever had m In
career as a track coach . . . Head
man Howard Jones motored to
Santa Ana recently to see Bill
Musick, prep grid star ... it is
said to be Jones first special trip
to see a high school star.
Oregon State Pugilists Take Win From Webfoots
Phi Delts Win 10 to 5;
Fiji s, SA Es, Betas,
Sammies, Win Tilts
Held to a lone field goal the
Deltas lost to the Betas, 20 to 3.
i The Betas were slow in getting
started, but started to rolling the
baskets in to lead at the rest pe
riod, 11 to 3.
In the second half the Betas add
ed 9 markers to their score to end
the scoring for them as well as
holding the Delts to no points in
the half.‘The Delts hit the hoop
time after time, but the ball just
caromed around the hoop but never
went in. Save for a field goal by
Drach, the Deltas went scoreless
in the field goal column.
Werschkul was again high for
the Betas with 11, Drach scored
the three points for the Delts.
Betas (B), 20 Delts (B), 3
L. Werschkul ..,..F. Bocus
Essery, 2.F. Webber
Harrow.C.3, Drach
Burrows, 2.G. Regnart
Gebbhardt.G. Martin
Kestley, 3.S. Ellis
Bittel, 2.S
Fijls 13, Sigma Hull 13
Coming from behind to stage a
last half hally the Fijis rallied to
defeat Sigma hall, 16 to 13.
Behind, 9 to 4, at the rest period,
the-Fijis got their scoring machine
clicking in the third quarter with
Rankin, Bladine, Richards scoring
to put their team ahead at the end
! of the third quarter, 14 to 11. In
the last frame the Fijis were only
able to connect for one field goal,
that by Phil Bladine to -give them
a comfortable lead the remaining
time of the game. Dick Grant tal
lied the lone field goal in the last
quarter for Sigma hall.
Rankin was high scorer for the
Fijia with 8 points while Grant
was high for Sigma wiLh 6. The
Fijis all played well in the second
Half. Little Dick Grant was all over
the court in on every play for Sig
ma hall. In winning this game the
Fijis kept their slate clean to re
1 main5 in the undefeated class.
' -1' . .. ...
Sigma Hall, 13 Fijis, 16
Hall, 4.F.4, Bladine
Grant, 6.F.8, Rankin
Canfield, 2.C.2, Richards
Dick, 1.G. Schulze
Browning.G.2, Haliski
S.. Hein
Phi Delts 10, Kappa Sigs 0
They were down on the floor,
they were up the court, they were
wrestling with each other for the
ball. In one of the lowest scoring
games of the season, the Phi Delts
defeated the Kappa Sigs, 10 to 5.
This was their third win, keeping
them undefeated.
It was first down and a field
goal to go apd Stan Riordan re
ceived the ball and he was tackled
by Bud Robertson, that's about the
way the entire game was played.
In the first half there were only 2
field goals scored, the rest of the
points were scored by way of the
flee throw line. The score at the
end of the first half was 8 to 2 in
favor of the Phi Delts and things
In a low scoring game the Sig
ma Alpha Epsilon E's defeated the
Canard club, 15-6. The game was
wild and rough with numerous
The SAE team got away to a
slow start and scored only four
points in the first quarter while
holding the clubbers scoreless.
Coming back in the second the
club team scored four points to
the SAEs one and at half time the
score was 5 to 4 for SAE.
Again holding the Canard team
scoreless the SAEs were able to
increase their lead to 7 at the end
of the third period.
Scoring 8 points to 2 for the
club the SAE boys put the game
on ice in the final quarter.
For the winners Kelly and Van
Scoyoc scored four points each to
tie for high honors. Herndon made
two field goals to take first for
the Canard team.
Games scheduled between Alpha
hall and Sigma Alpha Mu, and Phi
Sigma Kappa and the Comets were
forfeited by Alpha and the Com
SAE Canard
Harrison, 2 .F . Blankenship
Kelly, 4.F.- Brubaker
Miller, 2.5..C. Cable
Heilig.G.2, Balwin
Davis, 1.G. Rosborough
Van Scoyoc, 4.S . 4, Herndon
Thomas, 2.S. Rhinehart
looked none too bright for the
Kappa Sigs.
