Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 13, 1937, Page Three, Image 3

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‘HERE is nothing like the thr:
of a long ninth inning hon
run which pulls the home club oi
on top in a thriller, but like a
other good things it can be ove
In just eight games on How
field, a total of 16 four-ply swat
have been garnered by the horn
lads and their opposition. Th
homers have been more numeroc
than doubles and triples, and n
longer bring the thundering af
plause a good circuit blow shoulc
We’ll wager that a five foot fenc
around the field, especially in fror
of the left field bank, would cu
the number in half. Making a re=
park out of it would stop a fe\
of these freak blows, and put th
premium on legitimate ones a littl
Just for your observation, her
is a list of those hits that went fo
four bases, and where they wer
Washington (four innings).
Oregon Normal (one game).
O'Connell—left, Lewis—center,
Washington State (t w o
games). Lewis—left, Bishop—
left, Schoening—left, Eastman
—center, Nethercutt — right,
Carlson—center, Goddard-left.
Idaho (two games). McLean
—left, Courtney—left.
Oregon State (one game).
McLean—center, Gordon—left,
The count is exactly nine homer!
into left field, six into center, ani
one into right. We love those honn
runs, but can't a good thing In
worn out? It's something to thinl
about anyway.
’ v former Oregon baseball anc
basketball mentor, slipped quietlj
into town Tuesday from the east
and just as quietly slipped righl
out again to visit friends in Salem
“Bill” as he was commonly
known in these parts, and Colone
Bill Hayward, a pair of true-heart
ed fishermen, are going out to trj
their luck on some mountair
stream today.
Reinhart is coaching at George
Washington university at the pres
ent time,' and in his last two sea
sons there has piled up an amaz
ing record. He handled Oregon';
baseball team of three seasons ago
which with the aid of Ray Kocl
andi Joe Gordon captured northerr
division honors. That combinatior
won the pennant for two consecu
tive years.
A full program for Oregon’s ath
letes is lined up for Saturday after
noon, with four teams seeing ac
tion. The tennis teams travel tc
Corvallis, while on our home lot a
baseball game and track meet art
It would be well worth youi
while to watch John Warren’s
classy little Duckling nine which
yesterday piled up its tenth con
secutive win at the expense of Eu
gene high's previously undefeatec
Axemen. Saturday the freshmer
lace Oregon State’s rooks outfit
which they downed a week ago
7 to 1.
The Duckling infield includes
lanky John Dick, first base; Jim
mie Jones, second; Wimpy Quinn
short, and Tom Cox, third. Out
fielders are Lyle Goode, Jake Fish
or. Matt Favalunas. The firs!
string battery is composed o:
southpaw John Linde, pitcher, anc
Maurice Kelly, catcher.
IT should be well worth the wall
to historic Hayward field Sat
urday to watch Oregon's tracl
squad face Oregon State in thei
29th annual dual engagement. I
not for the conventional aspect o
a full program of events, you migh
be enticed by a “special" they havi
Colonel Bill Hayward has listec
a weight-man relay to provide i
humorous side to the day's fe.stivi
ties. At Pullman Saturday. Oregoi
forfeited the mile relay, so to giv
customers their money's worth
Hayward and Coach Karl Schiade
man of Washington State colleg
recruited a couple of quartets fron
their shot putters, discus tosser?
and javelin throwers. Oregon's 200
pounders. Bill Foskett. Chan Berry
Stan Smith, and Dutch Hollam
captured the event in a hilariou
A full half dozen meet record
will be in danger Saturday accord
ing to Coach Hayward, who has hi
about every prediction this seaso:
right on the head.
Web foots Take to Road in Pursuit of Second Place
Hayward Field to Be
Scene of 29th Clash
Of Two Cinder Teams
- Feuding Started in 1906:
Records in Danger at
l Roth Teams Point foi
e First Dual Win
Ever since the era of bustles anc
bicycles built for two light afte:
the turn of the present century ii
1906, Oregon and Oregon State
track squads have been baring
their chests and vieing for suprem
acy on the cinder paths.
