Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, August 31, 1936, Mail Edition, Page Three, Image 3

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    What’ll I Wear At Oregon
rhis Fall?/ Ponder Coeds
\s Summer Fades Away
“Off to ton? And, my dear,
j>w stunning you look; your
it—it’s that new shade of rust,
n’t. it?—is sim-pullv beautiful!
hey’re showing so many tunie
iated suits this season with
ose enchanting fur eollars;
id the colors—wine rods, deep
rowns, dark greens and rusts,
like hi"h waist lines, and fitted
nos: T'm glad they’re in this
“Your brown accessories are very
>od with your suit—that’s a
untv green feather in your
p-olean bonnet: don’t vou love
e new hieh-crowned hats? Thev
ik so much like the Swiss
luntaineers. But thev aren’t so
od for tall girls, but we tall
ople ran always have a. Hansel
d Gretel hat or a Peter Pan one.
“You don’t? Hansel and Gretel?
s one of the off-face tvpe so lust
e eorners show behind your ears,
d. of course, yon know the tinv
nil cans Peter Pan and Wendy
ire. Add a feather across these
;s of felt and velour and they
ike a youthful, elfin topper-offer.
“What am I wearing to dinner
is evening? Mv black satin, of
urse! Satin is in again—for din
r, street and Sundav afternoons,
lack seems to predominate for
e color, but white and reefs are
so shown a lot.
“Of course, I think so. Evening
ess is every hit as important as
mmis clothes, tho’ every coed
mild have some tweeds, cash
re sweaters and sporty hats,
unny how many knitted dresses
; sees on the campus—they’re
fully smart tho’ in warm
rant wint er colors- -deep roses,
es, and oranges. The tunic idea
being used an awfully lot in
npus clothes, too. French flannel
?rand for a tunic—one gets the
Lggerated shoulder, slender
ist and flared shirt and not
rh bulk either.
‘I'd like to meet the designer
o invented the ‘double-duty’
ck for coeds. Those long redin
tes which can be slipped on to
ike a dinner dress out of a
mal are the answer to a maid
’s prayer who’s on a budget,
iffeta, lace and velvet, are still
ilding their own for evening
ess—guess it’s because they can
worn fall, winter and spring too.
n glad trains—those long ones,
e out. They were a nuisance; the
w short ones are tricky tho’ I
“How do you like Ellen’s new
oes—the English walking shoe
th that broad toe strap? They’re
comfortable for campus wear
th that military heel; and the
lored suede shoes with flaps and
epe soles, they’re tops for pound
g pavement between classes—T
rticularly like grey ones, you
n wear almost any color dress
th them.
“Small hats, high waists, full
irts and buckles and buttons
like ‘fishes’ and such are certainly
leading the Dame Fashion parade.
With colored hankies and hats and
different shoes, one can certainly
change the looks of her suits and
dresses. That’s the beauty of cam
pus clothes—and accessories. One
dress,with a new scarf or belt and
different coats can be worn end
lessly and still look different.
“Yes, clothes are lovely and it's
fun to have a lot of them, but
seriously, Kay, this idea of a college
wardrobe has been over-played. If
your clothes are becoming to you
and are kept nicely they can be
worn and worn and still you can
look grand. People, even college
boys and girls, never tire of seeing
the same thing if it's in style and
is worn well. I’m all in favor of
buying double-duty clothes and
formals that can be worn the year
round. A formal, a dinner dress, a
street outfit, a dress-up dancing
dress of Sunday afternoon type,
and sweaters and skirts and
blouses and jackets for campus
wear are clothes enough really. A
tricky hat or two, matching gloves
and a few knick-knacks like
unique buttons and belts—they add
a touch of smartness, and I still
insist you don’t need to dress like
Jean Harlow or Joan Crawford. If
you’ve money, have clothes and
clothes and clothes! If you’ve a
limited budget buy discriminately
— remember quality before
“Heaven’s! It’s almost 4 o’clock;
guess I’ll slip into my lounging
pajamas and fix my nails—huh?
Yes, lounging pajamas are com
fortable and inexpensive, too—wish
sometimes we could wear them to
classes. Who’s silly—oh! I was only
kidding. Say, you’d better scoot—
you’ll be late for tea and anyhow,
I’m tired of talking—I don’t know
what got me going on clothes this
past few minutes—guess it’s be
cause you look so nice.
“Put on your sweetest smile,
Kay. After all it isn’t your clothes
that’s selling you—it’s you your
self. Clothes help, of course, but
they really are secondary to per
sonality and—will you leave ? I’m
getting started on philosophy now!
Good bye, Kay.”
Break-Down of $15
(Continued from page one)
The list of student sponsored
events for the coming- fall term is
easily worth double the price of the
$7 student body card.
