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    limelight Focused On Women Who Find Power and Thrills In Politics
Hell Week — Buried But
Not Forgotten
And another old tradition bites the dust. Abused, or supposedly
abused pledges to women's fraternal organizations, should consider
their present existence as a pleasant interlude spent in the lap of
the gods compared to the hellish days through which our elder
sisters passed.
Time was, not too long age, when even powder was banned
during those three or four much-dreaded days. What, slight blemishes
had been disguised by rouge and lip-stick were there, open to the
public eye. Legs which had been protected by silken hose, were
bare, adding to the otherwise undignified appearance. A woman’s
hair, which had long been poetically called her crowning glory,
was combed in fetching ways and tied in odd places with catchy
ribbons. To answer the phone was always fun. One had to recite stupid
poetry to the unfortunate sold who had chanced to call a sorority
house during “hell” week. Pledges walked downstairs backwards,
wore atrocious garments to class, and carried out other similar ideas
conceived by wily upperclassmen during nightmares or after a bad
And it is well that this custom has been buried in the grave of
forgotten outposts. Much has been gained by tiie change to over
balance the sadistic glee enjoyed by active members duiing that
week. It cannot be overlooked that pledges have more respect for
their sorority these days, and it has lifted the standards of the
initiation services themselves.
It is a problem, however, whether the pledge classes attach as
much significance to initiation these days as they did then. When
“hell” week had come to a final conclusion with the initiation
services, there was something tangible to look back upon, some
thing to laugh over at alumnae get-togethers, stories with which
to entertain the grandchildren in years to come. It seems to be a
rather general opinion among the “actives” these days that when
the pledges have worn off the unfamiliar surface to sorority house
life they immediately become what is comminly known at “cocky.”
The vision of a “hell" week in which ttiey would be treated according
to the measure of their good works, contributed much, in the general
opinion, to temper the actions of the average pledge.
But one of the most necessary requirements in fraternal life, if
not the prime requisite, is respect for one’s sorority. As a matter
of fact, there was a decided feeling of dissension among (he freshmen
during the week, caused by a lack of pride in the fraternity policies
which would condone such activities. Everyone knew when initiation
services of a particular house would be held because of the con
spicuous treatment of the pledges.
We believe that the feeling of respect which most freshmen
have for their sororities, added to the dignified manner in which
fraternity initiations are conducted in the week preceding the ser
vices, is worth all that was lost through the change. The extent of
initiation these days is usually a period of silence on the part of the
pledges, which should be difficult enough for most.
At any rate, you pledges, when you sweep the front walk, smile!
S© Tlaas Is College
We feel silly. Maybe it’s the effect of the recent slush on our
athlete's feet. Or maybe it’s that mince pie we ate for breakfast.
And so feeling silly, we’re going to have to write something
silly because all the authorities say that geniuses ran only write
when they are inspired and though of course being super-geniuses
we are an exception and could easily discuss the Einstein theory
even though uninspired heck, what's the hue of disappointing the
authorities ?
So without bothering about simple things like relativity, we’ll
go into the thought of the moment which is mostly that an awful
lot of galoshes are going to waste and that we don't care much
for cornstarch in pudding.
Incidentally wo think of ambitions and remember the time when
we were freshmen and a bunch of girls were telling their hopes for
the future which were mainly diplomats and politicians and Parisian
dress designers and other perfectly impossible things. We were all
basking in our approaching fame when it was a red-headed fresh
man's turn to1 toll her ambition.
And, oh the disillusionment of American womanhood, as we all
listened intently for the expected first-woman-president or steel
magnate-ess, she blandly remarked, "I’m going to find a guy with
rocks and get married.”
It’s always the men that cause the trouble anyhow. It was only
a little while ago that a girl we know (whose Interest was connected
with basketball) was playing solitaire while everybody else was
getting ready for a dance. Being as she was one of those popular
coeds that you see in the movies, everyone kept asking with
astonishment, "Aren’t you going to the dance?"
