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    UO Blind Student
Gets Scholarship
Mark Shoesmith, blind honor
student in the University social
science department, is now on his
way to New York where he will
study on a scholarship, according
to Mrs. Louise Schroff, instructor
in the art department.
Shoesmith was offered a scholar
ship by the Masters’ Institute of
United Arts, in Roerick Museum,
recently, although the usual num
ber of scholarships hod already
been given. The money for his
transportation came from a com
mission given him by the Eugene
Lions’ club for carving a stone
lion for their table.
Mr. Shoesmith and his wife, the
former Marian Jones, are expected
to arrive in New York Friday
night. They will remain there until
June, at which time he may take
one of the two other scholarships
offered him, to the Perkins Insti
tute in Watertown, Massachusetts,
or to the New York Institute for
Education of the Blind, which is
connected with Columbia univer
Mr. Shoesmith came to the Uni
versity of Oregon in 1932. He has
his bachelor of arts degree, and
was working on his master of arts
degree before receiving the schol
Scoreoast Contests Will
Continue Three Weeks
Only three weeks remain for
campus “rail-birds” to forecast
football scores in the Philip Mor
ris Scorecast, according to word re
ceived by Ed Morrow and Zollie
Volchock, campus representatives.
Last contest will be on the games
of the weekend of November 21.
Popularity of the contest assures
its continuation next year, the
campus representatives said.
Conference Planners
Discuss Likely Theme
A dinner was sponsored by the
group planning the Seabeck con
ference at the YVV bungalow at
r>:30, Tuesday evening.
Stella Scurlock, regional director
of YMCA and YWCA, met with
them and discussed leaders and a
theme for the conference. Harold
Strawn acted as toastmaster.
Helen Nickachiou was elected
vice-president and social chairman
of Orides, independent women’s
group, at a meeting Monday eve
ning in the AWS room of Gerlin
ger hall. Miss Nickachiou is fill
ing the vacancy left when Ruth Or
rick resigned at the beginning of
the term.
Faculty Members
(Continued from (nor three)
Taylor vs. loser of the Washke
Ernest match; Dalilberg vs. Moore;
Stafford vs. loser of the Thiel
mann-Knollin match; Turnbull vs.
loser of the Johnson-Ghent match.
Pairings are listed on the bulle
tin board at the Laurelwood club
house, and golfers are asked to
make their own arrangements for
this week's matches, which should
be completed by next Sunday
All-Campus Ping
(Continued from page three)
ment has moved into the finals, ;
W. Kupfer and Hearn playing Klo- |
noff and Elden, Kupfer and Hearn
winning three out of four games.
M. Moore and B. Blenkinsop i
played Stoddard and. Don Coles,
Stoddard and Coles winning.
In the finals Kupfer and Hearn
play Stoddard and Coles for the
Send the Emerald to your friends.
to find your lost ar
to get that ride to
Portland for the game.
to see the rest of the
students know that you
can type out their term
papers. . . .
As Oregon Untiled the Huskies
(Courtesy the Register-Guard)
Spirit along' the sidelines daring the Oregon-Washington gridiron classic Saturday is caught graphically
In these glimpses of activities which took place during the contest. Upper left, Frances Johnston, mem
ber of the University girls’ rally committee, registers a smile that belles the outcome of the game. She
is playing host to Oregon’s mascot duck, tipper right, the smart-stepping girl drum major of the Wash
ington hand. Tamer left, It. “Sheet” Manerud of Eugene, officiating as timekeeper for the game.
Lower right, two deft log-rollers frm Couer d’Alene, pictured during the hetween-halves stunt in front
of the grandstand. They are Hill Delyea (facing the camera), representing Oregon, and Harry Wilson,
representing Washington. Tre Oregon log-spinner won the contest.
Prosli Team
(Continued trnm fo/jr three1
being waged between the Smith
bovs, Robert. K. and Floyd, for a
berth at right half.
lnskeep, Ileggs Out
Fart of the frosh line is still in
tact, but the temporary loss of
Russ lnskeep, tackle, amt Lloyd
Beggs, guard, has left it weakened.