Fall term benefits to card own
ers include free entrance to varsity
football games with the University
of Portland and Washington State
college, University of Idaho, Uni
versity of Washington and UCLA,
and a special $1.00 student ticket
to the traditional Oregon-Oregon
State game at Corvallis. The regu
lar admission price is $2.50. The
Oregon freshmen—OSC rook game
also will be free to student card
Two outstanding concert attrac
The University Florist
Three Blocks West of Campus
Flowers to Suit Every Occasion
598 E. 13th Phone 651
Buy or Rent in Your College Town Where you Can Get
Immediate Service. This Is Important.
You Can Buy a New Typewriter From Us on Rental
Terms—$3.00 a Month.
We Handle All Makes—New and Rebuilt
Office Machinery & Supply Co.
1047 Willamette St. Eugene, Oregon
Co-op Convenient
For All Supplies
Situated conveniently on the
campus, the University Co-op store
is dedicated to supplying students
with the right texts and other
material when they are needed at
the lowest possible prices.
Students themselves comprise a
hoard which assists in managing
the business affairs of the organi
Second-hand hooks are available
for those who purchase their sup
plies early in the week. Texts are
jalso purchased from students.
Besides classroom supplies, the
j Co-op carries a complete line of
furnishings for students’ rooms
and other incidentals. A rental li
brary is located in the rear of the
store where new books are fea
tured at a low rate per day.
Marion F. McClain is general
manager of the Co-op.
tions will be held during fall term.
They include the presentation of
the colorful Don Cossack Russian
male chorus and Roland Hayes,
great Negro tenor. A subscription
to the Oregon Daily Emerald and
the right to take part in all stu
dent sponsored activities brings
the total card value to more than
For winter term the activity
schedule includes eight conference
basketball games, numerous fresh
man basketball games, varsity
swimming meets, lecture and mo
tion picture appearance of Admiral
Richard E. Byrd and the subscrip
tion to the Oregon Daily Emerald.
Spring term attractions will in
clude several pre-season and eight
conference baseball games on
Howe field, freshman baseball
games, two varsity track and
field meets, one freshman track
meet, the Oregon State high school
meet, one and possibly two out
standing concert attractions, sub
scription to the Emerald, and pos
sibly an all-campus dance for card
holders only with a well-known
eastern dance band furnishing the
Along with these actual cash
benefits to student body members,
innumerable other advantages are
offered. These include the right to
take part in all student activities,
including intercollegiate athletics,
staff membership on the Emerald
and Oregana, and a voting fran
chise for all student body and class
First Week Slated
(Continued from page one)
proper courses have hecn selected.
Registration itself will begin in
McArthur court Friday morning
at 8 o’clock and will close Satur
day noon. Assisting upperclassmen
will be present to guide new stu
dents and to offer their help in any
way, it has been announced. Pay
ment of tuition fees after registra
tion, completes the procedure of
becoming a full-fledged freshman
in the University of Oregon.
Ask us about your shoe
problems for fall. We know
all the answers about the
New Fall Patterns. In fact
our complete line of shoes
for Fall is a revelation in
smart footwear.
£ Rice O’Neills
9 Foot Delights
^ Arch Preservers
0 Selby Style-Eeze
0 Russels Moccasins
0 Active-Maids
0 Cantilevers
0 Daniel Greens
Beautiful new evening san
dals in Gold - Silver - White
and Paisley. High or Low
Well-Dressed University
Man’s Fall Wardrobe^
Sketched By Authority
In order that you may get a
more comprehensive slant on
clothes and accessories for this
fall, it is necessary to list the dif
ferent articles of clothing separ
ately so as to avoid confusion.
Almost half the suits sold this
fall will be in the double breasted
model in plain backs with perhaps
a center vent or side vents. Sport
or belted back suits will still be
shown in single breasted models
and will continue to be very strong.
However, the backs will not be as
fancy as in the past but much
plainer, in many cases with noth
ing more than a belt and tucks at
the waistline. The English drape
coat with plain back, both in the
single and double breasted models
with pleated trousers, will undoubt
edly be the preferred style.
These suits will be made up in
two-tone stripes, chalk stripes,
glen plaids, cheviots, and shetlands,
depending upon the model chosen.
Fall overcoats will be shown in
loose English raglan models, some
with the military collar and some
with the conventional notch lapel.
The wrap around coat has been re
placed with one very similar except
that it will have buttons. The wrap
around belt will still be used. Polo
coats will continue to be in de
mand. The fabrics used in these
different coats will vary due to the
model. However covert fleece and
gabardine cloths will be widely
In shirts and neckwear, the but
ton-down and wide spread collar
will without a doubt lead the
field. These will be made up in
stripes and bright colors as well
as plain. Neckwear will be colorful,
more so than any year thus far,
with stripes and wide spaced fig
ures both in silk and wool pre
Shoes for fall will be much the
same as in the past: suede or buck
skin with crepe soles for campus
or general wear, the heavy brogue
for wet weather, and the black or
tan calfskin in cap toe or wing tip
style for dress.