This Saturday on Hayward fielc
will be the 29th time that thej
have met and Oregon has, in those
29 years won 18 meets. Since 193i
when the Ducks dropped a close
encounter, they have won four
straight events and are pointing
to make it a half a decade in a
row this Saturday. In 1911, 1915,
and 1917 no events were held.
Records Stand
No records have stood the as
sault of the constant batterings
of athletes since the first meet
and the oldest record on the books
is in the 100-yard dash which was
set by Baker of OSC in 1913, and
has since been tied by Lowry,
Oregon, 1929, and Starr, Oregon,
Two records were made last
year at Corvallis when George
Scharpf, then captain of the Web
foots, ran the mile in 4:20 flat and
i big Bill Foskett tossed the 16
i pound shot 49 feet 2 '4 inches.
Weather Clears
Judging from performances thus
far this season, several old records
will be erased from the books and
new ones written in this Saturday
as both squads, straining for a
victory, fight it out.
With the weather clear and a
warm sun shining at last, Colonel
Bill Hayward was able to put his
men through a satisfactory work
out yesterday afternoon.
Speed Work Held
Short distance and dash men
were given speed work and field
and weight men tried for improve
ment in form. After today's ses
sion on the cinders, it is probable
that Hayward will name the 18
men to wear Oregon colors this
It is probable that the same
men who have been taken on the
two road trips to Seattle and Pull
man this year will make up the
squad, but all positions are wide
open and those showing up best
in the time trails will be given
the nod.
Hayward Confident
Several time trials were held
yesterday with more due today as
the veteran mentor attempts to
select a strong and well-balanced
Hayward is confident that his
squad, paced by a galaxy of bril
liant performers in the field events,
and strengthened considerably by
the return of Squeak Lloyd, vet
Bill McKcchnie is the keeper of
the Boston Bees and as such
doesn't have to work, but he does
anyway, hanging out flies to the
outfield during practice.
eran dash man, and Elmer Kos
kello, first string javelin tosser,
will come through for their first
dual meet victory of the season.
Recoi Is for the annual meet are
as follows:
100-yard dash—:09.8, held by
Baker, OSC, 1913; Lowry, Oregon,
1929; Starr, Oregon, 1933.
220-yard dash—:20.9, by Starr,
Oregon 1933.
• 440-yard dash.:49.3, set by
Bronson, OSC, 1934,
880-yard run—1:56.2, set by
Dodge, OSC, 1924.
Mile run—4:20, set by Scharpf,
Oregon, 1936.
Two mile run—9:38.2, set by
Wagner, Oregon, 1933.
120 high hurdles—:14.7, set by
Dunkin, OSC, 1933.
220-yard low hurdles—:24.4, set
by Holman, Oregon, 1931.
Shot put—49 feet 2 Vi inches, set
by Foskott, Oregon, 1936.
Discus—150 feet 6 inches, set
by Moeiler, Oregon, 1930.
Javelin—219 feet 4 inches, set
by Dannri, OSC, 1935.
High jump—6 feet 2% inches,
set by Waite, OSC, 1920.
Broad jump—23 feet 6 inches,
set by Lindgren, Oregon, 1935.
Pole vault—13 feet 4’^ inches,
set by Robinson. Oregon, 1931.
Mile relay—3:22.4, set by Ore
gon (Rollwagc, Holman, Dolloff,
iMarrs), 1931.
Bee Keeper
Schoolboy Hack to School
i. 'i MumaXJ
t Hampered l>> a sore arm at tlie start of the 1937 »ea»on, Sehoolboj
l Kowe, Detroit Tiger ace, has returned to form and is now pacing the
Bengals into the first division.
Duck Baseball
Team Travels
North Today
Fifteen Players Depart
At Noon on Important
Trip of Six Games in
Seven Days
Oregon's pennant-contending
Webfoot baseball nine will depart
from Eugene today at noon head
ed for the Palouse hills and a road
trip of o’x games in seven days.
