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Whisper, whisper, whisper! Why
all the silence about the coast con
ference's proposed new high com
missioner : or
maybe the idea
has fallen
Back in July
Pacific coast
conference direc
tors met, and out
came 1938 sched
ules along with
the anno unce
Griffiths ment that a now
.$20,000 commissioner of confer
ence football was in the offing. Of
course all details were shushed
away until after the December
meeting of said committee.
The position will apparently be
similar to that held by Major Grif
fiths of the Big Ten. Said com
missioner, who shouldn’t be too
popular with all coaches is expect
ed to investigate the incomes of
various college athletes. An inter
esting job to say the least.
* * *
One rumor says that Mr. Com
missioner ..will ..draw his . 20,000
bucks from Rose Bowl receipts.
Another report, which comes in
directly from Hugh C. Willette,
conference proxy, informs us that
each of the eight full members of
the ..conference ..will ..contribute
$2500 to the cause, and the king’s-x
members, Idaho and Montana, are
to be held for $1250.
According to Stanford's Tiny
Thornhill, who kept rather quiet
about the matter, conference
coaches have very little to say
about it. Probably they could all
team up to squelch the idea, but
not any two or three. Herb Dana,
former conference referee, who
now assigns officials to different
games, gets a lot of criticism ev
ery season, but it looks as though
the $20,000 a year commissioner,
whoever is chosen, will inherit a
thankless job.
Some schools will naturally re
sent having some one snoop into
their athletic budgets, to find out
hqw A. 'Ijmck Wisnisky or left
guard Blo£i\ is getting along. Not
the faintest hint has been made to
date about logical choices for the
"dream job." In December we’ll
probably know all about it.
* * *
What a break 1‘riuk (.'allisnu ami
his ra/./.le-da/./.lc sophomores get
in having a mid-season rest of one
week. They just emerged from
five really tough games on suc
cessive weekends, (HC’KA, Ntan
Indian Boy
Kcl (iainicr, IU5-]xainu Stanford
hulfhurk, is worr.viiiK oppouents
with (he above cleft receh
Skipper John A. Warren
Points Undefeated Frosh
For Washington BabeTilt
Return of Haliski to
Lineup Strengthens
Duckling Team
With ace Quarterback Chet Ha
liski positively in the lineup, the
Duckling’s prospects for a win
over Washington at Portland Fri
day night are brightened visibly.
Although Haliski was practic
ing without shoulder pads last
night, Coach Warren stated that
! he would don his grid togs against
the Babes. Keeping Chet company
on the casualty list, Roy Bishop
is suffering from a torn muscle in
his thigh.
Fundamentals Improve
Blocking and tackling have
greatly improved on the frosh
squad as shown by the sound
smacking handed the rooks last
Friday night. However, “Honest
John’’ has continued to pound
these principles into the lads in
the last two nights of practice.
From all reports, the Washing
ton yearlings have a plenty tough
eleven. Rudy Mucha and Frank
Monkus head an entire backfield
combination moved bag and bag
gage from Chicago. Ted Dorman,
formerly of Grant high school,
Portland, and Dean McAdams
Caldwell, Idaho, complete the first
string quartet.
Two Portlanders
In addition to Dorman, two oth
[ er former Portland all-stars, Bob
McKeown, Franklin, and Jack
| Coonan, Grant, tackles, share
starting berths.
After years of competition, the
two squads clash for the first time
in Portland. With the mythical
northwest title at stake, the fracas
should provide a thrilling bit of en
tertainment. Warren's .frosh took
the Babes over the wire, 13-7, in
Seattle last season to .cinch the
coveted laurel.
“Honest John” Warren plans to
use a mixture of fake reverses and
wide end sweeps mixed with an oc
casional thrust in the aerial lanes.
ford, Uonzagu, Southern Califor
nia, and Oregon State) and a week
from Saturday start another sui
cide month.
Pullback Arleigli ..Bentley left
seme teeth on Hayward field Sat
urday, and is recovering from that,
while Dale Jaisselle and Captain
Tony Amato are still in question
able condition with leg injuries.