They raced down the court and
they raced up again, but it was no
use for neither team coulcf find the
basket. Both teams went scoreless
in the third quarter.
In the last canto the game speed
ed up but only 5 points were scored
between the two teams. Schweiger
and Devcry each potted a free toss.
Pomeroy scored the Kappa Sigs'
lone field goal and also added a
free toss to his record.
Kappa Sigs Phi Delts
(B), 5 (Bi, 10
Hughes.F. Lewman
Robertson, 1.F.3, Riordan
McKenna, 4.C.3, Schweiger
Pomeroy, 4.G. Watson
Cadle..G......4, Devers
Van Vliet.S
George H. Godfrey and Dr.
Philip A. Parsons will leave Sun
day to attend meetings of the state
planning board in Portland Janu
ary 30 and 31.
Sunday they will attend a dis
cussion and conference meeting,
and Monday they will be present at
the quarterly business meeting of
the board.
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At pece-Mity 'AoA
lUt senior weAi
CRoWrt lM TAe
"fiTug- MEET" AY
24-ve^'OLo ice
Honest John Away Now
Honest John Warren, frosh hoop mentor, who is traveling through
northeastern Oregon with his freshmen basketball squad. The Duck
lings meet La Grande high this evening at La Grande.
4:00 Court 40 Sigma Phi Epsilon (B) vs. Sima Nu (B).
4:40 Court 40 Chi Psi ("B) vs. Phi Kappa Alpha (B).
5:20 Court 40—Yeomen (B) vs. Phi Kappa Psi (Bj.
Betas (B) 20, Delts (B) 3. ——
Sigma Hall (B; 13, Fijis (B) 16.
Kappa Sigs (Bl 5, Phi Delts (B) 3 0.
SAEs (B) 15, Canard (B) 6.
Sammies (B) forfeit over Alpha hall (B).
Phi Sigs (Bi forfeit over Comets (B).
Idaho Vandals Top
OSC Beavers, 49-24
— i
In a conference game at Mos- [
cow, Idaho, University of Idaho’s
Vandals upset the Oregon State i
college Beavers by an overwhelm
ing 40-to-21 count last night.
A capacity house of 2500 fans
watched the rough, slow game on
the Vandal court. Forty-four fouls
were called on the two teams with
Harris of the Beavers and Klein of
Idaho being chased from the game
with four personals.
Idaho jumped to a 3-to-l lead in
the opening minute of play and
was never headed. By half time,
the Vandals had increased their ad
vantage to 26 to 10.
MOSCOW, Jan. 28.The Oregon
State college swimming team took
m easy win from the University
if Idaho squad here last night by
r score of 62 to 12.
Oregon Ducklings
Trounce La Grande
“Honest John" Warren’s Oregon
frosh basketball team won its third
eonsocutive game of the current
road trip into eastern Oregon last
night, defeating La Grande high
school. 4d to 18.
The frosh, sparked by Karl
Sandness and Archie Marshik, tall
sharpshooter, who rang the bell
for nine and eight points respec
tively, found the range early in
the game and never were headed.
Alumna Risks Life
To Rescue Sister
Risking her own life to save her
sister and the family dog from ;
drowning. Jane Whitmore, class of
"M. plunged into the icy waters of
.Massachusetts Bay last weekend
in a daring rescue.
Her sister had walked out on
tie ice of the bay to bring back;
her cocker spaniel, when the ice
gave w iv. Jane, an expert swim- ;
r.icr ran out on the ice until it
b gar. to crack beneath her feet, j
nci then crawled on hands and
i knees to where her sister was:
| struggling.