Finally she vanished into the privacy of her closet and when
she reappeared she bad a sign tacked onto her bosom. It read: "No!
No! 1000 times no! I am not going to the dance! Did you ever .hear
of a game called basketball?"
And so we climbed Spencer’s butte and slid all the way home
and our disillusionment was complete.
Easy easy we feel inspiration coming on The Einstein
theory of relativity is an apprehension our mistake, it wasn’t in
spiration, it was an earwig- crawling down our neck.
Time out. There’s our eight o’clock.
Maybe we left our inspiration there.
Said a soap box orator on the street the other day, “The
Townsend plan is going to give a pension in this here good old
U.S.A. to every man, woman, and child over (ill years of age." We
wonder if the people who believe in the pension are the "children"
over GO years of age.
An excerpt from the Headers Digest "Some cause happiness
wherever they go; other whenever they go."
(This space hereafter is reserved for any criticisms, ideas, or
suggestions anyone wishes to make. While tin' editor does not nec
essarily endorse the opinions presented here, they will all be given an
equal opportunity for expression.)
The following is addressed to Bob Lucas, but is evidently in
tended for the women’s editor:
‘"Who's your womens editor? I can write her some of the best
cockeyed columns that ever were writ . . . fashion . . . with all the
blue star dust of romance . . shopping tips . . . where to buy the
best bird seed and how . . . beauty secrets . . . that heretofore
have never been revealed, milady’s make up care of skin or what
has she. Then if your editor is so inclined, she will run some of my
comic lyric t ?) poetry on manners and customs. Sample needed to
Dorris 1 iolmes.
(Not in reporting or lab courses, but a journalism major, who
fails to find herself in classified ads.)
Okay, Dorris, send us the sample. Ann-Reed Burns is the
women’s editor, and if you’re half as good as you sound, you're hired.
Co-ed Holds
Now that the snow is over and
just a few dirty patches remain
here and there to remind us of it
we feel generously inclined to drop
all feuds and hard feelings in
curred during the past week and a
Of course we aren’t going to look
for revenge upon certain people
who placed a couple of hard-packed
snowballs neatly on the back of
our skull not much. Yes, we also
once used to enjoy the thrill of
sneaking up. behind some trusting
individual and giving him a free
snow facial. Little courtesies like
that are always so warmly ap
preciated. One of the surest ways
of attaining immediate popularity
is to lean out of an upper story
window, to call down to someone
coming up the steps or standing
on the porch, then to dump a huge
armful of snow on his uplifted
countenance. The result is simply
Judging from the artistic at
tempts at snowman building that
we saw, we have come to a very
decided conclusion that it would
n't be a bad idea at all to organ
ize a couple more classes in sculp
turing, art, or something. Maybe
there is hidden talent that could be
discovered. We might add that we
didn’t quite appreciate having our
favorite beret used as top piece
on one of the figures.
Maybe it was the fact that ev
eryone was in such high spirits
that made them all roar in such a
rude manner when v/e came bump
ing down a flight of icy steps the
other morning. After all we
weren’t exactly enjoying the sen
We must admit that we have had
all the snow that we want for the
year, but it would have been rather
nice if ti had stayed on a couple
of days more so we could have
worn our ski suit, whch just ar
rived from home, and which is very
becoming to us if we do say so.
Eooesdlropp i m cj
Eve Peeks Info
Keijlioles Atjom
Oh for the life of a columnist!
Complaints come in thick and fast
and the columnist gets doused in
the snow, glasses of water poured
in her lap, and they tell me that's
humor! Seein’ as how on accounta
becuz it’s all in fun, if you don't
like it read something else. OR
watch your step!!!
RUTH SCOVEL, the newest
KAPPA PLEDGE, has been doing
herself proud. PETER "EGO"
BROOKS (Streamline to you) has
been giving her a break by actual
ly taking her out more than once.
The funniest part is that he denies
even knowing her to certain peo
ple. PETER!