Colonel Bill Hayward won’t know
until later when their casts are re
Bentley, Amato, and I.asselle
were the only hoys really injured
Saturday, hut several others can
use an extra week to mend bruis
es. On November t! Oregon faces
Washington State in Portland, and
a week later tangles with Califor
nia Rose Bowl hound Golden
Bears at the same place. Witli
those two games under their belts,
the Wcbfoots then entrain for Seat
tle for a clash with their tradition
al rivals, the Washington Huskies.
Short shots Alonzo Stagg’s
College of Pacific beat Nevada, 7
to 3, last weekend . . . Nevada not
many seasons ago upset St. Mary's
when the Gaels were a top-notch
club . . . they call Joe Gray the
northwest’s only backfield candi
date for all-American honors . . .
don’t forget George "Automatic"
Kurumutic of Gonzaga . • . there's
also a good boy in Milton Popo
vich over at Montana . . . coaches
keep cooking up new plays and
formations for football, and now
it's the “left formation" of Chica
go's famous Bears of pro football.
A few statistics . . . Joe Gray
carried the ball 25 times against
Oregon Saturday, and averaged
5.06 per try . . . Kolberg was sec
ond in line for the Orangemen with
an average of 3.2 for 14 tries . .
little Jay Graybeal for Oregon
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Matty's Dunstan Is
Fading Away Rapidly
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 26.
(Special) Matty Mathews, new'
University of Portland coach, is
afraid that Elwyn (Moose) Dun
stan is fading away to a shadow.
Dunstan was one of the biggest
footballers on the coast last year
at 262 pounds. Now he’s down to a
mere 234. Mathews is alarmed.
Five Games Played
In Coed Volleyball
Hendricks, Women's
Co-op and Sigma
Kappa Winners
Hendricks hall defeated Pi Beta
Phi in volleyball by a score of
51-12 in women’s intramurals yes
terday afternoon. Lineups were:
Hendricks hall: Dolan, Crane, Keno
ston, Paske, Arnold, Guthrie, Tom
linson, Fitch. Substitutes: Mont
gomery, Boyd. Pi Beta Phi: Wes
ton, McCord, Pierce, Riesch, Robin
son, Murray, Hunt, Vandeneynde.
Women's co-op defeated Kappa
Alpha Theta by a score of 42-21.
Lineups for Women’s co-op were:
Richardson, Steele, Snyder, Enok
son, Reetz, Clarke, Donaldson.
Substitutes: Blake, Still, Martin,
Putman. Kappa Alpha Theta:
1 Espy, Cooper, Onthank, Labbe,
Marker, Charman, Englesby, Ful
ton. Substitute: Gore.
Sigma Kappa defeated Chi Ome
ga by a score of 27-16. Lineups for
| Sigma Kappa: Littletown, Sarlatt,
Helikson, Hunt, Andrews, Booth.
Turner, Langfard. Substitutes:
Ray, Korge. Chi Omega: Strong,
; Young, Nicols, Foster, Janness,
Hutchens, Booth.
Delta Delta Delta defeated Alpha
Omicron Pi by a score of 32-20.
Lineup for Delta Delta Delta:
Baily, Kramer, Merrill, Crane,
Dougherty, Pell, Smith. Alpha
Omicron Pi: Robbins, Sarazin, Ket
jehum, DeKoning, McCorkle, Kelly,
Kappa Kappa Gifmma defeated
Alpha Delta Pi by a score of 26-23.
Lineup for Kappa Kappa Gamma:
Thatcher, Powers^ Roberts, Brown,
Johnson, Goodell. Alpha Delta Pi:
Plummer, Dofstead, Overstreet,
Godlove, Isler, Browne, Van Dellen,
topped ’em all with 15 yards ad
vanced in a couple of trips . . . Dale
Lasselle advanced the old pigskin
22 yards for a 5.5 average.
Gonzaga’s 215-pound tackle, Ce
cil Kennedy, is being groomed for
the al 1-Coast . . . Oregon students
will use gate ten at Multnomah
stadium Friday night when John
Warren’s Ducklings face the Wash
ington Babes . . . kicking a free
ball in football occurs only when it
is touched by the foot. . . golfers
in tournament play are limited to
14 clubs.
