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    Tom McCall . Editor
Don Casciato . Assistant Editor
Bill Van Dusen . Sport Features
Ben Back . Intramural Editor
Reporters: Willie Frager, Porter Frizzell; Bruce Currie,
Bill Hanen, Chuck Miller, Howard Skinner, Robert Bauer,
Co-ed Reporters: Caroline Hand, Loree Windsor.
The athletic activities of the University of Oregon, its
competitive teams and otherwise, should be the concern
of each and every student on the campus. Keep abreast
of the sport news of your University if you are not
actively a participant.
Sport •>
❖ Quacks
By Tom McCall
A few moments of quiet, please,
for at this time I am going into
the realm of the future where so
many great contests are transpir
ing. I hope I find the right door
to dreamlands’ stadiums because
last week the feature game of my
seance saw Gonzaga wallop OSC.
Anyhow, I got in the right sta
dium to see the UCLA-Stanford
game and to send that prediction
down to posterity.
* * *
Everything's turning black now.
(Just like the last time I passed
out.) There is a strange roaring
in my ears which grows louder as
time flits. A light approaches and
grows as it approaches, like a fast
moving dawn.
Objects are becoming more dis
cernible. Noise is everywhere. My
eyes and brain focus suddenly. I
am lying in the middle of a heavily
traveled intersection. Tall build
ings brood above. I glance at the
swirl of traffic about me. A heavily
loaded van approaches, surprises
me in my prone position, and rolls
over my protesting body. Darkness
again. The white light and
anaesthesia of the hospital ward.
“Good morning,’’ coos a sweet
set of pipes.
“Good morning?’’
“Good Sunday morning.”
“No? Prove it.”
“Here is the paper. Read the
I snatch it. It’s an L.A. paper
dated October 19th. Holy smoke!
There is a box on the front page.
Holy smoke! It’s packed with
football scores.
Holy smoke! Here is what I
read. ,
Pacific Coast
Washington State 3, Washing
ton 0.
Oregon 13, Idaho 12.
Oregon State 16, USC 12.
Santa Clara 7, California 7.
Big Ten Conference
Ohio State 20, Northwestern 3.
Minnesota 13, Tulane 6.
Michigan 19, Wisconsin 0.
Indiana 33, Cincinnatti 6.
Southern Methodist 7, Rice 6.
Tennessee 7, Alabama 7.
Kentucky 19, Auburn 0.
Mississippi 20, Florida 6.
Army 19, Harvard 12.
Michigan State 13, Boston Col
lege 0.
Dartmouth 0, Brown 0.
Yale 10, Navy 7.
Temple 6, Carnegie Tech 3.
Columbia 7, Pennsylvania 0.
Big Six
Nebraska 16, Kansas State 6.
Oklahoma 7, Iowa State 6.
Fordham 14, Vanderbilt 14.
Notre Dame 19, Pitt 7.
I sincerely hope that McCue’s
passing doesn’t lead me to think
that my nurse double crossed me.
King Football
(Continued from Page One)
to deliver the principal address of
the evening on “Education as a
Resource.” Others on the program
are: Rev. Howard R. White, rector
of St. Mary’s Episcopal church;
Wellington; L. L. Ray, district at
torney; Willard L. Marks, presi
dent of the state board of higher
education; Mrs. Walter Cook, hon
orary president of Oregon Moth
ers club; James Blais, ASUO
president; Margaret Ann Smith,
president of the AWS; Hugh Ros
son, graduate manager; Burt
Brown Barker, vice-president of
the University; and President C.
V. Boyer.
The University band under the
direction of John Stehn is to play,
as is the Phi Beta trio composed
of Madelena Guistina, Roberta
Moffitt, and Theresa Kelly.
Advanced Italian
Has 100 cc Increase
Enrollment in the second-year
Italian class in tthe University of
Oregon has increased 100 per cent
this year, according to Dr. Timo
thy Cloran, Italian professor.
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Webfoot Grids ter s
Under Leadership
Of Captain Miehek
Forward Wall of
Oregon Is Ready
For Muscovites
Backfield Men
Oregon’s scrappy Webfoots clash
with Idaho’s irate Vandals on Hay
ward field this afternoon in the
HU 111 Idle Well III
one of the' Pacif
ic Northwest old
est gridiron riv
Idaho, wild to
break into the
win column after
three successive
heart - breaking
defeats, presents
I a definite threat
to Prink Calli
ov/ix o wiiu win ue iignuiig
to stay in the race for the Pacific
Coast conference championship.