JANE LAGASSE underestimat
eo her strength last week. She was
trying to hit a THETA with a
snowball but hit the window in
stead. And did she look surprised
when it broke ?
While the college Side may not
be the banks of the MILL RACE
or under the old apple tree, through
the haze of smoke and the inces
sant chatter, MIKE MIKULAK
chose the time and place to put
the diamond upon VIRGINIA
WAPPENSTEIN’S third finger.
* * *
\v p advise every one to be on
their guard for a while. DAVE
have been playing a new game late
ly. They gave up smoking and
have now taken up “chewing.”
Their favorite sport is to expec
torate to see which one can come
the closest to your nose.
* * *
Of course we can't always pro
phesy correctly but we might take
a chance this time. Watch the RE
bination it looks promising and
in progressing steadily.
“Since I have a coat in my head
and my breath is coming in short
pants I fear I have to clothes.
Sox language! Can you tie it ? But
I shoe am doing the vest I can.
Garter go now!”
Gamma Alpha Chi, national wo
men's advertising group, held for
mal pledging in Gerlinger hall Sat
urday for Betty Coon, Joy Snead.
Margery Ivissling, Helen Bartrum,
Elizabeth Anderson and Kathleen
Sun Won’t Gild This Liltj
Lily Damita, vivacious French stage and movie star, is taking no_
chances with her complexion as she sojourns at Palm Springs, Calif.,'
desert resort. Her hat has a wide brim of sun-proof material to
protect eyes and skin from the glare of Old Sol, who can hardly be
blamed for his warm attentions.
Law Students, Yeomen
And Phi Theta Ups i Ion
To Hace Dances Soon
The winter dance season will
take on a heavier schedule this
weekend with the sponsoring of
balls by Phi Theta Upsilon, the
Yeomen, the law students and Al
pha Gamma Delta.
Friday evening the Chi Omega
house will be the, scene of an in
formal all-campus dance sponsored
by Phi Theta Upsilon, upperclass
women’s service honorary. Women
will wear long dinner dresses for
the occasion.
On Saturday evening the mem
Mrs. John Findley, new Alpha Xi
Delta chaperon, was honored last
week at a potluck dinner given by
alumnae of the local chapter.
* * *
James Powers
Weds Miss Higgs
The marriage of Miss Esther K.
Riggs and James P. Powers was
performed January IS at the St.
Francis church in Portland. The
couple will reside in Portland fol
lowing their honeymoon.
Miss Riggs was a member of
Kappa Kappa Gamma at Washing
ton State college and Mr. Powers
was affiliated with Sigma Phi Ep
silon on the University of Oregon
* * *
Have Danee
An Oriental motif was carried
out in the A.W.S. room in Gerlin
ger hall last Friday evening when
members of Orides, independent
women's group, sponsored its win
ter informal.
Tom and Harry McCall's orches
tra played.
* * ?
To Kntertain
During Meetings
Theta Sigma Phi, women's jour
nalism honorary, will entertain
wives of the visiting newspaper
men Friday afternoon in Gerlinger
hall at a program tea scheduled
for 3:30 to 5 o'clock.
Gamma Alpha Chi, women's ad
vertising honorary, will also spon
sor a tea for the women attending
the convention.
Alpha Xi Delta
Miss Dorothy May Baker, daugh- j
ter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Baker of :
Salem, became the bride of John
Poe Newton at a ceremony in Chi
cago, January 13. After a wedding
trip the couple has been at home in
Findlay, Ohio.
j Mrs. Newton was a member of
I Alpha Xi Delta during her four
bers of the law school student body
will sponsor their annual Barris
ters’ Brawl at the Cafe Del Rey.
The same evening- the Yeomen will
give their winter dance in Gerlin
ger hall. The campus has been
invited to this affair.
Members of Alpha Gamma Delta
will dance Saturday evening in,
their chapter house at their winter
formal. Palms anfi flood lights
will be used in decorating. Miss
Meryl Gollings is chairman of ar
>ears at the University of Oregon.
