Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 26, 1937, Page Three, Image 3

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It’s a good thing the Igloo is
made of stout materials. If it
weren’t, it might burst tonight.
The Ducks and Bevos ought to
pack in the citizens like kippered
herring in fivc-cent tins. It may
be the largest crowd in McArthur
court history.
Whatever the attendance, it's
certain to be one of the “largest”
evenings on record at the old pavil
ion. This game has everything it
takes. A meeting of traditional
rivals and a fracas with bearing
on the championship—all in one
performance—and it isn't a double
header, either.
Oregon State lias nothing to lose
tonight and everything to gain.
Art Merryman and company don’t
care cne tiny whit for Oregon’s
chances in this northern division
race. But they do care a few
assorted whits about pulling their
own record into the respectable
The Beavers may be hitting
their shots tonight instead of miss
•ijg them, as they did at Corvallis
last week. If they're “on,” any
thing may happen. They’ve taken
a lot of drubbings this winter, but
I’ve a sneaking suspicion that
those Beavers are going to be
mighty tough tonight.
Will it be another battle of zone
against zone or will Howard Hob
son shift to man-to-man ? He's
been using both in practice this
week, and the Ducks m^y use
either or both tonight. No infor
mation on that until tip-off time.
Oregon State publicity wheels
have ground out reams of stuff
about how Slats Gill has had some
thing new and devastating cooked
up for our Ducks prior to every
one of the intra-state clashes this
Well, the pot is still boiling, un
doubtedly, and the Beavers may
give us everything from broth to
filberts tonight. They may try to
hypnotize our Webfoots with pass
es or they may open up with every
type of trick from voodooism to
south sea island magic. Heck, you
really can't tell. Slats Gill has a
new heir, you know, which may
inspire the Beavers to greater
Don’t be surprised if Laddie Gale '
and Itay Jewell get in there for a
few licks tonight. The two big
beys were clicking in apple pie
order against Gonzaga and Tutor j
Hobson intimates that they may
get a nod this eve.
From sophomores and reserves!
to seniors, and you can see for the j
last time in a northern division
game at McArthur court three
Webfoots—John Lewis, Ken Pur
dy, and Bill Courtney. Tonight will
be their finale in green jerseys
here, for they’ll be toting away
sheepskins In June.
# * 3s
Yes, indeed, there will be “civil
war" tonight. This “civil war"
stuff is getting a bit ragged, sure,
but what can you do when these
battles keep popping up ? Tonight
will finish the business for this
season, and if you can’t guess the
name of this p.m.'s battle you’d
better retire to the little red school
house and hurl spitwads at the
girl in the blue print dress and
pigtails across the aisle.
Obvious setup is the siege of
Richmond. And we’re hoping Gen
eral Robert E. Gill and his troops
will be handing over their swords
in abject surrender at Appomatox
— aw, make it Junction City —
when the shots are over.
The booming basketeers of Stan
ford, for all their Hank Luisetti,
are moaning. At least their sup
porters are moaning for them. Re
ports from down Palo Alto way
hint that Johnny Bunn and his
boys may not come north this year.
You see, the .Stanfords are play
ing Southern California tonight
and tomorrow and three of Mr.
Bunn’s basketeers are more or less
incapacitated. As if Mr. Bunn
didn't have plenty of reserves.
None other than Mr. Hank Lui
setti himself is listed as one of the
maimed. He’s also listed as one of
those who “may” play after all.
Another is Art Stoefen, towering
brother of Tennis Ace Les Stoefen.
He's also on the recovery road.
Both lads had minor injuries.
And now Jack C’alderwood,
sparkplug guard, is out, with, of
all things, a case of poison oak.
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Tonight’s Game Diamond Jubilee For Ducks, Beavers
Battling Beaver Trio Which W ill Parade at Igloo Tonight
Phi Delts Take
Yeomen A Six
In Volley Game
SAEand PiKap B Teams
Enter Playoff Series;
ATOs Defeat Delts in
A League Clash
Today’s Volleyball Games
4:00—Beta Theta Pi (A) vs.
Kappa Sigma (A); Omega
Hall (A) vs. Phi Sigma
Kappa (A).
4:40—Theta Chi (A) vs. Phi
Kappa Psi (A); Zeta Hall
(A) vs. Phi Gamma Delta
5:20—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
(A) vs. Delta Epsilon (A);
Chi Psi (A) vs. Sigma Al
pha Mu (A).
The Phi Delta Theta A team ad
vanced a step nearer the intra
mural volleyball championship yes
terday when it defeated the Yeo
men, 13-15, 15-7, and 15-11, in one
of the best-played games of the
Both teams played excellent vol
leyball, a superior attack of kill
shots brought the Phi Delts their
victory. In the opening encount
er, the score was even throughout
the game, with the Yeomen edging
out a victory after the count was
tied at 13-all.
In the second tilt, the Phi Delts
ran up a sizable lead and then
staved off the Yeomen rally to
even the game count.
Yeomen Switch Lineup
After training, 13 to 3, in the
final game, the Yeomen switched
their lineup and nearly overtook \
their opponents in the hardest j
played game of the series. The
Phi Delt victory kept them in the
ranks of unbeaten teams.
Stars were Ed Strohecker, Ken
Shipley. Sid Milligan, for the Phi
Delts, and Baily Barnett and 1
Chuck Paddock for the Yeomen.
