Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, December 09, 1937, Page Six, Image 6

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For a
HERE'S real
radio magic
— not just an
omer claim, or i tiny cnange you
can't even see. An utterly now inven
tion unlike anything ever olieiad
before. Actually tunes in for you—
gets stations at a single touch, with
lightning speed, razor accuracy, per
fect tone every time. You never need
touch a tuning knob again. A $50
extra value-added to the superb
1938 Stewart-Warner radio—at a
fair price for the radio alone.
Ph. 718 956 Willamette St.
Attention House Managers Ex
perienced c o o k wants work.
Phone 788 M. Mr::. Link. Have
The Petite Shop, Dressmaking
end Altering; 573 K. 13. ph. 3208.
Ralph Schomp Gets
World's FairPost
Former Oregon Man
Accepts Executive
Job in Bay City
From South America to New
York’.') mammoth world’s fair
is the recent jump taken by Ralph
tiger at Oregon and later manager
ager at Oregon and later chairman
of Eugene's Oregon Trail Pageant.
Returning recently from the
southern continent to straighten
out a few difficulties concerning
hit: visa. Schomp, n graduate in tin
class *of has taken a position
as executive in a large advertising
company in San Francisco with
the job ahead of him of creating
and designing animated electric
signs for the world’s fair of J9119
The job is expected to take sev
en: 1 months, and Schomp, who was
an outstanding advertising student
and manager of numerous campus
activities, will meanwhile complete
details of his visa prior to his re
turn to South America.
The executive position in the
bay city is one that demands tech
nical knowledge and supervision
and is considered to be a big for
ward step for the former Oregon
Bogue Is Appointed
I Continued from pane lour)
in the moan and groan art. He will
NOT . . .
will purchase
a real Xmas gift for
•the family . . .
will be mailed to your
family for the remainder
of the year at this reason
able rate.
Phone 21 4
for detailed information.
Christmas Card Close-out
Boxed Assorted Cards
Box of 20 cards only 20e,
Shelton-T urnbull
H \V. 10th
Fuller Company
Tel. 1 (>(>:{
Due to our increased business, we
are donating this space to you t ■
ur.e for your shopping list.
be in the wrestling room Monday,
Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
First act of the new wrestling
| coach was to call a meeting at 4
o'clock today in the wrestling
I room. All men interested in box
ing are asked to come out. Meth
ods of conditioning and plans for
the season are the chief topics to
i he discussed at the meeting, Bogue
I stated.
Boxers, Wrestlers
(Continued fi'fim f'lu/r four)
edge over Bill Dudley in the open
ing bout.
Shelby Golden, rugged negro,
and Merle Itanscom, clean cut new
comer to the squad, stepped a fast
two round exhibition in their part
of the program.
Although it. was a case of big
man against little man when
Peter Thorne, 158-pounder, and Del
Van Brakle; husky 170-pound
transfer from OSC, met in the
semi - windup exhibition, neither
puncher was able to do much
damage in four minutes of fast
Two middle-weight neck-twist
ers, "Bulldog” Dale Peterson and
Berger Rorovich, Palouse strong
man, who were given only semi
windup billing stole the show as
far as wrestling was concerned.
Wild Willie Williams, power
I house heavyweight, made short
work of Dick Russell, last year's
[ Oregon light-heavy champ, pinning
him in one minute and 55 seconds.
Walt Wood and Bod Goodnough,
and A1 Stidd and A1 Conger wound
up all even in fast bouts*
Jim Dimit, Mitt and Mat club
prexy, refereed the fights.
Duck Tracks
(Continued from I'cuic jour)
the UCLA Bruins at McArthur
court Saturday night in pre-3eason
game number three. Go. Out of
that game may come some inter
esting comparison on what Oregon
MIGHT have to contend with if
fate brings a Northern Division
championship here. The barn
storming Bruins play Oregon State
at Corvallis tonight.
Addition of a fifth team, Mon
tana, to this year’s Northern Di
vision set-up should, besides bring
ing more entertainment for Ore
gon's cash customers, be flowers
for Coach Howard Hobson and his
"colorful cohorts.” It means 20
conference games instead of 10 as
in the past (four against each
club), but the slate contains much
better spacing of games.
Instead of making a killing six
game trip to the Inland Empire
to play Washington State, Wash
ington, and Idaho in seven days,
the boys will take it in two doses.
First, the Ducks will play Wash
ington and Montana in cne trip,
which will mean only four games
in five days instead of the six con
test jaunt. It’s still a tough nut to
crack, but easier.
* # #
The other Inland Empire jog
(both having games on Friday am
Saturday, and Monday and Tues
day nights) calls for Oregon tc
face Washington State and Idaho
There’s ord\ nine miles between
the schools so Hobby and bis war
riors can't kick on that.
Games against Oregon State al
I <
i i
1122 Olive
l ! Phone 812
« f
* ■ b H ■ Bi. :iBi:.;iniiiH!:;iai"!!B
A gift that any
University Dad or
Mother would be
glad to receive
Make arrangements now
to have The EMERALD
mailed to your family.
Iernnie Irtwen institutions, Ihe
llrst one being horn on January 1.
Oregon opcni conference play
against Washington State’s de
fending eliarnps liere on January 7,
four days after Vlontana ai-J Ida
ho first ring the Ik-11. If you’re still
on the campus ne*t weekend,
whieli is doubtful, watch Oregon
play t'nion Oil and Southern Ore
gon Normal school on Friday and
Saturday nights.
Somewhere in this paper (look
on the sports page) is another all
American, unique in that it was
picked by 83 of the nation’s col
lege sports editors. Officially they
call if “The National Intereolleg- j
late Sports Writers’ Association
All - America Board,” Koherf S.
Kiinkel, University of North Da
kota, acting as president.
* * *
This year’s is the fourth annual
poll, and so rapidly Is the thing
gaining in popularity that next fall
it will get space in a national pub
lication of heavy collegiate circu-'
On fallacy of most all-America
selections which this team elimin
ates is the passing of honors
around to various schools for “po
litical reasons.” In other words, if
Podunk has three good men, prob
ably only one or two will .make it.
and some other slightly inferior
man from Yarvard will rate be
cause his team ranked high. The
collegiate scribes pick their outfit
solely by ballot and positions, con
sequently the three good men from
Podunk have a chance to all make
Four years ago when the NISPA
all-America board first balloted, 34
scribes from 23 states and District
of Columbia participated. It grew
like a weed, for this fall just 83
ballots from 40 states and District
of Columbia were turned in.
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plaited foot . . . Colof’s : Maple Leaf, \
Cider, Harvest. Chipmunk. j
Dudley Field Shop j
Couple of .Jumps from the Co-op j
iinrt ii
1o tlic Shidcnts of Oregon
Paul D. Green
The first place to head for when classes are
over is the nearest Greyhound Depot. Past,
modern busses depart from them at frequent
intervals for all points. A smooth, comfortably
heated coach will get you home with a mini
mum of effort and time ... and at a fraction
of what it costs to drive a private car.
For information call I860
DEPOT: Hotel Oregon
j Send
: Your Laundry
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| Fast, Dependable Service
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i Domestic Laundry
k Phone 252 . 143 W. Seventh
Copyright 1937, Uccsrr & Myebs Tobacco Co.