She was a member of Theta Sigma
Phi, national honorary for women
in journalism, and of Mortar
Board, senior women's honorary.
Formal Dinner
Members of the Alpha Xi Delta
chapter honored Mrs. Mable Crock
er Garner, recent bride, and Miss
Helen Row, newly initiated into the
chapter, at a formal dinner Tues
day evening.
❖ * *
To 'Entertain
Alpha Delta Pi entertained last
evening with a dinner for members
cf the faculty and members of Sig
ma Kappa will be hosts this eve
ning at a similar affair.
* * *
In Held
Westminster house was the
scene last night of a reception hon
oring- Max Adams, former student
pastor and now national leader in
student religious movements.
To Hold
Initiation Dinner
Members of Alpha Chi Omega
will hold a formal banquet Friday
evening honoring the members of
their pledge class who are being
initiated this week.
* * *
To Have
(Sliest Dinner
Alpha Omicron Pi will entertain
tor men guests Friday evening at
a "lumbermen's banquet.” The
chapter house will be transformed!
into a lumber camp and typical!
camp meal will be served.
» * *•
Delts to Have
Delta Tau Delta will hold a for-'
mal banquet in conjunction with
initiation Friday evening. I
For Berkowitz
Dr. Henry J. Berkowitz, speaker
School Gices
Ferns Advice
For the benefit of lonesome coeds
ivho need the popularity advice
usually inseparable from women’s
pages, come these helpful hints.
The following are recommended
by the students of Massachusetts
[nstitute of Technology as effect
ive methods in charming the male
1. Use only kissproof lipstick.
2. Never hint at a date late in
the week, when the boy friend’s al
lowance is at the ebb tide. Wait
until the end of the month and
then make him pay dearly for the
3. Never ask the boy friend,
“Where were you last night?’’
4. 'Remind him with vim and
vigor that one hand driving is one
of your “Don’ts.”
5. Spend more time learning the
art of housekeeping, so as to be
better fitted to share in stretching
the family budget, and not expect
a maid to do all the work during
the first years of marriage.
6. Tolerate the boy friend’s
weaknesses for other girls, and
only hope that by remaining loyal,
you may prove to him the value of
7. Do just what he wants to do,
and if he says, “Let’s go skating,”
do it with enthusiasm even if you
are passionately longing to see the
at the recent love and marriage
lecture, was entertained at a din
ner at the Sigma Alpha Mu house
Tuesday. Additional guests were
Rabbi Sambrow and alumni from
Washington and Kansas.
Exchange Dinners
Are Many
Exchanging dinners resumes a
topnotch place in the social world
of the campus this week, a great
many of the houses entertaining
this way for the first time this
Last evening Alpha Phi enter
tained for Delta Upsilon, Omega
hall for Chi Omega, Sigma Chi for
Pi Beta Phi and Delta Gamma for
Kappa Sigma.
This evening Hendricks hall will
be hosts at a dinner dance for
members of Omega hall. Phi Kap
pa Psi has invited Alpha Chi Ome
ga; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Delta
Delta; Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha
Gamma Delta; and Sigma Nu,
Kappa Alpha Theta.
Tuesday Phi Gamma Delta en
tertained for Delta Delta Delta.
To Celebrate
The Oregon chapter of Beta The
ta Pi will celebrate the twenty
fifth anniversary of founding Sat
urday evening at a formal ban
quet. Alumni from all parts of
the state are expected to attend,
as are district and national rep
Campus Breaks Its
Faked Resolutions
Hereby are presented some of
the campus New Year's resolutions
that have been broken (that is,
those that would have been broken
had they been made.—Editor’s
Malcolm Bauer's resolve to at
last settle down to dignified man
Doris Bird’s resolve to only get
in two fights a week.
Mary Starbuck's resolve to aban
don her fickleness.
The Sigma Chi’s rave to plant
the most pins on the Kappas.
