Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 16, 1935, Page 4, Image 4

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    Rifle Team Given
Record Breaking
Medals, Trophy
Colonel Murphy Reviews
ROTC Companies
Before approximately 100 per
sons, the five members of Oregon's
national championship rifle team
were awarded individual medals
and the Hearst trophy yesterday
The campus 'R.OTC companies
were combined into one unit and
reviewed by Col. E. V. D. Murphy
in the weekly parade. The Univer
sity band was also on parade.
Earl Thomson, captain of the
championship team, received the
gold watch given to the national
champion rifle man from Royal
Brougham, Seattle Post-Intelligen
cer sports scribe. Thomson turned
in the highest score ever recorded
in a national shoot, 198 of a pos
sible 200 points, to smash the na
tional record in winning the in
dividual championship.
Thomson, Norris Perkins, N. E.
BeLieu, W. R. Rice, and B. J.
Cross, received medals as members
of the championship team and Col
onel Murphy accepted the large sil
ver cup from Mr. Brougham. The
ninth corps area championship
award was also made, a large silver
plaque going to Sergeant Harvey
Blythe and his marksmen.
Colonel Murphy has arranged a
series of four parades to take place
on Wednesday afternoons to com
plete the ROTC schedule.
Meet Records
(Continued from Parte Three)
Oregon ROTO band plays the na
tional anthem The ceremony will
be closed by the firing of a bomb,
and the meet declared open.
Finals Saturday
Friday’s qualifying races will be
open to the public and on Saturday
all children up to high school age
will be admitted to the stands free.
The finals are slated to start
promptly at 1:30 o’clock Saturday
afternoon and Director Hayward
has the meet maped out for an ex
act hour and 45 minutes.
Prep athletes are expected to
start arriving on the campus to
night. All 217 are due by 10 o’clock
Friday morning when registration
and housing will be arranged.
Male Journalists
Lay Careful Plans
! For‘Stas;9 Emerald
“Everybody gets a title” is the
slogan of all masculine members of
the journalistic brotherhood, who
this Saturday morning will present
the campus with the “Esquire” edi
tion of the Oregon Daily Emerald.
Malcolm Bauer, editor, last night
announced the departmental edi
tors who will direct the publication
of the annual men’s edition. Dan
Clark, Jr., will fill the position of
managing editor. Erstwhile Editor
Bill Phipps will be relegated to
head the sports staff; while Bob
Lucas will rule over the women’s
page, society, and fashions.
The editorial board will consist !
of Ned Simpson, Clair Johnson,
and Charles Paddock.
Other members of the upper \
news staff include: Tom McCall,]
humor editor; Bill Haight, night j
editor; Wayne Harbert, day editor; |
George Root, feature editor; Bob i
Moore, radio editor; Reinhart]
Knudsen, telegraph editor; and Le
Roy Mattingly, news editor.
Staff members and others in- ]
terested in a good stag party I
should be present at 104 journalism !
building today at 4 o’clock when
preliminary plans will be made for.
Saturday’s paper.
Hoover Says
(Continued from Page One)
costs, restricted production and j
hampered enterprise that will en
rich a nation. The notion may en
rich a few individuals and help a
few businesses, but it will impover
ish the nation and undermine the
principles of real social justice up
on which this nation was founded.
"If the NRA has increased em
ployment, it is not apparent. If we
subtract the persons temporarily
employed by the coded industries
as the direct result of the enormous
government expenditures, we find
that the numbers being empolyed
are not materially greater than
when it was enacted. NRA's pre
tended promises to labor were in
tentionally vague and have never
been clarified. They have only pro
moted conflict without, establishing
real rights."
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For years on end men have been wear
ing shirts that fit like pajama coats—
until Arrow came along with the new
Mitoca, the first major improvement
in shirt design within your lifetime.
The Mitoga is shaped to fit . . . wide
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82f» "Willamette Street
Rain Nor Snow Dampens Nazi Ardor Toward Hitler
There was no scurrying for shelter at the Tempelhof Airdrome in Berlin when rain and snow pelted
down on a million German men and women. Solemnly, while the elements chilled them to the bone and
dampened their clothing, they stood with eyes focused on the big speaker’s stand at one end of the
field. Booming from huge loudspeakers came words that were music in the multitude’s ears: “Germany is
no longer a play thing for foreign powers.” The speaker was their idol, Chancellor Adolf Hitler, and so
intent were they in paying honor to him with a mass salute during the downpour that only one in the
vast throng pictured here took notice of the camera.
YWCA Group Will
Picnic at 5 Today
All girls on the campus who have
enrolled for the YWCA groups
dealing with the psychology of re
ligion and resources for significant
living are invited to attend a pic
nic, which will start at 5 o'clock
this evening. Anyone else inter
ested in the work may also attend.