A11 of the Vandals’ three losses,
to Washington, Gonzaga and
Whitman, have been by the closest
of scores and have only served to
rouse Ted Bank’s hearties to vio
lent fury. It’ll be do or die
for the machine from Moscow and
Oregon may be in for a rough
Webfoots Ready to Go
The Webfoots are ready to go,
but, as usual, Callison is in a
gloomy mood. Loss of Bud Goodin,
his backfield ace, has depressed
the Duck mentor considerably, and
with good reason, for none of the
three left halfbacks now on deck
appears capable of completely fill
ing his flying cleats.
Dale Lasselle, slight and shifty
sophomore from Grant, is fairly
certain to receive the starting call
at the important ball-carrying
post, but Romey DePittard, 180
pounder who starred here three
years ago, is still a starting possi
bility. Speedboy Bobby King is
Prink’s third bet for Goodin’s old
Fullback Frank Mfchek will
captain the Oregon squad, with
Bust ’em Bob Braddock at right
half and consistent, hard-hitting
Johnny Reischman at the signal
barking spot.
Andy Hurney to Start
The forward wall of the driving
Ducks will shape up about as it
has in previous tilts when the
opening whistle sounds today. In
dications last night were that Ed
Farrar, Oregon’s veteran center
who suffered a jaw bruise in the
California fray, would assume his
regular position this afternoon.
Sophomore Vernon Moore will be
Johnny-on-the-spot for relief duty
if Farrar tires, and it is still pos
sible that he may start.
The only likely alteration in the
first-string Webfoot line will be
at right guard, where Handy Andy
Hurney, who can play any otd po
sition satisfactorily, is scheduled to
open over Tony Amato. Hurney
started' last week, but Amato has
been considered the regular.
Oregon's two bidders' for all
coast laurels, Del Bjork and Ross
Carter, are ready at left tackle and
left guard respectively, with Ken
Skinner booked for the other tac
gle berth. Stan Riordan and Budd
Jones will be at the wings.
Oregon Leads in Series
Idaho hasn't beaten the Web
foots since the pre-historic days of
1926, when Vernon “Skippy” Sti
vers, now coach at Benson Tech,
passed and plunged to a touch
down that gave the Vandals a 6
to-0 triumph. The only other Ida
ho victory over Oregon came the
previous year, in 1925. when the
count was I3-to-0.
Those games were played in the
hey-day of football glory at Mos
cow and the dark ages of grid his
! tory at Oregon. In 1927 the Van
dals earned a scoreless tie with
the Ducks, but the following fall
1 Webfoot domination began m ear
nest. Since then Oregon has
crushed the Idahoans six times in
a row. Total figures for the 24
contests played between the two
teams show Oregon with 18 wins
to a lonely two for the Vondals,
with four tussles ending in dead
Past records don’t daunt the
sturdy lads who absorb their foot
ball knowledge from Ted Bank,
however, and they'll be out for
blood today.
The Idaho squad, 30 strong, ar
rived in Eugene yesterday and
snapped through a workout in the
stadium. Bank is somewhat un
certain as to his starters, but the
established first-string team is ex
pected to open. At quarterback
there is a possibility that Clarence
Devlin, made-over halfback, will
get the call over Russ Honsowetz.
Theron Ward, fleetest back for
his size west of the Rockies, will
be on hand to pack the mail at
left half. Harvie Walker, a senior
who has never before started a
varsity game, is almost sure to
open at the other half, with pile
driving Ross Sundberg in line for
the fullback job.
Behemothic Bob McCue, one of
the few pass-heaving tackles in
captivity, is Idaho’s outstanding
linemen. McCue, hero of many a
Vandal conquest, flips 50 yards to
a dime without batting an eye.
Norman Iverson and George Rich
pull most of Big Bob’s tremen
dous tosses out of the upper atmos
Other Idaho forward wall reg
ulars are Gene Brado at right
tackle, Johnny Cooper and Stonko
Pavkov at the guards and Joe
Wheeler at center. Jim Moore,
tackle star of the Vandal-Webfoot
clash here two years ago, is also
due to see action.
Outstanding reserve backs on
the Idaho roster include Paul Wise,
quarter; Jere Maupin and Leslie
Holmes, left halfbacks; Dean
Green and Willie Maxson, right
halves, and Lewis Rich and Wen
dell Dayton, fullbacks.