Mugs Van Cleve's resolve to
speak to at least two people on
the campus daily.
Kathleen Hetherington’s resolve
to obey house rules one night a
Virginia Gaddis’ resolve to stay
in Eugene a few weekends.
Cynthia Liljeqvist’s resolve to
stop breaking theater owners'
Irene Van Houten’s resolve to
look inside the libe just once for
Homer Goulet’s resolve never to
look at another girl than Adele
Doris Drager's and Margaret
Bell's resolve to chew only three
sticks of gum at a time while rest
ing in Condon.
Parks Hitchcock’s resolve to
move into the College Side.
Jeanne Hankins' resolve to just
cnee go out with someone that
isn't a Kappa Sig.
Betty Reade's resolve to be true
to Sigma Chi.
Peggy Chessman’s resolve to!
stay away from the Chi Psis.
Stabilizing Influences
And Fight for
By Marge Petsch
“When I look right down into my thought, I see that what sent
me into politics was my belief and trust in women, and the sense that
they have never yet had a chance to give their full contribution to the
world’s affairs,” writes Lady Astor, most prominent of English states
Lady Astor has many other strong convictions on the subject of
women's place in politics, all of which are more or less based upon her
quoted statement. There is a sufficient number of women in our own
country’s history, however, to permit us to consider the subject at
present, from a purely American viewpoint.
Lucretia Mott and Susan B. Anthony were among the first Ameri
tion of many American women at that time, way back in the 19th
can women to agitate for women's suffrage in this country. The reac
Fasliaoe Editor
Gets Her Etjefol
Aromnd Compiis
Impressions of the recent snow
storm besides snowballs and snow
men . . . Malcolm Bauer in whip
cords, laced boots and red-topped
socks . . . Lucille George in a white
slicker and black riding boots . . .
two art students in knickers and
boots . . . Ned Simpson in a red
hooded, sweater, the hood lying
back as he skiied down a hill . . .
Dr. Crosland in rubber hip boots
. . . Bob Lucas with cords rolled
giving the ‘high-water’ effect . . .
the sculptured snow figure in the
art school court . . . galoshes, ga
loshes, galoshes!
* * *
Dusty rose is one of the sea
son’s most popular colors—A soft
pink that looks mellowed or
touched with a fine mist like rain
drops. Betty Labbe seen recently
in a sweater of this color, proves
that it is especially flattering to
dusky brunettes.
"Chaste Lady” is the dashing ti
tle given to the last word in head
apparel. This isn’t like it sounds;
'tis really dressing up the use-to-be
“Poke” bonnet. Small crowns with
stand-up brims that form a frame
for the face; this is typical of a
“chaste lady.”
* * *
Honors to Libby Pratt, Pi Phi,
for the prettiest coiffure of the
week—soft waves and three per
fect tiers of curls at the back of
the head.
* * *
Seen at the Chamberlin address:
Maluta Read, Tri Delt, with short
“tumbly” waves worn off the face
and brushed straight back . . . the
blue-black, severely worn tresses
of Claire Downing, Delta Gamma
. . . Mary Morse’s, Theta, taffy
blonde hair, worn so simply—mid
dle part, waves pushed back—yet
so attractively.
Not Midget
A detective method was neces
sary to prove to the Scandinavians
that a child pianist was not just
a grown-up midget. Ruth Slencyn
ski, United States child prodigy,
upon returning last week from a
concert tour in Europe, said that
when she played in Copenhagen
and Stockholm, the audience sent
physicians to examine her. Her
baby teeth proved that she was
only 10 years old.
* * *
The first woman elected to Par
liament by the British Labor party
believes socialism to be inevitable.
Ellen Wilkinson, visiting the Unit
ed States on a two month lecture
tour, has prophesied that if all
countries do not become socialis
tic, they will be plunged into a sec
ond world war, since the lack of ad
justment of purchasing power to
production is leading to the brink
of a crisis.