Oregon, 37
Gale, f .i 4 1 12
Sarpola, f. 0 0 0 0
Silver, f .1 3 4 5
Dick, f .„.0 0 2 0
Wintermute, c ...A 0 3 8
Anet, g .0 14 1
Mullen, g .0 0 10
Pavalunas, g .1 2 2 4
Johansen, g .3 14 7
13 11 21 37
40, Washington
Lockhart, f .0 2 4 2
Done, f .0 2 0 2
Williamson, £ .2 14 5
Werner, f .5 0 4 10
J. Reese, g .3 2 3 8
McDonald, g.0 2 1 0
Dorsey, g .2 0 14
Ziegenfuss, g. .0 0 2 0
Voelker, c .3 12 7
15 10 21 40
Dr. C. L. Huffaker of the school
.if education was in Cottage Grove
Friday conferring with school
toard officials on a building survey.
Members of Delta Phi Alpha,
Herman honorary, will hold a for
nal initiation at the Anchorage
February 2 at 6 p.m.
Smokg Whitfield,
Willie Williams
Win Over Beavers
Ineligibility Cancels Several Contests;
Wrestlers Lose by Count of 26V2 6V2 cmd
Boxers Dropped by Staters, 30 to 5
University of Oregon's wrestlers
and boxers literally lost to Oregon
State college before they entered
the ring in McArthur court last
The final count in the wrestling
favored Jim Dixon’s slug and grap
ple men from the “farm” 22 V4 to
6Vi, while the Lemon “O” boxers
trailed the Orangemen 30-5. But
these official results don't tell half
the story.
When the athletics council of the
U. of O. last week voted wrestling
and boxing a minor sport, it estab
lished the mitt and mat games on
the campus, but it also killed any
hopes that the local mitt slingers
and grapplers might have enter
tained of overthrowing Oregon
State's ring dynasty in the first
sanctioned match between these
two schools.
The Mitt and Mat club had plan
ned to use all available men.
whether eligible or not, but the
board’s action, while very welcome
to the club, nut it under intercolle
giate regulations, these rules de
claring several of Oregon’s main
stays ineligible.
Matches Defaulted
With the big matches only a
week away, Dimit and A1 Bogue
did not have time to reorganize
their forces. As a result, Oregon
had to default practically half of
the matches because of ineligibil
ity, freshmen on the team, poor
grades. These matches were term
ed exhibitions.
Spotting their opponents 20
points in the boxing and 10 in the
wrestling, the remnants of the ath
letic teams carried on against the
well-drilled and well-conditioned
Beavers. Only Smokey Whitfield,
Oregon's dusky destroyer, and Wil
lie William, 200 pound wrestler,
could win for the Ducks.
Whitfield clubbed Ernie Dono
van, wild Irishman of the Dixon
men, in the first round with a wild
right swing and never quit pound
ing the Beaver the full three
rounds. The lithe negro belted
Donovan unmercifully, but could
not outgame the lad from Oregon
State who never quit trying all the
A crowd estimated at around
500 fans roared when Williams tore
into Ted Tibbut of the Beavers in
whirlwind style and proceeded to
pin him in the short time of one
minute and 14 seconds for the only
Oregon win in the wrestling events.
Oregon's only other points in the
wrestling half of the program
were written on the ledger by
Fairfax Bob Roberts, whiskers and
all, who clowned his way to a draw
with Darle Dudley of the Beavers.
Roberts, looking like Mike London j
and showing himself the nearest
thing to a professional wrestler in
the ring last night, kept the crowd
in an uproar with his antics and
clowning, but couldn't quite flat- !
ten his opponent although a goodly
number of the fans say he had the
Opening the card. Bob McRob
erts, husky Beaver, took a decision
over Clarence Francis, Oregon
Hersehel P eyre e, 145-pound
C Aubr#y Smith, Thomas Mi»ch«tt. Raymond
Motirv S*or> by N^rdho* o«d H«ll, outhom
'Ma*‘«yo"*h«»ayntv' Oi^Jed^VJ*hnFo*d
• Ends Saturday •
• BAD MAN of
“First Lady”
moan and groaner from the col
lege, pressed Jim Mountain’s shoul
ders to the mat in 2:35 to take
five points.