Phe wing posts, occupied by Larry
Lance and Vie Reginato, are two
Dositions in the forward wall un
banned by the injury bugaboo. Er
in Jacobsen, center, Elroy Jensen,
tackle, and George Jones, guard,
ire the other first string linemen.
The injuries of lnskeep and
Boggs are both slight, and the pair
is expected to be back in the thick
of things by Saturday afternoon.
Two workouts remain for the frosh
football squad this week, and
the team leaves for Seattle.
Seattle, Nov. 3. — (Special! -
While the Washington varsity is
battling Stanford at Palo Alto, the
Husky freshman football team will
furnish Seattle fans their weekend
gridiron clash, when they meet the
Oregon flush Saturday in the Uni
versity of Washington stadium.
The Washington Babes, fresh
from a 13-6 victory over Washing
ton State, will be out to hand the
Ducklings the same medicine the
Husky varsity administered last
week at Portland.
Coach Tubby Graves will throw
his strongest team into the fray,
for the game will conclude the 1936
season for the frosh. They were
defeated in the season opener by
Bellingham Normal, 6-0.
The public address system will
keep the spectators informed of
the progress of the varsity game at
1 Palo Alto.
Addresses Scheduled
At Westminster House
Professor R. H. Dann of the de
partment of sociology at Corvallis
will give an address on the “Quak
er Approach to God,” before the
Westminster House association
Thursday evening at 7:30. This is
the third of a series of addresses
presented at Westminster House
for all University of Oregon stu
Kev. Herbert Higginbotham of
the local Unitarian church will give
the next address in the series on
November 12.
The Firing Line
(Continued from pnoe three)
Stanford, Auburn, and San Fran
cisco. Portland and San Jose State
were soft touches. An Associated
Press poll which ranks the Broncs
ninth mi the nation has it about
right. You have to consider ached
ules as well as scores.
* * *
Tots of the wise boys back east
are figuring Minnesota a better
SjulhA, *1 cobuo
THE only patented
^eiui the Emerald to your friends.
Subscriptions only $3.00 per year.
club than Northwestern, even
though the Wildcats clawed
through the mud of Dyche stadium
to upset the Golden Gophers. Be
that as it may, Bernie Bierman's
mighties have fallen from their
pedestal. Twenty-one straight tri
umphs and 28 games without a
setback ought to put Tutor Bier
man in clover for years to come.
But it won't. Wolves go after Go
phers, too.
Notre Dame will probably be
Northwestern's hardest foe, for the
Irish of South Bend always put up
a bitter battle against the Wild
cats. Wisconsin and Michigan
should be easier. Both teams have
been in ami out all year, however,
and might hit Northwestern on an
“in” day.
Marquette must face Creighton,
Mississippi, and Duquesne before
claiming any national honors. The
latter two are certain to be tough.
And, speaking of Santa Clara,
the Broncs could do worse than
lose to Loyola. St. Mary's, Loyola,
Texas Christian yessir, the Bron
cos saved the hardest until last.
Pledges’ Perfect Crime
Baffles Fiji Brothers
Bn it known that the impossible has been accomplished! In short,
the perfect crime was perpetrated! The only way the story got out
was—well, somebody squealed! Here’s the story, exclusive with this
sheet. Read it, Phi Gamma Delta brothers, and weep!
The flight was cold and drear and ripe for murder. It seems the j
Fiji pledges, too, weie ripe for a sneak. Following their annual quaint j
15 Stone Heads
Now Hang High
On New Library
Pick ’em out if you can!
Aristotle, Locke, Michelangelo,
Darwin, Jefferson, Shakespeare,
Beethoven, and eight other fam
ous men are seen gazing down on
the University students from their
place on the panels of the new li
Some of them are found not just
once but three times as parts of
the design repeats itself on the va
rious sides of the building.
Guess who? That one is Thucy
dides — remember him at open
house? Well, maybe it was New
ton he’s there too. Others of in-J
terest whose heads hang high arc j
Buddha and Christ.