The Ducks open their strenuous
drive agrinst Washington at Seat
tle Friday and Saturday afternoons
in a crucial series for second place
in the tace, and then move over
to Pullman on Monday and Tues
day for a pair against Washing
ton State college.
Four Crucial Games
Cc.ach Hobson's club will come
out of I hat string of four games
probably either made or definitely
out of the running. They arc then
slated to swing over to Moscow,
nine miles away, to wind up the
trip with a pair against Forrest
Twogood's last-place Idaho Van
The squad wound up prepara
tions yesterday in a two-hour drill
on Howe field. The Ducks indulged
in a little batting practice at the
start, and then wound up with a
peppy infield drill. Gale Smith,
Jack Coleman, Jack Gordon, and
Ford Mullen were whipping the
pill around like it was a hot potato.
Fifteen May Travel
Hobby stated yesterday that he
would probably take a fifteen-man
traveling squad on the northern
trip, although all of the berths'
were not definitely chosen. Sojnc
of the utility men may have to
stay hAme, and the Duck mentor
in that case would have to alter
his plans.
Players named to travel are
John Thomas and Cliff McLean,
catchers; Captain John Lewis, Bill
Sayles, Bob Hardy, pitchers; Gale
Smith, Ford Mullen, Jack Gordon,
Jack Coleman, Ralph Amato, in
fielders, and Andy Hurney, Jimmy
Nicholson and Bill Courtney, out
LeRoy Mattingly has been add
ed as the fourth pitcher, and Bill
Marshall may also get the call.
John Yerby, sophomore outfielder,
is also a possible traveler.
Varsity swimmers meet to
night at 7:30 in Gerlinger pool.
Amphibians convene at 7:45 at
same place.
Theta Chis Win
4-2 From Comets
In Softball Game
Theta Chi’s intramural champs
upheld their honor yesterday after
noon, defeating Casciato’s Comets
4 to 2, scoring the tieing run in
the fourth, and winning runs in
the last .'lining.
With two down in the third inn
ing, Casciat.o muffed a pop fly,
letting in the first Theta Chi run.
The Comets tied the score in the
third, but in their half of the
fourth, the Theta Chis again scored.
The Comets then tied the score in
the fourth, only to have the Theta
Chis couple hits with Comet error.;
to put across the two winning runs.
In their last bats, the Comets
were powerless before Bob Street’s
Willie Fry, and Henry Minger
starred afield for the winners with
Tommy DeFreitas handling the
hot-corner efficiently for the Com
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W hitehill No Molehill on Mound
winter deal with Washington
Adds another feather in
Orides Swamp
Alpha Delta Pis
Score Sixteen Runs in Foui
Inning Game; Alpha Ch
Loses Close Tilt
Yesterday, amid all the heat am
stuff, the Orides clamped the A1
pha Delta Pi girls down to a scon
of sixteen to twelve. Batteries fp
the Orides were Wright and Me
Carter; for the ADPis were Heis
ler and Lofstedt.
The sorority girls opened up ii
the first inning with three runs
but the Orides collected seven. Ii
the second canto the tally wen
up to eleven to five, still in favo
of the independent girls.
With several brilliant plays ii
the third the game went into th
fourth inning with the score a
fourteen to nine, and finally end
ed at sixteen to twelve. Clarlo
scored the fray.
ADPis and Alpha Chi Os
In a five-inning scrap Tuesda;
on Gerlinger field, in the thiel
mist, the Alpha Delta Pi tcan
beat the Alpha Chi Omegas with :
score of thirty-one to twelve. Bat
terics for the Alpha Chi Os wer.