Ducks Close Drill
Callison sent the Webfoots
through a brisk closing workout
last night. All men are in good
shape. If and when the Ducks push
over their touchdowns, Winifred
Pepper, sub guard, will be called
in to convert. Pepper has been
practicing on boots between the
cross bars all week and last night
he was splitting the uprights con
Today’s game will be the fea
ture of the Dads’ day festivities on
the campus. Kickoff time is 2
o’clock. Probable starting lineups:
Oregon Idaho
Riordan .LE. Iverson
Bjork .LT. McCue
Carter .LG. Cooper
Farrar .C Wheeler
Hurney .RG. Pavkov
Skinner .RT. Brado
Jones .RE. Rich
Reischman .Q. Honsowetz
Lasselle .LH..Ward
Braddock .RH. Walker
Michek (Cl.F_ Sundberg
Officials: Tom Louttit, Portland,
referee; Mike Moran, Portland,
umpire; Ralph Coleman, Corval
lis, head linesman; Jerry Buckley,
Portland, field judge.
NY A Handles Jobs
in Present Set-up
NY A is the present set-up for
federal employment of students.
Earl Pallett, executive secretary,
explained yesterday to answer the
many inquiries that have arisen
over the organization. Last year
the federal emergency relief ad
ministration had charge of student
relief employment. That organiza
tion was discontinued during the
past summer and the national
youth administration took its
J. Smith Is
Yeomen Star
Independents Win;
Chi Psi Good, Too
Monday Swim Meets
1:00 p. m.—Beta Theta Pi vs.
Alpha hall.
4:30 p. m.—Delta Upsilon vs.
Alpha Tau Omega.
The powerful Yeomen swim
team etablished itself as a cham
pionship contender by crushing
Omega hall 42 to 7 yesterday eve
ning. Led by J. Smith, the Y'eo
men took all of the first places,
md most of the seconds. Smith
md Levy, both Yeomen, swam
:he 40-yard free style in a dead
reat, with a time of :20.6. Ogles
ay and Stevens took first and sec
ond place in the 40-yard back
stroke for the Yeomen, while
Smith and Kirby teamed up to win
i first and second in the 40-yard
oreaststroke for the Yeomen.
The Chi Psi team showed' well
oalanced power in scoring a 34 to
L5 win over Delta Tau Delta in
the only other meet of the day.
The Delts got their only first in
the 40 yard backstroke, when Lar
son splashed up and down the tank
n :29.4 seconds. Wells of the Chi
Psi team won the grueling 60-yard
ndividual relay in the nice time of
:45.7. Brooks and Heidel showed
ip well for Chi f’si.
The other scheduled meet be
tween Phi Gamma Delta and Gam
ma hall went to the Fijis via the
forfeit route when the Gamma
Learn failed to appear.
Crwmbaker to Speak
At Teachers’ Meeting
Calvin Crumbaker, professor of
3conomics here, will leave Monday
Eor Albany, Oregon where he will
iddress the Linn County Teachers'
Institute. His subject will deal pri
marily with the teaching of social
science in high schools.
The speed of the humming bird
is extremely difficult to determine
since its flights are short and spas
modic, but tests have shown that
io bird can make a short dash with
the speed of the tiny hummer.
. Tessier,
V. • I
r -Al
.Mike 7^'
Special to Oregon Daily Em
erald—Harold “Red” Grange
winners today:
Notre Dame to Beat Pitt.
Yale Over Navy.
WSC to Trounce Washington.
Southern Methodist Wins
Over Rice.
Injury Puis Man
On. Hospital List
Ross Sonburg, fullback on the
Idaho team which will meet Ore
gon today, was treated at the in
firmary yesterday for an elbow
infection. The infection, probably
resulting from a game injury, is
responding to treatment and Son
burg will, it is expected, play to
The cheering prospect of Dads’
day, combined with the sunshiny
weather, has caused a new low in
attendance at the infirmary this
week. Colds and sore throats with
one or two cases of tonsilitis are
the main reasons for the six pa
tients in the hospital and some of
them may be released in time to
enjoy today’s game.
Those in the infirmary are Pri
scilla Mackie, Arthur Burghardt,
Zollie Volchok, Howard Patterson,
George Williams and Lindley Jen
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New Threat to Speeder
i» .i -v. •
A new curb on auto speeders that promises starlling results Is
hown in operation here—the Massachusetts Slate college highway
>peed meter. As a ear passes the first of the two light source poles
hown across the road, it starts the meter and as it passes the second,
18 inches distant, the recording instrument’s operation is stopped,
giving the speed within a fraction of a mile at 30 and within two miles
:u hour at 60.
Idaho Frosh Team
Takes on Cheney
Normal Lads Today
Moscow, Oct. 18.—In their first
game of the season, University
of Idaho freshmen take on
j Cheney normal in Moscow at
10 o’clock Saturday morning'.
Coach A1 Paddock’s probable
starters are Tony Knapp, left
end; Preston Cleveland, left
tackle; Richard Truzkowski,
left guard; Kenneth Langland,
center; Walter Musial, right
guard; Boh Greider or Jack
Donavon, right tackle; and
Keith Gregory, right end. In the
hackfield will be George Smith,
quarter; Harold Iverson, full
back; Harold Boise, left half;
and Hillard Hicks, right half.