Bottari Plays Possum/ Then Stars
Vic Bottari, California Golden Bear, was rumore d to have been out of the Southern California fray ;
with injuries. He was in there Saturday, and is sho wn scoring the first of three touchdowns in Cali
fornia’s 20 to (i victory over Howard Jones’ Trojans.
Undefeated Bears of
California Still Hold
Conference Top Spot
Allison's Boys Roll Up 418 Yards in 20 to 0
Win Over Southern California; Stanford
Edges Out Washington, 13 to 7
California .
Stanford .
Oregon State .
Washington State .
Southern California
Washington .
Won Lost Tied Pet.
..3 0 0 1.000
. 1
For Agst
71 12
Coast conference football fans took a backward glance today at
the damage done their favorites over the weekend, and most of them
came through with the conclusion that the Golden Bears of California
are headed for the green field and big purse of the Pasadena Rose
The USC Trojans, picked by experts to give the Bears their acid
test, proved just another breeze, as the men of Stub Allison rolled up
a total of 118 yards net gam in trouncing the Trojans, 20 to 6. The
six points tne trojans cna score
came in the second half after the
Bear second string- had entered
the fray, but as long as the regu
lars were in, USC was just like
any other opponent to the lads.
Still Four Hurdles
Still in the path of the Bear’s
Hose Bowl parade remain the
UCLA Bruins, the Washington
Huskies, the Oregon Wcbfoots, and
the Stanford Indians. All of these
teams have been defeated at least
once, and all with the exception of
Stanford have been beaten twice.
Washington State college re
tained her mathematical chance at
the conference title when she sur
prised 20.000 fans in copping a 3
to 0 victory from UCLA. The Cou
gars got a break late in the third
quarter when Joe Sienko recov
ered a fumble on the Bruin 8-yard
line, and after three line plays hail
failed to put the ball over, kicked
a perfect placement from the 2
yard line.
Indians Win
Stanford's redshirted Indians
kept their chances intact Satur
day while scoring- a hair-raising
13-7 victory over Jimmy Phelan's
midfield wonders from,Seattle. The
Indians only gained eight yards
from scrimmage during the en
counter but took advantage of ev
ery break, while the Huskies piled
up useless yardage in the middle
of the field.
Joe Gray, Oregon State College
star halfback, threw a wet blan
ket on Oregon's homecoming cele
bration Saturday by passing and
running his team to a 14 to 0 vic
tory over a stubborn Oregon elev
en. The Beavers were repulsed six
times within the 10-yard line, but
with only six minutes of play left,'
they scored two quick touchdowns.
/a) APPcfiO/O10 4/5
CPF6A)s.v/e AS/urv AvJpy
4/mv^f /o ike, / ,
PUOT/ \)(3
rE'PARTA\£?/vJf /T Sg
;vsv uasr ygAR., AUV
\, Became. 1A&
’...•»* RE&UiAR.
' . l&FT AAI'P
TftiS FAU.
is iz\e AV?sr
If l UrOR.'fA^T' C\5 .•
A ASoffee PA.M& ‘
Oregon Varsity
Work On Passes
In First Practice
Steve Anderson Does
Throwing; Bentley
To Dentist's
Oregon's thrice-downed Ducks
enjoyed another day of compara
tive rest yesterday afternoon, with
Coach Prink Callison letting a sig
nal drill suffice for the day’s prac
However, before the drill, Coach
Callison took time, as he usually
does on the first practice after a
game, to point out an correct mis
takes made in the Oregon State
Big Bill Foskett, tackle, Bud
Robertson, end, and Hank Nilsen,
quarterback, came in for praise on
their fine defensive play Saturday
afternoon. Nilsen’s backing up of
the Oregon line was one of the
gems of the day.
Bentley Loses Teeth
Arleigh Bentley spent the day in
a dentist’s office. He lost several
teeth in one of the Webfoots’ heroic
goal-line stands.
Dale Lasselle was not out last
evening, but Captain Tony Amato
was, although he was not in suit.
Both suffered knee injuries in the
Beaver brawl.
Coach Callison also had his boys
throwing a few passes, with Steve
Anderson on the pitching end of
the tosses. It was expected that
the aerial offensive would receive
some attention this week, because
the Duck overhead attack failed to
produce points for the first time
this season.