Cleator ,ul Brookings; for the A1
pha Delta Pis were P. Smith am
G. Smith.
Martin scored the game, am
•Tomlinson and Slattery umpired
Thus far in the softball tourne;
for girls, we have the Susan Camp
bell girls and the Orides out front
much the same as it was last year
iast the Orides won. This year i
looks pretty close.
| Swimmer’s Delight §
ij presents
§ (j
Gary McLean
[|] and his Orcliostra and |
May 15 and 1(> &
tfj Men 4Or Ladies 20c §
a G
Unbeaten Duck
Golfers to Meet
Loggers, OSC
i Beaver Tilt on Saturday
Figured Toughest q£
Year for First - Place
Webfoot Divot Squad
Oregon’s varsity golfers, in top
spot in the 1937 dual meet race,
> will pit themselves against the sec
. ond-plaee Oregon State Beavers
i and the College of Puget Sound
this weekend in an attempt to keep
intact their undefeated match play
i Friday the Ducks play Puget
- Sound on the Eugene course in a
1 return match. Then, on Saturday,
■ they meet their toughest opponents
• of the season when they travel to
Corvallis for a 36-hole tilt with
the Beavers.
' The Oregon golfers figure to re
; peat their early season win of
i 25-2 over the Loggers, but Satur
i- day's match in Corvallis will see
- the Beavers shooting to grab a tie
‘ position with the Ducks. Oregon
■ State’s only loss was dealt them
I by a tough University of Washing
ton team in Seattle.
f Playing for Oregon will be Sid
0:15 — Omega hall vs. Alpha
hall. -
Sigma hall vs. Gamma
Milligan, Walt Cline, Bill Watson,
Dave Hamley, Doug Ramsey, and
Bill Stockton. A pair of reserves
may sec action for their first time
in the Puget Sound match, replac
ing Ramsey and Milligan during a
part of the meet.
Propellor Club
Elects Officers,
Plans Banquet
Louis Larson, sophomore in busi
ness administration, was elected
presidenl of the Propellor club for
1937-38 at a meeting held last
night in Gerlinger hall. Other of
ficers elected are: Denny Breaid
vice-president, and Bruce Rogers
sec re tary-1 rcasu re r.
Definite plans for a banquet
May 22 at the Anchorage were
made at the meeting. The senior
Port of Portland chapter of tht
club will be represented at tht
banquet, according to the nev
president. Portland shipping men
will be brought down as speakers
for the banquet.
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whether they are to be used here at Oregon or not—if
they are presented to us in good condition.
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\ few ex'ra announcements are
Ducklings Drop
Eugene Hi 5-0
For Tenth Win
Thuncmann Gives Only
Two Hits, Whiffs 10
Men; Quinn Shines in
Butting Hole
Paul Thunemann let Eugene high
I clown with two hits, topping Pete
Igoe, Eugene's veteran right hand
er, 5 to 0, as the frosh ran their
winning streak to 10 straight
Wimpy Quinn continued as the
opposition’s chief poison, getting a
home run and a double in four
times up. His double started the
fifth inning, and was followed by
Lyle Goode’s infield out, on which
Wimp took third. He scored on
Thunemann’s single to center.
Quinn Socks Homer
Quinn's next time up, in the
sixth, he hit his circuit clout just
after Igoe had caught Jimmy Jones
off first.
Johnny Linde, second man up in
the inning, walked, took second on
Igoe's wild pitch, and scored on
Jones’ single to left.
Two of Igoe's five walks were
given to Thuncmann and Maury
Kelly, cherubic catcher, to start off
the seventh. Tommy Cox set down
a bunt. The catcher threw high
to first, scoring Thunemann from
second and putting Kelly on third.
Maury then crossed the plate on
Linde’s long fly to centerfield.
Jimmy Stevenson, high scoring
basketball forward, doubled in the
second inning, while Burke Austin,
another hooper, singled to center
in the eighth, for the two hits off
Thunemann. Paul struck out 10
and only gave up two walks in the
eight innings he worked. Quinn
pitched the ninth and last inning
for the frosh. Igoe also struck out
10 men.
Summary: R H E
Frosh . 5 6 2
Eugene . 0 2 1
Thunemann, Quinn, and Kelly;
Igoe and McIntyre.
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