Identification tests are popular
now—take your best girl out and
let her guess—there are benches
in front of the library, too, that
might prove handy.
Varsity Sketches
(Continued from finqc three)
speed, to make a swell guard.
“I think little Davie Davis of
the Southern Cal Trojans is the
best backfield man Oregon has met
yet with Bayne of the Cougars a
close second,” Estes said as he
started to dress for practice yes
terday. "We didn’t get to see much
of the famous Ed G >ddard in the
game with Washington State so
wo don't know what kind of a back
he is. He must be good from w'hat
all the papers say about him.
‘ ’Davis is something like the
great ‘Cotton’ Warburton of a few
years back. He has picked up the
trick from Warburton of driving
up to the line, stopping, and then
whisking through the hole when
it opens. But he doesn’t compare
with the ‘Cotton’. Davis besides
his deception in his broken field
running has plenty of drive and
plays smart football in the quarter
back position.”
Send the Emerald to your friends.
Subscriptions only $3.00 per year.
little Hallowe en custom, the bro- l
thers in the bond deposited pledge
Hoy Stone on the spacious ver
anda of that brick abode popularly
known as the Tri Delt house. Tied
hand and foot and rolled in his
own treasured mattress, said an
onymous victim had not a leg to
stand on (he was lying down).
Not content, those nasty boys
then made a side trip to the oft
sung Mill race, there to dunk Bill
Hutchinson an obstreperous fresh
man in cold, murky waters, thus
proving to the uninitiated that
crime doesn’t pay!
Aha! But the night was yet
young and still ripe for scandal.
Lusting for revenge, a dozen stal
wart males, pledges of Phi Gamma
Delta, finangled quietly out the
back window of the revered chap
ter house and hied themselves to
the above-mentioned Delta Delta
Delta, etc., residence.
Diplomatically these pajama
clad scoundrels persuaded a reluc
tant house-mother to admit them
and their disgraced brother, Stone,
the outraged victim whom they
found tied helpless on the Delta
ditto ditto porch. Virtue was tri
umphant, and the daring Fijis soon
found themselves comfortably es
conced in the sorority parlor,
where they cooled their slippered
heels in the charming presence of
the Tri Delts and rested their bath
robe-covered frames on the soror
ity davenports.
Followed a touching little home
scene of song and revelry. The
boys, the rascals, heard the Tri
Delt repertory of melodies, in re
turn for which they yodelled their
famous “Fiji wanderer” song and
other heart-stirring ballads.
Then the black knaves snuck
back to their happy home, climbed
in as they had climbed out and
noiselessly slid back into their
And they do allege as how the
upper-class brothers are to this
day none the wiser.
Regardless of who is in the
White House Reed college students
want Mrs. Simpson in Buckingham
palace! They want her so badly
they staged a “Simpson for Queen’.'
demonstration recently.
TAYLOR-made hamburgers.—adv.
Clearance of
S O Cl A L
Bond stationery, correspondence cards,
bond papers—lii<rli grade papers made
by Whiting & Cook, Eaton, and Mon
lag— are being offered at nnuSually
reduced prices to enable us to make
room for a new stock. The clearance
includes beautifully boxed gift station
ery. regularly valued at $2.50, and now
being sold at only 75e. Also included in
the groi p are stationery with frater
nity and sorority crests, and Oregon
se.'ls imprinted on them.
Values from 50c to $2.50
reduced to
25c - 50c - 69c - 75c
' CO - OP 9
Medo-Land Creamery Co.
Pasteurized Milk. Cream, Butter
Cottage Cheese, Ice Cream
Bireley’s Orangeade
True Fruit Punch. All Flavors
Phone 393
Research Committee
To Meet November 6
The regular semi-annual meet
ing of the general science research
committee will be held in Corval
lis Thursday, November 6, at 2:30
p. m.
This organization has charge of
the financing and planning of all
the research work done in the state
of Oregon. Faculty members oi tne
committee are Professors R. W.