Webfoot passers, Bob Smith in
particular, were rushed so fast and
hard by the State line, that they
had a tough time getting passes
Didn't Duck
Arleigh Bentley, Oregon’s quar
terback and fullback alternate, was
one of three casualties from the
Beaver game. Arleigh lost some
teeth and is now doing business
with the dentist.
Cross Country Men
Urged to Start Work s
Six Intramural
Volleyball Teams
Collect Victories
Phi Sigs, Sigma Nus,,
Betas, Sigma Chis,
Phi Psi, SPE Win
Six more teams added victories
to their records last night in the
second round of the intramural
volleyball tournament. Everyone
of the six matches was finished in
two games, with none of the win
ners being hard pressed.
The Phi Sigs, led by two six
footers, Henderson and Hitchcock
by name, swept to an easy 15 to 2,
15 to 4, victory over the Theta
Chis. The victors piled up an early
10 to 0 lead in the first encounter
and were never headed.
Phi Psis Roll
Phi Psi made short work of the
vaunted Yeomen while winning.
15-2, 15-7, while the SPEs chalked
up the only shut-out of the eve
ning while beating the Omega hall
team, 15-0, 15-7.
The Betas and the Sigma Nus
played the two closest matches of
the evening while winning over
the Gamma hall team and the
SAEs. Scores for the games were,!
15 to 12, and 15 to 8, for the Betas
and 15 to 7, and 15 to 11, for the
Sigma Nus.
Sweethearts Victorious
The Sigma Chis took the meas
ure of Sherry Ross hall, 15-5, 15-8,
in the remaining game on the eve
ning's schedule. All games were
in the A league.
Games scheduled for tonight are
all in the B league, and include
Sigma Phi Epsilon vs. Gamma
hall, and Chi Psi vs. the Fijis at
4 o’clock; Omega hall vs. Sigma
Alpha Mu, and the Betas vs. Sher
ry Ross at 4:40; and the Delts vs.
the Comets, and Phi Psi vs. Sig
ma Chi at 5:20.
Comfort for UO
Boosters Given
In Hazy Records
PORTLAND, Oct. 26.—U. of O
boosters should find some comfort
for Saturday's defeat in the follow
ing: In the first game OSC ever
played at Corvallis, November
1893, they won 62-0 over Albany :
college, according to a news story
in the Corvallis Gazette of Novem
ber 17, 1893, which was dug up
recently by a field representative
of the Historical Records survey, a
WPA project.
The scoring was different in
those days, and OSC had to make
13 touchdowns to pile up their
score. A touchdown was good for
only 4 points, but a goal kick was
worth 2 points.
There was no Gray on the team
then, but it was still too much for
Albany. At the beginning of the
second half, three Albany players
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Approximately one month re
nains in which tentative partiei
jants may sign up for the intra
nural cross country race which is
o precede the Thanksgiving holi
lays. All organization managers
ntending to have representatives
n this particular intramural ac
;ivity are urged by Mr. Russell
Sutler, who is in charge of the run,
:o enter them immediately.
This race will present an excel
ent opportunity for the various
n-ganizations represented to obtain
ntramural points as each one hav
ng three runners to finish the
course in 21 minutes will be award
ed 30 points toward the cup. The
larger the number each has to fin-‘*l
ish in'tlie allotted time, the greater
will be their numerical award, he
Men who plan to participate in
this event have ample opportunity
to get in condition and fill the en
trance requirements which consists
of nine workouts altogether. Three
of the compulsory practice runs
must be over the cross country
course while the remaining six may
be taken on Hayward field, said
Physical condition is to be
stressed this year and it will be
advisable for participants to util
ize as much time as possible in
preparation for the event, he said.
In signing the chart, which is in
care of the groundkeeper at Hay
ward field, the name of the en
trant, and the organization he rep
resents is to be given. We would
like to have all managers get their
men signed up and in condition as "7
soon as possible, he added.
were unable to go on and three
OSC subs were loaned. At the re
quest of Albany, the second half
was shortened to 10 minutes, which
cut the actual playing time to forty
The news clipping and a photo
graph of the team was found by
the Historical Records survey rep
resentative in a file in a basement
closet of the publications depart
ment of the college at Corvallis.
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