Average weight of the line,
from end to end, will be 190
pounds. Truzkowski at guard,
weighing 215 pounds, and
Greider, tackle, 210, are the
heavyweights. The backfield
will be light, averaging 168
Band Lineup
(Continued from Page One)
as a few outstanding pieces of so
lo work on the part of some of the
feature musicians.
The band opened its concert re
hearsals Tuesday with a reading
of “Finale Symphony in F Minor
No. 4" by Tschaikowsky one of
the most difficult numbers to be
found in the library of band num
bers and one of the most pleasing
when presented by a capable or
Exams to Be Given
Examinations are to be given
Fallen Leaves !
From the Past
Two years ago . . . Oregon’s .
power attack clicked in grand
style last night and smashed up a
game Idaho aggregation by a 19 ]
to 0 score. The offensive play of ]
Howard Bobbitt, Mike Mikulak, ]
and Leighton Gee were the high
lights of an otherwise dull game.
* * *
Five years ago . . . The campus
was left deserted as everyone who
possibly could get away left for
the Oregon-Washington game in
Portland. Last minute press re
ports saw both Coach Spears and
Coach Phelan give out "revised”
weight lists of their teams. These
weights averaged over 10 pounds
per man less than the previous
* * *
Ten years ago . . . Oregon meets
California today in Portland and
despite the fact that Andy Smith
is reported to have another "Won
der” team, the Webfeet are con
ceded a good chance of winning.
Special trains are leaving regular
ly with students to see the game.
members of the band next Tuesday
for the purpose of satisfying Uni
versity regulations regarding '
"tests” to prove the value of
grades and are to help John Stehn
decide who are the "best” music
ians out of a group that grades i
university high.
The band will assist with rally
programs this coming week-end
and will play at the Idaho game to
be staged on Hayward field. t
Frosh Play
formal Boys
\t Astoria
9ome-town Lads
Sope to Make Good
Vgainst Teachers
For Coach Warren
“Honest John” Warren returns
o the city he made athletically
amous tonight when his Univer
ity of frosh football team
ackles Oregon Normal’s tricky
eachers under the brand-new
ights and equally brand-new turf
ield at Astoria.
Warren and 26 eager Ducklings
eft for the Columbia river metrop
ilis on Greyhound busses at 2 p.
n. yesterday. All week the frosh
lave drilled vigorously against
donmouth plays, scouted by as
istant coach Howard Hobson last
veek The Webfoot future stars
nade a somewhat disappointing
ihowing in the Southern Oregon
'formal fracas last Saturday and
ire out to prove that it was all
. big mistake by slaughtering the
It will be a real homecoming for
our of the frosh youngsters, as
veil as "Honest John.” Bob Anet,
(uarterback, and Harold Niemi
ind Chuck Stevens, guards, all
lail from Astoria high and all
tarred for Warren on Fishermen
earns before following him to the
Jniversity. Hank Nillsen, another
’ighting Fisherman, has been a
■egular end on the frosh squad,
)ut was injured in scrimmage
iarly in the week and will be un
tble to play.
Vstoria to Honor Warren
The population of Astoria is ex
pected to turn out en masse to
velcome its illustrious citizens
lome. A banquet and dance will
>e given in honor of Warren and
lis boys after the game.
The frosh lineup scheduled to
>pen against A1 Cox’s Wolves is
potentially the strongest in Duck
ing history. A first-string back
’ield composed of Jolting Jimmy
ficholson at quarter, Tony Ver
mda and Tom Blackman at the
lalfback positions and big Gene
..eCou at full is probably equal
o any first-year quartet of backs
in the coast. Reserve backfield
itars congest the bench.
At ends Jqhn Yerby and Bob
flinman are the likely starters,
vith Nillsen out of it, while at
ackles will be Merle Peters and
loy Smith. Niemi and Stevens, the
lome town lads, will doubtless
ipen at the guards, with Taylor
>r Chrissman at center.
\riny, Navy Journal
\rrives at Library
An interesting bound periodical
vas received at the University li
Jrary recently, the United States
\rmy and Navy Journal, Volume
The volume begins with the
lazette of the Regular and Volun
eer Forces of the Civil War, mem
jers of which evidently comprised
he editing staff. The periodical
:overs a range of two years, 1863
o 18G4.
Welcome Dads
Eugene’s f inest Hotel and Coffee Shop.
Music During the Dinner Hours—6:30-8:30.
Eugene Hotel
Broadway and Pearl