Peterson Loses
In the sole remaining wrestling
bout that counted, Dale Peterson,
165-pounder, was decisioned by
State’s Dave Kerr.
In “contests” before Whitfield’?
triumph, two other Oregon pugi
lists failed to chalk up points for
the Ducks. Bobby Kroessin, bleed
ing and battered, came from be
hind to almost “take” the Orange
148 - pound mitt - slinger, Bryan
Flavelle, but couldn’t quite make
the grade. Frank Nickerson, 135
pounds, failed to weather a rain of
leather from the driving fists of
Phil Lane and bowed out via a
technical knockout in 1:43 seconds
of the second round of his fight.
Inskeep Tired
Hounding out the card were five
boxing and three wrestling bouts
tabbed as purely “exhibition” be
cause of eligibility regulations.
Russ Inskeep, Oregon heavy, rock
ed big Ben Ell, Orange footballist,
from corner to corner in the last
round with heavy punches but was
too tired to finish up. At the end
of the fight both boys were almost
too far gone to hold their hands
Merle Hanscom made short work
of Cal Monroe, Dixon’s 148-pound
er, stopping him in the first round
through the technical knockout
route. The Oregon lad caught
Monroe with a right in the first
few seconds that floored him for
an eight count. Monroe got up but
couldn’t continue.
Other exhibitions: Boxing—Don
Towers went three rounds with Bill
Howe, Beaver 148-pounder; Peter
Torne, 15S pounds, stepped the
route with Jack Lingley of Ore
gon State; Bill Hawke, Oregon
light-heavyweight, and Carl Lar
sen, fought three rounds.
Wrestling —145 pounds, Mort
Meyers, Oregon, and Gordon Black
OSC; 3 45 pounds, Harry Schaffer,
Oregon and Wayne Cook, OSC;
Harry Spence, Oregon, and Robert
Nelson, OSC, all no decisions.
Ernst Erkilla, who was award
ed his master’s degree from the
University of Oregon in 1929, is
now a member of the faculty of
New York University, according
to a letter from him by Dr. George
Rebec, dean of the graduate divis
ion. Erkilla graduated from the
University of Montana in 1927.
Hogman's Ducks
Beat Washington
State Cougars
Levy Leads Mermen
In Decisive Win in
Opening Meet
Winning a total of six out of
nine events the University of Ore
gon swimming team defeated the
! Cougars of Washington State col
j lege by a score of 48-27.
Taking both the first and last
events on the program the Ducks
put on a well rounded exhibition
of team strength. Placing in all
events the Oregon men gained a
decisive victory in their first start
of the season.
Leading the University team was
Co-Captain Jack Levy with first
places in the 220-yard free style
and the 440-yard free style. Other
first place winners were Myers
1 and Lafferty.
j 300-yard medley — Oregon first,
j (Coleman, Lafferty, Stewart).
Time: 3:34.9.
220-yard free style—Levy, first:
Erickson, WSC, second; Brown.
WSC, third. Time: 2:34.1.
50-yard free style — Clark,
1 W.S.C., first; Smith, Oregon, -ec
ond; Mallory, Oregon, third. Time:
j 100-yard free style — Clark,
■ W.S.C., first; Smith, Oregon, sec
ond; Mallory, Oregon, third. Time:
| 58.9.
Diving — Myers, Oregon, first;
Callow, W.S.C., second, Cathey,
; Oregon, third.
150-yard backstroke — Freund,
W.S.C., first; Starbuck, Oregon,
second; Hayashi, Oregon, third.
Time: 2:05.7.
200-yard breast stroke — Laf
ferty, Oregon, first; Stev/art, Ore
gon, second; Francis, W.S.C.,
440-yard free style — Levy, Ore
gon, first; Brown, W.S.C., second;
Erickson, W.S.C., third. Time:
400-yard relay — Oregon first
(Smith, Mallory, Coleman, Star
buck). Time: 4:04.
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