Miss Wilkinson was elected to
parliament from 1924 to 1931 by
the district with the greatest per
centage of unemployed in England.
Swat! And the ball drops over
the net for a set.
The ten best women ball swat
ters in the United States, accord
ing to the U. S. Lawn Tennis as
sociation, are Helen Jacobs, Sarah
Palfrey Fabyon, Caroline Babcock,
Dorothy Andrews, Baroness Maud
Levi, Jane Sharp, Marjorie Morill
Painter, Mary Greef Harris, Mar
jorie Sacks, and Catherine Wolf.
* * *
With the beginning of 1935 a
woman flies the United States air
mail for the first time. Helen Rich
ey, 25-year-old holder of the
world’s refueling endurance flight
record, is co-pilot of the Central
Airlines on its Washington-Detroit
mail and passenger run.
On her first flight, besides the
regular mail, Miss Richey carried
seven passengers.
L,ucreua Mott ana susan ts. An
thony were among the first Amer
ican women to agitate for women's
suffrage in this country. The re
action of many American women
at that time, way back in the 19th
century, was most curious. They
wanted to vote, and yet they did
n't. Many simply did not have a
great confidence in their own sex,
and preferred to look to the men,
as in years past, for political lead
Since the world war, however, the
situation has assumed a different
aspect, actuated, in all probability
by the fact that women were
forced, during the war, to rely
more upon their own resourceful
ness. And they awoke to the reali
zation that they were able, that
their judgment could be trusted.
Since that time women have held
a more prominent place in both
state and national politics, and
more women have been found to
support candidates of their own
mit women s place in politics.
What is it ? What have they con
tributed which men have not? Pri
marily, and history indicates the
fact, women are capable of main
taining- a steadying influence in a
country’s government in which
they are a part. There were times,
before women were admitted to
the governing bodies, when their
influence played a disastrous part
in a country's policies. But in na
tions where women hold offices, it
may be seen that they exert an
influence which is steady and in
dicative of forethought. In France,
where the government is constant
ly coming up against some sort of
crisis, women are not free, and
participate in no way in govern
mental affairs. French statesmen,
if their actions are correctly in
terpreted, are gradually arriving at
the place where they can recog
nize the value of women in their
national affairs.
One of the paramount contribu
tions which a woman may make in
politics is her superior understand
ing of many of the social condi
tions of a country. The fact that
she has raised children lends to
her a peculiar interest in the wel
fare of the populace. If she is a
senator, as is the ingenious Flor
ence Kahn of California, Edith
Rogers of Massachusetts, or Mary
T. Norton of New Jersey, she does
n’t allow the fact that she is a
women lend sentimentality to the
work which she does. She’s out to
help her district, but she is also
cut for the general welfare of the
nation. She is not a representative
of the women only, although she
does support many of their meas
ures. She is clear thinking and
serves her country not as a woman,
but as any other public official,
adding to her position the loyalty,
sense of duty and understanding
peculiar to women.
Because the home has long been
the great stronghold of women,
feminine politicians are pledged to
support the institutions. And one
of the greatest enemies of the
home of most married women, is
war. Consequently, and we agree
with most writers who discuss the
part of women in politics, one, if
not her greatest role in politics,
is the maintenance of peace. This
does not necessarily indicate that
women politicians must be dyed in
the wool, barn-storming pacifists,
but they must throw all of their
influence in the direction of solv
ing international disputes without
bloodshed or bayonets. They must
be the natural leaders among or
ganized groups of women in the
interests of peace.
Oregon women who are playing
a part in state politics are Dorothy
McCullough Lee of Portland, Mrs.
Nancy Honeyman of the House,
and Hanna Martin from Salem,
also in the House. All of these
women may be relied upon to sup
port not always the extreme con
servative viewpoint, but one which
will promote the most satisfactory
conditions throughout Oregon.
Women may lend much to poli
tics. We don't want to govern the
world, but we do want to share in
its government.