Annette Surdam, chairman of the
groups, requests that each girl
bring her own lunch and be at the
YWCA bungalow by 5 o’clock. In
case of rain the picnic will be held
there. Each girl is supposed to
bring a piece of her favorite poetry
or prose to read before the group.
Stafford at Conference
Prof. O. F. Stafford, of the
chemistry department, is attend
ing an eduactional conference at
Reed college May 15 to 17. The
conference is being held in place of
a formal inauguration ceremony
for Dr. Dexter Meriam Keezer,
new president of Reed college.
Campus Brevities
Kappa House Guest — Marylou
Patrick from Portland visited last
weekend at the Kappa Kappa
Gamma house. Miss Patrick was
graduated in '34 and is an affiliate
of the sorority.
*!* * *
Visiting From California—Ros
silette Cooke from Berkeley, Cali
fornia is visiting this week on the
campus and is a guest at the Alpha
Phi house. Miss Cooke is a student
at the University of California and
is a member of Alpha Chi Omega
Visits on Campus—Mary Helen
Kilham from Portland spent last
weekend as a guest of Kappa Kap
pa Gamma. Miss Kilham was a
former student at the University
and a member of th sorority.
Visits at Chi Omega — Jenny
Taylor form Portland visited last
weekend at the Chi Omega soror
ity, attending the Junior Prom Fri
day evening.
Visiting in Eugene—Francis Pal
lister, formerly of Eugene, now
employed in San Diego, California,
is visiting this week in Eugene.
Mr. Pallister was a member of the
graduating class of ’34 and is af
filiated with Sigma Chi fraternity.
Here From Medford — Dorothy
McClain from West Linn visited
during the past weekend on the
campus. Miss McClain was gradu
ated from the University in '34
and is employed in the West Linn
high school at the present time.
Visits From Portland — Ellen
Jean Bowman from Portland vis
ited during the past weekend at
the Kappa house. Miss Bowman,
former student at the University,
is a member of the sorority.
Tickets for Dance
Are Put on Sale
The tickets for the annual Mor
tar Board ball have been put on
sale by Josephine Waffle, chair
man of tickets. They will sell for
$1 this year as they have in the
According to Elizabeth Bend
strup, general chairman, the dance
will be held at the Osborne hotel,
Saturday, May 25. The Mortar
Board ball is a formal dance.
According to custom in the past,
women will invite men to the for
mal. This is the second of only
two dances at which this tradition
The tickets were given out Wed
nesday to be sold by Thespian wo
men. There are only a limited
number on sale- the chairman an,
Need Haircuts
Opposite Sigma Chi
’Nuf Sed
9 Go to Portland
For Oregon CPA
Exam Thursday
Prof. Lomax Takes Group
For Accounting Test
The state certified public ac
countants’ examination will be held
this Thursday and Friday in Port
land and nine Oregon students
motored to Portland yesterday af
ternoon with Prof. A. L. Lomax
to take the exam.
The test will be given in three
parts including: accounting, audit
ing, and law. If the student fails
to pass one examination he will be
eligible to take that section of the
examination again the following
time the exam is given, but if he
fails to pass two exams of the
three he is compelled to take the
entire exam over again.
The results of the finals are not
usually known until sometime in
The students who left to take the
examination include: Carl Larson,
Bertell Bunker, Robert Crouter,
Clark Irwin, Merle Lindley, Nor
man Swanson, Don Emry, Howard
Dietrich, and Lennard Hoyt.
Campus Calendar
('Continued from Pane One)
5 o’clock in the men’s lounge of
Gerlinger hall.
Women on the Emerald business
staff will meet today at 4:30 in
Indian Folklore
Basis of Pageant
The annual pageant of the Am
phibian club will be presented
Thursday night, May 22. The pag
eant is based upon an Indian folk
story. Characters will be an
nounced at a later date.
Maluta Read, chairman of the
pageant has announced the fol
lowing committees: lighting, Ei
leen More; make-up, Joyce Busen
bark; costumes, Elane Goodell and
Jean Favier: properties, Jean Ste
venson and Jane Chapler; public
ity, Jean Favier; tickets and pro
grams, Marion Smith and Barbara
Beam; manager, Margaret Rey
Faye Knox and members of Mas
ter Dance will assist with some
dance numbers and carry out the
theme of the pageant.
The newly elected officers of the
Amphibian club are: president,
Mary McCracken; vice-president,
Jean Favier; secretary, Elane
Goodell. Margaret Duncan is the
faculty adviser of the club.
McArthur court to discuss the
women’s edition of the Emerald.
Student Christian eounoil will
meet today at 4 o'clock at West
minster house.
Picnic given by the resources for
significant living group of the
YWCA will start from the bunga
low at 5 o’clock.
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