Leighton, R. R. Huestis, L. A.
Wood, and Chandler Beall.
Phones: Res. 3142; Office 3130
Office hours: 8-12 and 1:30-5
207 Tiffany Bldg.
Water Destroys Your Shoes
on’t let the first rain
catch you with worn soles
Lane Smith Below Co-op
Young men in colleges all over the country have
abandoned the careless, sloppy, no-garter, no-collar
and tie, and no-hat vogues for the simple but im
pressive reason that they have become style con
scious and are setting the fashion standards for the
country. Even so they have maintained the fore
most standards of nonchalance in clothes which
should not be put in a class with sloppiness. Their
favoring rougher fabrics, more gaudy patterns,
and flashy styles is a sign of judgment and taste
in the selection of clothes for school wear.
* * *
When selecting jewelry for campus wear one
should use only that which is essential. That which
has been created by SWANK and sold by ERIC
MERRELL’S gives the most complete selection to
the college man. Swank is not merely a name. It
is an achievement. A symbol of quality and correct
style in men’s jewelry accessories. Among their
outstanding pieces are cravat chains, tie clips, collar
holders, collar pins, airway and bit links, key chains,
evening sets, and belt buckles. They also have
money clips, lapel guards, and collar buttons.
Things like these always make the finest of gifts
for the man.
The suit of the week is the MIDDISHADE sold
exclusively in Eugene by PAUL D. GREENE’S.
They feature the most popular designs in blue, gray,
brown, and black all lined with celanese. Double
breasted with shadow stripes, pin stripes, and single
breasted with glen plaids with peaked lapels featur
ing multi-colored fleckings bringing out the rich
ness of the heavy worsteds, that hold their press.
The coats come with sport backs, plain backs, full
drapes, semi-drapes, accentuated s houlders and
waisted models. The pants are high waisted mak
ing them more pronounced and they are worn from
the heel seam. Max (Phi Delt) Carter and Hale
(Pride of California) Jacobs are proud purchasers
of these famous suits.
* * *
FAULTLESS by WILSON the pajama creation
of the year. They have a very smart pattern idea
in the finest of durable fabrics, oxford cloth, found
in very smart notched lapel coat style jackets and
clever Goucho pull-over style. The colorings are
rich—not gaudy, genteel—not rakish, serviceable
and durable—not fadish—embodying the faultness
no belt feature, and proven to be the best obtain
able featured by WILSON obtainable at McMOR
* * *
END: What is the yen that Joe Fizzel had for
balloons and a cane, Oh! Me! . . . QUESTION: Who
was the full-of-spirits collegian who kicked in the
big plate glass door in front of Kelly’s . . . GYM
NASTICS: Ed Strohecker, with one hand in a cast,
swinging, ape-fashion, back and forth on a chan
delier, while spectators, holding their breaths, waited
for the whole ceiling to rip out _ FURTHER
GYMNASTICS: One lad from Seattle, tripping over
a bath-mat, sprawling, fully clad, into a tub of
cold water which had, with considerable foresight,
been drawn for restoration purposes_QUERY:
How does it happen that the Prairie-City cities,
A1 Bogue and Tom Velvin, overlooked the clock on
the city hall- - ICEPACK: A pitcher of ice
water thrown into the midst of a Washington rally
from the 5th floor of the Cornelius .... One lady
got socked in the eye with a piece of ice_by
the time that she got into to scream at the desk
clerk, the eye was beginning to look like a Wash
ington mum .... all purple and gold_and was
she sore! .... Explanations were demanded from
those persons occupying 525 .... CONTRAST: The
gent who used the fly-leaf out of a Gideon Bible
to transcribe a long list of slightly shady telephone
numbers .... FUTURE: The time is drawing near
for the annual lawn trimming contest with the
dairymen from the great beyond .... Beyond all
hope .... No, not Hades dope, O. S. C.Then
more spirits .... More stuff to write about_
Oh! me .... Sense it please, but I was just inter
rupted hy three men in white jackets and a butterfly
net .... Goom bye again .... WMS ....