Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 08, 1935, Page 3, Image 3

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    Class of :’35 Dance Slated
for Saturday in Gerlinger Hall at 9:00
Plantation Set-up to Lend
Southern Atmosphere
For Annual Senior Ball
(Emerald Society Editor)
A perfect southern evening on
&n old plantation with the scent of
mtguolias in the air and a large
yellow moon hanging lazily in a
starstudded sky will form the
oarficground for the annual Senior
Ball to be held Saturday evening.
Cutouts and silhouettes softened
by indirect lights will add to the
effectiveness of the scene.
Clad in steel-blue tuxedos set
off by polka-dot ties, the members
of Bart Woodyard's 10-piece NBC
orchestra will send soft strains of
melody floating down from the
deck of a gaily beribboned show
Preceding the ball, w'hich is to
be held in Gerlinger hall, patrons
and patronesses of the dance will
be honored with a dinner given in
the dining hall of the men’s dormi
Governor to Receive
A'y formal reception for the
patrons and patronesses will be
held at 8:45 o’clock in the main
lounge of Gerlinger hall.
Those in the receiving line will
be Governor Charles H. Martin,
Mr. B. F. Irvine, Dr. C. V. Boyer,
Chancellor W. J. Kerr, Dean James
H. Gilbert, Mrs. C. L. Schwering,
Mrs. O. F| Stafford, Edward Me
lerve, and Althea Peterson.
During the evening between 10
and 11 o’clock, coffee and cake
will be served. Those presiding at
he coffee urns will be Mrs. Jose
ihine Stewart, Mrs. Lucy Perkins,
Miss Fannie McCamant, Mrs. Eliz
ibeth Ramsby, Mrs. Jennie Bur
rows, Mrs. James Blair, Mrs.
Elizabeth Talbert, and Mrs. A. L.
ewest Creations
Hint of Gay ’90 s
' 21xoof that Dame Fashion is
urming back the clock is brought
:o us directly from Beards. The
lewest creation in formal gowns
s the dainty shirtwaist style which
>ives a faint suggestion of the ro
nantic days when mother was a
;irl, and yet—will keep your part
ner guessing. Look slightly re
served and sophisticated against
the background of thg Old South.
Beards are waiting to help you.
Subscription rates $2.50 a year.
Place m Poefrij,
Sajjs Williamson
“The proper wit of poetry finds
its basis in human nature whenever
a man, swayed by some deep emo
tion, tries to recover his balance
by making a jest,” George Wil
liamson, assistant professor of
English, stated in defining the
proper place of wit in poetry before
a small audience in Friendly hall
Wednesday evening. /
Numerous quotations from the
modern poets and from poetic
writings of famous men from other
centuries were used by Mr. Wil
liamson to illustrate his point that
wit does have a place in poetry.
“The dream-world of the nine
teenth century poets, when pro
longed into the twentieth century,
was not a world in which a man as
sensitive and intelligent as Yeats
coud end his days,” Mr. William
son said in showing the modern
trend away from romance.
Mr. Williamson was the second
lecturer of the University series
The next address will be given
April 10 by Prof. H. G. Townsend.
New Tux Features
Style and Comfort
Men need no longer look for-1
ward to a formal evening with the
old dread of the uncomfortable
tuxedo. The latest fashions found
at DeNeffe’s are comfortable and
fashioned in the latest mode. What
could be more enjoyable than to
attend the Senior Ball knowing
that you are smartly dressed and
yet can feel as free and easy as
you would at the most informal af
fair. Get one tomorrow and have
the time of your life at the great-1
est dance of the season.
Send the Enierald to your friends.
Subscription rates $2.50 a year.
Best of Luck
In Exams and a
Pleasant Vacation
Barber Shop
If you Want good looking corsages at attractive
prices, come in or phone 147.
Rex Theatre Building Prompt Delivery
Going Places?
In Good
Company ?
Whether out for the evening or clear
out, good company is the essential part
of your pleasure.
After you have whiled away the hours
of dancing at the Senior Ball a time
will come for a midnite lunch. (That’s
where we come into the picture.)
brings special food suggestion for that
time after the special occasion.
Smartest Coiffures
Have Tailored Style
You’ll want your curls high and
massed at the back of your head
to look smart at the Senior Ball.
can keep you exquisitely, and
startlingly beautiful all through
the year.
The opening next week of the R.
