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    'Smear the Staters!
It’s Rig Game Day
Today at Corvallis
Piano Playing Dean
Will Open Symphony
Season on Monday
Oregon State
JIM Mil.I.IK, T.
Oregon State
Oregon State
Orogon •
I K \Nli liAMSKV, <}.
Oregon Stale
Oregon Underdog at Finale
Plotting Oregon's Downfall
Toying' with the pigskin above, is backfield coach Hal Ivioe, who apparently is telling his two speedsters,
Joe Gray and Little Johnny Alexander, some dark secrets on how to cross that Oregon .goal line before
the final gun sounds Saturday afternoon. Gray and Alexander are recognized by coast experts as two of
the trickiest and fastest backs in conference circles.
Passing Show
Eden Emits
Minimum Wages
Better Days Ahead
Bears Rally
Who's a Pirate?
Declaring that British warships
will fire on Spanish rebel gunboats
as “pirates” if they interfere with
English merchant vessels, Foreign
Minister Anthony Eden last night
delivered Britain's reply to Span
ish insurgent threats to destroy
Barcelona if arms shipments to the
Madrid government continue.
Eden’s position on the “pirate”
stand was secure because England
has recognized neither side in the
Spanish conflict as a belligerent,
and any molestation of her com
merce must be regarded in that
light, according to international
law, informed sources said.
Courts Can't Agree
An Ohio minimum wage law, al
most identical with the New York
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Bates Is Speaker
For Profs’ Meet
Author, Former Member
Of Faculty, to Address
Association Tonight
Dr. Ernest Sutherland Bates,
one-time head of the department
of rhetoric and American litera
ture in the University will be guest
speaker tonight when members of
the American Association of Uni
versity professors meet in the Or
iental room of the Osburn hotel for
a 6 o’clock dinner. Dr. Bates will
use as his topic, "The Teacher and
Civic Freedom.”
Dr. Bates comes to Eugene from
Portland where he has been con
ducting forums for the United
States Bureau of Education. Since
leaving the Oregon faculty, he has
been literary editor of the "Dic
tionary of American Biography”
and for the last ten years has been
one of the best known reviewers in
New York. He has been a staff
[ reviewer of the Saturday Review
of Literature and on Books, week
ly review published by the *New
York Herald-Tribune.
Four of his latest books have
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Britain Censor
Bans Picture for
Simpson Crack
‘‘Oh, that Mrs. Simpson!”
Because of this single line spok
en by Spencer Tracy in the recent
ly-released Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
feature, "Libeled Lady,” the en
tire production has been banned by
the British censor, according to
the California Daily Bruin.
In spite of the pleas of the pro
ducer that it was purely coinci
j dence, His Majesty’s government
insists the line was included delib
erately, and has banned the film
in totality, not even allowing a
substitute line to be “dubbed in”
in place of it.
Coeds on Kiss Strike
Coeds on the University of Utah
campus have gone on a “kissing
strike!” In recent laboratory ex
periments students found under
the microscope that bacteria in
kiss agar culture multiplied by the
| thousands and the funny, wiggly
things looked dangerous.
Traffic Jam
Two Stanford boys in a 1931
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Girls Escort
Men Tonight
To AWS Dance
‘It’s Woman Who Pays’
When Coeds Prepare
To Drag Bashful Males
To McArthur Court
It’s a free lunch tonight, boys.
For at 9 o'clock in McArthur
court Oregon coeds will pay and
pay to purchase entry for them
selves and their escorts to the
AWS harvest dance.
At this first AWS girl-date af
fair, Gus Meyer’s orchestra will of
fer the music in the midst of deco
rations which have transformed
the Igloo into a horn of plenty.
Fred Beardsley, f ormer vocalist
with Dan Flood’s orchestra, will
Round-up Friday Eve
Bashful coeds, after building up
courage during the week, steeled
themselves for the great ordeal
and stormed telephones Friday
night in a last-minute roundup of
elusive males. According to re
ports from many houses, frater
nity men spent a quiet “at home"
in hope of a call from prospective
Chairman Isabelle Miller, direct
ing the dance for Phi Theta Upsi
lon, issued a final appeal for coeds
to "get their man.”
Houses Plan Dinners
The special Oregon rally train
from Corvallis will return 'to Eu
gene in ample tirhe to allow
couples to attend the dance. Mem
bers of several sororities will en
tertain their escorts at house din
For other girls, carmelized ap
ples, cider, and doughnuts will be
dispensed from booths around the
dance floor to provide food for
hungry males.
Naomi Tobie, Pearl Paddock,
Brittain Ash, and Martha Cumler
will discuss “What We Think
About God” at Wesley club at
6:15 Sunday. Each speaker will
have five minutes in which to pre
sent his personal idea of God.
OSC Top Man
Oregon State
Last Chance to Tackle All-America
Today Captain Del Bjork will lead u Lemon and Gold team »n the
field for the last time. Winding up a brilliant three-year grid career,
the blond tackle will also he making his final hid for the Valhalla of
football players, all America honors, ni the same against Oregon State.
New Libe Opening Delayed
Till Spring Term; Contract,
Labor Snags Hold Up Work
Dogged by delay, the new library will probably not be open until
spring term, it was learned Friday from M. H. Douglass, librarian.