The snap brim hat in rougher
finishes and mixtures, some with
bound edge and some with plain
should be part of your wardrobe.
The Hamburg hat is favored for
evening wear.
For general campus all around
wear, the traditional “frosh pants,”
“sophomore pants,” and “cords”
can never be replaced. Odd sport
coats, leather jackets and sweat
ers complete this campus outfit.
A fellow does not have to be a
millionaire to be well dressed, but
can select a wardrobe conserva
tively and inexpensively and still
have an outfit for any occasion.
Byrd, Hayes
(Confirmed front page oHe)
Admiral Byrd, one of the most
noted explorers of the modern age,
will present his movies of his
second expedition to Little Amer
ica sometime in January, accord
ing to Ralph S. Schomp, director
of educational activities who is ar
ranging the current program.
At least one and possibly two
more top-notch attractions will be
booked for the series. Negotiations
are now under way with several
individual music stars, including
Nino Martini and Lily Pons.
Appearances of the University
of Oregon symphony orchestra,
directed by Rex Underwood, and
the University concert band, will
be held this year in the school of
music auditorium instead of Me
Arthur court, Schomp revealed.
They will be features of a "little
concert series,” which will also in
clude several outside attractions.
Members of the associated stu
dents will be admitted free upon
presentation of student body cards
to all concerts and lectures.
"Where are you going September
3?” “Why, to Jantzen beach, of
course!” That is University day.”'
The Co-op is
the Official
Student Store
On the Campus
See our ad, page 7
Do not
| experiment
with your
M. .... ,
You cannot afford (o. make j
any mistakes—in relation, to )
your Eyesight. Correct Glasses 1
will aid and preserve your vision.
One impropeirly detdgtibd pair
may work uhtbld,; irreparable
harm. . Come! and be .fitted, for
glasses. ,; v ■ . •
14 W. 8th St' Phone 380
iTsiiH* n
to welcome new and old students
back to the University of Oregon and
Our store is one of QUALITY
MERCHANDISE selling for cash at
prices consistently low.
Ready to Wear Accessories
Gift Novelties
as well as
Blankets, Bedspreads
with which to furnish your rooms.
We hope that you will want to visit our store
shortly after your arrival. We certainly would like
to have you.
30 East Broadway
' Eugene’s Own Store
McMorran & Washburne
Merchandise of Merit Only
( i
Phone 2700
The Leading Store in a University Town
Is the Place to Buy if...
... You Are Coming to the
Where else but at Eugene’s Own Store would you find an organization,
that, through more than 20 years of loyal support to the University and from
its students, could anticipate your campus needs, and advise you, not only
jibout room furnishings, the correct clothing and style trends, but about the
customs and mannerisms peculiar to the locality and campus living.
To be sure your
apparel will be
Don’t buy until you arrive in Eugene.
Plan on being here a week early and
doing your shopping.
The selection in this store is the largest
in the state, excepting only Portland.
Much of our merchandise is bought direct
ly from New York through our own buy
ing office.
Let this group
of students and
graduates assist
Kay Skajlet
Lflltan W»*f>
; 0; >'r '
. . ■. > . .V* :
XV V f. - V." 4 ",
Lta«erie. ' ^ .
WflAC^ty ;
Geteril- information )
Marjorie Zane
""ArletCDaVi# ' -
' ■ t~
Harold Phillips
Howard Ragan
Jack Campbell
Ken Purdy
Louis Lubliner
Dick Scott
Norwald Nelson
General Information
Bill Russell
Dale Cooley
Girls! We have your favorite kind!
... Hosiery, Lingerie,
Cosmetics, Shoes .. .
No Mend, Archer, Nolde & Horst Hose,
Elizabeth Arden, Francis Denney Cos
metics, Helena Rubenstein & Yardley’s
Preparations, Van Raalte & Munsingwear
Lingerie, Peacock, Vitality, Red Cross
Knitting Classes
Tea Room
Beauty Salon
Circulating Library
Make yours one of the well
dressed rooms on the campus.
We have an exceptionally
large, assortment of lovely
inexpensive knick-Atn&cks.
The newest rough weave
draperies are in—and with rag
rugs you will have a homey
Sheets—Billow Cases
Dwight Anchor, Perkins and
Pequot qualities in their dif
ferent price ranges.
Buy now and you will secure
the pre-season sales prices.
All new.
Of high quality are our invest
ment for the ever-rushed
school girl or boy.
And You’ve Probably Heard That
On the Campus
We have the
In charge . ..
Olay Pomeroy
Verne Pomeroy
This shop was started just last year and has
made such a phenomenal success that you may be
assured it will be bigger and better this year. It
is a growing concern, making friends daily by meet
ing each demand with adequate supply.
Frosh Pants
Kuppenheimer Suits
Arrow Shirts
Interwoven Socks
Wilson Skipper Sportswear
Hickok Braces—Belts and Jewelry
McCurrack Ties
Walkover Shoes