The Alpha Tau Omega and Delta
Tau Delta A teams provided an
other thriller, with the ATOs em
erging victors, 12-15, 15-5, and
ATOs Fight Back
Inability to set up their plays
:ost the ATOs the first game, but
they encountered little difficulty
in downing their opponents in the
second two encounters.
Julius Scruggs and Neal Butler
were outstanding for the Delts,
ind Jack Stafford starred for the
In the third A league game of
the afternoon, the Pi Kaps had
ittle difficulty in swamping Can
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S , (Courtesy the Oregonian) (Courtesy the Morning News)
Oregon State basketeers pictured above are Hilo futile, first string forward (upper left); Art Merry
man, other regular forward and spark plug of the team (upper right), and Sir Howard Watson Lyman
substitute forward and guard (below.
Vernon Moore
Elected PE Club
Prexy at Meet
At a meeting of the physical
education club Wednesday evening
at the gym, new officers were
elected. President of the club is
Vernon Moore. Vice president is
Paul Rix, and secretary-treasurer
is Bob Kidder.
Mike Mikulak, second speaker
to talk before the club, com
pared professional and college
football, l'he various methods
ivhich may be used in college foot
ball without the stigma of prof
essicnalism being brought up were
pointed out. Also the type and
method of play which a profes
sional club uses to make the game
interesting. Mikulak has played for
the last two seasons with the Chi
cago Bears.
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No Profs at Taylor’s
Scene: Court of Strained Rela
Case: You That Don't Know vs.
Dave Silver.
Judge of Beautiful Women and
Good Hossflesh, presiding.
Charge: Nothing: admission with ;
ASUO card; proceed with the case,
ipse facto and pronto.
Q: Name, and present occupa
tion, young man'.'
A: Dave Silver, sir, 1 am a mem
ber of the Oregon basketball quin
tuplet. But I haven’t always been
a member of this team. When I
was younger and went to high
school, one Lincoln of Portland by
name, I performed the same ser
vices for that school.
Q: How long have you been per
forming for these Oregons?
A: I played last year, sir, and
have one more year of competition
left, which I expect to use next
year under Howard Hobson.
Q: Do you mean to sit there and
tell me that a big strapping 6 foot j
4 inch fellow as you, weighing
about 190 with just yourself on,
only performs basketball services
for your dear Universitaa?
A: No, Judge. I am also a mem
ber of Colonel Bill Hayward's
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Ducklings Win
Two Igloo Tilts
\\ anvil's Frosli Trounce
Coburg, St. Mary's in
Warm-Up Games
Dissatisfied with his Ducklings,
and pointing for the season’s final
rook game but two days away,
t’oacli John Warren last night sent
his proteges through two full prac
tice games against county high
school league teams.
In one contest the Webfoot year
lings scrapped with Coburg, Lane
county's new B champions, out
sccring them 14 to 20. Against St.
Mary's, the frosh had an easy
time of it, chalking up a 40 to 11
eleven Men Play
During the two contests Coach
Warren used 11 of his lads, work
ing them in frequently. Against
Coburg the first stringers piled up
a 34-to-10 halftime advantage, and
then retired in favor of reserves.
Bobby Blenkinsop, Duckling for
ward, contributed the evening’s
main scoring performance, netting
22 tallies against St. Mary's. The
frosli piled up a 22-to-3 lead in
the first 1C minutes.
scoring was fairly evenly
divided among the rest of War
ren's point-producing machine.
Sarpola got 16 in three halves of
Stan Short, dependable frosh
guard, was out of last night’s prac
tice with a bad cut over his eye.
He may be out of Saturday's rook
Sarpola, 6 F. 2, Stoneberg
Blenkinsop, 6 F 4 D. King
rM<'k' 4 C 5, Mallet t
Pavalunas, 6 .G . 2, K. King
Krietz, 4 .G .. 5, Vandenbos
*i!uinn- 8 S 2, Cooper
Tones, 0.S
McCubbins, 2 ... g
Buroughs. 2 S
Frosh (46) (11) st. Mary’s
sarpola, 10 F Meyers
Blenkinsop, 22 F ... 2, Guthrie
^*ck' 3 C 2, Mashik
Pavalunas, 4 G 4, Toman
Krietz, 2 G 2, Kirchoff
Ijuinn, 2 . S 1, Schimer
Jones, 3 S
Oregon Holds
All-Time Lead
With 38 Wins
Hupe Crowd Expected
For 75th “Civil W ar’"
Over 20 Year Period
Of Records
- Points -
W I, Pot. For Ag’t
Wiisli 10 4 .714 502 458
OREGON 9 4 .092 473 434
WSC 8 5 .015 401 435
OSC 3 8 .273 335 343
Idiiho . 2 II .154 353 456
Gamp ‘‘onight: Oregon State
at Oregon.
Saturday: Washington State
at Idaho.
When Oregon’s fighting Web
foots and Oregon State's danger
ous Beavers lock horns at MacAr
thur court tonight, it will be for a
75th time a veritable diamond
Since first record of Oregon-Ore
gon State hoop rivalry in 1917, the
Webfoots have won 38 games to
the Beavers’ 36. Oregon State
went into this year’s four-game
series with a slight edge, but three
straight Oregon victories have
swung the pendulum once more.
Few of the 74 encounters in the
last 20 seasons rival tonight’s in
interest and importance. The larg
est crowd in McArthur court his
tory is a possibility this evening,
and that crowd is due to see a
game which may have everything.
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