Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 27, 1935, Page Two, Image 2

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Hello FRESHMEN.!! and a sec
ond hello to the rest of the girls
on the campus!! We should like
very much to have you all meet
our new shopping hound whose
name is POLLY . . . She is new on
the campus and absolutely the
most enthusiastic window peeke r
you ever met. POLLY is here to
help you do your college shopping
—we’re sure you can’t go wrong if
you take her advice . . .
. . . This week we have loads of
things to offer -fall fashions are
fimply divine and we want you to
know all about them.
It’s just the right time to be
finding the very smartest of new
wool dresses—and guess what
POLLY has found for you ? ? ?
those terrifically smart JEAN
CAROL frocks right here in Eu
gene . . . POLLY is sure that every
girl will want to see this shipment
which JUST this minute arrived in
BARNHART’S on Willamette
POLLY in her usual snooping
way was peepin’ into the window
found just exactly what she had
been looking for—an evening san
dal in white satin and silver com
bined giving a most different and
striking effect—and best of all
the satin will take any color dye
without in the least affecting the
silver—it’s perfect in fact POL
LY insists that you see the entire
sandal display!!!
How many of you have letters
that simply must be written IM
MEDIATELY??? yes, just as I
thought It is the common cry of
the busy coed . . . Now POLLY
thinks what you really need for
the note-writing inspiration is some
truly attractive stationery . . .
Strolling down Broadway she found
something to write home “about”
or "on” ... It will say itself what
a marvelous week you have had at
the “rushing” parties . . . POLLY'S
discovery was in the ORIENTAL
All you knitting hounds here's
your chance to get some really ex
cellent instructions POLLY was
so thrilled when she went into
stairs to the knitting department
. . . She has started a new suit now
of SHETLAND wool!!! Of course
she got the yarn there too they
have such a lovely assortment of
colors . . .
Willie sue is laming iiuiiuL styles
in things in this column POLLY
simply cnn’t resist telling you
about some of the lovely clothes
she has seen on and about the
campus this week of course we
are really talking about the Fresh- j
men They are without doubt the j
best dressed girls POLLY has seen. 1
ing like a picture from the renais
sance in a bright* blue dinner dress
skirt and regal collar, cuffs, and
buttons of silver . . .
At tea on Sunday LUCY EL
LEN HOUGHTON from Klamath I
Falls looked very attractive in a
brown 3ilk afterenoon dress. JU
has been noticed by POLLY in
some very smart costumes.
very petite at dinner lhe other eve
ning in an oxford red velvet gown.
Have you ever in your life seen
such stunning coats as are being
shown this fall??? Oh, you should
hear POLLY she is simply raving
about them!!! There are full ones
and fitted ones short and long
but what POLLY liked for just all
around wear was a dark brown
LAPIN with the very new LIT
TLE-BOY collar that everyone is
talking about She spotted this
little number in H. GORDON &
POLLY has a discovery that you i
will all be glad to heal KKITH'S i
SHOK HKPA1H has an absolutely |
new process of half-soling so that
it doesn’t even show . . . You know
you can't possibly get by on the
campus if your shoes are not in
good condition -jt will simply ruin
the effect of all your new clothes
— so follow POLLY to KEITH'S.
If you're going to stay at the
University very long you will have '
to see what we wear for dances |
at the new Green Parrot and out !
to Willamette n'everything POL
LY has found what she is going to
wear to the very first dance It is
a gray little print silk frock so
comfortable and smart looking
You can find some like it at SCHO
These fall nights and sleeping
porches are a new combination
new pajamas are essential and |
warmer ones too!!! POLLY dis
covered perfectly darling woolies j
with interesting details of collars. I
buttons, tailored pleats and tucks
. . . Stop in to see them ut Beard's
Now women, too, can find out if
their choice of career is right or if
they should have chosen another
occupation. Dr. Edward K. Strong,
Stanford university psychologist,
has recently completed a vocational
guidance test for women which de
termines whether nursing, law,
medicine, office management,
teaching or plain housekeeping
should be chosen as a career.
The scoring is similar to those of
Dr. Strong's vocational tests for
men. They are a measure of how
nearly a woman’s interests coin
cide with those of the average wo
man engaged in a certain occupa
The tests are being given college
girls in order to determine the
work they will enter and also to
women who have already started
an occupation.
In order to get the interests of
women in the seventeen different
occupations that are studied, the
psychologist interviewed many
groups of representative women.
Among Iherr. were 161 lawyer, 401
nurses, 196 physicians and 425 li
Unusual results were noted in
this tabulation of interests. Of all
the groups, it was seen, that the
interests of the housewife and the
stenographer were most alike.
. . . You’ll find them in plain or
any color harmony.
Get in time with a correct cam
pus step!!! Sport shoes that will
accentuate your costumes POD
LY just had to buy the smartest
pair of brown alligator skin ox
fords at GRAHAM'S- - She saw the
latest things in buck, suede, and
soft leathers—new colors too
green, blue and the unusual plum,
petunia and oxford red ... Be
sure to see them, won’t you ?
To Go East
Among prominent graduates of
the University of Oregon is Miss !
Madeleine Gilbert, daughter of Dr.
James II. Gilbert, who has won a
fellowship in the school of social
science administration of the Uni- i
versity of Chicago. Miss Gilbert '
left yesterday on her trip east.
Morse to Stay
Offers to aid in establishing a
bureau of crime prevention in the
department of justice at Washing
ton, D. C., have been turned down
by Wayne L. Morse, dean of the
Oregon law school, at least tem
Because of the arrival of Dr.