C. Hadley hair style shop, brings
to Eugene perhaps the finest shop
of this sort this side of Portland,
and modern too — ne wfeatures
that you’d never think of—Gadgets
that will make Betty-Coed “so
lovely and so sweet.” Their trained
operators under Miss Helen Sauer,
are fashion experts
The prediction for milady’s hair
| dress decrees that It will be less
fussy. The hairlines are to be
without the little forehead ringlets
In fact a very tailored hair style is
the correct thing for the Senior
Send the Emerald to your friends.
Subscription rates $2.50‘a year.
Erenmcj Wraps
Will Be Quilted,
Saijs Fashion
Shades of night, and guess
what ? The latest fashion decree
says that the evening wrap is to
be quilted. When you see them
there will be no doubt that they
are quite the most wearable and
appropriate wrap for the senior
ball. The belle's of the South
would be awed by these teasing
little shoulder drapes, for that is
what they are. Of course, if you ex
pect to be cold we have the evening
coat that is also of the quilted va
riety. Crinkley taffeta that will
rot be cumbersome.
Here is another tip that may be
worthwhile to you who think that
the formal you have will do. It
will if you find yourself wearing
the smart featured new evening
jacket that is exclusively shown
at McMorran and Washbume. You
just ailp it on over the evening
£Cwn, and PRESTO—you look at
New Tux Headlines
Men’fe Spring Styles
They are not only talking about
it, but it is decidedly the thing be
ing worn—the new double-breasted
tux. Up-to-the-mir.ute fashions
advocate this type of tuxedo, as
presented by Wade Bros. Keep up
with the style, and consequently
watch your “one and only" fall
for it.
No longer can a man borrow
here and there and expect to find
himself the best-dressed person
present. Break away from the old
mode. Society demands it.
yourself in the mirror and there
you are dressed for that formal
Colors that will leave you breath
less. Pastel shades and tints to
the stunning and flattering back
is what you will find in these jack
ets. McMorran and Washburne ara
ready to dress you in the finest
for the Old Plantation Day Senior
Emerald Offers
New Art Service
To Advernisers
The Oregon Daily Emerald to
day inaugurates a new service to
the advertisers!
Taking the lead in a field which
has always been reserved for met
lopolitan newspapers, the Emerald
becomes the first newspaper in
Oregon outside of Portland and the
first college paper on the Pacific
coast to offer the services of staff
artists for local advertisers.
Distinctive and individual illus
trations by Dorothy McPherson
and Kay Larson, both sophomores
in the Oregon art school, appear
in. the advertising layout on this
page in presenting this exclusive
Emerald service for the first time.
Virginia Wellington is in charge
of promotion.
The artwork was done especially
lor the enterprising Eugene adver
tisers whose names appear in the
1 advertisement.
Dance to Hot Rhythm
in Soft, Cool, Chiffon
Needless to say, there will be
hot rhythm at the SENIOR BALE
Plantation Days of the old South
will find you dancing to the mad
strains of the sweet music of Bart
Woodyard and his NBC orchestra.
Swishing and swirling about you
as you glide around the floor,— I
your cool chiffon gown, whether
starched or soft, will make you
feel heavenly. Chiffon set to the
tune of sweet music. You’ll find
them at the fine shop of R. C.
The engraving for the new ser
vice is done in Eugene for the
Emerald by Herbert Wiltshire of
the Modern Engraving company.
Unique Gowns Are
Shown by Gordon’s
Bewitching, youthful, and gay
are the early spring fashions which
the young debutante will wear to
that particular formal affair. H.
Cotton for Evening
Is Spring Feature
A bird of paradise has no more
claim to beauty than the dainty
plaid gingham gown shown at
Barnhart's, the only gown for the
taking is the only word that de
scribes this Jean Carol model. The
bodice fits tightly to the figure,
while the skirt flares gracefully
to the floor from the knees. Grace
and glamour is added to the eve
ning of evenings, the Senior Ball.
The mecca of sheer fashion.
Gordon and Company brought
forth a hovel cfeation known as
the “Floradora.” It will make just
the desired impression on the new
date as you glide through the eve
ning to Bart Woodyard's enchant
ing music. You will agree with us
when you have seen the assort
ment of unique dresses which will
seem to be for you and no-one else.
Send the Emerald to your friends.
Subscription rates $2.50 a year.
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