Contract difficulties, lack of materials, labor shortage, and strike
conditions have all contributed to put the opening of the $365,000 struc
ture already nearly four months behind schedule. Further delays,
Douglass fears, will make it unfeasible to occupy the biulding until
spring term. I,-•,
At the present time, lighting
fixtures, some plumbing, and much
of the finishing work remains un
done. It is considered advisable,
Douglass said, to allow plenty of
time for completion rather than to
rush work and hava it poorly done.
Contract Conflict
Removal of part of the present
metal stacks to the new building
is stipulated in the contract, which
cannot be accepted until this
change has been made. The con
flict and resulting delay comes,
however, in the lack of a place to
store the books now in these stacks
while the transfer is being made,
Douglass explained.
Progress is being made in the
placing of art works. A wood carv
ing nearly six feet in length is in
place in the graduate reading
room. Decorated, wrought - iron
gates, complimenting the Italian
black and white effect of the mar
ble walls, guard the inner gate
ways of the main entrance. Stairs
and hand rails are also of marble.
Stacks May Expand
Roominess in the stacks leaves
plenty of space for future expan
sion. According to W. C. Warren,
reserve librarian, the building will
not be stocked to capacity for ten
The rooms, finished with noise
less travetine, are as quiet as mo-'
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Last Game
Captain Del Bjork, tackle.
Hob Kraddock, halfback.
Kdd Farrar, <‘enter.
John Engstrom, end.
Pat Fury, tackle.
Duck Mentor
OSG, Duck Teams
Keyed to Fighting
Pitch for Big Game
Captain Del Bjork, Playing Last Game,
Leads Linemen in Attempt to Stop
Thrusts of State's Joe Gray
Emerald Sports Editor
It’s the 40th Big Game.
No conference championship will be at stake, no Rose Bowl
glory will be the reward, but when football teams of Oregon
and Oregon State tear into each other on Corvallis’ Bell field
this afternoon all the fire and bitterness of a battle for the title
of a dozen leagues will be unleashed.
It starts at 2 o’clock and by that time Bell field will be run
ning over with humanity. The Webfoots and Beavers are at the
bottom of the coast conference, but a capacity throng is assured
for what to the state of Oregon is THE game.
On paper, Oregon is an underdog
today. But when these rivals of
almost half a century fling grid
iron forces into traditional war
fare, there isn’t any dope or any
form. They're bettin on Oregon
State in the wise circles, but in
wiser company the wags are keep
ing sheckels safe in their pock
Bine Is Best
Today’s game will find an Ore
gon line comparable with the best
on the coast meeting an Oregon
State offense which crushed Wash
ington State and outplayed Stan
ford. Captain Del Bjork of the
Webfoots and Jumping Joe Gray
of the Beavers are the men to
Del Bjork will be playing for
the last time in Oregon green, and
this will be his final shot at all
American recognition. Joe Gray is
a junior, but his passing arm is
on a par with the best.
Stop the Ghost
Oregon must stop Gray today,
and Oregon State must breaek
through or over the Webfoot line
which Bjork leads. All week
Prince Gary Callison, Oregon head
coach, has primed his team on de
fense against a Beaver passing at
tack which doomed Washington
State and gave Stanford the'fight
of half a dozen seasons. The mir
acle right arm of Gray heaves th<
leather, and the glue-like fingers
of Joe Wendlick, Don Coons, and
Tommy Swanson nab it. That’s
what the Beavers do if allowed half
a chance. Oregon’s task is to
bar them from that chance.
The Ducks, not the desperate
Ducks but the determined Ducks,
will hurl the ball high, wide, and
far also. A spectacular battle of
overhead barrages is assured.
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Oregon Oregon State
Yerby.LK. Coons
Bjork (C) LT Miller
Amato .LG. Ramsey
Farrar.C. ... (C) Denting
Giovanini RG. Straek
Foskett RT Watts
Nilsen RE. Wendlick
Kennedy Duncan
Nicholson ..LH. Gray
Lasselie .RH. Swanson
Bruddock .F. Kolberg
‘Beat OSC Theme
Of Bonfire Rally
800 Students Serpentine,
Waleli Bonfire; Benson,
Frosh, in Charge
Culminating Oregon’s football
rallies for 1930, last night’s bon
fire rally, with its "Beat OSC’’
theme, was acclaimed by the rally
committee as the most successful
of the season. Alumni attending
the rally complimented the com
mittee and the freshman class on
its success.
The bonfire was placed in the
hands of the class of ’40 by Don
Thomas, rally chairman. Noel
Benson was in charge of the ser
Freshman co-chairmen of the
bonfire. Phil Lowry and Bob
Stretcher, and construction and
materials chairmen, Stan Norris
and Pete Mitchell, were praised by
Thomas as having "done a good
Constructed mostly of excelsior
and construction materials ob
tained from the new libe, the bon
fire was ignited by lighting ten
gallons of gasoline poured over
the base. The resulting near-ex
plosion threw flames high into the
air, thrilling the approximate eight
hundred students attending the
A rally dance at Willamette park
immediately after the bonfire drew
a large number of students.
Green Team Beats Gold,
31-19, in Volleyball
The first Green team beat the
first Gold team in the first honor
ary women’s volleyball game, 31
19, last night in Gerlinger hall.
The Green winners—Seely, Hunt,
Moshberger, Thurmond, Lawyer,
Rising, Bates, Thatcher, G. Smith,
j and Riech.
The Gold losers—Watzek, Brant
hover, Bogue, Palmer, Scott, Naka
jima, Watson, Edmunds, Dean, and
Miss Warrine Eastburn refereed
the game.