Hunter and the approach of a new
school year Dean Morse decided
not to accept the proffered position
from the capitol. Perhaps later in
the year, if the attorney general
still desires the services of the Ore
gon dean, he will assist in the
Congratulate Her With a Corsage
If you want to <lo the correct tiling
and make her doubly happy in the
evening she pledges . . . send her one
of our georgeous corsages.
“Special Rates in Group Orders”
Attractively arranged ccnlerpieces and bouquets
reasonably indeed.
Hex Theatre Building
1’lione 147 Prompt Delivery
Riding Habits
Riding ^fioots
in Stoci^js
with the'Jump'
of Lomloa Style
Riding Breeches and
Noil’ll find nil ilio smart I it t
aeeessories siteli as gloves ami
vagabond lints in our outdoor
To . lie eorreetly outfitted for
riiliii”' one should see our elever
st oek.
Wind her you are riding for eredit
or riding h\ the hour you'll al
ways find mounts available at the
new riding aeademy at the Fair
Feature "Latest”
To approach the ever-eminent
question of what the smartly
dressed co-ed will wear after view
ing some of the impeccable cos
tumes of Oregon women during
rush week, seems a bit superfluous.
Fortunately it is a topic of never
ending interest.
Last night rushees made their
first bows in strictly formal gowns,
and among those of particular in
terest were those which carried out
either the tailored or Grecian lines.
It is a strange incident this year
that both should be so highly fav
ored, with perhaps a bit more em
phasis upon the latter. Mannish,
tuxedo fronts, with plentiful use
of lamee, however bid very high in
the popular favor.
A woman who is interested in,
different looking, and perky hats f
will be delighted with the fashions
which are decreed for this fall.
Shovel, down-on-one-eye b r i m s j
compete with those queenly-1
crowned chapeaus which stand up
off the face. Yankee-doodle hats, !
Congratulate the New Pledges
With Flowers
New and Distinctive Arrangement
Chase Gardens
64 E. Broadway Phone 1 950
Dashing to class . . .
or at the fraternity
dance . . . wear Mis
O - K 1 e e r Stockings!
Flatteringly sheer and
flawlessly clear!
Any desired shade in
all the new colors—
75c. and up.
991 Willamette Phone 293
r tP. rm m ra fra ra ith ra ra ra m m nn r=i ra ra m r^t rca nn nt ra r=i ra ra r=i ra rci ra ra ra m rai fa ra m rsi m fin fin fin fin ran
For a
A Greater
which make use of bright little
feathers, always small, are popular
for street and campus wear.
The new spectator sport shoes, or
rather those which are smartest
for street wear, fall into the cate
gory of either you do or you don’t
like them, for the very newest of
-hem make use of the wide strap
across the instep. Many women
nsist that they make the feet look
particularly large and clumsy, but
at the same time admit that they
set off a street or date costume to
aerfection. And in a discussion of
’hots, one shouldn't neglect men
:ion of the popular return of pat
ant leather and alligator. Don’t
fare to buy the latter if you want
/our shoes to wear out.
And inasmuch as this collection
af fashion hints is skipping about
with complete random, we might
mention the fact that despite what
many of us like skirts for both
sport and afternoon are definitely
shorter. Many of the very latest
fashions from Paris are featuring
lengths only two or three inches
below the knee. But many experts
still tell us to determine our
lengths by the character of our
All women who are interested
in working on the Emerald this
year are asked to be present at the
regular staff meeting Tuesday
and then those interested partic
ularly in writing society or
women’s page features can meet
Marge Petsch, women's editor and
Louise Anderson, society editor.
Pledge yourself to Oregon with
an ASUO membership card.
Pledge yourself to Oregon with
an ASUO membership card.
t in colors that know
1 no hounds! You will
| f i n d t li e styles as
bright as your eyes
when the team makes
t h e winning touch -
down. Misses’ sizes, 14
to 20 only.
One and Two-Piece
Phone 1996 957 Willamette
Swanky shoes that
stamp oven a fresluuun
as “fashion wise”!
Variety is the spire
ot the new fall collection
of shoes at Burch's.
What will your choice
be—the romantic—the tail
ored—the straight sport?
They have it at Burch's! The
prices are just as flexible as
the fashions—as little as
$3.85 to $10.50
A sensible price for a
high quality.
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Burch Shoe Ga
Just 30 Easy Steps from
WM It \
Ran actoaa a
than wide handbag
the other day It's
high hat as a top,
hat... and popular,
aa Fred Astaire* j
and $1.95
Any aelf respecting
bit of knitting
should abide in a re
spectable receptacle
. . . like theae, (or
Of damaik
A gal tn u • t l> *
pretty good to get
her hand held these
days. Sec if these
gloves don’t help
the situation.
Kid or Cape Skin
Temptation with a
| capital T beckoned
me in the form of
some stockings to
day. Sheer ns your
peek-a-boo waist1
1 A little straight
Scotch around your
throat is almost as
cheering as down
your gullet. Fringed
or not ... on the.
square or triangle,
in crepe 1
50c to
Cut yourself a piece
of silk and try run
ning up a little
1 number. Get some
of your smartness
') by the yard for a
' change!
Safin Crepe
98c up
Even hardened
knitters have been
/ seized with itching
fingers when thes
(aw the new fall
w yarns. Instructions
I free.
T Shetland
2-ot. I Kill